Handcuffed Hut! Hut! Hut!

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Here’s video out of two armed government workers beating the crap out of a handcuffed “suspect.”

The buzzcut beatdown begins after the AGWs have removed the man (and a female driver) from the vehicle and right after a disgusting crotch grope by one of the AGWs. This understandably unsettles the man, who objects just a little bit – and immediately has his head smashed violently onto the hood of the AGW’s car.

At this point, the beatdown begins.

The “suspect” is punched repeatedly – remember, he is handcuffed – by two armed “men,” who apparently can’t get him to “stop resisting” otherwise.

It’s worth pointing an interesting disparity in actuality. We are hectored about “drug violence,” but who is violent here? The man and woman Hut! Hut! Hutted! don’t appear to have done any violence to anyone. They apparently “dealt drugs” – like the state-sanctioned ABC stores in my state. Whoops, that’s legal “drug” dealing!

Point being, the AGWs are the ferociously violent ones here; the initiators of violence. The clear “threat” to peaceful people going about their business. You may not like the business they happen to be in. So what? Your liking it – or not – is an irrelevance. Unless you think it’s okay for people to be waylaid and beaten to a pulp because someone doesn’t like their business.

In that case, what happens when someone doesn’t like the business you’re in?

Some people don’t like bankers. Or lawyers. If it becomes illegal tomorrow to make loans or write a will,  do you support Hut! Hut! Hutting! them?

How about kids’ summer lemonaid stands – without a “permit”?

We’re either free to go about our business – so long as our business is peaceful – or we live in a police state where what other people don’t “like” can make us “criminals” subject to what you see here.

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  1. Anyone who is in opposition to the destruction of America is labeled with meaningless accusations such as RACIST, HATER, EXTREMIST, BIGOT or any number of Communist wordsmith epithets not the least of which is the crown jewel….ANTI SEMITE.
    Our society is being demolished by America hating degenerates who’ve elevated themselves to political power with the primary assistance of a sinister and ALIEN News/Entertainment Media dominated by Jewish Communist Change Agents that determine the outcome of political elections and their policies as well as whet the human herd thinks and speaks.
    There is much more to it, but the REAL issue is that the TARGET of these subversives have been brainwashed into not caring as their nation is conquered and they are oblivious to the personal implications of such stupidity. They will remain so until it is too late, because they have allowed themselves to be tethered to political correctness like fish on a giant hook.

    • I don’t mind being called a racist. In the first place, I do prefer my own race to others. What is wrong with that ? In the second place, like you said, anyone who supports American values or traditional values is called a racist fifty times a day. After a while, it rolls off like water off a duck’s back. In the third place, the term ‘racist’ was invented by Leon Trotsky of the Soviet Union as a part of a propaganda campaign to convince third-worlders of the evils of capitalism and the superiority of the communist system. Trotsky also helped to kill 30 million of his own countrymen and women under the direction of his boss, Joseph Stalin. So I am a ‘racist’. Whatever.

    • There is nothing ALIEN about those who run the entertainment industry, the vast majority are native-born Americans. In the past they have given us cultural icons such as John Wayne, Doris Day, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, etc. Communists? Hardly, Hollywood is a capitalistic money machine. If people don’t like the crap currently pouring out of the entertainment industry all they have to do is refuse to buy it. If there’s one thing Hollywood studios hate with a passion it is losing money. The idea that the U.S. has been “conquered” is raving lunatic paranoia.

      • JF, it’s been easy for me. I don’t buy what the commies produce and won’t till they either quit or I do. As far as what Fye Daddy was speaking of, last week a woman employed by a school in Florida refused to sign an oath pledging allegiance to Israel. She was fired. If that’s not communism I don’t know what is but they’ll try to spin it as anti-semitism.

        I don’t go for this shit since nearly every single elected shithead in congress takes Israeli money to give them rights beyond the rights of US citizens. They can come to the US with no restrictions, not even have to pass go for the TSA scum of the earth but not the other way around.

