The Origins of Safetyism

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Why the seemingly sudden obsession with “safety”? Placed within air fingers quotation marks because it’s not really about safety – in the sense of reasonable aversion to excessive and unnecessary risk. That is not Safetyism, which is what we’re talking about here. The latter being a neurotic fixation on “staying safe” – whatever the cost – when there is minimal risk.

As for example driving (or riding in) a car without “buckling up” for . . . “safety.” Most people do this now reflexively, chiefly because so many people haver been conditioned to regard not doing it as “unsafe.”

At least two generations – the Millennials and Gen Z – have been raised this way. Which is to say, they know no other way. They were taught fear from their earliest years. Of cars – and driving – in particular.

They have no fond memories of running out to the family car and jumping in to go for a ride. They were strapped in for the ride, a process that’s very much akin to what is done to unruly prisoners in that both are restrained. The difference being the prisoner has the dignity of knowing it’s being done because they are afraid of him.

Millennials and Gen Z were taught to be afraid. It’s an important distinction. Cars were not  – for them – a cool toy that adults got to play with and which they looked forward to playing with themselves when they became adults in their turn. Which – in the case of their older brother and sister (or mom and dad) Gen X’ers, when they were kids, happened when they turned 16 – at which point they were eligible for a driver’s license that endowed them with the same rights and responsibilities as an adult. They were legally free to drive anytime they liked and anywhere they liked (assuming they had a car and assuming it was okay with their parents). The point being the government did not treat them like children for the next several years – until they turned 18 and (finally) got an an adult driver’s license and were free (at last) to go wherever they liked, whenever they liked.

By then, of course, the damage had already been done – and years before then.

Many never developed much interest in driving and so never got a driver’s license – and so remain children even though they’re over 18. They still depend on adults to drive them where they need to go. Those who do drive are afraid to, many of them. This is understandable. Wouldn’t you be afraid of a thing you’d been taught to fear as dangerous from your earliest memories?

Our memories – those of us who grew up before this business of restraining kids only occurred in reform schools or other such facilities – are entirely different. Many of us were fascinated by cars but only a very few were afraid of them. Almost none disliked them, on account of not being treated like a package when placed into them. If you’re a Millennial or Gen Z, try to imagine opening the door and climbing in, yourself. At the age of eight or so. Like the grown-ups, up front. Maybe you were in a station wagon and wanted to ride in the back. So you clambered over the back seat and fell back into the cargo area behind there. Maybe you rolled around like a log in the curves. Or just sat rearward facing and watched the road unfurl behind you.

When you got tired of that, maybe you clambered back into the seat behind the driver – your dad or mom – and pulled yourself up close to ask them something or just to see the road from their perspective. You probably sat in mom or dad’s lap when you were smaller – and they let you steer. This was kind of like flying commercial back in the day, when the door to the cockpit was open and kids were often allowed to come forward to meet the captain and watch him fly the plane.

Those days are, of course, gone. And so also the days of kids sitting on mom or dad’s lap while they drive they car – and clamboring around in the back seat. Or lying flat on a road trip to take a nap, the steady low rumble of the road and engine making you feel both sleepy and safe.

Maybe it was a bit less so – if mom or dad ran into something or something ran into mom or dad. But if was understood to be uncommon and – in those days – most reasonable people didn’t morbidly worry about if to the exclusion of everything else.

Including the joy of being alive – and just going for a drive.

. . .

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  1. I’m so old I remember doing engine swaps under my Dad’s Maple tree using a come-along. What saaaftey? My first cool car was a 1969 RS/SS with a 350/300. I even drove around a 1966 Chevy panel van with a straight 6 and three on the tree. Paid 100 bucks for it and drove it for 2 years. You basically sat right beside the engine. It was a breeze to work on. We called her “Posi” and alternately “Excursion Van”. Those were the days. Turned her over to the junkyard for 50 bucks and in retrospect, that was a sad day. In fact, all of the cars/trucks I had back then should have been kept. But, when you’re making less than 3 bucks an hour it was hard to do. The 74 Blazer with the removable fiberglass top was pretty cool too. Oh well. I’m a better mechanic because of all that old iron. Honestly, that just scratched the surface of the old cars and trucks I had.

  2. Those days aren’t gone for myself and my family. My oldest, almost 14 down to my two youngest, 5 year old twins have all sat on my lap, ridden in the front seat, ridden in the bed of the pickup, climb in themselves at even younger than 8. None of them have manned a car seat after the age of 2.

