The Won’t Pull Forward Clover

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Here’s a Clover who won’t pull forward:

Clover left more than a full car length between herself and the car ahead. This artifically extends traffic logjams and also means some people won’t make it to – or through – a green light because they’re stuck behind a Clover who for reasons of myopia or otherwise feels entitled to hog twice as much road space as her car can physically occupy.

You’ve probably experienced the delight of rolling up behind one of these clowns – whose refusal to pull forward prevents you from squeezing by and into a left or right turn lane. You’d have been able to make the light – and been on your way.

But thanks to Clover, you’re stuck for another cycle … while she obliviously proceeds on her way.

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  1. But haven’t you heard (the urban myth) that you should always allow your self room to maneuver your vehicle in case someone tries to carjack you while stopped at a light? Saaaaaafety!
    Also, I don’t know if this is a problem everywhere, or unique to the DC area – the rainy day clover. 3 drops of water fall from the sky and suddenly no one – in any lane – is going more than 1/2 the PSL.

    • That appears to be a global problem Phil. A few drops on a clover’s windscreen and we’re destined to spend twice as long getting anywhere – if we’re lucky.

      Carjacking at lights? I though the mandatory for every man, woman and child “open carry machine guns” law was passed recently. No?


      • Yup!

        I posted a video of “rainy day Clovers” a few weeks ago. It’s a conditioned reflex. They’ve been taught that cars have no traction in the rain.


    • Same happens in Boston. There was light rain Wednesday morning, so everyone was driving as though they were on Teflon tires with a sleeping baby on their hoods. I have a 12-mile “reverse” commute (almost entirely freeway/expressway) and it took me *90 minutes*.


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