The New Religion and its Origins

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As with the enforced wearing of the Holy Rag – as with punishing people for “speeding” and so many other things – the presumption is that everyone must obey because of what some Authority asserts might happen if someone doesn’t.

You’re not sick, but you must wear a Holy Rag because it is asserted you might be sick and could get others sick. The not-wearing of the Holy Rag is such a threat to others it warrants public agonizing.

You aren’t harming anyone by driving 65 rather than 55 – but Authority says “speed kills” – and you are punished regardless.

Someone might turn cough syrup into meth and so you are presumed a meth head when you attempt to buy cough syrup.

Und so weiter – everywhere.

It doesn’t matter how abstract and remote  the “might happen” actually is. Nor what actually happens.

One can have an objective record of not having caused any harm behind the wheel of a car for decades – all of which counts for nothing on the day you get caught driving 65 in a 55, because of a subjective assertion that driving faster than the posted 55 MPH speed limit might cause an accident.

The fact that it didn’t – and hasn’t – carries no weight with the courts or the insurance mafia, which you’re forced to do business with because you might damage someone else’s car, notwithstanding that you haven’t.

This is why healthy Americans are being required to pretend they’re sick even though they’re not – and why the same upended morality will be used to compel them to submit to a medical procedure they don’t need and which actually has a higher chance of causing them harm than the abstract might-cause-harm asserted by Authority of not pretending they’re sick and avoiding the procedure.

The overall risk of significant complications arising from the taking of any vaccine is much greater than the average healthy person’s chances of dying from the WuFlu, which are on the order of 0.0-something percent.

These are facts.

But the average healthy person is being pressured to assume the higher risk of an experimental vaccine for the sake of other people feelings about the extremely remote risk of not taking it.

We did not get here overnight.

It took decades of changing the American mindset from one that inclined toward the idea of having to establish that someone did something before the state could legitimately do something to them to the current mindset that the state can legitimately do anything to everyone by asserting the possibility that someone might do something.

Like spread a sickness they haven’t actually got.

The change began when the state got into the business of “keeping us safe,” a thing which was unheard of even during the monstrous assaults on liberty that took place under Lincoln (the evisceration of the idea that justified the American Revolution; i.e., that government must be consensual and when it is not, the people have the right to separate and form a government they do consent to) and Wilson (the legalized theft of people’s income and the gutting of their privacy, by having to detail their business dealings to the state) and Roosevelt (who actually made it a criminal offense to possess real money; i.e., gold coins rather than federal paper) and Johnson (who assaulted the right to freely associate under the sheen of “civil rights”).

None of these uber authoritarians had the gall to talk of “safety” – personal safety – as being any of the state’s business. Probably because of the cloying effeminancy of the idea and America was not yet an effeminate country. A place where fear of risk – however attenuated – was obsessed over by hysteric bed-wetter types.

That began to change, though, around the time the 1960s faded and the ’70s came into being. It changed for a number of reasons, including the rise of the “consumer advocate,” who presumed to advocate for consumers, notwithstanding they never asked him to – and the rise of the consumer advocate’s best friend, the ambulance-chasing shyster lawyer.

These two creatures were largely unknown before the ’60s – or known to be disreputable. The law was once an honorable profession that didn’t solicit slip and fall business and “consumers” were previously customers who bought things using their own judgment and if they ended up gypped they stopped buying stuff from the place that gypped them, which usually went out of business for that reason.

What people bought was their business. They didn’t expect the state to “keep them safe.” It was a mewling, run-to-momma sort of thing – and embarrassing for that reason.

But the consumer advocate and the ambulance chaser worked on their minds. Danger – risk! – lurked everywhere and nothing was too much in cost or imposition if it reduced the risk, even if only hypothetically.

It is not coincidental that the state began to express great interest in “keeping us safe” around the same time, especially as regards cars – and the driving of them.

The Safety Cult was born – sounding the death knell for life, beyond the cringing perpetuation of mere biological existence.

It matured into a religion by the 1990s – by which time the state was decreeing that everyone must “buckle up” and kids must be strapped down – never to know the freedom of just jumping into the back seats, to slide from left to right to excitedly watch the world going by. Their world would be one of confinement – and fear. The car – and driving it – made into something fundamentally dangerous.

Cars – and driving – became less and less fun, more and more another hassle.

The religion fulminated like a baking soda and vinegar volcano. It expressed itself everywhere. People were hounded for smoking – a thing perhaps mildly unpleasant to be in the vicinity of but hardly a cause for a crusade. Yet a crusade was launched – and smoking anathematized. This setting the stage for further anathematizing.

Even to the extent of drinking soda.

Even to the extent of what people say – if what they say hurts someone’s feelings.

Americans once taught their kids that sticks and stones might break their bones but words could never hurt them. Words are now considered dangerous – if they question the Cult – and one risks sticks and stones if one says them.

And so, here we are – in the pews of the Church of Perpetual Sickness, amen. It is a natural elaboration of the decades-long conversion of the American mind from a largely secular point of view that regarded personal risk as personal business to a Holy Jihad opposed to all personal risk, including the personal risk (if any) that other persons chose to assume; they cannot be allowed to weigh and measure their risks and decide for themselves.

Authority will decide – and thereby “keep us safe.”

Isn’t it nice to know how much we’re cared for?

. . . .

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  1. Canadian camps.

    Even if the precautions are necessary, the secrecy is very troubling. The CBC and Government (same) have been caught blatantly lying about the ‘overwhelmed’ ERs and ‘having to treat people in their cars’ already, on more than one occasion. If ‘Rona is actually so bad, why do they lie to make it seem worse? Why does ‘Rona need the entire government to act as a PR agent?

    • What explanation can there be for the wife of a man who was just killed by the vaccine saying “…be safe, take the vaccine — but the officials need to do more research”?
      The lunacy we’re up against is unfathomable.

      • Morning, Roland!

        It’s just another example that this has become a religious movement. Once you view it that way, it all makes sense – if that’s the right word. That woman? She is like the mother of the kid diddled by Father McFeely; he’s really a very nice man, you see.

  2. I was on the elevator leaving work the other day (maskless of course) and a masked women and her maskling, a boy probably about 6 or 7 years old, got on. The boy backed into the corner and and I could tell was scared to death that an unmasked person was near him. It was like I was a scary monster. What is this doing to these young children? They will all grow up to be germaphobes full of fear and loathing for other humans.

    • Hi Randy,

      Ugh… the “masking” of children is uniquely despicable because “the virus” presents almost no serious threat to them at all. Suicide is a much greater threat to kids under 18 than “the virus.”

  3. In reference to your video I have also NEVER worn a mask and NEVER will. At the start of this nonsense I was in Colorado and I never worn one there I had gotten in a few confrontations and had to stop going to some businesses. Since then I have moved to South Dakota (which has been a breath of fresh air literally) and masks aren’t “mandated” I’ve been able for the most part to go about my life like business as usual.

  4. FWIW, this happened in Waco back in September. He ended up with just a written warning. He also happened to be wearing a body cam himself. Pretty smart, which is why I’m sure the warning was all that happened to him. Barney Fife probably didn’t know at the time there anyway.

    I was in Waco a week ago and did my usual maskless routine and didn’t get a word, so I’m sure this is probably the cause of that.

    The guy is a hero.

  5. This should be a HUGE lawsuit for excessive use of DEADLY force by the Officer. The subject was clearly being detained for the “crime” of “contempt of cop”, even though he clearly OBEYED the officer’s direction to vacate the premises PROMPTLY. The entire “face diaper” thing was just an EXCUSE for this sad excuse of an LEO to go on a power trip.

    What’s the follow up on this story?

  6. Thank God for cameras.

    This halfwit was looking for *any* chance to do a takedown.

    Go do some *actual* law enforcement.

  7. Here’s what I keep reading everywhere:

    Conservative or libertarian journalist, talk show host or op-ed columnist:


    Journalist, host or columnist:

    Nice place we’ve gotten to, huh?

    We have a group of people shouting from the rooftops for Americans to rise up and take back their country from the Freak Show, but unwilling to go all in for fear of being prosecuted for advocating the overthrow of the US government, continually haranging a population of normals who won’t lift a finger because they’re not just temperamentally unsuited to uprising, they also have to get up and go to work in the morning.

    And then, if somebody actually rose up and Did Something, they’d be excoriated from sea to shining sea by those same journalists, hosts & columnists for affronting Law & Order and not placing their trust in a broken system.

    “Maturity is all well and good, but sometimes you just gotta toss adulthood in the dumpster and go slug the guy in the Little Caesar’s costume.”

    • Isn’t it so ironic for the secret police apparatus with their special “alerts” to be saying the “bad guys” are fueled by “false narratives.” Thou doth protest too much. It just proves narratives are really the thing and it irks them to no end that some people, a lot more now, actually, don’t believe the BS that flows from the mouths of liars every single day without fail. Just like establishing a “green zone” in DC with 25k troops laying around the capital for months, it reeks of a crisis of legitimacy.

    • ‘Nice place we’ve gotten to, huh?’ — Ice Age

      In Kali, the culture wars are between the far left and the off-planet left:

      ‘The names of presidents, authors and even a current U.S. senator will be removed from 44 San Francisco school sites after the city’s school board Tuesday deemed the figures unworthy of the honor by a 6-1 vote.

      ‘Abraham Lincoln and George Washington high schools, Dianne Feinstein Elementary and dozens of others needed new names with no connection to slavery, oppression, racism or similar criteria.’

      ‘Dianne Feinstein Elementary’ … ah ha ha ha!

      Your only academic career path after graduating from Dianne Feinstein Elementary is to enroll in V. I. Lenin Intermediate, feeder institution for the prestigious Communist Martyrs High School where most of Kali’s political elite earned their marxist chops.

      Commiefornia values its revolutionary scholars.

      • “Communist Martyrs High School” — I detect another fan of Firesign Theater, circa 1970. I wonder if the leader of the new religion is Pastor Rod Flash, of the Powerhouse Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of the Blinding Light.

  8. I do enjoy a little light reading, which is what these articles have become.
    Your awareness raising, facts, logical conclusions, and/or arguments did not work, and they are not working now.
    Now is the time to spend our energy on survival. Hunker down or leave. Writing posts about facts is fun, and feeling like we’re ‘right’ is gratifying and all, but serves no purpose.

    Reasoned morality always looses to emotionalism. Monkey brain, remember? You’re not going to bring the Republic back no matter what you say. Logic doesn’t win political arguments.
    So why bother?
    Work on plans to GTFO, or work on plans to survive the coming techno-totalitarianism. It’s only going to get worse. Soon things will get so bad the people will beg for a dictator to make it all good again.

    Same trajectory in practically every civilization, empire, or nation in history. Monkey brain, remember?

    Have fun talking about how right you are. Should have done something about it way back when….whenever.
    But you didn’t.

    Time to leave or time to prepare for compromise for survival sake, or time to draw the hard line and suffer the consequences. Gulag time, only now they can create it with digital fences.
    Elect all the Repubs you want, ain’t gonna matter.

    • Hi Andy,

      I sometimes agree with you; but then I remember: All epochal changes – for good and bad – happen because of the commitment and willingness to act of a minority of activists. I agree that probably 9 out of ten people are bipedal cattle. But it is the one out of ten who is a man – or woman – that will determine what happens and these people can be reached and – even more critically – must be assured they are not the only sane/intelligent and moral beings left standing.

      Don’t give up until it’s over.

      • “9 out of ten”?

        How many friends did you have before ‘Rona? How many now? Is it 10%? Do remember those friends you had were already filtered from the herd by your values.