    Fuck the safety cult and their enforcers.

    • I was so young when my Dad had me driving that I really can’t remember how old I was. He ran the pedals, of course, but I’d guess I was at least steering at 4, maybe less. I had to drive my Grandpa home from a fishing trip at 13 because he was too drunk to see. LOL.

  3. Safe EV’s….

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  4. About the Safetyism Cult – There’s a weekend DJ on the Outlaw Country station, sounds like he’s around 60, or so. I’m pretty sure he reminds everyone to “stay safe out there, don’t have too much fun, be responsible this weekend, blab blah, blah” everytime he plays a song. Hillbilly Jim I believe his name is. On OUTLAW COUNTRY for God’s sakes!

    • Hi Logan,

      Yup. Cuckservatives are a particularly sad breed. They stand up at rallies and sing that awful Lee Greenwood song, leg hump the flag, “support the troops” – and lick the balls of Authority whenever they’re required to.

  5. The planet is clipping along at 18.5 miles per second, the earth is not a safe place to be, slow it down.

    186,000,000 miles in diameter, the earth’s revolution covers the distance from there.

    Times pi, 3.1416, the circumference of a unit circle, 584,336,233.568 miles of circumference, divided by 365, 1,600,921.18786 miles in one day of revolving around the sun, divided by 24, 66705.049494 mph, divided by 60 minutes, 1111.7508249 mph, divided by 60 seconds, 18.529180415 miles per second.

    The planet is flying by the seat of its pants, for gosh sake.

    No other choice, can’t get off, can’t stop the world, even. Living is definitely a dangerous business.

    Not much sympathy from Mother Nature at times, earthquakes, then tsunamis. You are at risk at all times. Humans don’t always behave like you think they should, human nature doesn’t change that much.

    Bears are hibernating this time of year, have a safe space. har

    Safety Joe, Safety Joe
    (Safety Joe, Safety Joe)
    What do you say? What do you know?
    If you don’t loosen up the buckle
    On your heart and start to chuckle
    Well, you’re gonna die of boredom, Safety Joe
    – John Prine, Safety Joe

      • Close friends left WA for ID last summer. I need to keep an open mind about moving, daughter and fam is after me to pool resources and build the family compound “not here”. What we joked about 5 years ago is now no laughing matter. Sparkey’s Redoubt? Humm.

  6. I remember in high school the rumor was that the parents on the rich side of town would buy alcohol for their high school aged kids parties because they supposedly didn’t want them to get caught drinking. Don’t know if there’s any truth to that or not, but I know there was no way our parents would stake us a kegger for our 16th birthday.

    So we did what everyone did, went out into the woods, made a bonfire and acted like no one knew what was going on. And we got there in our friend’s cars. Or we’d head to the drive-in (although I lived close enough we could walk and hide in the bushes). Anything to get out of the house for a few hours.

    And usually mom or dad would be up, and they probably knew but pretended. Or maybe they’d ask who drove, knowing all the kids and who was trustworthy. And as long as we were discrete most everyone looked the other way. And we survived. Was it risky? You bet! But really, how much beer can you drink with a pony keg for 30+ people?

    And as much as that memory is burned into my brain, it really was only a few times. Now college, OTOH…

  7. The back of the LTD station wagon was super spacious and comfy. Room to play with toys and take a nap.
    Then we spent miles getting trucks to blow their horns.

    That was entertainment pre gameboys and phones.

    • I vaguely remember the trip from WA to Disneyland around 1960, US 99 in the back of the station wagon there and back. My brother was too big by then so I had the whole rear area to my self. Breakfast at Sambo’s in Cali, lots of Tiger Butter! The Winchester House pretty well creeped me out at 5 years old.

      • Ah, Sambo’s! We used to have a Sambo’s across the street from the main gate of the ASW Base in San Diego. The guys said that they met Ken Norton, the boxer, there one night…

  8. The lack of concern for the real danger to safety posed by EV fires tells us all we need to know about how little the incessant safety fixation is actually about safety…

    • Well, one advantage for us married guys is we get two votes instead of one.
      “All set dear, just sign here.” “Oh thanks Sparkey you’re the best!” It’s great to be king.

      • As I explained to the guys at work back in the day, it’s all about rights and responsibilities.

