Drinking Soda Hut! Hut! Hut!

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A guy drinking a can of soda is almost Hut! Hut! Hutted! by a pair of armed government workers dressed to the nines in the very latest police state gear – multiple magazines at the ready; body armor. Taser mounted quick-draw-style and at the ready.

This is the country we now live in now. One in which people can’t even walk down the sidewalk without heavily armed government goons accosting them. These two evince the contempt for the people they “serve” and “keep safe” by mocking the man for expressing concern about being confronted by a pair of armed thugs with a literal license to kill.

Ask yourself what form of two-legged cockroach would perform such “work” – and behave this way. These two are exactly the sort who would kick down doors to “secure” no-longer-allowed firearms; would herd people into busses.

And much worse.


  1. Channeling my inner John McEnroe, you CANNOT be serious! These a-holes jammed up a guy because-gasp-he was drinking a Pepsi in public?!

    • Anything to stop someone from drinking a PEPSI product is an act of human kindness.

      But yeah, getting on the guy for drinking soda pop? Sheez, I know walking a beat can be BORING at times, but c’mon….

      • It would seem the guy’s safety was his least priority.

        I didn’t drink sodies for many years. But having crud in my throat one day I couldn’t get out and working my butt off, that water just wasn’t cutting it.

        I stopped at a convenience store and bought a fountain lemon-lime thing, forget the name. It did cut the crud, not as well as a cold beer but I was driving a truck and all that bs. If I knew I’d be eating. I’d stop at a good place with good, cold beer and good food. Eat and drink a couple of those big mugs of beers. Getting through the D-Ft.Worth metroplex was a bit easier. Some Big Red chewing gum hid the smell of a good black lager.

  2. Imagine if it was a *diet* soda, one made with Aspartame.

    Right before we fled WA State, Ridgefield, WA, just north of Portland, enacted a soda tax and an ordnance against driving “while distracted” according to officer’s discretion.

    How long before some unfortunate motorist is Hut Hut Hut-ed because he commited the crime of driving into Ridgefield sipping on a beverage sourced outside the city limits within sight of an AGW?

    I don’t think it will be long at all … if it hasn’t already happened.

    Hated WA State. Biggest mistake of my life. *Lots* of Clovers to the point that the highway patrol posts numbers on billboards to turn in HOV lane violators. The numbers get used!

    • Oh yeah, I remember seeing those. “746-HERO” or something like that. How revolting. Didn’t parents in the old days teach their kids not to be tattletales?

    • I recall a movie from 1982, called “First Blood” (now titled “Rambo, First Blood, Part One”), where the anti-hero, a former Green Beret with a serious case of PTSD, is harassed by a local WA rural sheriff (judging by the surrounding terrain and the stated direction to Portland, the town is South Bend, the county seat of Pacific county), where the local sheriff does the “Hut! Hut! Hut!” thing on John Rambo after his “friendly advice” to seek a meal elsewhere is disregarded. Naturally, all hell breaks loose once the former Green Beret responds instinctively to mistreatment by the bullying deputy sergeant.

      In the case of our Pepsi aficionado, the cops checking to see if he MIGHT be drinking in public, albeit a cite-able offense, is NOT warranted by the mere sign of consumption of some beverage in public. If the man had a paper bag around the container, or showed obvious signs of intoxication, that’d be different, but in this case, they were detaining him unlawfully. Sue the “bah-stahds”!!

  3. Every time they kill/taser//rob/harass coppers are losing credibility. Even the SS didn’t dress in such a manner nor did the Al Capone era thugs. Soon no one will want to have even a small interaction with them. They have lost all respect from thinking Americans. You could tell the smart ass copper was getting irritated by his attitude and fake smile. He would be the one to kill you and do a high five with his buddies at the bar drinking it up.
    The citizen although not the best example considering attire,,, although I have seen much worse when out shopping in the stores, especially Walmart,,, did nothing to warrant their attention.

  4. I don’t know who’s the bigger dousche- the cocky ass white cop with the low IQ or the unwashed smart ass.
    The unwashed rightly has issues with the SS but his attitude, language, carriage ass say punk ass-looser.

    The fastest way to get yourself in an unpleasant situation is to get cocky with a armed government goon. They are just foot soldiers. The cause is the Marxists we keep electing.

    • “I don’t know who’s the bigger dousche- the cocky ass white cop with the low IQ or the unwashed smart ass.”

