A Hero Story….

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I know a guy, a local guy, who has an older (1980s vintage) car that he bought with tinted windows. This guy is pretty poor and makes his living driving a truck. He is in his mid-50s and just trying to get by.%22Heroes%22

I ran into him the other day and he had a story for me.

A local Hero issued him a $100 ticket that he can’t afford for the heinous god-awful crime of having tinted windows. He was at the local gas n’ go, filling up, when the Hero spied the crime and immediately took the necessary action. No friendly (if such a word can be used when describing thinly veiled threats issued by a guy with a gun and legal authority to use it to enforce his edicts) warning to de-tint the car. The Hero just handed this poor local guy who can’t afford it a $100 ticket, just because he can. As a well-paid tax-feeder, $100 is no big stuff – especially when your job is to keep those taxes (which is what we’re dealing with here) in-flowing

The Hero’s car, meanwhile, has heavily tinted windows.

It is also paid for by the same taxpayers, like my friend, who get fleeced to fund their own fleecing.

And they (the Heroes) wonder why they’re hated.

The argument trotted out is of course, Officer Safety.

It is always about their safety. Never ours.%22heroes%22 2

The Heroes want to be able to easily look into your car  – even when you’ve not given them any legal reason to conduct such a search – and what else is it when a person with legal authority to arrest and cage you is eyeballing the interior of your vehicle?

In ages long gone, it was the obligation of cops to adduce evidence of a crime before accosting anyone – and the legal system was structured such as to make this job difficult. The default was innocent until proved guilty.

Today, the default is prove your innocence or be presumed guilty.

I was thinking about all this in context of the death of Nancy Reagan. Her husband – the fetish object of “conservatives” (read: government-snugglers) was the one who gave us the Hero Cult, the veneration of the enforcer class (soldiers and cops). Pre Ronnie, cops did not look like assault troops, did not carry high-capacity/high-powered military-grade hardware. But the biggest difference, pre-Ronnie, was that it took a lot to escalate an interaction between a citizen and a cop to the lethal force level. One could argue with a cop by the side of the road over something like my neighbor’s “crime” and the expectation on both sides was that no one was going to get shot or Tazered.

The system wasn’t perfect – from a Libertarian purist point-of-view. But it was much less awful than it has become. It took a lot of provocation before a cop drew a gun on someone. %22heroes%22 3

The now-characteristic buzz-cut, steroid-addled thuggery was unusual, the exception rather than the rule. Probably because citizens were still treated as such. Rather than subjects.

No, worse.

As “threats” (the Heroes’ favorite term) in the military sense… when the military in question is a jacked-up bully organization psychologically (and soon, actually) on par with the Einsatzgruppen deployed against the Soviet populace by the occupying Germans. Or – more modern example – the Israeli thugs who brutalize the Arab peons in the name of Israel uber alles.

It is no coinkee-dink that the tactics of “our troops” derive from Israeli tactics and this goes for the other Heroes, too.

Obey, submit. We are in charge and you will accept it.

Nancy – and Ronnie – probably never gave much thought (like most “conservatives”) to the casual brutality they unleashed, nicely wrapped in the red white and blue. They may even have imagined themselves to be doing the Right Thing. Such thoughtless disposal of other people’s lives is what the writer Hannah Arendt meant when she talked of the banality of evil.

Such as an overweight douche in a special outfit who casually and without compunction or twinge of conscience stopped my friend at gunpoint, then relieved him of $100 just because he could.

Such a person will just as readily do much worse when so commanded.

Which he will be.

We had better grok this – and get ready.

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  1. For Chrissakes ‘ Jesus was a Palestian(sorry about the spelling ) I lost confidence in the Isreali bunch when I seen that abbreviated clip of an Isreali tank running up on a Palestinian ambulance(I would have liked to have been there with a “Panzerfaust” or at least an RPG ,I have a nagging suspicion that the tank was furnished courtesy of the American Taxpayer.These stupid wanks that defend the status quo,really get my goat ,Have these suckers ever had an original thought in their lives ?
    Palestinains bleed red too.Does the common man with a family ,mean nothing now ?

    • Hi Rich,

      Yes, indeed.

      I have yet to hear of a Hero demanding that his partner “buckle up for safety”… much less ticket him for failing to do so!

      • Dear Eric,

        Too many apologists for LEOs persist in missing the real point.

        The real point goes far beyond whether any individual LEO might be sincerely attempting to do his job.

        The real point is that his job is not a job that ought to be done in the first place. Therefore it does not actually matter how sincerely he might be attempting to do it.

        “Law Enforcement Official” is the term the crime family with a flag uses for its own leg breakers.

  2. Doing an Anti-Money laundering training here.
    Things like illegal gambling (which includes the poker game with your buddies and the office football pool, for example) are huge issues. As is tax evasion. And it goes to fund ter’rists, dontcha know….

    Key paragraph for this:
    Guilty verdicts on all 108 counts against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development were announced in federal court in Dallas, Texas, representing the largest victory against terrorist financing in the U.S. since the 9/11 attacks.
    So… Tell me AGAIN how the world trade center wasn’t an inside job…? Because the wording in bold suggests the attack itself stopped ter’rist financing…
    And, as later in the training presentation, the examples or Ter’Rism include:
    – Proliferation of WMDs
    – International Narcotics Trafficking
    – Ter’rist financing…..

    That’s the US Gang of Thugs!

    So, theft and illicit sales are OK when THEY do it…

    Just two pieces so far, but WTF is going on? Why are WE the ones hammered….?
    This offsets some of it, but I begin (again) to see it’s just a big game…
    (You only get these paragraphs without a paid subscription. Yay for cheap training…)
    In February 2014, the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA), the self-regulatory body for the U.S. securities industry, suspended a former global anti-money laundering compliance officer at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. and assessed a record $8 million fine against the firm for its inadequate Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/anti-money laundering (AML) program and lack of oversight related to suspicious penny stock transactions. The former compliance officer personally paid $25,000 under the settlement he and Brown Brothers Harriman entered with FINRA.

    And in December 2014, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York filed a civil enforcement action against a former chief compliance officer for MoneyGram to enforce a $1 million penalty assessed by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). FinCEN based its assessment on the officer’s alleged role in compliance violations related to the use of MoneyGram’s services by perpetrators of fraudulent telemarketing and other schemes. The former officer’s attorneys stated, “FinCEN’s action today marks the first time, to our knowledge, that the government has filed suit to hold an individual compliance officer personally responsible for alleged anti-money laundering compliance failures of his employer.”

    Further in the training:
    Sanctions Monitoring and Surveillance Program….
    Perform surveillance activities (like watching where we go online…)

    It never ends, the control freak mindset is rife in New England…

    I’m trying to teach the young intern to look beyond the obvious. That a slave was an investment, and the owner had to feed, house, clothe the investment, and I should’ve also mentioned, keep them fat and happy, basically…. Hard work, followed by parties.
    Much like life in Cubeville…

  3. as an Israeli ex-soldier (conscript) who has served in the territories (in roadblocks and searches etc), I have no idea what Eric is talking about when he says “Israeli police tactics”.

    expect in cases of immediate physical threat (someone suddenly closing the distance or brandishing a weapon), no one uses the kind of high-handed attitude your U.S police uses. I did not detain people because they were “disrespectful”, I never aimed my rifle at anyone without a direct threat, and I never made arab people kneel or face away. In short, your police tactics are purely made in the U.S.A, don’t blame us.

    Regarding criticism of the Israeli state, I completely agree with your demand to stop the foregin aid and military backup. The corollary is that you should stop meddling in our affairs, limiting our actions in regards to the Muslim threat, and generally keep you opinions to yourselves. You do not live in this neighborhood, and have no idea what it takes to make life here safe.

    As an An-Cap, I would love for the state of Israel to stop existing. This would greatly increase the level of defensive violence used by Jewish defense companies in Israel to safeguard their clients from Islamic and other threats, resulting in a much safer life for me and my society. No defense company would be as hesitant or fumble-fingered as the government here when it comes to dealing with murders and hostile clans/tribes.

    • More like Israel meddles in OUR affairs and demands billions of dollars of stolen tax money every single year.

      Also, the training is Israeli, how they employ that training may differ between the Israelis and the US, but it is Israeli “anti – terrorist” training nonetheless.

      • “israel” doesn’t demand anything. The bunch of moochers that rules over us demands something from the bunch of moochers that rules over you. Do you think that if they didn’t give our moochers the money, they would reduce their level of looting you? and why should I feel guilty that those that steal from you funds those that oppress me?

