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A reader brings up the question about this site’s mascot icon. What does it represent? What does it mean? I have answered query this before, but it bears answering again because it means something very dangerous – a thing I’ve been trying to get across for decades.

Let me try one more time.      

The Clover symbol goes back a few years. It was the handle of a very persistent troll who embodied everything I’m philosophically opposed to – collectivism, authoritarianism, busybodyism, one-size-fits-all, the general dumbing down – and so his (possibly her) name became shorthand for all those things and the symbol with the cross through it represented the opposition of these pages to those things.

It serves as both shorthand and a means of expressing contempt for those things as the word has a nice, insipid quality about it.

For decades, I’ve been warring with Clovers – and warning about them. Specifically, about the danger of their doctrine that risk – defined by them – must determine what we are permitted (also by them) to do. And that we are subject to punishment, not for having caused harm to anyone but because we did not abide by their doctrines regarding risk, as defined by them.

According to how they feel about it.

These doctrines are always presented in a kind of mewling, fraudulently caring manner that hides a rancid underlying busybodyism – which inevitably metastasizes into managerial totalitarianism . . . with themselves at the tiller.

It is not for nothing that we are currently under siege on account of an insanely exaggerated threat of sickness. This could not have happened in 1968 – though a greater threat of sickness (Hong Kong flu) presented itself in that year. The reason for that being Americans of that time had not yet been conditioned to accept the idea that any risk justified all measures and that to object or even to question this doctrine marked one as an uncaring, selfish person.

Now, of course, it is being marketed exactly that way.

People – large numbers of them – have been conditioned not only to accept but to venerate the doctrine that all risk is unacceptable and that no cost – whether measured in terms of money or liberty – is too great “if it saves even one life.”

To insist upon its application.

Do you see”safety” anywhere? Where is he?

It is why every new car must, by law, be equipped with a back-up camera system no matter that almost no one actually backs up over anyone.

A handful of people have, so everyone must be presumed to might – and forced to pay for the equipment. The fact that you have never backed over anyone is not relevant – just as it is not relevant your driving has given no cause to suspect you may be impaired by alcohol. You are presumed incompetent as regards the former and must disprove the presumption of drunkenness as regards the latter.

You may, perhaps, see a principle through the murk. Most people, apparently, do not – which is why, of course, everyone is now being practically ordered at gunpoint to put the equivalent of a bedpan around the necks over their faces – the infamous Face Diaper (as I style it) which they must wear – or else – because they might be sick and if it saves even one life.

People – lots of them – accept this now and will accept more later because some of them accepted it a long time ago.

Not the Diaper, per se – but the principle animating it. Examination of this principle, has, of course, been systematically avoided for what should be obvious reasons, i.e., the supposed incidental at issue – for example, the backing-up over tots – would never support the principle being established if it were.

If people still in possession of the capacity to think in terms of principle were to examine it according to those terms, they would infer and draw the logical conclusion that if it is justified to require every new car sold to be fitted – at the customer’s expense and irritation as well as his degradation (viz, the presumed incompetence)  with a back-up camera because someone other than himself once backed-up over a child then certainly all new cars must also be fitted with Breathalyzers, too – even though someone other than himself drove drunk and was caught/convicted of this.

He – everyone – is to be presumed drunk and “convicted” in the sense that punishment – in the form of having to accept a degrading (viz, presumed recklessness/criminality) device on the doctrine that he – that anyone – might drive drunk and if it saves even one life.

This is, in fact, about to actually happen. It is styled the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety – DADSS.

Of course.

Can you hear the Clover’s ululation?

There are so many incidental examples it is hardly necessary to mention them. They are obvious and everywhere. They have become so pervasive as to be invisible to many and taken for granted as natural and normal, like the air we breath. Or try to, through our if it saves even one life Face Diaper.

Not so obvious the animating principle, stealthily cemented into place over the decades by never openly and honestly discussing it.

Because, of course, it doesn’t bear discussing. Because it means, inevitably and ultimately, the elimination of all freedom to act according to one’s own judgment rather than the judgment of busybodies – Clovers – on the basis of their fears about what might happen if you do not abide by their strictures and constraints.