        I would be shocked beyond belief if 1 in 1,000 could demonstrate critical thinking skills or the ability to investigate beyond “what the TV said”. I would not be surprised if it were closer to 1 in 10,000.

        • Hi Anon,

          Indeed, I parted ways with at least half my friends. However, I have made several new ones – including people like cjm, a poster here.

          I understand the odds are long. It does not mean the fight is lost.

          • Their losses, Eric and Anon!

            Seriously, I could only wish I had a lot of righteous people around like Eric and many others here. I do, though, have a FEW decent, intelligent and free-thinking friends, though quality people, as you have stated, are exceedingly rare!

            • I have two. Down from around 15.

              Even the two are questionable. Weak personalities. They know my feeling in regard to masking and society in general and I suspect they keep their real feeling on the subjects to themselves or say what they think I want to hear. Not sure, but there have been a few things they have said that have made me question their actual beliefs. One masks everywhere else but takes it off when I am around. Flakey. Not enough backbone to do what HE thinks is right, so he does what society tells him when in society and what he thinks I want when around me. Just a weather-vane.

          • Hey Ya Eric!

            Eric, when it comes to odds, some people throw caution to the wind and bet on a small sliver of a chance, even when the odds are one hundreds of millions. We call those people “lottery ticket purchasers”.

            The lottery players buy into a dream; the idea that “there is a chance” despite the odds being ridiculously against them.

            More reasonable people assess the odds of a given prospect, and make practical decisions based on their assessments, and thus always end up where they waqnt to be, rather than falsely hoping in unrealistic dreams.

            The facts we must assess, are that we are today battling not just a nationwide power structure, but a multi-continental one, which possesses the resources of the world, and controls the narrative for several billion people who have been programmed for generations to accept government as their god- and we are now living at the culmination of those activities, when TPTB have learned to exploit the characteristics, tendencies, foibles and weaknesses of humans in order to get them to do what they want them to do and to act against their own best interests.

            Humanly speaking, there is no fighting this. More and better men than us couldn’t do it 100 or 75 years ago when it was in it’s infancy- we certainly can’t now, when it has matured. We’re lucky if we can find a quiet corner afar off from which to watch the carnage and not be a victim.

            We have had ample warning, seeing the way things have been going for decades- and not being able to fight it even then. Now things are quickly ramping-up…and once this “domestic terrorism’ bill is instituted the real persecution is going to begin.

            The odds of changing the course of things or fighting it, are zero. This is no time for false hope. Figure out what you are going to do; make a plan, and do it- becaiuse we are going to lose all options to do so very shortly.

            The pre-Castro Cubans and pre-Hitler Germans thought they could fight it, or endure it. Those who realisatically assessed things left while they could. Those who waited a little longer for reality to hit fled in the night and dodged literal bullets…and only some made it. Those who persisted in unreality ended up in an ashtray or helped send others there.

            Time is running out, my friend- and we are not getting any closer to peace and liberty- but rather, further and further from it. It is not just a matter of changing people’s minds and attitudes- even if we had the vast power to do so- because most people today are beyong redemption; they are simply dysfunctional; they do not even know nor care what liberty is; they have been relieved of their own culture, religion, values, traditions, even genders…and they don’t even care!

            • So we are screwed and glued, effectively. But as you point out, it’s global now. Where can we even turn to – Russia? Mexico? Belarus? Indonesia? Algeria? What kind of choices are these? Like you, many of us have aging parents who aren’t going anywhere. And there’s no Mayflower at the dock.

              • Global but omnipresent. Just as it is now in the US, there are some countries that are better than others and some regions that vary in each country.

                My choice is South America when I can get there, the BC remote coast if stuck in my home country, Vietnam or Sri-Lanka depending on which long not seen but still regularly in touch friend will let me stay while establishing my own place there.

                Everybody has different needs and wants. What is right for me and mine might be ABSOLUTELY the wrong choice for another. You have to do your own context relative research and make your own decisions. The best anyone else here can do is suggest options and critique your choices.

                If doing anything is prevented by your current situation, only you can sort that out, or not.

                • I’ll watch that…but sheesh- that must be for some pretty fancy living! I live HERE on less! (Make about that, but save a good deal of it).

                  • He covers that.

                    This guy normally services very rich people. This is just his ‘for you poorer folk’ public service. 🙂

                    Much of his wisdom is still applicable, rich or not.

                    • Interesting and informative vids. The guy has a realistic outlook on many things.
                      What is it with everyone always wanting to be around cities though?!

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      People who want to be in cities like the “action” – the bustle, the proliferation of shops and so on. It’s just their preference. You and I have lived in both worlds so understand that it’s just different strokes for different folks.

                    • Normal people like cities.

                      I do too, just not too close. Less than an hours drive to the first traffic light is too close.

                    • Hi Anon,

                      I was born in Manhattan and grew up just outside DC, in Northern Va. Cities had a lot to offer, once. A variety of good restaurants, historic/cultural attractions, the bustle of activity. It’s all gone now. Cities are just urban hives where there’s little to do except do as you are told, while paying through the nose for the privilege.

                    • Thing is too, cities naturally breed liberalism, because life in them is totally artificial, and one is completely dependent upon the artificial infrastructure and government for virtually everything- just hand over your money and let someone else handle everything- you’re just a worker-drone in the giant hive.
                      Long ago, when it was still possible for some semblance of natural life to still exist in cities (My grandpa was still keeping chickens in Queens in the 50’s…) it wasn’t as bad- but people who can’t be independent and self-sufficient are the most easily manipulated, especially in large divergent groups….and the pols in the intervening years have taken every advantage of that fact.

                    • Heh, Eric- I well remember the NYC of the late 70’s….. As a teen at the time, it was an AWESOME place to wander and explore- and the thing is, before the culture went liberal-snowflake, one was just as likely to find an Archie Bunker in the city as they were to find a lezbo SJW.
                      People rag on NYC of the 70’s as being “terrible”, but it was actually great- It was probably about as close to being free as NYC had ever been….and there were still lots of vestiges of times past still remaining, as well as a still-functional traditional culture. What a time!
                      It changed almost overnight though. 1981 was still ‘normal’- by ’86 it was hell.
                      One thing I appreciated about big cities like NY, was the anonymity one could have. You’re just a nameless face in the crowd, and no one notices you. I loved it! Today, it’s different- it’s more like alienation- no one cares, but everyone’s watching/spying, and there is little anonymity- if you appear to differ from the accepted politically-correct norm, you are instantly singled-out.

                    • The problem I have today is ALL cities look the same. There are some differences of course, but for the most part they all have the same chain stores and restaurants, similar glass boxes, the obligatory ‘nature’ park.

                      Traveling in my twenties, state to state or province to province, there was a noticeable difference in style and culture. Now? Everyone and everything is basically the same. It is a homogenized world, grey and uninspired.

                      But that is normal. Normal is the majority. We are the weirdos. Happy to be so.

                    • Sad thing is, that’s no longer just the case with cities- it’s true of even small towns now.

                      It used to be interesting to go somewhere- ya never know what ya’d see. Now everywhere looks identically the same.

                      Small town: Downtown: Some old spruced-up buildings, and a few shops and restaiurants that don’t make money. Maybe an old theater or museum or something, which has been restored at taxpayer expense and great cost, and which can not even generate enough income to cover it’s expenses.

                      A four land road outside of the “old town” which is just a sea of parking lots and chain restaurants and box stores.

                      You’ve seen one…you’ve seen them all.

                      The major feature of most cities these days seems to be the orange traffic barricades in place around the perpetual road work, and the crumbling infrastructure (Which replaced the old infrastructure, which was 100 years old, and would’ve lasted anotherr 100 years, because it was over-built with quality contstruction…but given no maintenance for the last 40 years of it’s existence. The “new” unfrastructure which replaced it only lasts about 20 or 30 years IF it is well-maintained…which it usually ins’t…so it dies even faster).

                      Cities are ugly. At least there used to be beautiful architecture…biut most ofd that has been torn down and replaced with disgusting square boxes with no character. And the streets are chock full of cars, to the point where it seems that making a suitable environment for cars was the foremost thing on the minds of those who planned these cities. I don’t blame many big-city dwellers for being anti-car…because cars foul the landscape everywhere one looks in these cities.

              • BAC,
                Like Anon says…different conditions in different places. We tend to view things as if everything works the same way everywhere else as it does here- but it doesn’t.

                Here in the first-world, they have spend the last 75 years or so building a surveillance and enforcement infrastructure which now permeates every little corner.

                It is not so in many other places, especially in the third-world/remote places- where they have never had the wealth nor stability to put such an infrastructure in place- so the tyranny is generally limited to cities and larger towns- and even there often, it is very selective- where they might rigorously enforce one or two precepts (and even then, it can be very selective…and often thwarted with a small bribe) but NOT the 1500 precepts that we would be subject to here.

                Even though many of the Asian and S. American countries are largely socialist in name…they still don’t presume to regulate every aspect of life as tightly nor interfere on a personal level in their citizens lives like our governments do.

                So say, even if you wanted to live in a more populous area with familiar amenities instead of the remote sticks where they don’t even bother- they’re gonna tax you, but no more- and really, actually less than they do here- and they’re not going to dictate who must be permitted in the women’s room, or what pronouns you must use, or in many cases even demand that you or even your kids must wear a seat belt!

                There’s no Libertarian paradise…but you can find almost anything you want somewhere in this world, and in a place which will at least be a good deal freer and much more peaceful than here.

                Yeah, I know the elderly parent thing…that’s the only reason I’m still here. I’m willing to pay the ultimate price, because I am unwilling to walk away from what is my one inescapable responsibility- so be it- but to any who can leave, and don’t…..they are needlessly wasting their lives- both in terms of quality of life now, and in the prospect of even being able to continue living….or to continue living free.

                • Yeah, I wish I could’ve gotten my mother to agree to leave here 20 years ago, when she was 76 and still quite strong, when we moved here. We would’ve been all set now. Better to just make a major move once. But thank goodness, it’s been a good 20 years here; would’ve been 20 years of hell if we had stayed in NY.

                  Where one lives makes ALL the difference.

        • I just learned yesterday that my best friend has taken the jab! -Or should I say ‘former best friend’? Don’t get me wrong- this guy does lots of things I wouldn’t approve of, and it doesn’t bother me. We are pretty much opposites in many ways- He’s not a Libertarian; he’s not terribly responsible; we’re at opposite ends of the intelligence scale; he’s a masker; I’m fit, he’s up to nearly 400 lbs(!!!)- but I’ve known the guy since 1988, and we could always enjoy each others company when we lived near each other…..but I just can’t view him the same now…..

          • He’s probably just scared, man. He probably figures he’ll have better luck with the jab than with the virus at 400LBS.
            I, personally, won’t disavow any of my friends if they wish to diaper or take the holy jab. Their choice. Hostility usually flows in the other direction. As long as they don’t try forcing anything on me…
            Of course, it’s easier to be around someone who is like minded, doubtless.

            • Yeah, I agree, BaDnOn. Not that I’m disavowing him- but it’s like when you’re friends with someone with whom you really don’t have much in common to begin with, and then they keep adding to the list, at some point, there’s just nothing left.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              The sight of the Diaper is unsettling to me – like a wet brown stain on the rear of someone’s pants. But, like you, I am cool with anyone who feels the need to dress and act like a hypochondriac to do so, if they wish to. However, I also find that people who feel the need to Diaper expect you to Diaper and regard you with not-so-thinly-veiled contempt if you don’t.

              Diapering neatly divides the pathological – and tyrannical – from the sane and reasonable.