      Really? Seems clear to me that the one violating the citizens rights, with qualified immunity if he simply shot the guy on the spot, wins the douche prize.

      “They are just foot soldiers.”

      That excuse is the cause. They need to be held accountable by maximum penalty for every violation they commit. Instead, they are above the law and we are not protected AT ALL from their psychopathic whims.

    • Hi Chris,

      Indeed. My “white privilege” didn’t immunize me from an almost Hut! Hut! Hutting! by AGWs about three years ago. AGWs regard all of us as “threats” to their “safety” – which they define as anything less than cringing obeisance to every barked order.

      The nature of the work – which has become almost entirely about Showing Who is Boss – also attracts bullies and worse. A psychologically normal man couldn’t be an AGW. He’d be unable to perform, so to speak.

      So, instead, we are under the gun (literally) of body-armored psychopaths – usually low-IQ psychopaths – who have been trained to consider anyone they encounter who isn’t one of themselves a “threat” that must be “neutralized.” (Assuming they could spell it.)

      Americans have the memories of goldfish. I can remember when American cops wore short-sleeved shirts, usually blue, and carried a revolver. Military high-capacity weapons and body armor were characteristics of the Imperial Sarduaker Terror Troops of the Soviet Union, East Germany or Pinochet’s Chile.

      • The Police of my youth also had normal guy haircuts, no gang tattoos and lived among us in our neighborhoods. They were our neighbors and friends, and were actually there to protect and serve.

        How I miss the old days.

      • One of the local cops back in my high school days was on my Dad’s bowling team, and my biggest fear was that he may tell Dad about the stupid crap he pulled me over for the week before.

        We got off with a lot of stern warnings, and beer confiscated. There was never a need to go all Hut Hut Hut on us, and we all turned out OK.

        • We used to go drinking on the jetty in Pt. Pleasant, NJ. The cops would occasionally pay us a visit. Sometimes, word would be passed that the cops were coming, and you’d hear glass bottles being smashed up and down the jetty; it was comical!

          Sometimes though, either word didn’t get to you; or if it did, you weren’t quick enough disposing the evidence, i.e. smashing the bottle. In that case, the cops would walk up, pick up the bottle, and ask who it belonged to. No one would answer, so they’d dump the bottle out in front of us. Then, they’d tell us to leave and go home. We did, and that was the end of it.

      • I was about 19 and riding around one Sunday morning enjoying the nice day. I turned into a place to turn around and the DPS pulled up beside me going the wrong way. They were out so they could watch the Cowboy game and get in their hours early.

        So they call me by name and asked what I was drinking. I almost said “nothing”. Just because you have a can in your hand doesn’t mean you’re drinking and especially for me, I was probably about to chunk it for another.

        So I hold up a Seven Up. They just tore off. I wouldn’t have been out but the extended family was at my parent’s house and the howling, screaming and shit smell of uncontrollable kids was more than I could stand.

        As I think about it, I open the trunk, and sure enough, there was a cooler half full of cold beer. It was Miller Time at that point.

        Back then they didn’t charge you with evading unless they could catch you. The only way they could have caught me was for me to have a flat. One of my fav things to do was to embarrass the big block Mopar crowd. Back then no Ford’s were in the running. Imagine spending all that money for a
        Stang with a 428 with two fours that SBC powered everything would blow into the weeds.

        • I saw a couple of big block ‘stangs last night @ cruise night. One was a ’69 fastback with a four in the floor; the other was a Shelby GT500. I also saw an old Coronet with a 440 Magnum.

          If you’re ever in Jersey in the summer time, go to Sommerville on a Friday night. Main Street will be PACKED with classic cars! It’s one of the best cruise nights on the east coast…

          • Growing up my neighbor had a Coronet 440, the wife’s car. She’d take her son and me to school in it. I’ll never forget the sub-zero Ohio mornings when she’d fire it up and plant her foot to the floor to “warm it up” from a cold start. Man, did that thing howl. I’m sure, though, the engine’s life was, to quote Hobbes, “nasty, brutish and short”.

        • In the suburbs of Houston, I watch white collar types drink cold ones from a can in broad daylight on the commute home. We also have anti cell phone laws in some parts but people still use them and just keep an eye out for johnny law. I’m sure they’ve come up with a disposal plan too if they are ever caught or pulled over with a cold one.


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