There is no end to these, either – because there is no end to might. It defies objective definition – precisely the point – if you happen to be a Clover.

You have an objective record of responsible driving – objectively established by the absence of any harm caused over decades of driving. It doesn’t matter in the face of the busybody’s fear that you might cause harm, even though you haven’t. You must pay an annual mordita to the insurance mafia as if you had caused harm. Which, of course, harms you, to the tune of many thousands of dollars over the years – money you had to work for and which could have been used to help you.

It does not matter.

You take care of yourself, live responsibly and have no chronic illnesses. You prefer to put aside money for any health issues that arise rather than to pay for health insurance “coverage” you do not use. In particular, “coverage” for things you will never use – as for example maternity care in the case of the single male and substance abuse counseling services for the woman who doesn’t drink or “do” substances at all.

It does not matter.

You might impose “costs” on society – even though you haven’t. Costs will nonetheless be imposed upon you in the form of “coverage” you must buy – else be punished. Either way, of course, you are punished.

And now the Diapers.

Next the mandatory testing, tracing and vaccinating. Because someone might be sick and if it saves even one life.

That is what Clover means. Perhaps, if we are lucky, people will begin to understand what it means.

Before it is too late.

. . .

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  1. They “why” for all this, specifically the COVID craziness is pretty grim, I’m afraid.

    I’m am convinced this was a deliberate release of a pathogen for the purpose of studying its spread, virility and mortality. To see what measures of control would be tolerated and for how long and at what point would global civilization collapse.

    Would this allow enough time for the “elite” (define them however you prefer, we know they are there, we know many of their names and what they stand for) to retreat to safe spaces, bug outs and bunkers scattered all around the world?

    The next pathogen “they” release will not have a fatality rate of less than one percent.

    It will cut through humanity like a wildfire and kill billions.

    This has been the elite’s plan all along. They have made it known that planet earth’s ideal population of humans is around 500 million, according to them.

  2. Would like to hear the thoughts of folks who still have the capacity to think critically:

    This AM, I mistakenly turned to HLN and was greeted with a ‘news story’ about re-opening schools. During the propaganda–er—story, they had the obligatory gubbmint edjumukator whining that if the schools open, all the kids and she were going to die. (Despite there being absolutely no evidence to support this) So, the question I posit is this: has the endless propaganda re: cerveza virus over the last four or five months created a psychosis amongst the plebs? I mean, honestly…according to the ‘official’ stats, there’s been a dozen or so under the age of 17 that have died WITH this virus (and details of underlying conditions are not allowed to be presented), yet this fear permeates through our society, and isn’t corrected or squared with the reality of the situation. I realize that ‘news’ has been nothing but BS for many years now, but this is really starting to get out of control.

    Here in NV, we’ve been under the mandatory diaper rule for almost a month, yet the dreaded ‘cases’ keep climbing higher and higher. And the numbers start escalating…(drum roll, please)…on the day the mandate came out. So, yeah…masks will save us all from certain death, right?

    These people remind me of the scene from the movie Rookie of the Year where Gardenhoser takes his first at-bat….omigawd omigawd omigawd…

    • Hi Vic,

      A good question to ask an adamant Diaperer is: Why weren’t you Diapered during the SARS/Swine flu of 2008-2009? There were something like 60 million “cases” and a number of deaths, too – although (as now) the vast majority of the population did not die and most didn’t even get noticeably sick.

      • Easy answer to that…nobody was told to. BAAA BAAA BAAA…

        Curiously, I don’t recall ever hearing from or of Faux-chi ten years ago, yet he was still omniscient back then, no?

    • Yes, it is a mass psychosis induced by a massive and well orchestrated psy-op. There may be a weaponised virus spreading, but it kills the already weak, so basically natural causes.

      Masks as practiced are going to CAUSE a lot of serious illnesses and deaths.

      • I feel what you’re saying, Ernie, but the one thing I can’t rectify is who, and why? Some say it’s cover for a Wall Street collapse, yet the free fiat keeps kicking the stock market higher, so maybe not. Not covering for another illegal war…yet. Did all 50 governors get the memo on this? Aside from S. Dakota, and to some extent, the intermountain west states, everyone else has ‘played ball’. Exuding control and expressing power, yes…but I just can’t see the endgame here.