              • Nunzio and Eric,

                I hear you. Luckily, I don’t really know anyone who is militantly pro-Rag.
                So, the CEO of the company for whom I work recently proclaimed that he and his family had COVID, and it “sucks”. They seem to all be fine, now, however. The strange part was that the sickness “changed his mind” regarding the vaccine, and NOW will be receiving the jab, ASAP. The man is a multi-millionaire, and he doesn’t understand immunity? Why jab AFTER having the illness? Just completely perplexing to me.

                • Hi BaDnOn,

                  It’s weird – the whole thing. But then, so is hypochondria. The problem is, half or more of the country now has that disease – and it is a dangerous one that reduces the sufferer to a cringing, fearful wreck.

      • Only about 10% of the colonial population were in support of the secession from England. Though most are now currently all in for the male bovine fecal matter we are fed, such may change as things get progressively worse for the average person. No revolution was ever started by fat people. The Psychopaths In Charge are most definitely guiding us into a weight loss program. Hungry people don’t just sit on their hands and take it. Hunger is by far the most motivating factor there is. Outstripping thirst a bit, and far outstripping sex. “Let them eat cake” is not a viable political response. It’s been tried before. What will people do when their $600 or $1400 or $2000 dollar “cake” won’t feed them for a month? We are likely to see.

        • Thing is, John, fighting a hostile foreign enemy is a completely different ballgame. Even if we accept that 10% number, the thing is, most of the 90% were not actively controlled by/working for the opposition- they were just apathetic. By contrast, today, the enemy is already stationed in every city, town and burg, and the 90% are working for him and or philosophically aligned with him or dependent upon him, and they are thus as much as our enemies, for they will actively defend their champion and god.
          When the food becomes scarce, they will simply look to their god for manna- only their god is the Devil, who steals the manna from those who produce it as it labels them “selfish hoarders”- giving the 90% even more incentive to repel us, who it sees as the enemy, as opposed to the real enemy.

          Heck, if we comprised 10% maybe we would have a chance…but we don’t even comprise 0.10%… and the bigger more mainstream groups not only FAR outnumber us, but can easily join forces with each other- and, in conjunction with being aligned with the state….well….we know how that’d go. If we could have done anything, why didn’t we already do it?

          • 0.1% could bring the country to its knees in a week if coordinated properly. Knock out a few key infrastructure points in every state the same day and the masses would starve/die of thirst/kill each other/ die from cholera…….. within weeks.

            But then what?

            If history is a guide, some even more totalitarian ahole strongman takes over.

            Even if the Deep State would negotiate, would you trust them to play by the agreement?

            There are few options now. Flee (most freedom), stay and play their game (slave), burn everything to the ground and start over (barbarian).

            • Exactly, Anon!
              Not that .1% could do anything- for the other 99.9% are not neutral or apathetic. So what of the 10% who support Bernie Sanders, or the near 50% who support Biden, etc. etc.

              But like you said…even if we could- in so doing we would become the very thing we oppose. We would be doing the very same thing our enemies practice and for which we abhor them.

              Our forefathers were not so foolish as to think they could reform England. They left. When one is a minority in a society where the majority os pf a totally mindset, and that mindset has been instilled and is expanded daily by powers which possess vast wealth and power, the only option is physical separation.

              No one would be so foolish as to think that a handful of dissenters could reform North Korea…until and if it wanted to be reformed.

              It’s like when I left NY. People would say “Why are you running? You can’t get away from it. Why not fight for what you want?”. Well, I could have stayed there and spent my time and money “fighting” little battles…and ultimately, where would I be today if I had? Would I be more free? HAHAhahaha! I would have wasted my time, and lost significantly!

              By contrast, by moving to a freer place, even though still far from perfect, and still under many of the same machinations of government…..I have managed to significantly INCREASE my freedom to a level ZI had heretofore never experienced before- with the added bonus that my quality of life has improved significantly, as has my personal wealth, and overall enjoyment and satisfaction in life.
              Before leaving NY, I thought my best yuears were already behind me. By leaving, I have essentially bought 20 years (and counting) of “best years”- and when I leave the country, I suspect that it will be similar.
              I’ll tell ya, it sure beats fighting a losing battle; beats dying; and beats cringing every day at the garbage all around you. We only pass this way once- time is fleeting, life is short- maximize time and enjoy every moment. There is no reason to live in misery, and cringe and complain every day when there are perfectly good alternatives. I knew from the git-go that KY would not be perfect…but sure has seemed it compared to the NY I knew…and the more so compared to current NY!
              These guys can stay and “fight” andf play armchair quarterback if they want- in reality, they will do nothing, other than watch life crumble around them. Me? I want to use my time wisely, and make good use of whatever time I have on this earth, ’cause life is too short to try and save a society which does not want to be saved, nor even thinks it’s needs saving.

              • “These guys can stay and “fight” andf play armchair quarterback if they want- in reality, they will do nothing, other than watch life crumble around them.”

                That is a bit harsh, or at least over generalizes. I know many folks who have passionately fought for causes, protested, marched, written letters…… And will keep fighting, probably physically and mortally in the end. They simply will not consider leaving. They would rather die than run. I think they are nuts but that is none of my business.

                Almost all of them are statist, obedient, maskers though. Their specific cause matters but overall principals of liberty don’t. If the state is not opposing them or their cause, they support it ‘serving and protecting’ them by getting those bad people who think differently or make them uncomfortable. Gag.

              • “But like you said…even if we could- in so doing we would become the very thing we oppose. We would be doing the very same thing our enemies practice and for which we abhor them.”

                This is the problem in a nutshell.
                This is the problem that arises when trying to defeat Wetiko.

                I too left NY. Best decision I’ve ever made.
                Never been happier.

        • Hi John,

          People will try to do something, but much like the lottery and Vegas, the oligarchy always wins. It will be futile. Several Reddit users tried taking on Wall Street this week. They saw the hedge fund managers shorting stocks such as BlackBerry, AMC Entertainment, and GameStop (stocks these said hedge funds didn’t even own). They beat Wall Street at their own game and what happened:

          1. A phone call to Yellen (who was paid $800K) by said hedge fund that lost their ass trying to cover their stops
          2. A call from the White House to the investment companies this morning to cease buying on these stocks that poor billion dollar hedge fund firm lost on.
          3. A shutdown by such trading companies such as RobinHood (from this day forth should be renamed the Sheriff of Nottingham) and TD Ameritrade where the only thing you could do with the stocks above is to sell them (purchasing was out of the question)
          4. A review by the SEC to now go after the little man for daring to change the system that is so rigged against them.

          You know people in Hell have ice water when Ted Cruz, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Don Jr, and Elon Musk all on the same page.

          The system is rigged, but it isn’t rigged just here in the USSA, but everywhere. There is no escaping. People will fight (a few will at least), but they will lose, because that is how the game is played.

          It doesn’t matter that you are starving, it doesn’t matter how much ammo or guns or pitchforks you own, it doesn’t matter if you have a job or don’t. The end game is always the same. The House always wins.

          • Good stuff, RG!

            Speaking of people starving….the Soviets used starvation to further their agenda; it didn’t hinder it. When people are starving and Uncle controls the food and the money…gbuess who the people cozy-up to, even though that same one is the one who brought the starvation upon them in the first place, right?

            Do those who think that suddenly people will come to their senses if they start to go hungry not realize that the very ones who are going to make them hungry have also thought of that, and that maybe they are doing so because they know that it is the ultimate form of control; and that said starving people will be used for THEIR purposes, not ours?

            • Hi Nunz,

              Wasn’t it Stalin who plucked a live chicken causing it great pain and this same chicken came back to Stalin once he had food in his hand?

              Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is one of my favorite movies (it places 3rd after Tombstone and Die Hard), but other than being able to see Kevin Costner’s butt, it projects a very astute psychological evaluation of people.

              The Sheriff of Nottingham burned the peasants homes, taxed them to the hilt, and killed many of the husbands and sons….what did the people do (before Robin Hood came along)? They accepted it. Why? Because he then gave them bread and threw a few pennies to them at Sunday services. The global world is no different. Throw a few coins and some stale bread and the masses will be bowing down and mowing over others to kiss Satan’s ring.

              People can be reigned on fear or loyalty. Loyalty is hard to come by, but fear is very easy to contrive. We have seen how easy it is to turn people against each other (friends on friends, neighbors against neighbors, brothers vs. sisters).

              We have shown how a few are willing to fight and take a chance against the system fail time and time again. They don’t have adequate support of their peers. People talk constantly about putting up a good fight, but very few are willing to pick up the sword.

          • Morning, RG!

            I personally want nothing to do with the stock market, which – as you say – is a rigged game and (more to the point) something opaque to ordinary people, layered with obscure rules and procedures and thus easy to game. It is a casino, basically – and unless you’re on the inside, it’s a losing bet. I think the average person is better advised to live below their means, buy property they control and never have anything to do with the greasy shysterism that is the “stock market.”

            You will probably not get rich this way – but you are much less likely to go broke!

      • you’re supposed to be giving up on extroverted sanity and bugging out, but your unsolicited adviser is still hanging around to apply toxic social pressure to you. why hasn’t the adviser given up and bugged off? why do these cynics have so much free time to harangue the advocates of sanity?

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

        i’d hypothesize that you are making a difference that certain interests aren’t appreciating, and that’s a good thing.

        • Amen, Old Hickory –

          History is made by minorities, for good and ill. We still have a lot of freedom to act in this country and I won’t give up until we don’t.

          • Eric, I so admire your courage and backbone. I can’t begin to count the number of times in my working career that I had co-workers make logical well reasoned arguments that some project or task was a waste of time, would never work or would even be counter productive. They were real good at talking, but not so good at doing. I viewed them as lazy bastards making excuses for shirking their responsibilities and went about my business proving them wrong time after time, happy to not have them in my way.

            The easiest and surest way to fail is to do nothing or the least possible to get by. To convince yourself that it’s the best course of action is criminal stupidity.

            • Thanks, Hank!

              I don’t think I’m brave – just tired and “had enough.” I was willing to accept the government stealing a certain portion of my income; the various obnoxious laws that lack both moral and constitutional foundation. But on balance, it was worth it to deal with it all because one could live a tolerably free and enjoyable life. But this new religion threatens to take away every last jot of joy and liberty from us and cannot be abided. One cannot even have a cup of coffee anymore without having to deal with the most grotesque impositions, both actual and psychological.

              I will exert every ability I have to the fullest to fight it and – come what may – I won’t bend to it.

              • I’m with you. the stakes are far too high to just sit by and spectate. There is no one, and I mean no one who doesn’t have skin in this game. I understand that there are some people who find security in slavery and need a nanny to direct their lives, but for the rest of us there is no excuse to not be exhausting every effort we can muster to push back against this tyranny. The nattering nabobs of negativity need to stop their naysaying and either put their shoulder to the plow and help out in some way or get out of the way and join with the borg.

          • Eric, we’re not even a minority- we couldn’t even assemble enough of ourselves in a given location to have a good game of Steasl The Old Man’s Pack. We’re just a handful of scattered individuals. And it really couldn’t be otherwise, ’cause when Libertarians try and organize, we end up with The Libertarian Party….and they certainly aren’t going to achieve anything, though their numbers dwarf our ranks.

            • Libertarians have always been too fractured to organize.

              Frankly, I don’t care to be associated with other libertarians. Look how many that are either supportive or nonchalant of the very things that are destroying civilization (corporate censorship/social control, scientism, LBGTQXYZ, feminism, anti-white social justice, Third World immigration, etc.).

              • Morning, Handler!