        This country has supported Israel since day one, and it’s been a disaster. They want the US to go to war till there’s nothing left of this country and all their Zionist shiteaters can take over and we’ll be the US of Israel. I ain’t buying it and there won’t be a single real Texan that does. Unfortunately we’re covered up with NE yankees and Ca. yankees. We should have built a wall a long time ago. It would have paid for itself nearly immediately. They can all KMA. I’m nearly 70 so they can do whatever they think they can do but they’ll have to fight me to do it.

    • Well Flinders finally said something right. If you dont like movies dont go see them. Havent seen one for years. However the rest is the usual. the folks who run hollywood and the media owe allegiance to a foreign country. hm what country could that be. let me think…

      • Funny, I’ve yet to see you say anything right. Keep trying, you may get there one day. None of us here should hold our breath though. You’ve already gone off the rails here with the usual Stormfront-type garbage.

    • Not to mention movies absolutely suck these days with SjW warrior captain america and the rest of the hollywood communist filth making propaganda instead of actual entertainment. Go watch ghostbusters II. I dare you.

  2. In Walmart the other day,,, bought some Gunk Fuel Injection Cleaner and the machine required I be over 21 to buy.

    This sh*t is getting beyond stupid.

    • How about the signs that say ‘if you look to be under the age of 40 you will be required to show ID to buy tobacco (age 18 by law) or alcohol (age 21 by law). F#ck them !

  3. It appears the idiot cops had a good bust if done properly but today, hubris, arrogance and stupidity seems to take precedence.

    One of the cops had shot and killed a man while employed as a ‘law enforcement officer’ in a different county in 2015. These hoods just move from one jurisdiction to another when things get hot. I imagine the Police Union will manage to find some excuse to get these cops off the hook.

    Actions like this will not bode well for the cops in the future.

    • Hi Ken,

      Amen. And: I have lost many “conservative” friends over the years defending – here it comes – “niggers who deal drugs.” I reply:

      So, you don’t believe in liberty then?

      I get a sour look. And proceed:

      Look, if you believe in liberty then you must accept the right of people who wish to produce, sell and buy “drugs” – whether coffee or alcohol of meth – to freely do so provided their actions are peaceful and consensual. This is a general principle and there can be no exceptions to principle without undermining those principles. You either support liberty in principle or you do not.

      If you do not, then your “conservatism” is just repackaged liberalism. You both favor controlling others who’ve not harmed anyone by their actions (as such) because you disapprove of them. You both favor government bullying people for reasons you approve of.

      You are both tyrants, differing only in terms of whom you prefer to apply the tyranny to.

      • eric, you must be a drug dealer too to speak like that. People will often respond that way first and then outright say “you can do all the drugs you want but keep away from my kids”. Well, they’re right about one thing, I should be able to do all the drugs I want but dead wrong on their kids. I sorta avoid kids unless they belong to a good friend.

        I had a trucker friend who went to a border patrol seminar. He came back and told me “You know (those) people smoke (that) dope and then kill their kids.” Wow, what an all inclusive statement.

        I replied to him “Damn, that must be why all my friends kids disappear”. and stared contemptuously. He got off that kick pretty quickly. I heard no more about it and he never quit trucking. And I bet he’s smoked pot before and knows he does one of the worse damaging drugs, alcohol.

      • Drugs do need some regulation. You shouldnt be able to get them from vending machines. the experience of Portugal with heroin decriminalization is very successful. legalizing them would go a long way towards eliminating that garbage out on the streets and would likely cut murders in Chicago 90%. I’m not sure about legalizing meth that stuff is bad but the consumers shouldnt be criminalized but the producers could be.

        • Hi Mark,

          Says who?

          Why not?

          What legitimate business is it of other people – in a free country – what I freely choose to buy and others freely choose to sell?

          “Some people can’t handle it”? That doesn’t impose any obligation on me – much less justify punishing me (for what someone else did).

          • Mark3 and Eric,

            “You shouldnt be able to get them from vending machines.”

            But the truly terrible stuff like candy, pop, and chips is available everywhere FOR THE CHILDREN.