        • Hi Vic,

          Many years ago, I came across an interview with a guy named Aaron Russo, who was a film producer (e.g., Trading Places, which was a big hit). He supposedly was friends with or at least knew David Rockefeller and other “insiders.” He said that, in conversation with these people, they expressed the end goal as being universal chipping/tracking and digital control over the economy.

          • Trading Places is one of my all time favorite movies. Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism” is a must for everyone here…even if you saw it already…it bears watching again. Aaron sadly died of (((cancer))) shortly after.

            • Agreed, Anon –

              I’m a big fan of both the movie and the documentary. I’ve not watched either in some time; it’s time to do so again!

            • Cripes, ((((you guys)))) really are funny with your Joooo paranoia, but that one takes the cake for being laugh-out-loud side-splitting funny!!! Those wiley Joooos no doubt hooked poor Aaron up to their secret cancer machine!! ROTFL!!!

              • LOL!!!! What’s wrong boy, scared more goy will learn the truth? Rather that refute facts, you foam at the mouth, much like the covidiots and diaperers. You are the prototypical mother hen that just runs in circles and squawks and squawks incoherently.

        • Vic, who and why are important questions. Could it be the Chinese Communists to shatter the world order and rearrange it to their liking with them winning? Could it be transnational oligarchs (Tranzis) like Gates, Soros, The Rothschild clan, seeking absoulute power and depopulation, so they can have an earthly Eden they own entirely? Could it be the antichrist himself? Are any of these suggestions mutually exclusive?
          In the end, there is no answer other than to stand up for yourself and what you love. It doesn’t matter- and trying to figure out exactly who and why is to wander endlessly in a forest of mirrors.

          • (sorry…been out for a few days flouting cerveza virus mandates by spending some much needed time with an illegally sized collection of my family…we’re all gonna die, and history will trace it back to a pool pary/BBQ in southern Nevada last weekend)

            Those are fair questions, all…I can neither agree or disagree…case to be made on each, as well as holes with each. I guess the original question isn’t/wasn’t so much about who’s pulling the strings. I realized some time ago that there’s a game being played, and folks like me are not even allowed to be in the stadium, let alone get on the field. Hell, we’re not even allowed to be in the same state where the stadium is located…

  3. One could write a book.
    A corporation is a creation of the state. It is NOT a private business, as it depends on the state for its very existence. So that “libertarian” argument goes out the window for Walmart and the like.
    Life is an ongoing risk/reward evaluation. If you are focused on the risk, you aren’t living.
    “You can’t put a price on a life” is an entirely hollow argument. One can quite easily put a price on a life. Will billions be spent on the saving of one life, or the lives of hundreds? Logically, that one life is forfeit.
    It’s akin to doctors “saving lives”. They do no such thing. No one is getting out of this alive.
    Surrendering ANY liberty is the surrender of ALL liberty, as it is permission given to TAKE liberty.
    I’ll stop there, lest this indeed turn into a book.

  4. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    ― C. S. Lewis

    What do you do when the robber barons are the moral busybodies?

    • Well…in the olden days they’d be rounded up and hung, shot, bludgeoned, tarred & feathered, guillotined, walk the plank, etc etc.

      Today, well, the masses are too dumb to figure it all out, and after they get their coming covidiot shots that will forever alter their DNA and that of their next generations in perpetuity, they will remain forever dumb, a subhuman class for the fiat papered ruled class. Toilet paper for all…the irony.

      • “…the masses are too dumb…”
        play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
        Maybe the ‘tar & feathers’ party will become the next big thing. Hell, we’ve got the birthday party now too…

  5. My state (Indiana) just mandated diapers. One phrase in the edict or rule or whatever is you wear them in places where “it’s not possible to social distance.” So I was not going to worry about it since I had an out now by just saying I am distanced. I dd not plan to patronize any businesses that required them anyway.
    However, we just got a company-wide email saying they are “considering” the ramifications of the governor’s dictate but the advice is to “go ahead and get a mask.” Uggghhhh!
    I CAN NOT sit here at my desk for 8 hours wearing that thing. I looked into buying a burka and showing up every day in full Muslim female/doormat garb. I could wear a holster under there too! Walmart actually sells them online. They also have the really light lower-face covering like the belly dancers wear. Another possibility.
    Or I can demand to be allowed to work from home, stating that if they don’t feel it’s safe to be in the building (which recently rearranged the seating so we’re more than 6 feet from each other) without a face diaper, then none of us should be in there anyway.