        Technically they have the “right” to vote but as the husband we have the responsibility to see that vote is completed correctly! Several coworkers did mention they couldn’t believe I was still alive.

    • A professor of mine use to say “Democracy always turns a country into a cuntry”.
      Socialism/Democracy is the ideology of women and children

    • NAILED IT! Cato, the elder, had this to say in “Livy’s History of Rome”:

      “Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to let go the reins and then expect her not to kick over the traces. You must keep her on a tight rein […] Women want total freedom or rather – to call things by their names – total licence. If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters …”


      We’ve LIVED that in the US since 1920! As the Bible says, there are no new things under the sun…

      • Ah, yes, nothing like quoting a man who was known as being a cruel master who had no issue with beating his slaves, wife, and children. Let’s name all of the freedom that women had in 200 BC (Cato’s time).

        What Mark would you take away from women? Obviously, voting bothers you. Should women not work outside the home? Should they not drive? Are they allowed to ride a horse? Is teaching them to swim off limits? Does a woman owning a gun bother you? Reading? Mathematics? What line is too far for you?

        • One, truth is truth, regardless of who speaks it. For example, people like to discount what Martin Luther King said because he was a communist and a womanizer; they say that we cannot take him seriously because of his failings, which were many. However, he was right about judging one by the content of his character vs. the color of his skin. Likewise, regardless of the kind of man Cato the elder was, he was right, and history has proven that beyond any doubt.

          Two, I don’t know where the line is for me. Universal suffrage was a bad idea; of that, there can be no doubt. Women are more collectivist in nature. I know that there are a few gems like you who are the exception to the rule, but your kind is rare; women like you are an example of how the exception proves, rather than undermines, the rule.

          Where should the line be, IMO? Beyond voting, I don’t know; I haven’t figured that out. What I do know is that giving women unrestricted freedom has been an unmitigated disaster. Recent history has proved this beyond any doubt.

          Finally, I’ve made other comments in this thread; I’d encourage you to read them.

          • Hi Mark (and RG) –

            I don’t think the problem is primarily women voting. It is that men and women can vote to steal other men and women’s property. At the very least, if we must have voting at all, it ought to be restricted to taxpayers and property owners only. People who do not pay taxes or own property will vote to steal other people’s money and take their property. Those who pay taxes will generally not vote to raise them. Nor will they vote to steal other people’s property as that puts their property at risk, too.

            A tax-paying/property owning qualification for voting would greatly decrease our troubles, in my view.

            • Eric,

              That would be a HUGE improvement over universal suffrage! While I would go beyond that, I think that your proposal would be a huge step in the right direction, and that we’d have far fewer problems. Universal suffrage is a bad idea; of that, there can be no doubt.

        • RG,

          WRT voting, until WWI, most men couldn’t vote, either. Men were given the vote in return for the “privilege” of being slaughtered, en masse, in WWI. Prior to WWI, the vast majority of men couldn’t vote, either. Ah, but the feminists NEVER tell you that!

          As for voting, I think universal suffrage is a bad idea-for both men and women. Women are more collectitvist, particularly when single; 70% of all single women vote Democrat, i.e. leftist. However, single men are collectivist too; 60% of single men vote lefty too. When men and women marry, this changes; they become more conservative in their voting habits.

          I don’t think that everyone should vote. Universal suffrage is an unmitigated disaster. BTW, prior to the 19A, the COTUS never stipulated a right to vote! Voting was seen as a privilege, not a right.

          If it were up to me, only fathers who are property owners (with PAID OFF properties, no mortgages!) should vote. Property owning fathers have a stake in the community, and they take the long term view of things; their lives have demonstrated their intelligence, wisdom, and prudence. I think that this would lead to a better society.

          BTW, I would be disenfranchised under my scheme. Why? I never married, and I never became a father. I have paid off home, but I’m not a father. Hence, I couldn’t vote under my ideal system. However, I’d be willing to surrender my franchise for the good of society.

  9. When my kids were younger, I let them ride to Grandpa’s house a few miles away on 1 or 2 occasions in the back of the pickup like I used to do. I let them sit on my lap and steer once, just like I got to do. I calculate the benefits outweighed the risks. And that benefit/risk assessment was mine and mine alone to make.

    Of course, here in Oklahoma, it’s not an unusual sight to see people in the bed of a pickup, LOL. It’s usually groups of Mexicans though.