                I try to advocate a practical libertarianism – by which I mean I’d love to live in a perfectly libertarian society but understand that we won’t get there by insisting on it. This is why I supported Trump when he did things – or didn’t do them – in support of liberty, which is another way of saying libertarian. I also recognize that the Left is the enemy of anyone who is even moderately libertarian or for that matter, capable of rational thought. Leftism is a disease of the mind and soul and it requires treatment.

            • Morning, Nunz!

              Yes – but it doesn’t mean the ideas we esteem will always by in the minority. The fact is, libertarian ideas are much more openly discussed – even in the “mainstream” – than they were when we were young. This is not to say libertarian ideas are even close to being generally accepted – but they are closer. And the day will come when enough people do accept them to make all the difference. This is at least possible and therefore, it is worth working for.

              At least, it is to me!

              • Hi Ya Eric!

                I agree with ya 100% there- but the thing is, the things affecting us are here now and will be getting much worse within months to a few years. It wouldn’t surprise me if this country and Western society as we know it ceased to exist within 10 years. We’ve run out of time. And while it is true that Libertarian ideas have become a tad more popular, one must also remember that socialist and other tyrannical philosophies have grown exponentially.

                At this point, I think it’s propitious that we just worry about the very immediate future, and about positioning/saving ourselves.

                When you’re in the burning building, it’s not the time to try and educate about fire safety…it’s time to make your way to a window.

                • The US will be here in ten years. Everything that is happening now needed to occur to show people how rigged the system is. Personally, I think it will result in more of a Great Awakening, rather than absolute destruction.

                  The US has boomeranged back many times. This country has always been ruled by an oligarchy, it was just not as prevalent, as it is now. For the past 200+ years deals were made behind closed doors with a pat on the back and a handshake. The American citizenry did not have a 24/7 news cycle that had a camera on every second of the day.

                  I believe we are in the midst of a Fourth Turning. The next few years will be a struggle, but the public will open their eyes because they have no choice.

                  Biden’s Presidency will be a failure, so will Harris’s (after he resigns this June), the millennials are now screaming for a free market (at least when it comes to their stocks and money), fuel prices and food will be high, and inflation will take over. It is going to be a rough four years.

                  By 2025, I see more Americans taking control and deciding the best education for their children, I see people relying less off the government teat (since she is constantly anemic and always out of milk) and taking more control over their own destinies (raising their own food, becoming more mechanically inclined, and the family structure slowly being reintroduced back into society). The mass exodus out of the cities will still occur and people will decrease the usage of social media (because let’s be honest most of it is just pure BS anyway). We are going into a simpler time where communities will be making the decisions and Congress will be much like the British monarchy (pretty to look at, but accomplishes nothing).

                  I expect 2025 to be a very good year.

                  • RG, it’s different now; The whole fabric of society has been altered. Most people can no longer function apart from the gov’t-technological infrastructure. We are in uncharted territory.
                    All of the “deplorables” around me are getting in line to be neutralized already, lining up for the forthcoming new farm subsidies; entitlement programs, etc.
                    What is happening has been long-planned, and operating in the shadows for several generations…

                    • Nunz,

                      People have always lined up for cash (especially when they think it is free). Was it any different with the initiation of the Social Security or Medicare systems or god forbid, Obamacare?

                      We are in a cycle (a cycle of weakness), but still a cycle. The American public are slowly starting to rub the sleep from their eyes. Others are still passed out with the blankets over their head, but they will rouse, as well, may take another year or two.

                      I expect once the fraud Fauci tells everyone to hop on one foot, rub your tummy, and pat your head to stop Covid the rest may wake from their comas.

                      The government isn’t going to save us. Not everyone has come to this conclusion yet. They will, because they will have no other recourse.

                    • RG, you are making the mistake of thinking that we are dealing with rational people- which is no longer the case.
                      We are dealing with cult members- only now the members of the cult are the mainstream.
                      Just like Jim Jones’s followers didn’t come to their senses at Jonestown; They drank the Kool-aid, because they had been brainwashed, manipulated, conditioned and indoctrinated on an emotional and religious level. This is why literal cult members have to be “deprogrammed”, because mere logic and sense and appeal to justice, morality and self-interest does not overcome what they have been emotionally indoctrinated with.
                      Just open your eyes and look around us! Everyone’s wearing these masks! Everyone’s lining up to be groped at airports; everyone narcs on their every financial transaction. TPTB have changed people’s view of homosexuality and perversion 180* in the space of ONE generation. Think about that; about what it says, that their system is so pervasive that it can change the moral views of a large society in the space of oNE generation.
                      And have you noticed? People around us are getting dumber by the day! I had someone try to tell me today that the shadow side of a building could have been in the sun if only the building had been built 10 feet over, where I was standing, just outside the sahdow cast by the building!
                      I thought they were kidding and started to laugh…until I saw their expression- and then I had to say “Oh, you’re serious.”. Worst part was, when I tried to explain (Simple enough, by using the example of my truck, which was 10′ away and oriented in the same direction as the building, and thus casting a shadow on the same north-facing side) they said “I don’t need a sermon” and turned and walked away!
                      These people will stop breathing if told to do so; they practically have already, by wearing those masks.
                      In order for anything positive to occur, we’d first have to bring these people back to reason and sanity, and properly educate them- THEN maybe we could worry about them being allies in seeking to advance their own interests by pursuing liberty.
                      Did the Germans wake up? Did the Chinese wake up? Are the Venezuelans closer or further from liberty today?
                      I hope you’re not holding your breath waiting for that awakening!

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      One thing I dig about your estimation of the situation is that it makes me feel like an optimist! I used to think I was cynical…:) Now, I agree the situation is extremely serious. I disagree that it is hopeless – because so long as there is life, there is hope. Try to imagine what it must have been like to have been alive in Stalin’s Soviet Union; that must have felt pretty hopeless. And yet, Stalinism didn’t last forever. In many ways, Russia today is more free for the individual than America is now. Things can – they do – change.

                      And sometimes, for the better.

                    • Nunz,

                      I am awake. You just prefer to see a glass half empty. I prefer seeing it half full.

                      If the majority of people on this forum can see the lies that government is telling us, why is it impossible for most Americans to accept reality?

                      We are one month in the New Year and real life has been unkind for those that place their heads in the sand.

                      1. Wall Street has shown us that capitalism doesn’t really exist.

                      2. The Biden Administration has already thrown up their hands on Covid after promising people that they would do something over the last 9 months.

                      3. Trump’s own followers are turning against him, willing to testify at his impeachment.

                      4. Most Republicans have left the party in disgust and people like Lynne Cheney will lose their seat during the 2022 midterms.

                      5. Cuomo has been declared a liar and even his own media are hanging him out to dry.

                      6. Schools in Chicago refuse to reopen. There is a lot less indoctrination going on when all of the camps are closed.

                      I am just waiting for gas to go up to $4 a gallon and electric bills to increase by 33% as the final stake in the heart of each American that believes their government can save them.

                      Do you believe that the people of Germany, Russia, and Venezuela are still wearing rose colored glasses? I don’t. I believe they see how corrupt their government is and choose to work around it. Americans will do the same.

                    • Morning, RG!

                      I think when gas (and utility) prices go up significantly there will be a great deal less enthusiasm for “green” politics. Gas prices will hit those outside the cities hardest but utility prices will affect everyone; and of course, rising food prices will attend both. Coronamonomania could be indulged while it rode on the fumes of Trump’s economy but that’s dissipating – and $1,400 “stimulus” checks once a year aren’t going to prevent people from feeling the bite of their own politics, soon.

                    • RG, if you think that we few here are representative of the population at-large, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

                      You are essentially like those who were waiting for the military to rush in an arrest Biden any minute…….

                      The remaining slivers of our liberties are vanishing by the day- what is anyone doing about it, other than complaining?

                    • Heh, yeah, Eric! The last time gas went up to $5/gal in CA. and $4 everywhere else, everyone became conservatives and Libertarians!

                      [Sorry…couldn’t resist! 😀 ]

                    • Hey Eric!
                      I’m a realist. I think of Soviet Russia often…gee, look, the communism only lasted 70 years…and really only ended because it’s progenitors realized that they needed a viable economy.
                      This is really no different than saying “Trump is playing 3D chess, and is going to do something any day”.
                      Yes, sooner or later, this will come crumbling down. Do you want to just sit aroubd and wait for something that may not come in your lifetime- and even if it does, there’s no guarantee that you will not be a victim first, or that what comes will not be even worse than what it replaces?
                      Me/ I want to continue to enjoy a good standard of living, and live freely, without having to fight external things every day, and without having to expend more energy fighting the machinations of government than doing productive things.
                      We could debate the more distant future….but where we are headed for the next 10-20 years at least, is indisputable. I have no interst in throwing those years away- and I would suggest that anyone who feels the same take steps quickly to position themselves.
                      I’m quite surprised that we’re having this conversation among Libertarians….but I think that the fact that we are is proof enough that no one is going to somehow save us, when WE can’t even agree on the realities of the situation.

                    • “You are essentially like those who were waiting for the military to rush in an arrest Biden any minute…….”

                      WTH, does that mean, Nunz and honestly, how does it pertain to the discussion?

                      What liberties? You have insinuated many times we lost those a generation or so ago.

                      An honest question, Nunz:

                      What do any of us do to save the Republic?

                      Is the Republic even worth saving?

                      What steps should we be taking?
                      Prepping, done.
                      Growing our food, done.
                      Avoiding social media, done.
                      Avoiding people in general, done.
                      Not wearing a mask, done.
                      Buying silver and gold, done.
                      Paying off debt, done.
                      Using the tax code to decrease tax liability, done.

                      What are we missing?

                    • Steadfastly refusing to leave? Done. (it seems)

                      All your preps are good. But what if that is not enough?

                      Have you even considered moving out of country seriously? In general, it seems that is just not on the list for almost everyone. Unacceptable and thus never explored fairly, only for the rationalizations to support the ‘why not to go’ column.

                      Me, I like to have a couple of backup plans for my backup plan. It can get worse than you though it would. “oh shit!, I didn’t think of that” does happen.

                    • Hi Anon,

                      The topic of leaving has been recurrent here; the nut of the hesitation on my part – and the part of other here, I think – is that there isn’t really anywhere one can go that’s appreciably better. Even leaving is difficult – because of the massive tax hit one can expect to be hit with. Which would be worth accepting, perhaps, if one could lead a freer life elsewhere. I’m unaware of any place one can go where this is realistic – and then there is the very real problem of earning a living in a foreign country where you are an alien and probably would have to start over, a not-appealing prospect if you’re too old to start over but not old enough to retire.

                      50 years ago, a person who came to America from practically anywhere else could expect to live a much more free and prosperous life. Today? Relocating seems to be not much more than changing views.

                    • My point exactly, RG. We can not saave the republic, and no, it is not worth saving at this point.
                      The point is, what do WE do individually? Growing a garden and refusing to mask-up are good things, but they will achieve nothing to stop the forces of tyranny and societal destructiveness.
                      If we want to remain free, we must escape the jurisdictions of the tyrants- it is that simple.
                      We are to the point where our very ability to speak freely, travel, conduct commerce, assemble, decide our own medical care, etc. are now on the brink of extinction.
                      One either accepts that life which is being thrust upon us…or one extricates themself from being subject to it. Those are the only choices. If you think that there is any other choice, a mere trip to thje supermarket where every single person is in lock-step wearing a mask, should dispel you of any false hope.

                    • Amen, Eric.

                      Not to mention that many countries today refuse to allow foreigners in due to the pandemic.

                      Most passports and Visas are only good from 7-90 days depending on the country and you have to know someone who knows someone to be able to make your way through any type of residency.

