Hero Cops Help Themselves

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To Serve & Protect…. themselves!


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  1. LA. Hou. San Jose, Dal. Phil. Top 25 cities all look to follow same law.

    No children outside 10pm-6am, 9am-3pm M-F. Some allow them out until 11 or 11:30.

    Only San Fran is included in top 100 cities of world for US. Only American concrete jungle bunkers are on 24/7 lockdown, not China or the rest of the world.

    American blacks speak English and could easily be negotiated with to get a major inner city truce and understanding to unite against our oppressors. The Civil War and now Euro war

    • Were about the destruction of 100s of competing currencies and sovereign systems. Virginia, Carolina, Spaniard, French, all these free market economies came under Yankee enslavement starting in 1861 and continuing to this day.

      We need to overthrow the dollar and Euro,every day we play along and work for prison wages is another day that delays our Shawshank Redemption (Highest rated internet review of a movie)

      Hope springs eternal. Cops=thieves.

  2. Markham, IL is 18 miles south of Chicago. It has 12600 people in 5 square miles, 4 people per acre. Chief Mack Sanders, Deputy chief Tony DeBois, are at 708-331-4905.
    Per 100, 79 are black, 6 irish, 5 german, 4 other white, 3 polish, 3 hispanic, and 1 asian.
    All vehicles $50/yr city sticker, dogs $30/yr – max 3, unlawful to make sound that can be heards 75 feet away. No parking in street during snowfall(sleep with weather alarm?), residents under 18 supervised or kept indoors 10pm – 6am.

    Are there any cities that aren’t run like a minimum security prison. For any city you can name, I would bet there’s an endless list of prison rules and regulations, with these being only a small fraction of what’s required of the municipal inmates.

    • Ahh Markham… sad to say I wouldn’t expect this not to happen.

      The curfew thing is the cloverish way the south suburbs deal with things like gang problems. Snow parking restrictions are common. $50 is pretty high for suburban city sticker these days but coming from Markham it doesn’t surprise me.

      • Chicago – whole city $500, then $1500 3rd offense. 13 8:30pm. 17 10:00pm.

        RICH SUBS: lake Forest 18years 11-6a/12-6a weekends. Also driving is prohibited.
        Kenilworh 17years 11-6 / 12-6 weekends.

        The city site reminds you to kiss your kids good night – so you can check for drugs and alcohol.

        The gang problem is going to increase if prohibition increases, unless they achieve total RFID tracking lockdown, I think.

        Is there anyone like Royko who still writes there, or just sportsfans and state-lovers.

        • Mostly people who complain about the corrupt government and then scream kook at whomever points out the real solution. The majority think if they have just the right people wielding government power everything will be wonderful. Then there are all the people who vote simply on race alone.


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