  10. I take the motorcycle out when needing a shot of freedom and rarely use seat belts.
    I don’t think its as much the parents fault as it is the schools and government. (Am I repeating my self?)
    All day long they are barraged with gov safety think along with all the other sexual indoctrination. These generations haven’t a chance at a normal life. Many have had the clotshot(s) and likely will be sterile and die an early death.
    They are told non stop that the Boomer and prior generations are the cause of all their ills especially where earning a living is concerned,,,unfortunately they will blame our generations for this as well.
    The nation is collapsing more rapidly now. You can see this by the fact Texas has continued their ‘wall’ Many democrats are demanding Texas be treated as if it is in rebellion. This could be the straw that breaks the rogue governments back….

      • My daughter still maintains the two best schooling years were 8th and 9th at the Adventist Academy. 7th grade at the “award winning” public jr. high was a bust. We were not members, and made it clear we weren’t converting to their religion. They were very respectful and the non member tuition was less than 3k a year. 12 to 15 kids per class, library with a few computers, gym, motivated teachers.

      • Why do you think homeschooling is EXPLODING? The travesty of public schools is that, no matter how parents educate their kids, they still have to pay school taxes; we have to pay for their indoctrination and our destruction!

    • ‘Many democrats are demanding Texas be treated as if it is in rebellion.’ — ken

      Consider the fate of J6 political prisoners in the courts of DC, which votes about 90% Democrat:

      ‘A survey conducted by Triton Polling and Research between Jan. 1-8 and obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times reveals an extreme level of bias among potential jurors living in Washington toward anyone who participated in the protests at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

      ‘Edward Jacob “Jake” Lang, a Jan. 6 defendant from Newburgh, New York, who has been incarcerated in the D.C. jail for three years without a trial, is the one who commissioned the survey.

      “The amount of bias in Washington, DC is so insurmountable that jurors can’t possibly be impartial because of their inherent fears,” Mr. Lang explained.

      “I mean, 60 percent thought their life was in danger on Jan. 6. The most egregious is that nearly 50 percent of potential DC jurors believe that a fair punishment for Jan. 6ers is life in prison or the death penalty.

      “How can I go to trial where 86 percent of the people think I’m an insurrectionist and 50 percent believe I deserve the death penalty or life in prison?

      Citizens of the fifty states — actual Americans, that is — should not subject to the usurped jurisdiction of DC’s biased, partisan courts.

      • 25 States now support Texas. 14 are sending personnel and equipment.

        I think the Federales should seriously consider backing off and start defending the borders as that is their jobs.

        Some are suggesting that the overrun states send these illegals to the areas where the Supremo’s that voted against national security live to give them a taste of their doings.

      • an extreme level of bias among potential jurors living in Washington toward anyone who participated in the protests at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

        That is how the court system works now…..

        Under common law you would get a trial by jury by your peers…..not today….with it’s crooked system…

        you might get a jury trial….an aborted version of a trial by jury….and not by your peers….the jury is hand picked to be biased…..and if you are white you probably get a bipoc jury…lol….

        And the judge does the sentencing….in common law the jury does the sentencing…not a crooked judge….

        Romley Stewart says to always plead guilty…otherwise you are an enemy of the state….they will get you somehow anyways….you are screwed in this system….

        you have to realize the court is another corporation only focused on profit… is a business…so make a deal with it…..say I plead guilty but want $100,000 compensation for pleading guilty…..—How-Common-Law-Can-Work-For-You-Romley-Stewart—Justinian-Deception-pt1_fixed:4

  11. I’m a generation X’er (50 years old). I got my “learners” permit and drivers license the second I was old enough. My folks were more than happy to let me drive, and I wanted to drive badly. My grandma came of age before there was such a thing as a “license” and started driving regularly at get this, age NINE!

    Today, my nephew however, who is now 18 has finally got his learners permit. It was a combo of disinterest in his part and that my ding-bat sister-in-law (who showed her real colors covid style) didn’t really want him driving until now. To be honest, I think it will be quite a while before he has his own car.

  12. The yin and the yang are out of balance. Women have been given absolute power in our society without the commensurate responsibility. Women prefer the illusion of safety and control. Men learn early that safety and control are mostly illusions, and so value/represent freedom. Human society has always known this, thus the Chinese yin/yang concept. Evil and arrogant people have disrupted this balance, and now great pain will be required to set it aright.