            The best vending machines I’ve ever used were at Lowery AFB in Denver. Fifty cents for ice cold Coor’s.

            Imagine a vending machine that dispenses alcohol, tobacco, firearms/ammo, and explosives.

            Next to that one, you’d have viagra, condoms, stockings, and flowers. On the bottom row maybe a package deal of dark chocolate, tampons, and a joint. (Ensuring domestic tranquillity for your homeland.)

            That’s what a free country would look like.

        • Hi Mark,

          It is likely that a private insurance model could deal with this issue without government regulation. Distributing a potentially lethal product without any oversight, would open oneself up to some type of reckless endangerment suit. Anyway, self interest and the profit motive would create something more effective than the brute force of government regulation.

          As for meth, once you concede that some drugs are so dangerous that their production must be banned, you have lost the entire argument. Everyone will have different opinions about what qualifies and the principle, people are free to decide for themselves, is lost.

          Also, banning doesn’t work, drug warriors constantly pretend that the choice is between dangerous drugs being available or not. This is absurd, in fact banning a substance always makes it more potent and more dangerous. The economics of this are simple, a more concentrated product yields a better return at a given risk/punishment level. It is likely that meth would be far less bad if it were legal. See Mark Thornton on the “Iron Law of Prohibition”.



          • Amen, Jeremy!

            Alcohol – beer – is a “potentially lethal product.” So is cough syrup. So is almost anything. In a free country, it is up to the buyer to exercise discretion, moderation and sound sense. It isn’t the proper role of government to punish X for the indiscretion, immoderation and idiocy of Y.

            I would like to be able to buy serious meds such as painkillers – for just in case – without a quack’s “permission.” I am not an imbecile; and I judge it my right to buy anything I feel the need for – and reject the idea that some asshole with a badge, gun and “law” can abuse me for peacefully minding my own business.

        • The premise that some people are too stupid to make decisions for themselves thus nobody should. What does this premise get us?

          It gets us people seeking to be the ones to make the decisions so that people are legally obligated to pay them. Then people wonder why various goods and services are so expensive.

          It also gets us control seeking to be the ones making the decisions for the purpose of controlling everyone else.

          So what is the obvious thing to do in such a system? Create as many stupid people as possible to require as much management as possible.

        • M3, you have lost your mind. Every person is a “free man”. Govt. has no legal hold on doing whatever you want to your body and selling or bartering what ever it is you produce to anyone who wants it.

          If it’s kids, so be it. You should teach your kids better. If you can’t take responsibility for the children you produce, it’s all on you.

          I’ve taken speed of various sorts in my life to be safe. It’s better to be a bit sped up than to wreck falling asleep. If I kill or injure someone, it’s on me, no matter if it’s simply fatigue. If I take a bennie, and it keeps me awake, you’re all the more safer for it. I’ve gotten out of bed after plenty of rest, and hit the road…only to be nearly asleep very shortly. I have nearly all my “legal” hours left. So I can keep going…..dozing at the wheel. Do you want me to have a bit of caffeine or methamphetamine(like Air Force pilots) or just run over you when I’m sound asleep at the wheel?

          It’s all on me anyway. Why should anyone be able to tell me what to do with my own body? And if I’m sitting at home, who’s to be hurt……besides myself, if I take a drink, or a toke or any other damned thing. I’ve seen people who are more dangerous than somebody taking drugs by eating too much. Should someone be monitoring their intake? Where is that in the Constitution? You’re not a libertarian in any way. You just want things the way YOU WANT THINGS….just because. Don’t pretend to be for freedom. You only want people to be able to do what YOU want them to do. That’s not freedom by any means. And yes, you also can KMA. There is a worse taste, your own blood when you try to dominate me.

      • Hey Eric

        Same here when I ask them (conservatives) why they want such a yuuuge military while they’re screaming for small government. Unpossible and Absolute nonsense.

  4. “We’re either free to go about our business – so long as our business is peaceful – or we live in a police state where what other people don’t “like” can make us “criminals” subject to what you see here.”

    I’ll take We Live In A Police State for $200 Alex.


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