“Cooperative” Man is Hut! Hut! Hutted!

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We are told that being “cooperative” with armed government workers is the best way to avoid being Hut! Hut! Hutted! by them. Here’s more evidence to the contrary.

A Baytown, Texas man was doing absolutely nothing illegal when he was accosted by a pair of armed government workers in a gas station parking lot. The AGWs made vague assertions of nothingness about the man’s actions. The man – baffled, but certain of his innocence of illegal activity – freely consents to a pat down and then freely gives the AGWs consent to rummage around in his car. After a few minutes the man – becoming annoyed – asks: “When am I free to go”?

The AGW says: “Whenever” – and almost immediately attacks the man, jerking his arms behind his back and threatening to “drop” him. The man is then put into a chokehold and Tasered; he was subsequently charged with . . . “resisting” his tormentors.

These charges have been dropped – and no other charges were filed. The man had prescription antibiotics in his car.

But no illegal anything.

His actions were those of an innocent man. But he was treated as presumptively guilty – by vicious armed men acting under color of law. It appears there was nothing he could have done to avoid being Hut! Hut! Hutted! by these thugs with badges.

He submitted – and obeyed.

It did not matter.

The Hut! Hut! Hutting! was a foreordained fact.

Given that AGWs will Hut! Hut! Hut! regardless of the “cooperation” of their prey, it is arguably sound policy to not cooperate – in terms of making their despicable job any easier than it already is (AGWs having effectively unlimited power to do whatever they want to do to us). The upside to not being “cooperative” – in terms of not giving them permission to search your person or your vehicle – being that after you’ve been Hut! Hut Hutted! it is possible a court might throw out whatever “evidence” the AGWs acquired by the non-consensual search they performed.

But the Hut! Hut! Hutting! itself is largely unavoidable the moment AGWs have decided that you are going to be their prey today.

. . .

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  1. Careful Eric…. FYI,,,,, New Yawk City is passing a law that would be a felony if you are disrespectful to a copper punishable with 1-4 years imprisonment. 🙁

    This is due to people throwing water on them. Of course the cops could have arrested them for assault but didn’t get flustered about it. And of course orange man says we all should love our hero’s.

    The question is “Who defines disrespectful”? So don’t flip one off……

    Many States are following suit. Yep,,, we’re circling the toilet bowl waiting for the final swooosh!

    • Hi Ken,

      And this is what bothers me most about Orange Man. The yin-yang of reverence for anything with a uniform and a badge combined with a desire to punish those who do not reverence the badge.

      The idea that it could become a crime to be “disrespectful” is alarming in the extreme. This is not an action but merely an attitude. Or rather, a lack of a sufficiently servile attitude – this to be defined in whatever way the AGW wishes to define it. “He looked at me funny.” Off to prison you go. If such a thing ever does become possible, then people have not only a right but a duty to defend themselves physically and by any means necessary whenever an AGW so much as approaches them. For the same reason that people have the right to defend themselves against any menacing thug.

      I do not say this lightly. And I say it with profound regret. But it has become necessary to say it.


  2. There’s not enough on the video to adequately substantiate either side’s story, all we have is, once Mr. Crawford is being cuffed, he verbally objects (no indications of “resisting” or “interference”), believing that there’s no reason to arrest him, and the officer IMMEDIATELY threatens to “drop him” (which could be reasonably inferred by Mr. Crawford as more on the nature that his ass is going to be shot, rather than the officer show him a wrestling move).

    Crawford made a SERIOUS mistake by allowing the officers to search his vehicle at all! That’s even worse than why isn’t he taking my “advice” to always record, Record, RECORD every encounter with law enforcement? That and he’s talking too goddamned much! Save your desire for self-expression for things like blogging on ericpetersaauto.com! All he needed was the proverbial “Name, Rank, and Serial Number” (BTW, the instructors playing the role of an enemy interrogator do a good job with a rubber hose on you in the “Escape and Evasion” course, when it was my turn (1984), they had a PAVN defector whom claimed to have interrogated American POWs, he was in his late 40’s or early 50’s but one tough little shit, after ten minutes, you might actually BELIEVE you were in ‘Nam!), and didn’t even need to show “ID” (he wasn’t ‘driving’). True, the cops will claim that refusal to consent search gives probable cause to search (the courts, even in Texas, have explicitly declared that unlawful), and, of course, they can play the little game of get the K9 out to do its little run around the run, and “alert” on cue from the handler, to justify a warrantless search, but it’s IMPORTANT for quite a few reasons to at least have it on record that he did NOT consent! At least the Baytown PD didn’t “plant” some weed or “rock” in there, just to “make sure”.