    • ‘Women have been given absolute power in our society without the commensurate responsibility.’ — ernie

      Strangely, the US is one of the few rich countries never to have had a female leader. Not saying that’s a good thing necessarily — any random soccer mom would have done less damage than the smirking chimp or the Kenyan communist.

      Someday we’ll get a female leader — but please, Lord, not today! Spare us the neocon Nimarata skank, and I’ll forever hold my peace.

    • Oh, Ernie, I expected better of you.

      Women are in power of what again? They have as much control as the men, which is none. The elites are in control. What Joe and Jane, the American Homeowner, want is irrelevant. TPTB are dividing us and we are letting them. Until we realize that they will continue to separate us by gender, race, religion, etc. they will continue to win. We are their Chess pieces. Let’s not play the Pawn. Rooks, Bishops, and Knights hold great power, but not when they are too busy fighting amongst themselves.

      • In the courts, especially the extraconstitutional “family” courts, women enjoy gross advantages. In business, hiring, promotion, and retention are run by HR departments, which replaced personnel departments, and are staffed in my experience by 90% women.

        I take your point, but the main areas of life that matter are family and vocation, and those have both been mortally wounded by feminism. And the mean and median American woman, has also been twisted from an societal asset to a societal liability, by feminism.

        • Hi Ernie,

          I agree that the family courts are pretty cruel to men, but this isn’t feminism being played here. Only 27% of all judges are women, 10% of all judges are African American, 7% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. The Courts (including the Family Court) are very much controlled (and decided) by white guys. It is white guys ruling against other white guys. Sure, they may be beta liberal white guys, but they are still white guys ruling against you and yours.

          As for the HR department (it has always been pretty much a woman dominated field). HR can only get away with what the Top Brass (usually made up of white guys) will adhere to.

          Do you believe women’s lot has improved with feminism? I don’t. If feminism was truly about “empowering women” then it about allowing “all” women the ability to choose the path that is right for them. Corporate and government based feminism (which is the only kind that exists) plays women against each other. It humiliates women who wish to remain at home, work on the farm, or be a secretary, etc. It displays these women as meek, insecure, or backwards to choose these paths. A woman who prefers to stay home and raise her children is not naïve and compliant, but a woman who wants to take a charge in the rearing of her offspring.

          Any “movement” that feels the need to downplay another gender, race, religion, etc. is not a movement, but aggressors who are unable to achieve success and progress on their own without stifling and sabotaging others. I would label modern day “feminism” such a movement. Unfortunately, the women who claim to be “feminists” have yet to realize they traded in a frying pan for a corporate ladder, but the outcome will be the same.

          • Family law was written by men who believed in honor and obligation to your family as the highest responsibility. When men fail in their responsibility they become outcasts. Very Klingon.

            A child doesn’t ask to be born, has no defenses, and is completely dependent on the parent for 20 years. A wife must take care of that child for the first two or three at a minimum due to biology. If a man skips out on his responsibility he’s fighting the biological drive to care for his children, and he better have a good excuse. When that excuse isn’t accepted there’s a penalty to be paid.

          • I agree with everything you said RG. Feminism and the “women’s movement” has been a disaster for women. Such a disaster, that men are now women and women don’t care. Sigh. Me? I’m just a girl and don’t have enough torque to be a man. I don’t want to be a man and have to do men’s jobs. I’m just a girl, “That’s all that you’ll let me be…” If only.

            As for voting, why is anybody still participating in this sham? It’s a selection, not an election.

            • Hi Pug,

              It’s been a disaster for both sexes, I think. Both are wary of each other – with cause. Half of all marriages end in divorce; two thirds of second marriages. Those are really bad odds. Yet women lose when they remain unmarried – and childless – and often become resentful and bitter toward men as a result. Men, for their part, shy away from marriage and kids because they dread getting divorced and losing not only their wife (and kids) but also potentially half of all they own in the divorce. Who benefits from all this? The Left, of course. It feeds on distrust, resentment and insecurity – male and female alike.

              Leftism is an aggressive cancer that will kill the host civilization if extreme measures are not undertaken to kill it before it does.

              • One key area where women dominate is in the education of young children….

                today most are probably leftist/marxists…educating your children….

                these are traitor slaves…programming the children for the slave owner’s communist system ….

                today most are probably leftist/marxists….a number of them hate men…particularly white men…today lots are probably LBGQT…twisting children’s minds…..