    • Hi Amy,

      Horrible. But worse is certainly coming if we don’t resist now – while we can still do so at merely the risk of being ordered out of store, unable to get services – or lose a job. It is not life and death – yet.

      But it could very well come to that, if we keep on submitting and obeying. Because this will not end – ever – short of our abject submission to a regime of total control/degradation that will be unendurable to anyone who wishes to live as a human being and not a drone.

  6. We have to also be mindful of the diapering supporters in our midst – as any support for diapering, including support predicated upon superficial libertarian grounds, is simply unacceptable for a free and civilized society.

    Libertarianism, properly understood and applied, admits of no exceptions to diapering, as requiring diapering is an act of aggression – even if the party requiring the diapering is a crony capitalist mass merchant of shoddy sinitic gew-gaws.

    Most libertarians do not dispute that the decision whether to don a fear mask is a property right and that a decision whether to diaper is an exercise of that property right. Most libertarians would agree that any attempt to use force to interfere with the exercise of that property right would constitute a violation of the NAP.

    There are some libertarians who posit that who owns the decision whether to diaper hinges upon who is the apparent leaseholder or owner of the real estate where an individual is at any given moment. Thus, for example, these libertarians contend that the decision whether to diaper belongs to Walmart, and not its patrons, when the patrons are shopping at Walmart. These libertarians argue that since Walmart controls or owns the real estate in question, the Arkansas behemoth has the right to require its customers to diaper if they want to enter the store and shop.

    The libertarians who insist that Walmart has the right to require masks as a condition of entry, generally predicate their position upon a generalized, undifferentiated assertion of “property rights.” Usually, they do not take the time to examine how Walmart acquired title to the issue of mask wearing, relying instead upon tautology, i.e., “its a property right,” “a business gets to decide how its customers will adorn themselves.”

    These libertarians do not furnish an explanation as to how an enterprise’s mere apparent control of real estate somehow confers upon it the right to require its patrons to diaper. The acquisition of commercial real estate, per se, does not carry with it the right to impose a mask mandate of patrons. For instance, if A buys commercial property from B, the latter does not convey the right to diaper its customers. I have read hundreds of deeds in my day, and not once, not fucking once, have I ever read B conveying to A a right to diaper.

    To be sure, many of these same libertarians might argue that the right to impose diapering is implied, as it constitutes a portion of the bundle of rights that B is conveying to A. But, almost all deeds are conveyed subject to the rights, restrictions, and covenants of record, as well as the law. Given that there is little, if any, jurisprudence anent diapering issues in the commercial context, it strains credulity to accept, without more, the proposition that the rights conveyed by B to A include the right to require customers to mask.

    Said otherwise, B cannot convey that which B does not own. The same ratiocination applies to commercial leaseholders. I have never read a commercial lease the terms of which included the landlord granting the commercial tenant the right to require its customers to diaper.

    As others have so persuasively argued, we should not overlook the means by which Walmart and other big box outfits have acquired the real estate where they conduct business. If a Walmart or a Kroger’s or a Target has received any subsidies, or have received preferential real estate tax treatment, or have been the beneficiaries of eminent domain, are their titles to the real estate to be accorded respect by libertarians? Ours is a tradition that regards natural rights as superior to legal positivist rights.

    Those of us who aver that Walmart does not own the right to impose mask mandates upon its patrons are neither initiating aggression nor depriving Walmart of its property. Walmart is suffering no harm by preventing it from imposing a mask mandate. Please, for the love of Zoroaster, explain how Walmart is damaged by its customers simply refusing to be diapered? Please set forth such damages, in detail, and with particularity.