    Look, I travel all the time, and have a considerable regimen of meds and nutritional supplements. I keep a picture of them, in the medicine cabinet, on hand on my phone, as well as the latest Rx which comes when I get them renewed and mailed. It might be considered reasonable to detain Mr. Crawford on suspicion of carrying illicit drugs, which is more than simply some “rock” or “meth”, it can be Rx which is commonly legally prescribed but does have an underground market. However, without identification, all they can do, absent a statement from Mr. Crawford as to what he thinks it is (and he’s not obligated to say so and shouldn’t), is have it identified by a pharmacist and proceed accordingly. If this guy carried the documentation that I suggested on him, to avoid an unnecessary arrest he might be able to show it to the cops. Then, IF they refuse to believe him, he might have something on the grounds they weren’t acting in good faith.

    As for the tasing…who KNOWS? I believe, based on hearing the one officer threaten Crawford with being “dropped”, they did tase him, and there’s no way to know if Crawford resisted or otherwise was being enough of a threat to justify that action.

    Of course, we see the entire posse of black men, with the attorney, also black, and the articulate, well-dressed, handsome young BLACK reporter talking the case up, under presumption that this was some sort of “racial profiling” and/or race-motivated police brutality. And it might well have been, we just don’t see enough of the video to reasonably judge either way! Of course, at times race really isn’t a “factor”, the cops can be complete assholes on a “Equal Opportunity” basis…e.g, black, white, brown, short, or tall, their asses, they kick ’em ALL! But after seeing a similar incident which fortunately DIDN’T result in an “arrest’ (well, not a booking, just a “temporary” arrest, or ‘Detaining’, but the kid was in cuffs, just the same), although again, there’s no proof that it was based on racial prejudice, the cops did NOTHING but affirm the fears of LAW-ABIDING black people that the cops are “specially” targeting THEM for no fault of their own, other than their race.


    Look, I’m as sick of the “race card” being played, especially by that gaggle of Dummycrat Presidential hopefuls, and especially that embarrassment to the once-“Golden” State, Sen. Kamala Harris, and this presumption of ‘racism’ for being a White, CHRISTIAN, heterosexual male…BUT…I have to make the best attempt to see it from the other guys’ viewpoint, and I don’t like how decent black AMERICANS are being harassed and treated as presumed criminals by the police…and these jerks with badges and sidearms just don’t friggin’ GET it! They are so goddamned wrapped up in their own sense of superiority over the public whom they supposedly “protect and serve”, and if there’s one thing that pushes my “beserker” button, it’s when they refer to said public as “civilians”. Sad to say, it’s not the MILITARY which has become what the Founding Fathers once feared, at least not the “formal” military, its these CIVILIAN law enforcement agencies whom adopted the attitudes and tactics of a paramilitary force occupying enemy territory, engaged in “seek and destroy” missions. This wholly misguided and BRUTAL law enforcement policies on American communities in general, but especially those with high “minority” population, is counter-productive and only serves to further ALIENATE the public and EXACERBATE the problems! But maybe that’s what these asshole cops WANT! Ever notice how, when you can’t get the bastards to respond at all, or in a timely manner, when you do call, yet, bam, in just a few minutes, when there might be “twubble”, you’ve got a platoon of ’em out there, mostly STANDING AROUND, posturing, and if the unfortunate sot is getting his ass kicked for not sufficiently respecting the ‘Authoritai” of the cops, either just stand by or even join in on the “fun”? At times, I wonder IF the “high crime rates” and these incidents are deliberately promulgated by the cops in order to justify their staffing levels and pay rates? If not rampaging soldiers, at least armed bureaucrats, run amok, ever looking for reasons to justify their existence!


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