              • “but also potentially half of all they own in the divorce.”
                And “potentially” half or more of all they will ever own.

              • Hi Eric,

                I agree with a lot of what you said, but I am going to push back that women become resentful of men when they are unmarried and childless. I believe a lot of women are also resentful of men when they are married and have children.

                I think some people marry the wrong person or they “settle”. For others the child rearing years (when the kids are under the age of 5) are the roughest in most marriages. Many may disagree with me, but for the first ten years of child rearing the women (usually) pull most of the load. It is day after day of waking up 2-3x a night, constant feeding, diaper changes, then there is the house cleaning, the laundry, the dishes, now add a full time job to it. I don’t remember the years that both of my children were under three. It is probably best that I don’t…I was a walking zombie. It does breed resentment (on both sides) and I don’t know anybody who gets through this time without several arguments under their belt. Can the relationship be saved? It depends on the partners, but unless honest communication takes place those years of bitterness can continue to grow and destroy the marriage. I think that is why we see so many divorces after the kids have grown. It is absolutely fundamental that both spouses take time for each other (yes, even when you are exhausted) and try to get a week, a weekend, or even a night away (with no children) for both people to remember why they married the other and to escape the day to day routine.

                • Attending to children IS a full time occupation with lotsa unpaid overtime.

                  Along came Virginia Slim BS and then the poor Gen X surviving thier daycare neighborhood watch nightmare.

                  And here we are 50 yrs later.

          • Thanks for the reminder, RG. I wish I could delete my above comment, but I can’t; Eric’s site doesn’t allow deletion or editing of one’s comments. You’re right about what TPTB have done to divide men and women, and I often forget that.

            Part of me is hurt and angry over what’s happened as a result of the “women’s movement”. When I was a young man I wanted more than anything to have a wife to come home to at night. Believe it or not, I used to cry myself to sleep over the fact that I was single and didn’t want to be. However, between seeing the lives of quiet desperation many married guys live and hearing horror stories of divorces, I knew to be careful; marriage was a make or break decision. After a run-in with the family and criminal court (thanks to a false accusation), I realized that my dream would never come true. At times, I still get angry over that.

            • Hi Mark,

              I am saddened to read your story. I would never be accused of being a romantic, but I do wish everyone could have someone that they could come home to night after night who they loved and who shared that love in return. The world would be a better place.

              I wouldn’t give us on women quite yet. There are good women out there, but they tend to be older, a bit more mature, and a lot more receptive. Women before the age of 35 are pretty damn crazy (and entitled). Their view of the world and men are pretty naïve. They all think they deserve a millionaire, where they themselves, have nothing to offer. Are they smart? Are they witty? Can they slow braise a pot roast?

              With older women not everything is a fight (or at least it shouldn’t be). They have been battle tested and are usually at the point where they want a partner/companion to enjoy the later years in life.

      • All of our institutions and norms have been altered to conform with a female-centric perspective. That is where power lies, not within the realm of any one individual, male or female. And men have complied with the feministic alteration of past social and cultural relationships – simp and cuck are recent additions to the popular lexicon for a reason.

    • This is the crux of it whether people want to admit it or not. You live in a gynarcho-tyranny. We will protect you and keep you safe even if it means stripping you of every right and every privilege. Women are hard wired genetically to seek safety because of their physical vulnerability, especially during pregnancy.

      So after decades of feminism your rules are now weak beta males (basically females) and women. Everything is done by consensus, herd mentality, hivemind, and no one dare color too far outside the lines. It echoes across all areas of society. We are one giant HR department nationwide. It is suffocating and stifling particularly to innovation and progress which require risk, and –balls-.

      This is why Orange Man sends them into panic attacks because he is one of the only alpha males to appear in a very long time and so they have outsized and irrational fear of him. As any group of threatened women and weak beta bugmen naturally would.

      All of these societal maladies point to the ’empowerement’ of women to the ruin of the nation. The horse is WAY out of the barn now, they will never relinquish power. The 19th amendment was a great idea on paper, horrible in practice.

      • Okay, user, what woman is making your decisions? We keep saying feminism has destroyed a country. Was it feminism or was it our very own government that destroyed the nuclear family? Because that is the true downfall of modern society…the destruction of the family unit. Courts and tax laws have propositioned themselves as having the final say on what goes on inside a family. That is where your anger should be. Women working outside the home…not so much.