        Regarding training, I can’t rightly say as I wan’t in LOTAR (anti-terrorism), but as I have said from my personal 3 years in the territories, police officers and soldiers in Israel don’t use these tactics in everyday interactions

    • You are likely only on the cusp of being an uncap. Like us all, you aspire to think and live as one, but the conditioning is so deep and thorough, it takes many years, and constant failures to attain the stateless mindset.

      The state of Israel already does not exist for most who comment here. Even though one out of 56 Americans is a Jew, almost nothing is known about the artificial nation-state. A place with 8 1/2 million, about the same as Austin TX, and Houston TX area combined where I currently reside.

      The hardest state to quit, is usually the one where you’ve lived most your life. But you must separate yourself from it, and not submit to its simple slogans, and gleaming lies, if you wish to truly be a clear minded anarcho capitalist.

      The State of Israel is divided into six main administrative districts, known as mehozot – Center, Haifa, Jerusalem, North, Southern, and Tel Aviv Districts, as well as the Judea and Samaria Area in the West Bank.

      All of the Judea and Samaria Area and parts of the Jerusalem and North districts are not recognized internationally as part of Israel. Districts are further divided into fifteen sub-districts known as nafot, which are themselves partitioned into fifty natural regions.

      The country is divided into three metropolitan areas: Tel Aviv metropolitan area (population 3,206,400), Haifa metropolitan area (population 1,021,000), and Beer Sheva metropolitan area (population 559,700).

      Israel’s largest municipality, in population and area, is Jerusalem with 773,800 residents in an area of 49 sq mi. Israeli government statistics on Jerusalem include the population and area of East Jerusalem, which is widely recognized as part of the Palestinian territories under Israeli occupation. Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Rishon LeZion rank as Israel’s next most populous cities, with populations of 393,900, 265,600, and 227,600 respectively.

      Really there are no true divisions in regards to statism. It is all the sad shambles and grotesque monstrosity that no one should have a single positive word to say about, ever. Are you a man, or are you a minion of a state, if at the end of the day, you prefer one state slavery over another, then you are still a minion, and not really worth talking to at this point.

      At best, there is a cartoon understanding of Netanyahu and a few other notables. By the same token, most or all of what you think you know, is also likely to be a lie, or at best, a half truth.

      Surely someone in power gave a green light for Zionism to flourish and take up new residence in the British Mandate. Payback perhaps to the Jewish Legion volunteers who helped conquer Palestine in the first place. Unlike America, Britain is always playing a very long con, and time and time again, wins greater power, even while seeming to lose many battles. Anyway, here is some of the official story:

      The first wave of modern Jewish migration to Ottoman-ruled Palestine, known as the First Aliyah, began in 1881, as Jews fled pogroms in Eastern Europe. Although the Zionist movement already existed in practice, Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl is credited with founding political Zionism, a movement which sought to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, thus offering a solution to the so-called Jewish Question of the European states, in conformity with the goals and achievements of other national projects of the time.

      In 1896, Herzl published Der Judenstaat (The State of the Jews), offering his vision of a future Jewish state; the following year he presided over the first Zionist Congress.

      The Second Aliyah (1904–14), began after the Kishinev pogrom; some 40,000 Jews settled in Palestine, although nearly half of them left eventually. Both the first and second waves of migrants were mainly Orthodox Jews, although the Second Aliyah included socialist groups who established the kibbutz movement.

      During World War I, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, that stated that Britain intended for the creation of a Jewish “national home” within the Palestinian Mandate.

      The Jewish Legion, a group primarily of Zionist volunteers, assisted, in 1918, in the British conquest of Palestine. Arab opposition to British rule and Jewish immigration led to the 1920 Palestine riots and the formation of a Jewish militia known as the Haganah (meaning “The Defense” in Hebrew), from which the Irgun and Lehi, or Stern Gang, paramilitary groups later split off.

      In 1922, the League of Nations granted Britain a mandate over Palestine under terms which included the Balfour Declaration with its promise to the Jews, and with similar provisions regarding the Arab Palestinians. The population of the area at this time was predominantly Arab and Muslim, with Jews accounting for about 11%, and Arab Christians at about 9.5% of the population.

      The Third (1919–23) and Fourth Aliyahs (1924–29) brought an additional 100,000 Jews to Palestine. Finally, the rise of Nazism and the increasing persecution of Jews in 1930s Europe led to the Fifth Aliyah, with an influx of a quarter of a million Jews. This was a major cause of the Arab revolt of 1936–39 during which the British Mandate authorities alongside the Zionist militias of Haganah and Irgun killed 5,032 Arabs and wounded 14,760, resulting in over ten percent of the adult male Palestinian Arab population being killed, wounded, imprisoned or exiled.

      The British introduced restrictions on Jewish immigration to Palestine with the White Paper of 1939. With countries around the world turning away Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust, a clandestine movement known as Aliyah Bet was organized to bring Jews to Palestine.

      By the end of World War II, the Jewish population of Palestine had increased to 33% of the total population. On July 22, 1946, Irgun attacked the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the southern wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

      91 people of various nationalities were killed and 46 were injured. The hotel was the site of the central offices of the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine, principally the Secretariat of the Government of Palestine and the Headquarters of the British Armed Forces in Palestine and Transjordan.

      The attack initially had the approval of the Haganah (the principal Jewish paramilitary group in Palestine). It was conceived as a response to Operation Agatha (a series of widespread raids, including one on the Jewish Agency, conducted by the British authorities) and was the deadliest directed at the British during the Mandate era (1920–1948).

      After World War II, Britain found itself in intense conflict with the Jewish community over Jewish immigration limits, as well as continued conflict with the Arab community over limit levels. The Haganah joined Irgun and Lehi in an armed struggle against British rule.

      At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Jewish Holocaust survivors and refugees sought a new life far from their destroyed communities in Europe. The Yishuv attempted to bring these refugees to Palestine but many were turned away or rounded up and placed in detention camps in Atlit and Cyprus by the British.

      Escalating violence culminated with the 1946 King David Hotel bombing which Bruce Hoffman characterized as one of the “most lethal terrorist incidents of the twentieth century”. In 1947, the British government announced it would withdraw from Mandatory Palestine, stating it was unable to arrive at a solution acceptable to both Arabs and Jews. Thus was born, the UN Partition Plan…

      UN Partition Plan for Palestine

    • Thanks, Natan. I have wondered about all the anti-Israel accusations. I have no respect for any govt. but I am happy to know the people there don’t put up with the abuse by LEOs we have in the US. It’s disgusting, embarrassing and I do not identify with most Americans anymore. I do not salute the flag. I have no allegiance to the US Empire and do not accept blame or shame for it. I have been in rebellion since 1954, when at the age of 12 I realized that govt. is thuggery. It makes me sick to see people worship it, or any govt.

    • Natan, you ever heard to the SWAT team nationals they hold every year? A few years ago they were doing it in LA with all the top SWAT teams including one from Israel. The Isaeli’s won, clearing the house in record time leaving no on alive, not even the children. When asked what was up? They killed the children. The Israeli’s said it was the correct thing to do since they’d have to face the children later on.

      Well, that is one way of looking at it. I suppose you’ve never seen the documentary of Israeli soldiers hassling and denigrating Palestinians trying to cross into Israel for business. One poor guy with a load of fresh tomatoes was detained for no reason for two days. They’d occasionally make him get on his knees and threaten to shoot him, just fun for a bunch of 20 year olds with nothing else to do. They gave all the Palestinians hell in some way.

      I guess you choose not to read of times Israel has been caught shooting missiles into Israel from the Gaza strip so they can rain holy hell on the Palestinians. Oh, you won’t hear it on tv or any MSM but it happens regularly.

      And the attack on the USS Liberty is just hearsay. Gimme a break.

  4. If government tyranny continues, perhaps America’s power addled, militarized police should learn a little history to find out what happened to the brutal Hungarian police when the oppressive communist government was overthrown in 1956 by its long suffering subjects. Since the American government is loathed by the rest of the world, the state’s enforcers shouldn’t expect any foreign power’s tanks to roll in to save them.

