Won’t Pull Forward Clover

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Here’s some footage of the Won’t Pull Forward Clover. This is the Clover who, when approaching a red light (or sidling into a turn¬†lane at an intersection) leaves a huge gap between himself and the car ahead. Often (as in the case of the Clover below) the space is large enough for a whole ‘nother car to occupy.

The end result? Fewer cars can fit in the turn lane – and fewer cars clear the intersection before the light turns red again. Do you suppose these Clovers are simply spatially impaired? Or is it that their vision is extremely poor?

Regardless, we have prima facie evidence of atrociously inept, inconsiderate driving – which is the distilled essence of “Clover” driving.¬†dancing Clover

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  1. Haven’t you heard you’re supposed to leave yourself space to maneuver in case some one tries to ‘jack you?
    What about locked doors and a Glock?


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