                      One leaves their family, friends, employment, guns, home….to do what? Learn a new foreign culture and a foreign language? Is that country any freer? What does do about food and housing? Most countries hate Americans and have no desire to have one move among them.

                      Cowards turn tail and run, fighters stay and resist.

                    • eric “Which would be worth accepting, perhaps, if one could lead a freer life elsewhere. I’m unaware of any place one can go where this is realistic”

                      Have you put real effort into fining somewhere else or are you just making the assumption? Not trying to be rude, it is not really my concern, but ask yourself and answer (yourself) honestly.

                      What others do is none of my business. Just pushing others to think about how they think, and why. Question your comfortable conclusions or you risk being guided by preference, not reality.

                    • Hi Anon,

                      Yeah, some. I have a friend (Fred Reed) who expat’d to Mexico. Pros and cons. He’s basically retired, so more doable for him. I looked into Argentina as it has some ethnic German communities (suits me better; I have passable basic German and the culture is my speed). But the problem arises of how to make a living and – I admit it – I’m not very interested in starting a new career in mid-life. I enjoy what I do and want to be able to continue doing it for many years to come.

                    • “Relocating seems to be not much more than changing views.”

                      That’s been the idea. One world, one culture, one company town.

                    • Jose: “I know sahm-juan who moved to America. Terrible place where people have to be rich just to live in LEETUL apartment. Joo see police everywhere joo go. No juan espeaka de Englis. Joo have to peek up joo dog’s doo-doo’s when joo walk him! An’ berry, berry crowded ewerywhere joo go!

                      Hose B: “I know guy who moved to America! Joo wrong! Wonnerful place, where people have mucho land, and is beautiful. More cowes than people. Never see gringo police!”

                      Jose: “Where your friend move?”

                      Hose B: “Wyomink. Where jour friend move?”

                      Jose: “Brewkuhlyn [Brooklyn]”.

                      Same deal with Mexico or anywhere else. “Gringos” tend to go to the big cities or resort areas…. People tend to try and replicate what they have departed from. (This is why I have yet to find a decent expat website…they’re always about the cities!]

                  • RG, hopefully your predictions will come true! Perhaps part of this “Great Awakening” that you and I (and likely most everyone on this forum) hope comes about is the realization that Government is NOT the “solution” to just about every one of our daily challenges in life. Indeed, very often, it makes the perceived “problems” far WORSE, and creates MORE problems by its tyranny. We must all become more self-reliant but also able to form PRIVATE community bonds, be they via our respective faiths, interests, or just being neighbors, that are based on the time-honored principles of free, voluntary, and equitable exchanges. Being ever more self-reliant, especially in growing one’s own food, also will tend to insulate from the vagaries of “Big” Whatever, being it the Federal Government, Big Tech, Big Oil, Big Food, Big Pharama, and so on. Unless the PTB repeat what “Uncle Joe” Stalin did ca. 1931, sending the Cossacks into the Ukraine to take the crops of the Kulaks, haul off their able-bodied men for forced labor, SHOOT all resisters, and leave the helpless women, children, and aged to starve.

                    • Hi Douglas,

                      Hope you are doing well. 🙂

                      I talk to more and more people who are choosing a more sustainable existence. My mother, sisters, and I have all started gardens. This Spring’s will be even bigger than last Spring’s. We all grow different items and then we share them among ourselves. My mother is the canning Queen.

                      My birthday is approaching and hubby asked me what I wanted, my reply, “a greenhouse”. It is going to set us back $3K, but well worth it. This is the first winter where I am trying to wean myself off of the large grocery chains. The lack of fresh fruits and vegetables is the hardest part. I would like to be able to have fresh tomatoes, lettuce, berries, maybe even a few lemon trees throughout the year.

                      A few of my local clients have started small farms with fruit trees, bees, chicken coops, and a few goats for milk. Others are moving further west in the state to allow them access to bigger land parcels. Everybody has a prepper pantry started.

                      The year 2020 was a wake up call for many of us.

                      I don’t see this country going the way of Stalin (at least not under Biden or Harris). I do see a prelude to an increase in crime. When people are hungry they will steal. I am more concerned with a neighbor stealing my blueberries than China Joe knocking on my door and telling me I have to share.

                      Honestly, I see light at the end of the tunnel. It is just going to be long train ride. 😉

                    • “a greenhouse”. It is going to set us back $3K”


                      I built a 32′ x 12′ for about $300 Canadian. Still standing after 5 nasty snow dump winters.

                      If you want, I explain how I made it.

    • Joe does not want to do anything more than sniff little girls and eat pudding.

      What his handlers/operators/animatronic techs want……

  9. ‘the rise of the consumer advocate’s best friend, the ambulance-chasing shyster lawyer’ — EP

    Shysters naturally gravitate to the D party. Its characteristic tic is nominating lawyer candidates, who in turn populate entire cabinets with more lawyers like themselves (lookin’ at you, Barky).

    By no coincidence, both China Joe and Kamala are attorneys. But Kamala exhibits an especially admired marital deformity within the D party — the toxic two-lawyer couple. As in Bill and Hillary; Barack and Michelle; and now Kamala and Doug.

    Hell, even the disastrous Argentine peronists, the Kirchners — Cristina and the late Néstor — were a two-lawyer couple. Currently serving as VP, the exuberantly corrupt Cristina has ground down Argentina to near Zimbabwean levels of hunger, joblessness, bankruptcy and social collapse.

    Likewise, by hook or crook — and Kamala arguably is even more instinctively brutal than the curdled skank Hitlary — the Kamala and Doug power couple is angling for a full decade to impose their iron-fisted socialist Kamalot. Thus the senile figurehead China Joe needs to croak AFTER Jan 20, 2023, so that K can serve out a sub-two-year stub of Joe’s term, plus two more ‘elected’ ones of her own (‘Fire up the Dominions, comrades!’)

    Depraved sociopath Kamala will make the other Uncle Joe — Stalin, that is — look like a kindly old philanthrope by the time her bloody, punitive reign of terror is done. But it will be ‘all legal,’ according to her hand-picked DOJ torture lawyers.

    • JimH,

      The Dem controlled House has put forth its first bill of the year: HR1. To make a long story short, it’ll basically LEGALIZE all the fraud we saw this past November, plus add in the best that CA has to offer! Oh, and since the Dems control both ends of Pennsylvania Ave., you know it’ll get passed! I don’t know if the GOP will put up any fight in the Senate via the filibuster. IOW, if HR1 passes, we’ll never have a fair election again; we can look forward to one party rule…

  10. So Father Fauci agrees that two masks are better than one. This dude is behind the times folks. Here’s a news release from website Summit.News………..Wait for it now……….CNBC reports that “Researchers at Virginia Tech say Americans should now consider wearing THREE face masks in order to protect against the spread of Covid 19.” So, this is my new vocabulary term for the 2021 dictionary……It’ s called MASKURBATION….Defined as gaining sexual pleasure from fondling your face through the wearing of one or more masks….The greater number of masks worn, the more satisfying the release…

    • I’ll say it again. I am not a doctor, but, the only sure way to prevent ‘Rona from entering your body is to tightly seal a plastic bag over your head. No virus will penetrate, guaranteed.

      Cling film will work in a pinch.

      I am absolutely sure that if Fauci stated this, half the country would be dead by morning. The half that humanity really does not need.

      • HA!

        The three other websites I visit that allow comments each have several plastic bag or saran wrap comments. It seems to be trending.

        Needs to be put out there like the ice-bucket, tide-pods, spoon of cinnamon challenges we have seen in the past. Could really clean up the gene pool.

        Imagine a world where twitter, facebook, etc all die out because there entire user base wrapped their heads in plastic. Glorious!

  11. Great article again Eric. Growing up in the 90s I remember seeing the cars from the 70s and 80s every now and then and thinking how cool they were. Plus, I remember seeing kids in the beds of trucks rolling around the city. Family members would explain how “DaNgErOuS” it was!

    Slightly off topic. The mind control is real. When talking to another worker who hates the mask and doesn’t want to fly with it, and doesn’t want to take a vaccine, you can SEE where the programming kicks in when she said “Not that I’m anti-vaccine or nothing.” The self-censorship/self-erasure.

    I told her that I’m anti all the extra stuff they put in there. She didn’t know what I meant. I even had no idea of the excipients and adjuvants added to vaccines. And that’s another thing you’re not allowed to criticize. Well, straight from the horse’s ass itself, here’s the list:

    • So what? You’ll take the fake vaccine when the cost of not doing so becomes too high for you. Thats how force works. That’s how incrementalism works, slowly closing the trap until it is too late.

      The trap has been sprung. The only victory left is the victory over your own mind.

      Hemlock, any one?

  12. Smokers IMO brought it upon themselves. The vast majority of smokers are assholes when it comes to their smoking IME. I would be at a bar and I would find a spot away from smokers. Some smoker(s) would come over by me. I would move to another spot, rinse and repeat. I would play pinball or whatever and some smoker would hold their sig away from their body so the smoke went by me, not them. Outdoor events I find an isolated spot away from smokers guess what follows… The smoking bans have made things more pleasant.

    I did my best to co-exist with smokers but it was no co-existing. Even in my car with the windows up I would be driving along and some smoker would toss their smoldering sig butt out the window and it landed on the cowl of my car and the smoke then got sucked in by the blower fan. That happened two or three times. Never mind stop lights where they hold the damn things out the window so the smoke goes away from them and into my car so I have to roll up the windows.

    I get why people went to the government. Smokers just pushed and pushed too far. At one point just before the bans I was seriously considering making a small device that burned used motor oil in a controlled and smokey manner so when I encountered one of these smokers who wasn’t content to leave me be in a minimal smoke part of a bar or whatever I could light it up.

    I’m someone that never wanted to interfere with them, but so many didn’t have the decency to just make a reasonable effort not to annoy others and in fact seemed to go out of their way to do so.

    • In many places in your comment, you could replace smoker with “barefacer” or “anti-masker” and the Cloverism would be exactly the same. There oughta be a law! Kinda surprising knowing that your a regular around here.

    • Brent, it’s true but its mostly just inconsideration. I never met a smoker who wouldn’t move away.

      Funny story, there was on who insisted on smoking in my dorm’s common tv lounge when I first went off to college in the early 80’s. One evening I came back from an drinking and attempted wenching, got tired of it, and surreptitiously loaded his ashtray with about 40 grains of FFF black powder. Hilarity ensued- there was a burn spot in the carpet… We all had a good laugh, and he smoked outside afterwards.

      • By this point smokers should be drawing the parallels between the persecution they faced not so long ago and the force that govt is currently bringing upon people who similarly choose to make decisions about their own health. If anything they ought to be our allies.

    • Sorry, this should not be government’s job. If we had a true free market and if enough people did not want to deal with smokers then resturants or bars would have opened up that catered only to non-smokers. It would have been the private business’s choice—kind of like i’m told now when a private business demands i don a face diaper to enter their establishment.

      And funny how as a cigar smoker i have run into the exact opposite thing. I’m considerate enough to know to move away from the crowd and look for wind patterns so that my smoke blows away and not towards people. I’ve watch do gooders purposely walk over and position themselves so that my smoke now blows onto them so that they could act all self righteous about my smoking near them. These were the early day equivalents to the karens that will now cross 100 yards of open space outdoors to scream at you for not showing the proper genuflections to the sickness cult by wearing you face diaper when noone was around. I even had one come onto my property once to yell at me for sitting out with a buddy and enjoying a couple of cigars and beers. She even called those agw’s demanding i be shown the full extent of the law and made to see the error of my ways for “killing her.” Unfortunately for her she missed the video cameras that recorded the whole incident and she was cited for filing a false report.
      And i don’t live in an urban area where you are up your neighbor’s rear or the houses are close to the street. Houses have space and some land between them and the road.