  5. Ever notice that police unions are “fraternal”? This should tell you something. The “thin-blue-line” is a gang, little different than street gangs–at least when it comes to “covering-up” questionable behavior by police.
    In today’s day and age, “officer safety” trumps de-escalation of force. This, in part, is due to the militarization of the police along with training in Israeli police tactics. This becomes a problem, with the “us vs. them” attitude that is fosters, along with the fact that Israel is a very different place, being on a constant “war footing”, and by necessity, its police tactics are very different.
    There are too many instances of police being “given a pass”, even when incontrovertible video and audio evidence is presented. Grand juries, guided by police-friendly prosecutors, quite often refuse to charge those police officers who abuse their authority.
    Police officers, who want to do the right thing, are quite often marginalized and put into harms way, by their own brethren…When a police officer is beating on someone that is already restrained while yelling, “stop resisting” THAT is but one reason police have a “bad name” in many instances…
    Here are changes that can help reduce the police-induced violence:
    1. Eliminate both “absolute” and “qualified” immunity for all public officials. The threat of being sued personally would encourage them to behave themselves.
    2. Any public funds disbursed to citizens as a result of police misconduct should come out of their pension funds–NOT from the taxpayers.
    3. Regular drug-testing of police officers as well as incident-based drug testing should take place whenever an officer is involved in a violent situation with a citizen–no exceptions.
    4. Testing for steroid use should be a part of the drug testing program. You know damn well, many police officers “bulk up” with the “help” of steroids. Steroids also affect users mentally as well, making them more aggressive. The potential for abuse of citizens increases greatly with steroid use.
    5. Internal affairs should only be used for disagreements between individual officers–NOT for investigations involving citizen abuse. State-level investigations should be mandatory for all suspected abuses involving citizens.
    6. Prosecutors should be charged with malfeasance IF any evidence implicating police officer misconduct is not presented to the grand jury.
    7. A national or state-by-state database of abusive individuals who should NEVER be allowed to perform police work should be established–a “blacklist” of abusive (former) police officers.
    8. Get rid of police unions. Police unions (fraternities) protect the guilty, and are responsible for the massive whitewashing of questionable police behavior that is presently being committed.
    9. Most people are unaware that police have special “rules” that prohibit them from being questioned for 48 hours. This allows them to “get their stories straight” and makes it easier to “cover up” bad police behavior. Police must be subject to the same laws as civilians.
    10. All police should be required to wear bodycams and utilize dashcams that cannot be turned off. Any police officers who causes a dash or body cam to be turned off should be summarily fired–no excuses. Today’s body and dash cams are reliable enough to withstand harsh treatment. Body and dashcam footage should be uploaded to a public channel “on the cloud” for public perusal.
    11. All interrogations must be video and audio recorded. Police should be prohibited from lying or fabricating stories in order to get suspects to confess. False confessions ARE a problem in many departments. Unknown to most people, police can lie with impunity while civilians can be charged with lying to police…fair? I think not…
    12. Any legislation passed that restricts the rights of ordinary citizens, such as firearms magazine capacity limits, types of weapons allowed, or restrictive concealed-carry laws should apply equally to police. No special exemptions to be given to police. Laws must be equally applied.
    Police work is not inherently dangerous…there are many other professions that are much more dangerous.
    A little “Andy Taylor” could go a long way in allaying fears that citizens have of police.
    That being said, I have no problem with police officers who do their job in a fair, conscientious manner…however, it is time to call to task those police officers who only “protect and serve” themselves

  6. Scholarly work was done by Michael J Waldren. I got it for freeee from Wikipedia…

    In Great Britain senior officers work to retain aBritish Bobby / Dixon of Dock Green effect on the community policing by respect and consent rather than the point of a gun.

    82% of police officers are against routine arming, only AFOs have firearms and have to be specially summoned as needed.

    Admit it. We are every bit as pathetic as a North Korea n as far as what we accept and tolerate as acceptable every day reality. Multinationals like your best bud Roosh V or.even a humble Canuck are absolutely astonished at what we’ve managed to swallow and digest. And most of them don’t even know the half of it.

    What would even happen here if a business owner refused to change his clocks tonight. Does anybody really know what time it is. Does anybody really care. If some random mundane asks you what time it is. Are you alpha male pick up artist enough to tell him is five o clock. If you don’t believe as my ball and chain gang here they all know what time it is in my domain SWP TLD.

    • Hi Tor,

      I hate the time change also. But what to do about it? It’s like the got-damned sail fawns and gesichertbuch… only worse because one can still opt out of those (for now). But how do you opt out of a time change when everyone else abides by it?

      • If one person stands up, the rest will follow. – Barry Manilow, creator of Mickey Dee’s jingle, and so much more.

        Barry Manilow sings One Voice

        Barry. Manilow. Verdict: Jew

        If just one voice believes it is still 7:33 AM EST, it will be enough.

        Set all your clocks to the right time, it’s surely something any wrench can accomplish. Or else, pay your taxes and continue to be their tool. And also another piece in their game.

        For every atom belonging to me, as good belongs to you. And there will never be more perfection than there is now. This internet is the living Torah the Jews prayed for all those millennia Baruch Adonai.

        I am always a bit of a Jew. An adat ari el/lion of God, of the holy one blessed be he. Every day I have said 5 prayers and cast my bread upon the living waters.

        A Jew has a sharp wit and beak. And never agonizes over a false dialectic such as this comment. Or of writing one of the Lord’s 72 names. Or the ways of Christians lions Muslims unaffiliated so commies or crappies.

        Truly we are the sacred chosen Pakleds foreseen to be given the things we need to go by those who is smart.

        Is there an official speed limit or standard time oh ye of such little imagination and self-faith. I fear for you little ones sometime.

      • ” But how do you opt out of a time change when everyone else abides by it?”

        Ok, in case this ain’t a trick question….:

        You just refuse to give a fuck.

        • Ed, that’s just what I’ll tell everybody in the morning when I show up to the job about 8 and everybody’s waiting(texting, calling, etc.)…..man, I was just doing my thing. That load of sand to Knott wasn’t time sensitive was it? Naw, old pal, there was just a crew waiting there for it. A trucker’s life is “hurry up and wait”.

          • I think you right 8,thats one reason I dont carry a gun and participate in violence ,remember what Cane said(NTTQ )

            • Hi Kevin,

              I have a concealed carry permit and used to carry almost all the time but have gotten out of the habit. I probably ought to get back into the habit, given how ugly things are becoming. I believe that whether Trump is actually nominated (or denied it, by party machinations) we are in for a long, hot summer.

              • Hi Eric et al;
                As Tor pointed out ,when police states meddle there is little room for societal evolution ,despite what we are led to believe ,I guarantee there are Jews and Arabs that get along famously,the Holocaust sorta provided the catalyst for these maligned people to have a place were they could legally defend themselves ,sometimes good business creates resentment unto death .
                Eric as jumpy as the heros are now ,I dont think it would be good practice to have a gun on your person during one of the the “Feel up ” pat downs ,It would be my considered desire that anyone that works in law enforcement or as prison guards to have to go through a battery of mental tests to see if they were actually suited to have authority over other people,its rather humiliating to have to strip in front of two guards and show them the back of your balls after you finally manage to get a visit ( good COs say forget that I know you are clean ) but they are in the minority,now you cant send money to anybody on the inside here in VA ,unless its through J Pay (that adds a surcharge of $2.95 each time you waqnt to send your friends a little money) ,enough of that ,when are we as a nation going to wake up and do away with that BS ,known as DST ?

                • The purpose of a police state is to stifle growth (freedom).
                  To ensure everyone gets into their little box, and stays there.

                  And people will essentially NEVER rebel. We are breeding and “educating” it out of Americans, and the rest of the world.
                  And soon, we will implant chips in children, “for their own good.” The magic chip will prevent ADHD, ADD, ODD, depression, and ensure your child can concentrate for hours! And it will prevent kidnapping because we’ll have GPS to find the little tyke! Don’t you want what’s best for your child? [chip will also induce drug-based Alpha hypnotic state, to ensure the sociopolitical real lessons are absorbed and imprinted on the tabla rossa brain of the soon-to-be Bolshevik/”good citizen.”] From there, it will quickly be a police state – a Stasis – forever, until there’s an EMP or an epidemic and the chips go offline. Then the addicts will go insane, and I’d bet the Elites will get “Chip B” so they have the same programming, but without the drug dependencies. No withdrawal for the ruling class, because – inside their gated communities – they’ll be protected and it’ll be a planned event…

      • Eric: Thank goodness for Google Translator and Urban Dictionary…otherwise I would get lost…reading really does enrich your vocabulary!

      • Dear Eric,

        The “cashless society” is next.