    We should not overlook another issue that some libertarians choose to ignore: the mask mandate does cause harm to patrons. Wearing a mask is dangerous to the mask wearer. Thus, by imposing a mask mandate, Walmart is conditioning patronage upon its patrons sustaining harm to their health.

    Many of these same libertarians support their position by appealing to an anarcho-capitalist’s amygdala. They falsely asseverate that those of us who do not think Walmart has a right to require diapering are looking to leviathan for a solution; that we want the state to intervene; and that we are thereby abandoning our libertarian principles.

    OF course, that is nothing more than a conglomeration of clap-trap. We are not advocating calling 911. We are not looking for a legislative fix. We are not looking for OSHA to intervene. We are not going to go to the FTC or its state cognates.

    Let us not forget the pack of pachyderm in the parlor: Walmart is acting as an agent of the state. If one is acting as an agent of the state, de facto, that ends the inquiry as to whether one is truly a private actor condign of libertarian respect.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for posting this succinctly written, superbly reasoned . . . post. I am often in awe of the intelligence and thoughtfulness of people here. You just reminded me why.

      • Thank you.

        I must confess that my motivation, in part, stems from a desire to persuade this site’s No.1 commenter who I truly admire, like, and respect. You could say, I just want to “Nu[dge]” him.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks as well for posting this. I have spent most of my energy trying to flesh out abstract concepts: what defines legitimate ownership, what is meant by “private”, the scope of property rights and their derivation from self-ownership. By focusing as well on the specific contractual obligations of the varied ownership structures, you have added to my understanding, thank you.


  7. Another Clover scheme is “regulatory credits.”

    Yesterday Tesla reported an alleged $104 million profit. But Forbes magazine says that Tesla would have lost money without the tax credits. According to Morningstar analyst David Whiston, “We calculate Tesla had a pretax loss of $278 million excluding $428 million of regulatory credit revenue.”

    These regulatory credits are literally a gov-sponsored tax that Tesla gets to impose on competitors such as GM, Ford and Chrysler who build the IC-engined pickups and SUVs that customers actually want. Of course, buying obligatory credits drives up their cost, which is passed on to the buyer.

    Likewise, regulatory credits allow Tesla to publish fraudulent accounts claiming that the company makes money, when its underlying manufacturing business actually LOSES money quite steadily.

    Tesla is a highly dishonest corporate welfare queen. I’m sorely tempted to head down to the nearest Tesla charging station with a sledgehammer, and reduce those stinking superchargers to heaps of mangled sheet metal and sliced cables before urinating on them.

      • Further commentary from Tesla owner Vitaliy Katsenelson:

        “Today the market is basically valuing ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) makers as melting ice cubes (pardon the pun). It tacitly assumes that they won’t be able to transition to electric vehicles, and so it values only their ICE cash flows, giving them basically no terminal value for their businesses.”

        As a junior high school student and wannabe driver, I read a short science fiction story about a rebel who dusted off his old Kawasaki hidden in a barn for 30 years, to take one last illegal, polluting ride as the robocops closed in to terminate him.

        We are there. 🙁

  8. Does this mean nobody will ever see the Wallendas walk on the wire ever again?

    How about the lion tamer who sticks his head into the lion’s mouth?

    No more bungee jumping off a bridge to grab a glass of water from the stream 550 feet below you.

    Bull fighting? Forget it.

    No more of that stuff.

    It is risky business just walking out the door everyday, might be better to just stay in bed and wait for the maid to serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

    Somebody has to keep you safe and sound.

  9. I’m not so sure the masks are the result of Clovers. In this case I think they are useful idiots to the goals of the global industrialists and governments. The fact Trump told us to “whether we like it or not” in the exact same week that corporations are imposing their ‘policies’ on us is NOT a coincidence. Because of that we have reduced all purchases to only bare essentials. The only cure for this insanity is a bullet to the head. I do not vote but if I did,,, at this point,,, it would be for Biden as he would be a quick clean head shot for the nation. I agree with Knight. Either Trump is in on all this or he is a blithering idiot. IMO Trump is both.