    • smoking and the fake virus are NOT the same thing. Many people are allergic to cigarette smoke – including me – but not wearing a mask doesnt harm anyone. Smokings terrible and really gross. I do have a right to go to a restaurant or stay in a hotel without being subjected to it.

      • Ok. You say “the fake virus.” Replace that with “sickness” o respiratory illness. How ‘bout peanut allergies? I say picking your nose is “terrible and really gross.” Still think “there oughta be a law”?

    • There are an abundance of things people do that offend me, but I don’t propose making them stop by putting a gun to their heads. That would be a thing sane people don’t do. You have a right to be offended. You don’t have the right to pull a gun on the offender. Which is what a “law” is. Just because you aren’t holding the gun does not excuse you.

  13. You missed the biggest “might” of all, Eric; you MIGHT go shoot up a school, therefore no one can be trusted to own guns any more. “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets” — except in the hands of the cops. Once upon a time, cops carried .38 revolvers; now they ALL have access to AR-15s with 30-round mags.

    But not YOU, you child-like serf.

    It does not matter how many billions of rounds have been shot in complete safety by responsible citizens. it does not matter how many hundreds of millions of guns have been in private hands for centuries; it does not matter that guns have been in the hands of citizens since colonial times, and that they used those guns to found our nation.

    What matters is that some sixteen-year old kid from a single-mom household, who is certifiably nuts, who is strung out on Ritalin and God knows what other psychotropic drugs, MIGHT get a gun and kill somebody, therefore ALL the rest of us must be banned from having them. To keep us “SAFE.” Which, in fact, is the name of Il Duce Cuomo’s horrific, unconstitutional gun ban that is soon going to be nationwide.

    When you are disarmed and a gang of criminals breaks into your home to rape your wife, she’ll just have to call the cops. If they don’t get there in time… oh, well. They still get their pensions.

    The politicians, of course, always need to be surrounded by a phalanx of cops with guns. The keep THEM “safe.”

    • X,
      Stop me if you’ve heard this one… 😉

      I’ve often likened such things as vaccine requirements, and now, diaper mandates, to a requirement that everyone wear ballistic vests in public.
      Why? Because there MIGHT be a mass shooter, and someone who is too weak and frail to wear a ballistic vest MIGHT be killed as this psychopath fires willy-nilly into a crowd. Why did Grandma die?! Because you were TOO SELFISH to wear your ballistic vest! And those bullets went right through you and hit her!!

      The Batman Doctrine: “I’m not going to kill you, but I don’t have to save you.”

    • Nevermind the fact that the 16 year old prior to the 1980s would have been institutionalized for those psychotic behaviors. Its always the gun’s fault or gun owners fault because we won’t “compromise” on gun controls. Compromise meaning give us every we want and submit to pur control. Yet you never see any reports about the correlation of no more invol

    • Like “assault weapons,” the epithet “weapons of war” was whipped up to stigmatize and instill fear of modern civilian firearms. As if anyone is sending their infantry into battle with AR-15s or AKS-47s.

      • They sell Ammonia right beside the Chlorine in the grocery store. Diesel and N-fert at the Co-Op.

        If I decided to ‘go to war’, guns would only be for personal defense. The S&W.40 and the semi auto shotgun are adequate.

        You can kill a few with guns. The really scary people know chemistry and sociology.

        • Exactly true, Anon. How often do you see our military, these days, attacking an enemy with firearms? That would be pretty inefficient, wouldn’t it?
          This talk of banning “assault weapons” is all about placating the vacuous plebes.

    • X,

      WRT Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs is that they’re MIS-PRESCRIBED; they’re given to kids who don’t really NEED them! Of course it’ll mess ’em up. Even for someone who needs such medicines, both the type and dosage of the medicine must be correct in order for the person to be helped. But yeah, if someone who doesn’t need the medicine is force-fed it, then it’ll do damage.

    • There is no better indicator that tyranny is approaching than an attempt to disarm the populace. It’s the very first thing all tyrants have done throughout history. It’s remotely possible that lives might be saved if guns were outlawed. How much of a life of slavery worth saving? Without the right to be armed there is not a single depraved thing the state cannot do to you. Eldest daughter required to sexually service the local constabulary? Not a problem. Remove your vocal cords to keep you from complaining? Done deal. Confiscating all your property except what’s needed to generate more property to confiscate? I think we’re close if not already there.

      • Hi John,

        The “lives saved” argument is a non sequitur argument. The fact that a given law “saved” the life of X has no bearing on Y – whose life may be imperiled by not having a gun to save his life. Put another way, while it is certainly good that the life of X was “saved” – by whatever – it does not obviate the bad visited upon Y, who has as much right to the good as X does.

    • Actually you are missing the main point of the Second Amendment. It “ain’t” about school shooters or “safety”. The politicians (are supposed to) FEAR US, the citizenry, as there are many more of us than them. The politicians have gotten lazy, but swollen with their own self-importance, thinking that they can rule over us with draconian laws against firearms. It is their FEAR OF US that is driving their push for disarmament.
      For those who think that revolutions cannot be won against an entrenched political system, think again…

      • As I’ve often retorted to those that bleat “why do you “NEED” an (AR-15, an actual assault rifle like an M-16 or Kalashnikov or its knock-offs, a .50 cal rifle, and so on…), “It’s the Bill of RIGHTS, not of “needs”…I see no language in the Second Amendment of any disclaimers about a citizen having to demonstrate any “need”, nor any qualifiers on technology improvements, nor how many or how often I may accrue same. When some folks express concerns about “Joe Six-Pack” having “military-style” firearms, again, I retort, that’s EXACTLY what the “Founding Fookers” had in mind! That is, they wanted the typical farmer, shopkeeper, or frontiersman to have as his personal armament the same type of rifle, musket, carbine, and sidearms that any regular soldier might be issued, and freely be able to “bear”, or carry same, in a peaceful and lawful manner. If General of the Armies (O-11, the only man, dead or alive, ever appointed to that rank) George Washington were alive today, he’d advocate that every man and boy capable of bearing one should have an M-4 carbine or M-16 rifle, and he’d likely praise the Russian AK-47 for its ruggedness, simplicity, and being “soldier-proof”, and demand that Congress authorize the Army to develop an equivalent select-fire carbine that uses compatible loads (like .30 cal carbine, for example, or a suitable shortened NATO 7.62 mm round). Our First President would likely be aghast at the notion that the average civilian is discouraged by his government from owning the same personal weapons that members of the military as issued, let alone the size of our “Standing” Armed Forces, not to mention their ongoing deployment in over 100 countries while our borders remain UNDEFENDED.

  14. While looking for the weather radar this morning, I stumbled on this headline from local TV: “CDC updates guidance on second doses of coronavirus vaccine”
    Here are excerpts from a local physician interviewed:
    “I think we’re still learning what’s going to work best.”
    “If there’s benefit to getting one vaccine and that gets more people vaccinated, I think that’s a reasonable thing to try.”
    Still learning what works best? A reasonable thing to try? Sounds like guessing to me, not science.
    The story ends with this:
    “[The doctor] said the main goal remains the same: getting vaccines to as many people as quickly as possible.”

    • Sounds like that second dose is having too big an adverse reaction in people for the media or the govt to cover up like they have successfully done in other vaccines. But by all means go get your jab or jabs as quickly as possible, don’t think about the reactions just think about how “safe” you will be from a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. Just look at Hank Aaron and Larry King as examples of being safe from the virus.

      • It is looking like the Vax has a much higher death rate than the ‘Rona. Certainly higher ‘bad reactions’ than ‘Rona.

        ‘Rona, maybe 2/10,000

        Vax, so far about 1/1,000 (until the auto-immune sets in)

        • Corona alleged death rate (Hyped to the moon and documented to include cancer, gunshots, heart attacks, and vehicle wrecks) is .28% or 3 in 1000.

          However actual corona death rate is somewhere between 0 and that, and very likely closer to .028%.

          Just to be accurate.

          And who knows what effects there is going to be from the vax in 6 months or more.

    • My question is, why are you wasting your life reading the news? Or following facts? So you can win arguments with your friends or something?

      Spend your time learning to escape from the hellhole we all helped create.

      • Escape to where? The US Psychopaths In Charge have exported this insanity all over the world. Name a single nation that has an economy based on sound money, for example. Name one that has less gun control than even this rapidly advancing dystopia called the US. Wherever you may escape to is highly likely to become a repeat performance there. Last but not least, what you suggest is not even an option for those of us who haven’t the means to do so. And the Psychopaths In Charge are doing their best to insure no one does, except the 0.1%.

        • John, outside of the first-world and the big cities, in many places there is simply no infrastructure for the type of “law enforcement” we have become so used to here, and people largely ignore the law- which is much closer to Libertarianism than anything we’ve known here in our lifetime.

          Heck, even in some [quasi]first-world places like Itasly for instance [NOT recommending]- pretty much anywhere excepting the biggest cities, you’re not going to have an encounter with a cop while driving unless you get in an accident. The idea of being stopped and messed with because you have one lightbulb out, or because you’re not wearing your seatbelt is totally foreign and unknown and unacceptable.

          I watched a video of a 10 year-old driving a tractor-trailer in I-forget-which-country in South America…and not only flawlessly shifting it, but expertly backing the trailer into an alley. (Point: This kid had some experience already!).

          Lots of people who live in Mexico own and carry guns…even though it’s “illegal”, because unlike here, unless you commit an actual crime, no one’s gonna mess with you.

          Even in communist Cuba- they take our old cars and swap in diesel engines. There is no “emissions” BS, no one looking over your shoulder at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

          In many places, life goes on as it always has, with government being largely a non-issue.

          We here are just to used to looking at things from this police-state first-world mentality- and assume that everywhere else is the same- when it definitely is not. I’d venture to say that one is even a good deal more free in most communist countries today than here (Not that I’m recommending them by any means).

          I truly don’t know if people actually believe what they say when they say “where?”, or if it’s just a euphemism for “I don’t want to give up the perks and conveniences I’ve become accustomed to via the big-government infrastructure”.

          • Again, Nomad Capitalist. He does not have all the answers but he does have a lot of them.

            JK “Name one that has less gun control than even this rapidly advancing dystopia called the US.”

            If that is the most important thing to you, yes, stay in the USA. Biden won’t take your guns……….maybe. Or, maybe Greenland.

            There is no ‘perfect’, which often holds people back as they wait for it to appear. But I doubt the system you are living under is perfect either. Going elsewhere might just be a lateral move overall.

            BTW, you can have guns in several South American countries. Maybe not as freely as in the USA, but still doable. I don’t know of any that allow CC.


  15. It’s a form of socialism. It’s socialism of the collective human organism. If one person is sick, we must all go into sickness mode, as though humanity should share a single immune system. “We are all in this together.” Like everything else these days, it’s an attack on individuality. Taking personal responsibility for your own health, eating right, bodily autonomy, etc.- that’s something akin to private property under the new framework. You’ll be like an enterprising Soviet farmer hoarding grain for himself: selfish.

  16. Two words I fucking detest; safety and hero. It’s also happened in the corporate world Eric, this obsession with safety. It used to be that work safety was confined to the workplace. However, now we are constantly reminded to be ‘safe’ at home as well.

  17. Whatever you do, never mention “rights” when dealing with these cultists. They love it when you do that. Stick to the facts: These filthy contraptions don’t work, period. Then ask them, “How long are you going to keep wearing that thing?”