        No opting out of that. For obvious reasons.

        When, oh when will people finally realize they are plugged into the Matrix???

  7. I never really got “Folsom Prison Blues ” I think the sucker needed to stay in prison the rest of of his life.
    Anyway the Bullshit that passes for “lah ” is appaling,when I had my little trip down the road it was obvious that correctional system only helped those that made mistakes ,the majority that committed these crimes without remorse or disregard for others only viewed it as an experience that made them smarter and harder to catch next time.One of the things that showed up when they were getting ready to hammer me was a ticket for a truck tire that a little less then the allowable amount of tread (they were really digging ) it gave me a sense of contempt and disrespect for the the law that I had never possesed before(good guys get one free pass dont they ? ) Despite the 25-30 character witnesses (prominent people too ) The judge claimed his hands were tied and had to give me the minimum mandatory sentence.
    Since then it will , do an investigator absolutely no good to ask me anything.We have a new over zealous trooper in the county now ,that the people are trying to get rid of ,hope they succeed.The law is to powerful now in my opinion.
    Eric is right ,teach people decency ,not stupid laws .

        • I think that was Johnny’s intention, to create some fictional person to compare it to that unnamed person who really did shoot a guy in Reno….just to watch him die, totally senseless violence and yet something that happens and quite possibly, wouldn’t ever happen to that person again…….just one of those things.

          The whole point was JC’s empathizing with someone doing something really bad. Probably that person wouldn’t do that again but shit happens and for whatever reason, it happened that day.

          He went from being free to a lifetime criminal in a couple seconds and JC was a very compassionate person and saw the tragedy of the entire debacle. He sang it mean cause the guy was being mean at the time.

          JC used to say he had two sides, of Johnny who did good things and Cash who didn’t necessarily do good.

  8. Adams Washington Churchill Eisenhower none of them frilly ninnies or their underlings are any. kin or heroes of mine.

    Round here it’s SWP time and always 5 o clock. And when I say I will be done or be there in an hour. It is irrelevant however long it takes when I live under SWP time keeping.

    It’s death till we part but I never relinquished the SWP part of my consciousness to even my family friend or foe.

    Check out Middle Aged Crazy (1980) and the graduation speech.

    You had any sense, you’d give em back their silly fucking hats and there damn diplomas and stay eighteen the rest of your lives.

    I am still 18 and its still 5 o clock on graduation day and that’s always gonna be true on this here Eco clock with no battery power that always keeps it accurate at 5 and always fucking will.

    A good author and good radio or Telly dramatization is all the reality I will ever want or need. Want me to surrender to your nation state reality and surrender my timepiece? Moron frickin labe porkers.

  9. Here’s an easy one to write up and start a movement behind.

    Fuck Uncle I ain’t turning my clock forward or back ever again. It’s whatever the clock me the fucking peeple says it is in my own got dam property and Fuck all ye alls time zone shit.

    If I’m at a saloon or a friends house and he is dialed into Central Sheeple time or Eastern Yankee time I know to act accordingly and fuck them 25 hours a biological day or 28 days a biological month of Sunday’s.

    Agreeing to a time day or place is a nonstarter. I concede nothing and wait my chance to push them deep into the swamp some dark voodoo black night to come.

    The local time here is kept using the missus menses and synced to an old pile of radium dust out in the boathouse.

    Eric could keep Eastern Edentualite time for us and we could all agree it’s our time to.

    Point is start small simple and steadfast. We keep our time. Fuck the cosplay heroes and Central Bank Fiat time. Fuck em forever good and hard.

  10. America has become a police state. The event of 9/11 was a false flag staged to implement that which we are now experiencing. Cops today are more heavily armed and armored than a Marine on patrol in Iraq.
    Is this for their safety? No. It is to terrorize the populace into submission to the state.
    The state which has authority to rob, steal, murder and oppress at will, to kidnap your children, to send them off to wars for isrealhell, to take everything you own away from you without charge, without trial and without conviction, known as civil asset forfeiture.
    The cops are nothing more than enforcers for the state .
    They enjoy qualified immunity when they draw their weapons and murder a homeless person, a child with an air soft gun or someone with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
    The goon thugs with badges, half of whom are using steroids or worse on drugs and alcohol are protected from prosecution no matter what the crime.
    We are warned to not interact with cops. Avoid them . Do not speak to them.
    Make sure you have a dashcam or other video recording device if you do come into contact with one of these enforcers for the state.

    With cops being trained in isrealhell to treat the lot of us as nothing more than Palestinians, is it any wonder number of victims of murder by cop is well over 1100 for the past year.
    Obviously a number of these types are sociopaths. some are victims of childhood bullying, others are just plain bullies and get off with brutalizing and killing people.
    Some suffer from sexual inadequacy, they tend to shoot people’s pets.
    America has taken three steps backwards in the realm of civil liberties and rights.
    We are all now suspects. Potential criminals and worse….serfs.
    Even making comments on the internet forums can make you a criminal.
    Free speech and dissent are now crimes against the state.
    Americans on average commit three felonies a day according to a book written by Harvey Silvergate. In the book Silvergate reveals how federal criminal laws have become dangerously disconnected from English common law.
    This is how the state terrorizes and controls the masses.
    It is not by accident.
    It is deliberate and going according to plan.

  11. I never understood why cops have such a hard-on for busting people with dark window tints. I’m originally from Miami and now live in Texas. Both states have ludicrous window tint laws…the only legally allowed tints are so translucent you might as well not waste you money tinting the windows! Both areas get oppressively hot during summer months and dark window tints are a necessity. They vastly decrease the time it takes for the AC to cool the vehicle down after its been sitting in 100 degree humid heat.

    The first thing Florida Highway Patrol do if they notice tinted windows is to test them for legality. I’ve heard rumors where FHP officers allowing people to chose one of two options:

    1) Scrape tints off of their windows on the side of the road
    2) If you refuse to the vehicle will be impounded

    Land of the free!

    • Reagan The Conservative? I recall reading a copy of a Presidential Exec Order from May 1981..wherein Ronnie opined thusly:[paraphrased]
      “It is in the best interest of the USA to loan (communist) Rumania $142,000,000 (at zero interest for 7 years) so that the gvt of Rumania can pay General Electric the cash needed to built a Nuclear Plant ..in Rumania.” The interest rate AFTER 7 years I forget, but at the time OUR interest rates were waaay above zero, thanks to Jimmuh Carter! BTW that is $390,000,000 in 2016 dollars.
      BTW..May 1981 was the same month the Israelis used US- provided F-16s and US bombs to blow up the Iraqi nuclear reactor plant..at Osirac.

    • Pedro, I don’t notice or hear of people getting harassed any longer for window tint. If you want more tint the shops that do it put a sticker down in a corner(windshield and front windows only have to comply to a certain tint) of the front windows so you can tell at a glance if they’re “certified”. I tint front windows the maximum allowable and then use limo tint on the rest.

      Also, if you drive a pickup, get a windowshade headache rack. When you have to park, always turn that headache rack to the S and it does a great deal to keep the vehicle cool. I realize white is 20 degrees cooler than black or dark red or blue but I’m a black vehicle kinda guy so I just make sure I have my a/c working at it’s prime.

      There’s a company now making vinyl wraps for pickups that really look good. I know a few people who, like me, have to have a black pickup but they’ve had a white wrap put on the roof and hood. They look like a custom paint job in various styles.

  12. “Israeli thugs”? You mean like the Jewish families whose homes have been broken into and their throats cut by the poor little Muslim peons? Like the dozens of Jews who have been stabbed to death in recent weeks by the poor Muslims? Every Muslim in Israel has more rights there than he has in any Arab country on the planet. Certainly more than any Jew or Christian or Hindu or whatever-the-hell has in any Muslim country, where their religions are *illegal* to practice. In any case, if they don’t like their situation they might want to reconsider their majority position on the idea that Israel should be wiped off the map, that Jews are pigs and apes who deserve death for the fact of their Jewishness, and that shelling Israeli cities with thousand of rockets is cool. Following the renunciation of those ideas and of Hamas and Fatah, the Muslims might find that Israel backs off its self-defense strategies. Meanwhile, nice exercise in context-dropping you got there.

    • Self defense. Like accusing someone in Hamas or other territory and then lighting them up with a great deal of sophisticated missiles? When israeli military and underground go into the west bank and start a battle?