      • Voting only lends them credence. Like the old antiwar slogan, “what if the held a war and nobody came?” What if they held an election and nobody voted. From exactly where would they claim their authority? I have no doubt they would make the claim anyway, but the mask would be off. We would see them for what they truly are.

        • The creeps, (politicians) can’t stand to be embarrassed. Most not showing up would embarrass them and the entire system.

      • It is becoming increasingly difficult to stomach voting for the Orange man, but, Biden would be awful. Since you live in VA, it is likely going blue anyway. I live in OK, so, I’m voting for Trump, though it will likely go read. If I was in Texas, I would definitely support the president while holding my nose.

      • Hi Eric
        It seems a choice these days between a slow kill or a fast kill. Biden is a POS but a fast kill while Trump showing to be terrible, not quite as bad as Biden, but will be a slow miserable death for the nation.

  10. You mention an interesting point about the back up cameras. They’re one example of how attempting to solve one problem creates another problem.

    In this case, federal edicts were enacted to make cars more capable of withstanding roll over crashes by raising the beltlines of cars, raising the rear ends, thickening the A-B-C pillars, and reducing the glass area of the greenhouse overall. (Never mind that these edicts were passed after roll over crashes were increasing because of the SUV craze in which people were driving them like sports cars, which you are not supposed to do.)

    That means that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to see out of the back of cars today. So people backed into things, and other people.

    Enter the back up camera as a solution. Now cars are SAFER!!! Or are they?

    Turns out, that’s another complicated and costly system to break on you, and people back into things anyway because the field of vision and depth perception of the camera is inferior to even the naked eye.

    Kinda of how airbags came about as cars became flimsier in the late 80s and early 90s…but that’s another story for another time.

    • Funny thing about parking aides – when I got my first car with parking sensors many years ago, the guy selling it to me was all about how wonderful they are – when I was test driving and backing up looking at the mirrors and over my shoulder like you naturally do, he kept telling me not to worry and the sensor will beep whenever something gets close to any side. I thought he was crazy and that I can never rely purely on sensors without actually looking.

      Many years later – whenever I go back home and drive my dads car (a very basic spec Toyota) – I just cant back it up without tapping something !!!

  11. “Before it’s too late”. Sad to say, Eric, I think it’s already too late. Even a lot of my “friends”, who I thought had similar views to mine, have bought into this diaper business. I’m being made to feel like a baby killer because I don’t accept it. And as you know from your back and forth dialogues with the Clovers, NOTHING you say will change their mind.

    • Hi Floriduh man,

      Your are quite likely right about the . . . Clovers. They are a lost cause. But not everyone is one – and for their sake as well as ours I won’t become a Clover nor truckle to them in any way.

      I don’t care if that means I’m standing in the path of a tsunami. So be it.

      There are things more important than life. Including living.

      • That’s pretty much it, liberty is more important than life itself. I believe God put us here to live our lives as a process of learning,refining, and discovering. All of which mandates are intended to kill. I decided long ago to never submit. It gets harder every day as the tyranny ratchets up, but you have to live by principles.

        • Indeed, since most have never experienced liberty, and are taught that it’s a sin in public schools, there is very little support for it. Let’s face it. If one were to insist on complete NAP liberty one would already be dead. I have no illusion that we will ever enjoy NAP liberty, nor has anyone enjoyed it for hundreds of years, unless able to buy their own nation. Modern people seem to suffer the delusion that they cannot exist without someone holding a gun to their head and forcing them to do this or not do that. A thing no sane person would do to another, except to keep another from doing so to them. They insist on their preferred Psychopaths In Charge. As if it made a difference which ones are.

    • It makes me sick when I see 99 percent of people diapered up going into the got-damned store. I want to swing at everyone. I guess that makes me a psychopath according to some newsweek article. They are driving me to it. I don’t behave like that normally.

      • You aren’t psychopathic, Swamp. Your anger is normal and reasonable. We are being bullied and shamed for declining to kowtow to cultic behavior. It is the damnedest thing I’ve seen. We now know what it was like to be heliocentric apostates, whispering among ourselves, when the mob regarded the earth as the ordained center of the universe and those who denied it enemies of the faith.


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