        Women have been working outside the home for hundreds of years as cooks, housekeepers, prostitutes, modistes, teachers, etc. Did men bitch? Were they deemed betas if the Mrs. taught the local school children?

        I find it almost laughable on the ailing’s of society are viewing one man (Trump) as its savior. A man who has made a mockery of the nuclear family. Who has three different Baby Mamas and wouldn’t know the meaning loyalty if it hit him in the face. The same Alpha male that locked this country down, gave us the short, deranged, elf as head of the NIH a platform, and decreased the regulations so such items as the Clot Shot could make its way quicker through the FDA and CDC.

          • Hi Eric,

            Speaking of quotes about the “vaccines”, Klaus Schwab put out a video 3 years ago claiming that “Nobody is safe if not everyone is vaccinated!” Certain media outlets even chanted in unison “Nobody is safe unless everyone is safe!”

            • I remember that, John –

              And – how stupid is this mantra? How is anyone not “safe” if they have taken the (supposedly) “safe and effective” vaccines? Oh, that’s right. The “vaccines” do not prevent infection or transmission. So now it all makes sense. Sort of.

              • Eric,

                These psychopaths have not only become so arrogant, they openly brag about the sinister agenda they wish to implement, and yet, they also frame it as “You’ll own nothing and be happy”, “Stopping mis/ dis/ malinformation”, “Build Back Better”, “It will save the planet”, “Safe and secure money”, “It will stop money laundering”, “Renewable energy”, “It will make everyone saaaaaaaaaaaaaafe!”, etc., and there are people who eat that up thinking that the WEF is REALLY trying to “Save humanity and the world”. I’m kinda reminded of the old TV series from 15 years ago called “V”.

                It’s also kind of odd that very few people running for political office this year even want to talk about what the WEF, WHO, and UN are trying to shove down everyone’s throats. However, Donald Trump did vow to not allow Central Bank Digital Currencys to be implemented if he becomes President again. As far as I know, the only other current Presidential candidate who’s spoken out against this technocratic push for CBDCs is RFK Jr. The other 2 candidates who’ve spoken out against it, Ron DeSantis & Vivek Ramaswamy, have since dropped out.

                • Both brandon and trump are freemasons….the freemasons are the political arm of the nobility slave owners….the slaves get to vote for one of two freemasons….lol….

                  Whatever the outcome….half the slaves will be angry…..

                  this works perfectly….the slaves are so busy fighting each other, they don’t get together, co operate and start a slave revolt…..

                  • There is another huge problem….traitor slaves….

                    Some western women and the LGBQT movement are working with the slave owners……they have a common hatred of men….

                    the strong, smart, straight, young men….particularly whites… they are a threat to them……

                    another group of traitor slaves….the control group’s enforcers, tax collectors, slaves helping run the government…..

                    the control group are marxist/communists ….when they get complete control, they will get rid of the helpers/enablers….

              • Speaking of vaccines, Eric, did you read where nurses in Denver hospitals are now being injected with live, experimental Ebola “vaccines”, that shed onto others? The liberal media have been shilling for months about “Disease X”, and have to wonder?

        • Women, they come into your dreams, for me, they’re in mine. Just the other night, the woman of my dreams was there in a dream.

          How it happens in this world. Funny dat.

          Catherine the Great was the empress of Russia and the Russo Empire thrived, borders were expanded. She was loved and Catherine loved her stately position. Not many women do. Hillary fell short.

          If Catherine the Great can do it, there are more women out there than men, so a woman can reign supreme here in ‘merica.

          As a reminder, to reiterate, the first abbey of nuns were prostitutes who stopped their trade, vowed celibacy. It was during the Byzantium.

          Women, you gotta love them, they hurt and ache if you don’t.

        • And most “stay at home” moms didn’t just stay at home. Many were the family face in the community, serving on the PTA, volunteering for church and other charities, even keeping in touch with the neighbors at kids parties and the like. Stuff that takes time and is extremely important but also doesn’t need to earn an income.

          Then when the kids are old enough, maybe mom goes back to work again. I know when I was in middle school mom started volunteering at the Red Cross blood services lab, which led to a full time position and then a career. Did she break through the glass ceiling? Well, as much as there might have been one, she did end up doing some very important work at the national level before she retired, and still talks about it today, many years later. But she also talks about raising up two kids in the 1970s and 80s too.