      Have you ever seen the aggression of the Israeli military state? You probably don’t buy the notion the US bombs innocent people every day in the mideast with drones and often kill dozens of people who have nothing to do with terrorism? As opposed to G. Bush and B.O. who had a thing for killing mideast “furriners”? BO has a group he meets with every week to assign assassination to various people, some who have been guilty of no crime except to disagree with the US? or Israeli govt.?

    • PAULA, being against Zionism is not the same as being “anti-Jewish”. Jews do live and have lived rather peaceably in many muslim countries for centuries including Palestine prior to the formation of Israel in 1948 (and even in, wait for it, Iran!).

      The Israeli government is no different than any other government in that it relies on brute force – and nothing else – to maintain its power.

      That other nation’s governments are worse than the US’s or Israel’s does not give a pass to either one of them for the evil they do.

    • Some context. I had an Iranian Jewish boss for years. Every check he signed included the Hebrew letters of YHWH’s name on them in the upper right corner. Had a giant painting of his Rabbi in his office even.

      So what is it like in Israel. Are you in constant fear when you visit there each year I asked him.

      No don’t be ridiculous he said, it is no comparison to America. It is ten times safer there than it is in any American city, which all have dangerous zones where all manner of terrible things can happen to you.

      The kind of commonplace violent things that happen here, could never even once happen there. And also, every even slightly unsafe area there is well known, and it is not hard to prepare and defend yourself before you even enter into one of them.

    • Hi Paula,

      I refer to the government of Israel, which is authoritarian (socialist) and as or more brutal than the government of the United States, from which it wheedles obscene amounts of “aid” taken out of your pocket and mine. Much of this “aid” is military equipment used to slaughter and oppress people. The rest is used to subsidize its failure and bankroll things that Israelis ought to be paying for themselves. I don’t owe them a penny. And I resent being fleeced by them – or anyone else.

      If criticizing this, if opposing this, makes me “anti-Semitic” then I am also anti-black because I oppose forcibly-imposed racial set asides (“affirmative action”) and revile “gangster” culture.

      I worship no sacred cows.

      I calls ’em as I sees ’em!

    • Dear Paula,

      I used to buy the “Poor little Israel besieged by the Islamic Threat” scenario.

      Back during the Six Day War I cheered when Israel prevailed against its Arab neighbors.

      But since then I’ve been seeing what Israel has done with its victory. I have seen it relentlessly swallowing up the territory of its immediate neighbors.

      No more special allowances for Israel. The same standards will be applied to Zionism as “Islamo-fascism”.

      • Amen, Bevin.

        It also bothers me that people are afraid to voice any criticism of what the Israeli government does, or the influence it and its agents wield over U.S. policy, for fear of being labeled “anti-Semitic.”

        It’s exactly the same nonsense as being intimidated by catcalls of “racism” for taking issue with race-based preferential treatment policies, etc.

        When that sort of thing trots out, you know that you (the critic) are on to something. When the criticism can’t be answered with factual rebuttals but only with smears, the thing being criticized has no legitimate defense.

        This business has got nothing to do with dislike (or like) of Jewish people as individuals – just as being opposed to “affirmative action” doesn’t mean you dislike black people.

        What I take issue with is the effectively unlimited/no-strings-attached economic “aid” to Israel – which subsidizes the socialist system over there. Why do “conservatives” – who, ostensibly, oppose socialism and rent seeking – support this? Why is it acceptable to bash “welfare queens”… but not ok to question welfare to the Israeli government?

        It’s not as though Israel is lacking in brainpower and financial ability. We are not talking about a benighted Third World country, after all. So why the endless/open-ended wallet? At what point does this country become self-supporting? Why are Americans obliged to support it indefinitely? I don’t feel obliged. I don’t see how I owe Israel a penny.

        The military aid, meanwhile, has enabled Israel to become the bully of the region rather than seek a reasonable to all parties accommodation with its neighbors. Israel (and the other states in the area) are well aware that Uncle has Israel’s back and they know whose side Uncle will always be on, no matter what Israel does.

        Israel flouted all nuclear non-proliferation agreements it had agreed to – and possesses a modern nuclear arsenal – and yet it claims it’s threatened by second-world countries like Syria and Iran, which have third-rate militaries and no nuclear weapons at all. It shrieks “Holocaust!” and “Never Again!” just like Jesse Jackson shrieks “Racism!” to silence criticism of this.

        • Dear Eric,

          Like many others, I’ve gradually come to realize that the “Innocent Israeli David vs. vicious Islamic Goliath” schtick is nonsense, and always was.

          In fact, the Zionists are the 1%. Hell, they’re the 0.1%. The Rothschilds and their ilk are the king makers who control the MSM, and vett the candidates in America’s national elections.

          For them to posture as “victims” is the height of absurdity. They are not the victims. They are the victimizers.

          William Brugh Joy, a noted Jungian psychologist whom I was proud to call my mentor, had a profound understanding of the dark side of the human psyche.

          He was an éminence grise who operated behind the scenes in an advisory capacity. I attended many of his workshops over the years. Quite a few Hollywood stars sought guidance from him, including Richard Chamberlain, Ellen Burstyn and Barbra Streisand.

          As he astutely noted, the Jews have long cast themselves as victims of persecution, when Jewish accounts make it clear they were the victimizers.

          The problem of course has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with the deeply embedded “Chosen People” mentality. Time and again, this mentality has brought persecution upon themselves.

          The Zionist Neocons are atheists. But they have merely taken their “Chosen People” religious dogma, and replaced it with a secularized equivalent, “American Exceptionalism”.

    • “In any case, if they don’t like their situation they might want to reconsider their majority position on the idea that Israel should be wiped off the map, that Jews are pigs and apes who deserve death for the fact of their Jewishness, and that shelling Israeli cities with thousand of rockets is cool.”
      For that to happen some, i.e., (many) things would have to change first.
      But a bad reputation lasts a long time.

  13. Here in fascist CA, we have anti-tint laws too. Ostensibly, they started out as a way to protect cops, since apparently everyone is concealing gunmen in their cars just waiting to take out a cop.

    However, over time, this has become a way to harass people. There are thousands of laws you break every day going about normal human action, and if a cop doesn’t like your face, he will find a law he can use to harass you. Tint laws are a great way to harass people out here since the sun is so strong that you really do need to tint your car if you don’t want your interior destroyed. All these laws are just pretense to let cops do what they want, often at the behest of their communities. Lots of Latinos drive lowered, tinted cars here, and this is a good way as any to keep them out of affluent, whiter towns. It’s disgusting.

    What was once about cop safety, is now about revenue enforcement, though. I applied some heat rejecting film to my car windows (not tint, since it was clear). The law says you may not have any tint on your front or side windows, but silly me, I assumed that film would be ok, since it’s not tinted. Nope, wrong! Looking at an angle, in the sun, it has a slight golden metallic shine to it, so I got a fix-it ticket and had to pay to remove $400 of high quality ceramic film. What’s even more annoying is that Lexus cars have this window treatment from the factory, and apparently it’s ok there.

    • “Ostensibly, they started out as a way to protect cops” – well, maybe, maybe not. It is definitely harder for the pheroes to see if you’re toking when the glass is tinted.
      And of course they claim saaaaaaafety to keep you from tinting the windshield, and sometimes the front seat side windows. You need to be able to see out when you’re driving, donchano. Of course if you are inside the car, the tint needs to be really dark for you not to see out.

  14. Our society? Don’t include me in this fuckery.

    Citizen? calling a man a citizen. That’s a terrible insult, watching your manners around armed and dangerous men is usually your best move. Thems fighting words.

    Saying you don’t know if a straw boss is a bad man unless he pulls out his whip and lashes you with it seems ludicrous, but what do I know.

    Maybe some of them really are nice guys who truly care about their forced laborers /s /smh.

    • TOR, “Don’t include me in this fuckery.”

      Oh, that is good! That is going to be my response to every time I am asked “Who are you going to vote for?”

  15. Pie chart of a heroes day…

    Serve 0.002% of his day.
    Protect 0.004% of his day.
    Order he actually creates disorder. Incalculable %
    Law 99.4% of his day

    Soldiers cops and bureaucrats have a special elite status 24 hours a day. If you hear it said, well they’re just doing a job. You must always call bullshit.

    England was ruled by a class of Vikings for a time. Now it is us Merkins turn . These Pheros can rape pillage vandalize burn down most anything or anyone they like. They’re untouchables really.

    • “They’re untouchables really.”

      In Hindu society, the untouchable is the lowest of the low, considered filthy and therefore “untouchable” by anyone of a higher caste.