    • It seems that the conversation will rarely move past “You need a mask.”…
      “Hey, you need a mask!”
      “No I don’t.”
      “You need a mask!”
      “But I’m neither sick, nor am I performing surgery.”
      “You need a mask! YOU NEED A MASK!”

      Computations further than that are often outside the realm of the Cultists experience.

      • Probably so.
        I contend that even if one is sick they don’t work, and in fact make it worse because of the atomizing action of the rag. Every time they exhale they’re aerosolizing the virus-laden spit that has built up inside, most of which would have fallen to the ground harmlessly if they hadn’t been wearing their I-care-more-than-you-do costume.
        Think of spraying Roundup when it’s windy. If I adjust the spray wand tip so the droplets are large, then the product lands on the weed that I’m targeting right in front of me. If I screw it down so the smaller opening produces a fine mist, then the wind takes it away and it kills the grass 20 feet away.
        These contraptions turn an infected person into a walking COVID mosquito fogger.

        • Roland,

          Yes, and especially those “neck gaiters” that people like to wear. One study even appeared to affirm that is the case.
          What’s worse is, I’ll bet people who ARE sick think that these religious talismans protect others, so they go out, when they should be staying the hell home! That goes with any communicable illness, by the way.
          But we’re told that “My mask protects you, and your mask protects me” (which turns a personal choice into a supposed personal assault), so sick people may just believe that tripe, and go about on infection sprees.

          • Yep, you can see this moral hazard on display any time of the day or night by turning on the TV: people getting right up in each others’ faces, even hugging and rubbing cheeks, thinking that their masks are protecting them, and protecting others from them. If I wanted to make sure a virus spread as far and fast as possible, “Mask Up!” would be my first order.

  18. Properly understood the first amendment freedom of religion is the most vital and fundamental guarantee in the bill of rights. It doesn’t mean you have a right to go to an established church- you do but that is trivial and irrelevant.

    Freedom of religion/freedom of conscience means you have the right to live your beliefs in whatever way you wish- and government has not legitimate authority to proscribe or especially prescribe ANYTHING without specific, easily articulable, and well defined harm to others.

    Even taxes in excess of a 10% tithe are putting government above God (if your faith is Abrahamic). Compulsory vaccination, seat belt usage, and and mask wearing most assuredly are in abject defiance of freedom of religion.

    • Ernie, poor Ernie. The proper understanding of rights, really? What about responsibilities? There are no rights, only responsibilities, and you, along with many millions of us, gave those responsibilities over to our glorious republic, remember?

      Might make right. The first rule of politics. Your ‘proper understanding of rights’ won’t stop a bullet. It was and always has been a propaganda tool to legitimize the institution of political authority and delegitimize social authority.

      Public schools. Social Security. Police. Public roads. National parks. Everyone has their sacred cow. Whats yours? Rights? Stand up and defend them if they mean so much to you. I’ll be looking for the headline, “Man attacks police, claims rights were violated”

      • Nope, actually I don’t remember doing that. I’ve surely seen others do it.

        Though in general I agree with you- if you don’t respect rights, then you do accept jungle rules. I aim higher. Worst case, I lost nothing.

    • You only have the rights you’re willing and able to defend. Which is why the 2A is the second on the list. The first being, “lets talk about it first”, in church, in the news, or the public square.
      I have in fact put forth the proposition that a new amendment could be “Any use of force against another with an argument in good faith that their victim was attempting to violate their rights is justified”. Then I realized the Constitution is a dead letter anyway. Adding to it serves no purpose.

      • The local and State authorities were willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of their constituents on the altar of disposing of any resistance. They had to defeat Trump by any means necessary. Otherwise their government funding would disappear. You can’t shear the sheep if they aren’t growing wool. I’m sure there were abundant sighs of relief when Creepy Joe was elected. Knowing that even if their tax base was intentionally destroyed, Creepy Joe would make them whole. The reason for their psychotic destruction is gone now. Time to let the sheep grow some more wool.

        • Except in many areas like ny they have starved the sheep for so long that many have withered and died, others have run away to find greener pastures and others are still far too afraid to go back into the barn to be sheared. To the elites and their army of govt worker minions who have never missed a paycheck this entire time it was all worth it to get rid of the OM, but in doing so they may have set the seeds for their own demise. Unless the child sniffer resident of the white house signs an eo forcing all those that fled back to those states and cities, even with an infusion of fake money hot off the printing press places like nyc may quickly turn into detroit.

      • I’m sure they’d never even be in the running if they didn’t already know the score- because ultimately, who decides who decides who gets to run in the major primaries? Other members of the system. And since it is only a club for the quite wealthy, no one amasses that kind of wealth these days without playing ball with the system- so they definitely know what’s what- and plus they’re not stupid. If you and I know what’s what…they know more so.

        I get that a lot when discussing Trump- “Oh, he probably couldn’t do anything, because they’d kill him and or his fambly”. Really? H9ow many of the highest profile ones can they kill/have they killed? A halfway intelligent person would realize that such are idle threats, because they must be used extremely sparingly and with great discretion, because such actions quickly cast a universal light which is recognizable to all.

        JFK was likely an internal power struggle amongst TPTB to keep the Kennedys from from seizing power which they were never meant to have. When they off Biden in ’23, it won’t be because he was doing good.

  19. We’ll let you know when you can finally exist as a human being, in the meantime, do what you are told.

    Wear your mask and go get vaccinated as soon as you can.

    You’ll regret wearing your mask and you’ll regret being vaccinated, but we don’t care. What are doing living anyhow? You don’t count unless we say you do.

    This madness might all go French Revolution, wouldn’t surprise me one iota.

    Got an infection in my hand, it didn’t get better, it became worse. You are miserable. You suffer, lack of sleep, no rest, nothing works, can’t do a thing. The pain of it never stops. You become nauseous too. You’re sick from the infection.

    I had to pay a visit to a medical clinic to receive medical care. The autoimmune system wasn’t doing the job.

    I wore a mask into the clinic because it was mandatory. I wore one for my own protection, people who are in need of medical care go there and some might be sicker than you think.

    I waited 12 days before finally deciding I was going to need some medicine to cure what ails me now.

    You begin to think you’re invincible, but you’re not. Some little tiny bug can conquer you at any time.

    Penicillin to the rescue.

  20. Amen Eric to dissenting on masks. I have never worn one and never will. I do occasionally put on a beekeepers veil with a sign attached, “worn for no good reason” around town when I’m in the mood to try to educate(not really impossible) the sheeple.


  21. Excllent article Eric. To anyone waking up to this now that the sickness cult is demanding ever more adherence to their religion in order to function in society, gun owners say welcome to the party. There has probably been no group more demonized since at least the 1980s, maybe the 1930s, than gun owners. The government,for our saftey of course, is more converned about what gun owners could do versus what they are. You could use that gun for evil they will say and they will get millionsof brainwashed masses to nod their heads in agreement. Since they haven’t been able to kill the 2nd ammendment just yet and it prevents them from outright stealing our firearms they’ll just limit your ability to own firearms in other ways and demand ever more adherence to keep what is left of the 2nd ammendment going.

    Now with thought crimes like being a Trump supporter or wanting our lives back without having to join the cult of pope fauchi being investigated by the fbi and little tyrants across the country restricting people’s lives anf livelyhood we seem to be living in some type of melding of the book 1984 with the movies minority report and demolition man.

    • There is not a single “gun law” that is legal. Per the supreme law of the land you have a right to acquire and bear any armament you can afford. Including artillery and full auto guns. Look up synonyms for infringe, and you will find a perfect definition of every single gun control “law”. Churches are tax exempt because they are protected by the 1A, but guns aren’t because of the 2A? It may be true, or not, that gun laws save some lives. But the cost exceeds the benefit. Save my life by submitting to tyranny, or risk it to avoid tyranny? Not even close for me.

  22. My and myself refuse to wear the Holy rag. We do see an increase in objectional “looks” in direct proportion to the fear open on the idiot box.

    And now they double down with double masking. The long term trajectory does not look good.

  23. Nice article and great summary of the ratcheting tyranny:

    “Lincoln (the evisceration of the idea that justified the American Revolution; i.e., that government must be consensual and when it is not, the people have the right to separate and form a government they do consent to) and Wilson (the legalized theft of people’s income and the gutting of their privacy, by having to detail their business dealings to the state) and Roosevelt (who actually made it a criminal offense to possess real money; i.e., gold coins rather than federal paper) and Johnson (who assaulted the right to freely associate under the sheen of “civil rights”)”

  24. I have been pondering this a lot lately, particularly in regards to the vax cult. Our kids were vaccinated as infants, partly because we had no idea of the dangers and frankly at the time thought we were keeping them “safe.” Now I realize that it doesn’t make sense to vaccinate because of the documented harm to the one vaxxed, and the fact that if others are vaxxed, in theory they shouldn’t need to worry about whether YOU are vaxxed. Not to mention that most of the diseases kids receive vaxxes for are hardly life-threatening, but can cause life-threatening and chronic life-altering conditions.

    Fast forward to today – the “CONVID-19 vax” isn’t even a vaccine, as it does not contain the (un-isolated, therefore unavailable) virus in question, nor does it contain antibodies. So it is a jab that is truly a Trojan Horse for who knows what TPTB have in mind. But believe me, there is SOMETHING in that jab…

    • In 100 years the survivors will look at vaccination much the way we look at bleeding with leeches and the earlier versions of snake oil.

      Modern medicine is completely unaccountable and entirely fad driven and group think based.

      And they’re greedy corporate crooks.

      • I can’t believe they’re still treating cancer with poison. If I’m not mistaken, one of the early chemotherapy agents for cancer was derived from mustard gas.

        • Somewhere I read that the poisons of chemotherapy are buffered with baking soda. But never had anyone done the study to see if the baking soda was what was actually bringing about the benefit and there was some evidence that it might be. That it was what killed the cancer either directly or indirectly, not the poisons. Of course who wants to spend real money to find out if something that is probably cheaper than dirt cures anything?

          • I remember reading that a doctor in another country (Mexico?) had good results by injecting a baking soda solution directly into tumors.

            • I have read some on the baking soda thing.

              Seems changing body PH can slow or eliminate some cancers. Most things have a certain environment in which they thrive. Change the environment and you can weaken the invader allowing you own body to kill it. At least that is how it seems to this layman.

              • I think this is why good ol’ soap and water is so effective at “killing” bacteria. Soap is a base, and bacteria prefer acidic environments.

      • My first taste of this was when I was a teenager, I lived with my grandmother for a short time. I got strep throat, and she took me to her doctor. He prescribed erithromycin, which made me violently vomit. When she called him to let him know I couldn’t keep the meds down, instead of changing the antibiotic, he prescribed TRANQUILIZERS! Of course, I couldn’t keep anything down. Finally, I can’t remember if we got them through another doctor, but I got a different antibiotic and was better in a few days. I later learned that violent vomiting is a common, well-known side effect of erithromycin. He should have known that, and it wasn’t as if there weren’t other antibiotics that he could have prescribed as soon as we told him. What a quack.