          In all, I’d say she had a far more fulfilling life than my dad, who ground out a 30+ year career in a job he hated because of the paycheck.

        • What’s funny (in an ironic sense) is that, because Trump said the right things back in 2016, they overlooked his obvious immorality. He was not only divorced twice; he made spectacles of his ex wives, especially Ivana. I grew up in NJ, so I heard and saw that circus every day for months. I reckon Harry Truman was on to something when he said to never trust a man who cheats on his wife…

          • For a Democrat Harry Truman was a smart man. 😉

            Unfortunately, Americans love electing swindlers. Apparently, in their view, a man (or woman) who cheats on their spouse won’t lie, cheat, or deceive them as well.

            LaLa Land must be a wonderful place to reside!

    • Agreed Ernie. Women have absolute power in the court system where children and property are determined and determining life or death of a child in the womb. They are considered as minorities and are given priorities in hiring, education, small business loans/gov loans and business tax benefits.

      I realize what I am saying is not politically correct and normally kept quiet but this is what I see in most Western Nations.

      • A court system that is largely dominated by men – so there’s that inconvenient fact .

        I personally know of three male friends / co-workers that have ended up with full custody of the children due to women that had parenting issues.

        So where are all these women that are running the show, calling the shots, and forcing all the strong Alphas to do things against their will?

        • I’m not so sure the court system is dominated by men- so I’m not sure that’s a fact inconvenient or otherwise.

          Three examples which come to mind of men not blatantly losing is kind of making the point that such a situation is exceptional and unusual.

          And those women aren’t so much running the show as screwing up the show and making temselves and the rest of society miserable. They aren’t forcing “strong Alphas” to do much against their will, but they do make it costly and painful to stand up and speak unpleasant truths.

        • 49.7% women,,, 50.3% Women. No,,, not dominated by women BUT women do have an advantage. If a male judge wants a happy home he’d better listen to wifey. When wifey unhappy, everyone is unhappy! 🙂

          RG is correct when she says we are being led to hate each other by the psychopaths in DC, state and local governments and other Western nations. If the White races do not begin to defend themselves it’s over for them. I am not necessarily talking about wars but more like not taking the shit put out by race baiters today. Example: All Whites are born racist. That is absolutely horse hockey. See PCRs take…

    • The real discrimination is against white straight males…..they are blamed for all the world’s problems…..

      With the new DEI agenda it is very difficult for a white straight male to get a job…..all the jobs go to women, bipoc, LBGQT, trans, illegal migrants, etc……

      The white straight males are blamed for everything…they are the settlers, victimizers, conquerors, oppressors, etc….

      The real settlers, victimizers, conquerors, oppressors…… were the nobility control group, who invaded countries, genocided all the tribes and took complete control……

  13. ‘the steady low rumble of the road and engine making you feel both sleep and safe … [unless] mom or dad ran into something’ — eric

    Reminds me of a work colleague, a female engineer named Jan W. She and her husband Don were driving straight through, back to their home state of Kentucky. One of them fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into an obstacle. Both parents were killed; their two kids sleeping in the back survived, as orphans.

    Strange: in the casual days of happy motoring before mandatory seat belts, other pursuits such as rock climbing still were tightly regulated. To attempt big wall routes in Yosemite and Rocky Mt. Natl Park, one needed a permit from rangers who reviewed the proposed route, experience and equipment.

    Fast forward to 2018: Alex Honnold makes a solo free climb of El Capitan, where one slip meant certain death. The Lügenpresse crowned him with laurels. But he had to drive to Yosemite in his camper van with all the latest saaaaaaaafety features.

    Viewed from the perspective of a visiting Martian, the US is an exceedingly strange country, populated by scarily bizarre folks.

  14. When one doesn’t have a belief in God, an afterlife, or a purpose much greater than their immediate existence; well then you had better be safe in everything you do in order to maximize your time on earth.

    • Just a thought, my thoughts exactly!

      I definitely see a relationship between the decline of religion in the traditional sense and the rise of safetyism. In fact, safetyism is perhaps a new religion.

      Because when you stop believing in God, it doesn’t mean you believe in nothing—you believe in anything!

      • “Because when you stop believing in God, it doesn’t mean you believe in nothing—you believe in anything!”

        Yes, and it’s more than that… Not just anything, they have replaced God with Man. The Experts are their god now. You see it in all facets of society.


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