      Cops should be accorded the same status here, stripped of their jobs and weapons and made to do penance alongside their current masters, the political class. The masters and their attack dogs deserve nothing better.

      • “In Hindu society, the untouchable is the lowest of the low, considered filthy and therefore “untouchable” by anyone of a higher caste.”
        Secretly most people think about cops in that way, but without knowing about Hindu society. They (cops) are not regarded worthy of respect. They are made fun of and ridiculed behind their backs. And they have only themselves to thank for this privilege.
        And they know it!

        • Fred, you got that right. Out here in the country, the deputies are outcast, and there’s no private “cop’s bar” for them to hang out in.

  16. I believe in England, cops generally don’t carry guns. They have to call for armed back up when needed. A Brit would be furious if some costumed twat approached him with a holstered handgun and the implied threat his fake nice facade might evaporate and then he might pull the firearm out and start barking orders that must be followed, or else… Bang bang… Bang bang bang.

    Does not such a threat make you a hyperventilating Kunta Kenta whenever masa sends one of his gun molls around?

    5 countries where heroes don’t carry firearms

    • TOR, “5 countries where heroes don’t carry firearms”

      And what is the one common denominator of those five countries?

          • PHILLIP, sorry, got distracted by some White Russians and “herbs”…

            First, they are White countries, except for maybe England which has allowed itself to be overrun by its former colonies. Whiteness seems to be a big factor whether or not it is polite to notice that and say so.

            And secondly, they are all relatively small countries.

            My point is is that societies that are relatively homogenous (even if not White) and are built on a human scale of management (for lack of a better word) seem to be more civilized.

            Man is still a tribal and territorial critter no matter all the blather about “diversity” and kumbaya politics.

        • Yes blacks are generally more immature and violent and less educated and metrosexualized. And many women are gorgeous of these supposed inferior breeds. What makes us ‘Merkins is we will have sex and offspring with all kinds. Even a hot hijab wearing Muslim is doable and shackable.

          There’s a really hot Muslim girl in my class

          Also there’s 3 countries that are UK Kingaphate. And 2 that are part of the 25 million Scandinavian Empire.

          So does this mean we have 2 suffer like mongrel ghetto dogs with only the name of dog because of the lowest denominator among us.

          Of course not Eric has covered every angle of this statist apologetic and eviscerated it 7 ways from Sunday. Ignore the smug tone of its MSM source it’s an important come to Jeezus truth moment.

          We are the sad sack stepchildren of the West and the only ones. No one else tolerates this social castration. We are the one under authoritarian rule. Not Chinese Indian or Indonesian even. Watch footage from these countries from a real source. Not news garbage with big brother narrating things for you.

          We are some of the most pathetic people ever to inhabit this planet. Who cares how much debt or trinkets we accumulate. At least a Cherokee or a Sioux knows how they do.

          You still think you can jump in your canoe/muscle car and take back clear title to your teepee/home. Still hunt the buffalo/work a real job as a man. They’ve killed your buffalo. Outlawed teepee building and buffalo hunting. You are helpless and hopeless unless you form a new kind around Peter’s Rose Griggs. Maybe multiple Anarchist NonCheifs even.

          It’s real bleak to be sure but freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose. And so much individuality self reliant self sovereignty to gain.

          I am thankful for all of you and all of this. And need to do a better job submitting quality posts tho I may very well never get what I want. But maybe if I still try sometime I just might find I get what I need here.

          • “maybe if I still try sometime I just might find I get what I need”……and it’s hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your ass out all day long

    • A simple Google search will prove you are wrong about Bobbies and guns. A 9mm, IIRC, a Glock, to be precise, is part of their standard uniform.

      That’s the beat cop. Same as the USSA.

  17. “Such as an overweight douche in a special outfit who casually and without compunction or twinge of conscience stopped my friend at gunpoint…..” I suspect you’ve employed some over exuberant hyperbole here.

    Or did the cop really draw, and point his gun at the guy with tinted windows?

    Re; the Presidents. Reagan didn’t help anything. Neither did LBJ, way back in 1968, when the Dem Convention in Chicago was the scene of a Police Riot.

    But the real Tipping Point of the Cop Brownshirt Bandwagon happened after 9/11, under the Reign of Bush 2.

    • Hi Mike,

      Every non-consensual interaction with a cop is effectively done at gunpoint, whether the gun is actually drawn being irrelevant. What would likely have happened if my friend had simply ignored the cop, got in his car and attempted to drive off?

      Everyone knows.

      My friend would have been assaulted by the cop and – had my friend attempted to defend himself or get away (“resisting”) the cop could and likely would have drawn his weapon, and very likely killing my friend, claiming his “safety” was in peril.

      • Respectfully, “whether the gun was actually drawn” Is VERY Relevant.

        In our society where cop atrocities worse than this happen every day, it is crucial that citizens do not damage their credibility by making any allegations that are not actually….Literally, true.

        • “Respectfully, ‘whether the gun was actually drawn’ Is VERY Relevant.”
          NO, it is not. The Non-Agression Principle applies to both violence and the threat thereof.
          We need to stand up against this type of ‘violence’ in an effort to keep it from escalating.

        • “In our society”….Well, in y’all’s society I have no credibility anyway. I’m not one of your feller ‘Merkins. I guess that’s another one of those allegations.

        • Hi Mike,

          We’re good – no offense taken (and hope you know that)…but I disagree, just as respectfully.

          The threat – always there – is what’s relevant. You are not free to go. Why do we obey? Because we know the cop has the gun and that he can and will use it – and has the backing of “the law.” A bully does not have to actually beat you up to take your lunch money. He’s just as much a bully if he gets what he wants by threatening.

          The fundamental atrocity is that there are people out there with special outfits on who have been empowered to fuck with us; that we are subject to assault over such things as having tinted windows or because we decided to not wear a seatbelt.

          Fish heads for them!

          • Hey, hadn’t thought about that one. We can’t have tinted windows because then the pheroes can’t tell whether or not we’re ‘buckled up for safety.’

          • Yeah Mike,
            We know you are basically ‘one of the good guys.’ But this insistence that there is a significant difference whether or not the phero has actually unholstered his gun sounds a lot like Clover, who claims Eric ‘has not had violence done on him’ when stopped for speeding. Please rethink your position on this.

          • Please Eric, let’s not insult fish heads. They are useful for food. Cops are merely thugs licensed by the state to impose state force on some segments of the populace, billionaires excluded of course!

          • “…he gets what he wants by threatening.”

            It’s called extortion; like taxation, a crime protected by the law and the mass ignorance.

            • Exactly, Art!

              If the interaction is not consensual – if you’re not free to say “no” and walk away and be left in peace – then you are under duress. In law, any contract signed under duress is on the face of it invalid.

              Remember the scene in the original Godfather when Michael explained to Kay how Luca Brasi obtained the signature (or the signer’s brains) on the contract?

              That’s the defining essence of what cops do, whether they actually draw their gun being immaterial.

              • That was a great scene. And Michael said it in such a matter-of-fact way.

                In a great novel or film the protagonist is often corrupt and knows it and exposes this truth to the reader. If he’s a politician, like Frank Underwood in House of Card, the pursuit of political power is inherently corrupting since the domination of men by other men is the genuine, as opposed to the ostensible, purpose of the state. But Frank knows he’s an evil dude, but he loves it.

                My son realizes this is how politics really is, but still he holds out hope that the state can be reformed in to a “kinder, gentler, state. Ha Ha.

                • Maybe your son’s hopes can be realized if enough people are like him.

                  I was just looking over a Tenth Amendment Center newsletter. Some states are fighting back against various forms of the fedguv.

                  The New Hampshire House has passed a bill that would require courts to inform juries of their right to vote “not guilty” when “a guilty verdict will yield an unjust result.” DETAILS HERE

                  Thursday, the Oklahoma Senate unanimously passed a bill that would put limitations on the storage and sharing of information collected by Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) by law enforcement in the state, and place significant roadblocks in the way of a federal program using states to help track the location of millions of everyday people through pictures of their license plates. DETAILS HERE

                  There are other laws enacted by other states too. I don’t have a clue as to whether the “details here” links will be live but at least you have an overview.

                  • Houstonians hate the governor. They all smile when old Neil puts Greg Abbott and Costello down. W’all got no use for Austin FedGov. Us southren man don’t need em around anyhow.

                    Sweet home TexLoo Easy Anna. Where the Bayous are so blue. Repeat.