    • Anon,

      Is it not a vaccine? Vaccination, from its inception, literally meant “encowment”, as an 18th Century English doctor discovered that it you give people cowpox, which was much less deadly than smallpox, they would actually gain immunity to smallpox. Now, he did so by injecting into people material from cow scabs, which seems pretty warped and crazy on its own, though it was found to be effective.
      These “CONVID” vaccines are 21st Century biotechnology writ large. They are a delivery system for putting mRNA into our cells as to use our own bodies to produce viral proteins. Does that work? Most likely. Does it sound batshit crazy, like injecting cow scabs into someone to produce healthful effects? Yep. Will there be unforeseen and detrimental effects? Also most likely.
      As a scientist, it is evident that the “remedies” being employed here, ostensibly for “control” of a virus (more absurd than telling seeds where to blow) would appear to be nothing more than a great experiment. But unlike good scientists, the Gesundheitsfuhrers here will not let exist control groups, which are absolutely necessary in any experiment. Perhaps rare places such as Sweden and South Dakota are the closest we’ve come to control groups, and you see how they are demonized.
      No, the Gesundheitsfuhrers aren’t even “mad scientists”, but maybe “mad engineers”. Engineers of social and economic demise.

      • I don’t believe this CONVID jab is a vaccine because even as of December 2020, the FDA still acknowledges that there is no sample of SARS-CoV-2 from which to make a weakened virus vaccine. Also, there are no antibodies being harvested from “survivors” – and one would think the virus or antibodies would be readily available.

        Also, I question the need for a vaccine of any kind in response to this alleged virus, because most people have mild or no symptoms at all. Even those with symptoms that are more severe, including the elderly and those with co-morbidities, have responded favorably to HCQ, ivermectin, and/or azithromycin and zinc (America’s Frontline Doctors has done a lot on this.) Since there are remedies that are cheap and effective, as well as readily available, and most people don’t even get sick, I can’t understand why it is necessary to even be discussing a vaccine for CONVID, much less the attempts to make it mandatory.

        I’m sure you are familiar with all of this, just wanted to elaborate on my point.

        • I know i’m preaching to the choir here but:
          Because if there is a known treatment there are no need for the lockdowns. No need for the lockdowns means the economy roars back to life and there is no reason to vote on more free govt cheese that makes its way to every congresscritter’s favorite pet project or 3rd world dicatorship. If there is no need for the lockdown many mini tyrants mostly with a D next to their name have to give up their newfound dictator powers. If these tyrants give up their powers they can’t demand mail in voting and extend the election for days. No need for mail in voting and the dominion machines can’t keep up with enough switched votes to keep OM from remaining president. If OM remains president there is no way to stop the pipeline and wall from being built. If the wall is finished there is no cheep labor pool for the chamber of commerce to provide for their businesses and no money for rinos with the R next to their name that keep the chamber of commerce happy. Also that cheep labor pool is needed by those with a D next to their name to counteract the amount of minorities waking up to the fact that those with a D next to their name really have no interest in helping thier communities but really just want to keep those minorities voting D.
          Pipelines finishes means cheep fuel and natual gas for Americans. Cheep fuel means no way to push the “green energy” scam on the public. Finally no need for pharmaceutical companies to create and become rich off of a new vaccine.

          • Agreed. There are many facets to this con. The fact that it is worldwide leads me to believe that there are other sinister aspects to it beyond America, although I think the destruction of America is a high priority.

        • Anon,

          I don’t believe your first paragraph is accurate, though perhaps the FDA can’t find their ass with both hands. If you have a link for reference, feel free.
          In the meantime,
          See here:

          And here:

          Also, more lab-grown monoclonal or polyclonal anibodies, such as the cocktail given to Orange Man, are being used.

          But I think you’re correct regarding the fact that inexpensive therapeutics haven’t been given proper attention here, such as you said, with HCQ, Ivermectin or even oregano oil (carvacrol). Such therapeutics, however, as we all know, would’ve short circuited their entire fear festival, and derailed the totalitarian train.

          I found this interesting, just FYI, speaking of oregano oil:

          • Hi BaDnOn!

            One of the worrisome consequences of weaponized hypochondria is that now many people freak out at the first sign of a cold and rush to the doctor – when just a year ago, they would have stopped at CVS on the way home and bought some decongestant and cough medicine.

            I’m a layman, so what follows is just my own rambling,for what it’s worth: I don’t see the WuFlu as materially different from other flus in that, like other flus, this one isn’t a mortal threat to most otherwise-healthy people. If you are healthy and get it, the usual palliatives – taking it easy, maybe bed for a few days and over the counter cold meds – seem sufficient.

            But healthy people have been conditioned to dread catching a cold and to believe they have the same risk of dying from it as a frail elderly person with multiple serious underlying health problems.

            This is the very definition of hypochondria – an unreasonable, even pathological dread of sickness.

            • Hi Eric,
              Yeah, I keep wondering: if it weren’t for the manufactured freakout, would anybody suspect that anything unusual was going on?
              Early on, a man who grew up on the farm next to ours died, supposedly of COVID. At the time of his death he was a resident of New Jersey. He was 80-ish and had other health problems. I wouldn’t have thought anything out of the ordinary was afoot if COVID hadn’t been whipped into “emergency” status by politicians and news-talkers all over the globe. Ditto for my “positive” acquaintances who’ve had coughs and fatigue for a few days. Derek felt crappy last week. So what? He never would have mentioned it, let alone run to the doctor to have a stick rammed up his nose.
              What’s weird is that this is the longest I’ve ever gone without having a cold. The only remedy I keep on hand is nasal spray so I can breathe and get to sleep when I have the sniffles. Lately it expires without the seal ever having been broken.

              • Amen, Roland!

                And – like you – I’ve not had so much as a cough in more than a year now. I did have a very bad respiratory bug circa November of 2019; it may have been the Wuflu! In any event, all it did was give me a raspy cough for about a week.

            • I completely agree, Eric! You may read the message about my company’s CEO getting COVID. He remarked about how his wife was in bed for 5 days, and he’s never seen that before. In Dec, 2019, my girlfriend was sicker-than-hell for nearly 3 WEEKS! Had that same illness hit a frail elderly person, the results might have been undoubtedly dire.
              Now, SARS-CoV-2 has some unusual effects, and can be particularly devastating to some people, but I find that to be true, perhaps to a lesser degree, with all illnesses.
              By FAR the best policy would’ve been to tell the vulnerable to use caution, while letting the illness sweep through the young and strong, thereby quickly attaining natural herd immunity.

          • Hi BaDnOn,
            Thanks for the links. Here is the link to the FDA report which was updated as of Dec 2020, acknowledging that no known samples of “SARS-COV-2” are available. This is true not just in the US by the way, but researchers and journalists have FOIA’d the health ministers of other countries and also received nothing.

            beg. 2nd sentence of 2nd paragraph under “Performance Characteristics”

            It appears that the government is using a circular argument to allege that convalescent plasma is available for a disease that they have not isolated to date. The argument for the disease is based on the fact that convalescent plasma is available. But no new virus = no new disease. The plasma could easily be from anyone who recovered from any respiratory illness.

            I’m also challenging the idea that a vaccine is even necessary. The question is, why is the government spending so much time and resources to allegedly defeat the flu (or a cold)? One of the tells that this is not about a virus or defeating the flu was the practice of several governors to intentionally sicken the most vulnerable of our population by insisting that sick people be sent to nursing homes. Cognitive dissonance on display here at all levels of government.

            • Cool, Anon. I’ll check that out and let you know what I think.
              And, as I told Eric above. By FAR the best course of action would’ve been to tell the vulnerable to exercise caution and let the young and strong go about their daily business. We’d have obtained heard immunity by now. Truth is, we’re almost there, anyway. The current “spike” (reminiscent of a flu spike, BTW) looks to be done (at least here in Az), by mid-Feb-March 1st. And no, it had nothing to do with Biden or the vaccine, though I’m sure the media will credit nothing but them!

      • They are very poor engineers. Science doesn’t even begin to have the processes to make safe products the way engineering does. I don’t trust the products of science like I don’t trust Tesla motors’ “autopilot” they usually fail a basic FMEA that I can do in my head.

        Simple what if… the mRNA causes cells to make the virus protein and then the immune system attacks the protein. What if the immune system attacks the cells instead? I suppose I’ll be told that can’t happen plus a few insults, it’s usually the way science works. Which is another reason I don’t like science, simple engineering question that would be asked of for the control systems in your car when being developed will get insults when it’s science.

        The, the scientists, aren’t engineers. Engineers face real consequences when they are wrong. Look what happened to that poor guy at GM who misdiagnosed a field failed ignition switch that landed on his desk. One of the hardest things in product engineering is having some part return from the field and land on your desk and you have to figure out how and why it failed. You get a poorly filled out warranty claim form from a dealer *IF* you’re lucky. I’ve been in industries where there weren’t dealers or forms. So the poor guy got fired and publicly destroyed. Yeah the media thing about not changing the service part number well here’s the thing, that’s not a cover up, if you change the service part number or not depends on your determination of why the part failed. It’s a result of checking a particular box on an engineering change notice based on change your making and why you’re making it.

        Scientists are *NEVER* held accountable that way. The crap they get away with in peer review… drugs, climate science, anything you want to pick. No scientists are the technocrats, the arrogant people who think they know best. Engineers get their asses handed to them if they behave like that.

        • Great post, Brent. The 737 Max fiasco comes to mind. Engineers created MCAS in a good-faith attempt to satisfy FAA certification requirements; it would not have existed otherwise. The chain of events that caused the two crashes was initiated by a faulty angle-of-attack sensor, and exacerbated by poor airmanship. This was all easily fixable, but grandstanding politicians grounded gazillions of dollars’ worth of serviceable aircraft anyway. We can’t trust those greedy engineers the way we trust Pope Fauci.

        • Haha, well I’m a scientist, so don’t lump me in with the asshole brigade. It’s true, however, that so many scientists like to be thought of as luminaries and members of the “intelligentsia”, though often, they’re merely members of another personality cult, following orders and believing what they’re told. And that’s NOT science.

          To answer your question regarding the transfected (given mRNA) cells: Once the viral proteins are recognized as a pathogen, either the immune system should kill those cells, or they will undergo apoptosis (cellular suicide). This, of course, suggests heavy concern for 1. dosage and 2. mistargeting.
          Too heavy a dosage, and too many cells will be killed, or a run-away autoimmune reaction may occur.
          Undesired targets, especially such as neurons, could precipitate long term effects.
          Either way, it sound like a balancing act not meant for mass consumption in a drive-though setting.

          Now, back to scientists and engineers… Any good scientist should be a good engineer as well. At least, good enough to engineer efficient and meaningful experiments. Since you mention FMEA, I’m led to believe you might be a process engineer? So must be a good experimentalist. Often times, these days, systems are complex, and an understanding of Design of Experiments can be helpful.
          Secondly, scientists are meant to build the theoretical framework from which engineers build the world. The understanding of any particular theory or field should be very solid before an engineer uses that knowledge to design or improve something. Scientists often don’t tread upon such terra firma. That isn’t their job. Being such, making plentiful mistakes (and LEARNING from them) is all part of the territory.
          Now, is there deception, political interference, etc. that besmirches the face of science at times? Of course. Science is still done by humans.

      • The cowpox innoculation wasn’t injected- the immune system was stimulated by scraping your skin raw and rubbing some pus from a cowpox blister on you. Gross as it is, it worked and was far less invasive than injecting whatever crap into your veins around your immune system.

        • Sorry, I posted that too quickly, it reads like an illiterate wrote it. This is more clear:

          As gross as this process was, it did work. It was also far less invasive than injecting poorly understood crap into your veins or muscles in order to do an end run around your immune system.

          • Ernie,
            Right, the syringe wasn’t around at the time. Also yes, about the invasiveness.
            Although I’m not against biotechnology, it seems a bit insane that one year, no one has ever mass produced an mRNA vaccine, let alone has anyone a track record of the technology’s safety or efficacy. The next, it’s GLOBALLY distributed to anyone who will take it! Sounds like SAAAAFETYYYY to me!


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