                    Lawd I’m coming home to you I’m telling it true.

                  • My son believes that the state can become a force for good. I believe the state is inherently a force for corruption /evil and can only be that to a greater or lesser degree than other states. As long as the people who run the state can extort our incomes legally to fund their own lives and all the people who live off tax revenues, they are corrupt no matter their intentions. Your examples reduce that evil if “our rulers” faithfully execute those laws. But these same politicians are also passing legislation that increases the state’s control over our lives.

                    If by some miracle it becomes illegal for anyone for any reason to legally steal or extort another man’s livelihood then the state as an institution disappears by definition, and we are left to provide these government services through voluntary relationships.

                    If most people rejected the use and threat of violence to get what they want in this world, the exception being the defense of one’s person property from aggression, I can only imagine the prosperity and peace, the creative explosion and good will that would follow on the heels of this freedom.

        • Hi Mike,

          Respectfully, the implicit threat of violence is a much more profound issue then “whether the gun was actually drawn”. Riffing on Arendt, I suggest we consider the “banality of freedom”. Most of what we do is banal and trivial. The ability to engage in these banal actions without punishment or the threat of violence is the essence of freedom. The enemies of freedom like to make a distinction between “real” freedom (the right to vote, etc..) and trivialities. But, the “trivialities” make up the majority of what most people value.

          Imagine if Eric’s friend had resisted. The cop may have drawn his weapon and killed the “transgressor”. Many people would accept this action as legitimate because they have been conditioned to believe that his authority to punish people for the exercise of trivial freedoms (having tinted windows) is legitimate. The “cop atrocities” you speak of happen precisely because most people have been conditioned to accept the legitimacy of the threat of violence to enforce any “legal” edict.


    • “did the cop really draw” – doesn’t matter, he could have, and probably would have, if the victim had not stopped. Even if the phero did not literally draw, that does not make the threat of it hyperbole.

  18. I was a teen in the 70’s when cops were still being called the 60’s tag “pigs”. Funny thing was, back then the cops were actually pretty decent guys. I lived, and still do, in a middle class, crime-free suburb of Chicago. The cops had simple sedans and simple uniforms, and the town only had a handful.

    We did the typical teen things; underage drinking, smoked pot and cigarettes, attended loud parties in someone’s house while the parents were away. The cops would show up at the house, or catch us in the park with beers, or pull us over for rolling through a stop sign and smell the pot. The majority of times they would tell us to knock off the noise, pour out the beer or hand over the joint. That would be the end of it.

    Fast-forward to my kids’ teenage days. Now the cops in this town number over 80. Still no crimes worse than shoplifting. They dress like front-line military, most have Terminator builds and sunglasses, black pants and shirts covering their unneeded bulletproof vest. Geared-up with so much equipment and electronics hanging from their belts it’s a wonder they can walk. And their black SUVs have even more unneeded electronics, weapons, lights and toys.

    The gauntlet they lay down for these kids today to get through is ridiculous. My kids and 99% of the kids in this town are good kids. They do nothing that is worse than what most of us did as teens. But now they are busted by these goons left and right for underage drinking, smoking pot, out after curfew, public intoxication (they did the right thing and did not get behind the wheel, instead they walked), smoking cigarettes, skateboarding on the side-walk, riding a bike without a helmet. Ad nauseam. The local paper has a police blotter showing all the cops “dangerous” arrests. A fucking joke!

    Now there are no warnings, no driving you home to your doorstep so your parents can “take care of it.” No, a freaking ticket! For the more “serious” crimes of underage drinking or smoking pot, you get a costly ticket, a court date, where you better have a $$$ lawyer. Found guilty almost all the time (cops don’t lie) pay the fine, court costs and the lawyer. Oh, you also are forced into some stupid remedial class run by the cops (fee, of course, to pay said cop to “teach”) and worst of all, a criminal record that follows you through your college applications and job interviews.

    That is why I hate these thugs. They are in the business of revenue collection and ruining, not helping, the lives of the people they “serve”. Heroes, my ass.

    • Well-said, Gort.

      That was my experience growing up as well.

      Just the other day I was watching an old episode of CHiPS. It was Halloween and Ponch and John are on their bikes waiting for a red light. A bunch of kids in costume walk in front of the bikes. One kid in a devil costume points a squirt gun at Ponch and sprays him with water.

      Ponch laughs it off.

      Imagine what would happen today.

    • “out after curfew” – What’s up w/that? If the parents don’t care, that does not make it Nanny’s bidness. And if the parents do care (not likely), let them deal w/it.

      • Parents are the enemy, PtB. They compete with the State for authority and influence and therefore must be undermined and neutralized at all costs, always.

        Destruction of the family is pretty high on the agenda of TPTB. The Swine Brigade, as the enforcement arm of TPTB, is just doing its little bit to assist in that endeavor whenever they have the opportunity.

        • The best thing, is all those threatening robo calls from your kids PO (public officers of education ensuring attendance and other compliance)

          School prison districts happy happy joy joy.

          Johnny Cash btw was just a highly gifted shill. Being anti war doesn’t mean being anti state. Anti human husbandry and monetization of individual free beings.

          Dam he sure was talented. But his folksy Christian prison he would usher in if he could have would still be a prison at the end of the day.

          If you shoot a man in Reno then expect to be forced to compensate which means many years of hard labor and superior value production. Why merely accept such a man can’t be free and that we’all are duty bound to provide a cage and zookeeper for his sadistic ass.

          He’s more Johnny Fiat than Johnny Cash, and no kind of anarchist to be sure.

          If we were all like him we could have a habitable country like say France, where cops are obliged to be concierges to the rich and thus actually provide a service.But I ain’t holding my breathe waiting on that got dam Godot.

          • J.R. Cash was a really nice guy with a great deal of compassion. Just from the compassionate work he did in trying to bring reform to prison, not an easy thing, he had great effect.

            He once said he wasn’t a Christian musician. He was a musician who was a Christian.

            He was once charged with starting a forest fire. In court the judge asked him why he started the fire. Johnny replied, I didn’t start the fire, my truck did…and it died.

            I suspect he was much closer to being an anarchist than very few have been. He was wise enough to know he couldn’t stop prisons or the just us system but he might make a difference in it….and he did.

            He never did hard time but like myself, he’d been in a cage enough times to get a good idea of what it was like. He probably ended up in cages for the same reasons I have. He simply did things his own way and that’s not good enough for the clovers of this world.

                • EIGHT, here is the concern: What exactly is a “criminal”?

                  Those who commit mala in se crimes are indeed evil criminals.

                  But for those who commit mala prohibita “crimes”, they are not criminals but rather those who, rightly, refuse to abide by the false laws written by the grifters in power.

                  These are the true heroes.

                  • Well-said, Skunk!

                    A key form of enlightenment (if that’s the right word!) occurs when one asks why should a given law be obeyed. If the answer is, because it’s the law! – the questioner, if he is intelligent, will not be satisfied.

                    It is obvious that to cause harm is bad – whether it’s legal or illegal. A decent person (empathy, conscience) tries to avoid causing harm. He doesn’t need a law to tell him this.

                    But when a law harms someone who has not caused harm to anyone – then we have a problem!

                    • Actually, reminds me of being a kid, and asking “why,” with the response being, “Because I said so.”
                      Dissatisfying then.

                      Insulting now – when it’s usually said either by a guy with a gun, or a guy who will send others with a gun (if he didn’t bring them along.)

                  • skunkbear, I had to educate myself to your latin phrases. I interrupted my college to go to the oil patch and make some money.

                    Some things didn’t seem important when I returned. I tried to fulfill my foreign language requirement with Latin. I found it so boring I eventually dropped the course. I should have taken Spanish or doubled down on Latin and majored in law. It would have saved me a ton of money.

                    Thanks for the edgycashun though…..I obviously needed it.

                    • EIGHT, I had to educate myself as well even though I had some college. I think those who educate themselves are better educated than those who just go through the “approved” get-your-ticket-punched institutions.

                      And just FTR I have been a blue collar guy my whole life too- Carhartts, Red Wings, and callouses (sounds like a country song!). But I love to read and learn and to think, especially “outside of the box”.

                      Also, I do not know Latin, just some apt phrases but thanks for the politeness.

                    • @ Skunkbear,
                      Very correct on the education bullshit.
                      Those who want to learn find a way. Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, etc. Even those who went to university did their own studies in addition to.

                      Now, we worship ignorance, conformity, and social connections (e.g., celebrity.)

                      And we force people to go to school, too – where they are taught these values.

                      Making a compliant labor force, right?

                      Which in fact deadens the curiosity and reasons to learn.
                      No coincidence that things like chemistry sets and physics sets are a thing of the past… Too “dangerous.”
                      Yet not long ago, people could have their own electricity lab, or chemistry lab, and no one said anything – because it wasn’t their business in the first place.

                      One of my dad’s friends, circa 1960 or so, had a private electricity lab (not electronics, high voltage, a la Tesla). The rule was simple: You walk in, you put on hand in your pocket. That way you couldn’t get grounded and get killed….

                      These days, he’d be raided as a terrorist. Idiocracy was a prophecy, and Boobus Americuntus still can’t see the writing on the walls.

          • Hi Tor,

            Maybe I’m being too optimistic but I feel there is a large group of people I would call “unconscious anarchists”. These are people who prefer to resolve disputes on their own and who reflexively side with the “underdogs”. They are people who pass what Will Grigg calls the “Tom Joad” test. Namely, do you instinctively side with the victim of government violence (at the least demanding justification for the violence) or do you reflexively defend the actions of the oppressors.

            Artists like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, NWA, Public Enemy, TuPac, Killer Mike, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Woody Guthrie, Bob Marley, The Clash, Jon Langford, The Dead Kennedys, The Fugees, Desmond Dekker, Bob Dylan, etc… all speak to these people. Many, if not all, on my list are confused and still look to “systems of authority” to solve the problems that they see. However, they seem to understand that the enforced asymmetry of power is at the root of the problem.

            Albert Jay Nock exhorted “us” to seek the remnant. I suggest we include the potential remnant in our quest.


    • OHHH how I remember the old days…….thanks for remembrance.

      The funny thing too is that the he kids have been co opted to
      some degree to think that they are bad by hardened criminals by
      having a little fun????

        • Are the adults mainly. Kids are able to grok anything. When they balk at us handing down our pathetic prisonbitch babblings we bleat they’s stoopid and they’d selfish.

          Get over yourselves. You are not men. You are Devo. Leave them kids alone, all in y’all youse just a nutter prick in their wall.

          Bend me forward. Throw me back. It’s not. Too late to whip it. Whip it good. I maxi pads sure are helpful aren’t they. Thanks Obama. And Steve Jobs ghost.

          Waited up for kiddo to come home from Luke Bryan concert at 1230 in the morning she goes to school next morn fresh as a daisy. What am I for. To tell her she can’t have any pudding if she don’t eat her meat. She don’t need no thought control.

          She don’t need to know I let G Pa drive us to SAMs Club for yet another Korean TV and he almost head onned a huge truck with a cow catcher grill that would have crushed our Honda Pilot with nary a scratch. Ole G Pa grinning ear to ear all the way in the other fellas lane and I had to grab the wheel and get us back to our side cause he surely didn’t give a dementos freshened fuck.

          He was reminiscing about Saturday In the park. Think it was the 4th of July. People playing. People laughing. A man selling ice cream singing Italian song oh ong ongs.

          All your serious suburban poli sci prattle ain’t worth a mole hill of beans. You got 2 know that . You’re stupid not them. They should dam well hide behind their smart devices cause we all is some dumb muthatruckers. And even a little ugly on the side.

  19. Eric,
    I’m with you 100% – on the subject of “Hero” worship, on the freedom of the open road, and pretty much everything else you’ve written about.

    But this one disappoints me, because I know you’re old enough to bring some perspective to the table.

    In the 1980s – and stretching back to the late ’60s, in fact – *everyone* wanted Law-And-Order types elected. (Beetle Dukakis, anyone?) Since 1965, things everywhere seemed to be breaking down. A lot like now.

    The difference is that the state has finally run out of your money, and since states and localities are becoming mere subdivisions and administrative units of the Imperial Federal Government, there is no shame accompanying their flagrant money grabs, in all their forms.

    There’s nothing wrong with Law-And-Order. If you want the law respected, you must first make it respectable, though. And since they multiply in geometric fashion every year, with no consideration for our will, or the law’s effects, and since there is no limit to what the Imperial Federal Government will interfere with, this is the sad, predicable result.

    • “There’s nothing wrong with Law-And-Order. ” What’s so great about it?

      “If you want the law respected, you must first make it respectable” – yeah, there’s the rub, isn’t it? How can anyone ‘respect’ laws creating victimless crimes?
      As for order, I’d like to experience the ‘spontaneous order’ of a truly free market, rather than all the disruptions caused by gunvermin intervention.

    • Hi Brother John,

      Be careful about generalizing!

      I, for one, do not want “law and order.”

      I want respect for reach person’s inalienable right to be left in peace, so long as they themselves are peaceful (not causing a tangible harm to innocent victims).

      I have no issue with peace keeping. I am all for it.

      But law enforcement?

      That’s another matter.

  20. That article nails it on the head. Ronnie and Nancy’s war on drugs and the characterization of cops as heroes greatly escalated the war on people. Ronnie and Nancy never knew what they unleashed because they never had to face it first hand, however millions of his supporters did. Over time some of them became libertarians (mostly) in nature as they became victims of the continual anarcho tyranny against victimless crimes. One of them was me. During the years of the 55 mph speed limit, I amassed tickets in 11 out of the 15 years from 1981 to 1995. Each time, it was accompanied by an authoritative barking about exceeding the speeeeeeed limit and the notion that I was endangering the people around me for driving speeds that were safe and legal in 1973. Following repeal of the NMSL, I received tickets in only 5 years of a 20 year period. period from 1996-2016, having multi year stretches with none at all. I hope this keeps up.

    I don’t believe that there is any turning back the thuggery of the police at this point, however, relaxing certain laws has been proven possible with repeal of the NMSL and the marijuana laws in Colorado. There will be more of this in the future, if there is one. It takes just a few more people getting off the couch.

    • Hi Swamp,


      What turned the worm for me was a more serious incident. I got “busted” for growing pot plants when I was a college sophomore. Arrested, caged – and charged with a felony. For growing (“manufacturing”) plants.

      This could have ruined my life. Luckily, I escaped with just a misdemeanor conviction for “possession” of marijuana.

      But as a result of this incident, at the age of 20, I became very empathetic toward others whose lives had been ruined by victimless crime prosecutions.

      And I began to question – and then loathe – “law and order” Republicans.

  21. Then there is specific harassment. After we’d been run over roughshod by the county, state and feds, they wanted to rub it in. Labor Day week-end and the wife, who still thinks she can drink and drive indefinitely without being unlucky, decided to drive 30 miles one way to get beer.

    I told her if she drank and got a DWI, be prepared to live in that jail for quite some time as I had neither the funds nor inclination to get her stupid ass out(this is the way I put it to her and she knew I meant it)of jail.

    She gets home and says “I got stopped by the DPS(I knew then she wasn’t drinking)but he didn’t even look at my license, he just thought my windows were too dark but when he got up to the car, he said he saw(no way can you tell without a meter when they’re close)they were ok.

    I shook my head. You stupid stupid woman. Of course she got hot. Then I told her he wasn’t looking at her windows and had no need to see her license since he was looking at a copy of it and knew her and the car quite well. You can see the tiny gears spinning or turning slowly as may be the case. Then she drives 140 miles to the specialist doctor(no, not a brain surgeon…unfortunately). On the way back she gets stopped for speeding as a car passes her and another is about to. She tells the trooper who doesn’t know her and wants her license, that she wasn’t speeding. He says she was so she actually has the presence of mind and that rejoinder I gave her again about not drinking to ask why he didn’t stop the car going around her. Well, he says, I’m going to give you a warning this time. I think this finally got it across to her they were tailing us everywhere we went. I knew they were doing so to me and would point them out. They never stopped me though since they were afraid it would be their demise since I’m known to carry….heavily…..and knew from their CCL buddies I was an excellent headshot. Buncha fuckin cowards. Cops are the worst thing to happen to people. Hit it Lee, I’m good at shooting in the dark too.

    • BrentP,

      That story is illogical to me. How far back in time do they intend to go to find blame? Why not blame the officer’s parents. If they raised him differently, he might not have chosen to be a LEO. They could blame the officers superiors. If they did not assign him to work that day, then he might be alive today.

      Or they could just look at the individual that actually hit him. (Although if I were the driver that struck the LEO, I would be thankful I was not being charged. I might even consider moving out of the jurisdiction ASAP.)


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