Three Hero Cops Beat Pregnant Woman

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Five feet one, 126 pounds – and pregnant – vs. three of America’s Swinest:

Notice, too, the “hero” three star general being interviewed…


      • Eric you’re exactly on target there–to the psychopaths, we are cattle.

        Drug laws? Same trick.

        Question: Who owns your body?

        Terminal cancer patients wishing to use DCA took a case to the “Supreme” court; the court informed them that since it wasn’t FDA approved, they couldn’t use it.

        Answer: Not you.

        • I’ve had left-statists tell me as much. Oh do I have fun with those two when they start talking about abortion and women having a say about their bodies… they just go silent….

          The cognitive dissidence required to be a typical left/right american would probably make my head aslpode.

  1. Here’s an idea for a REAL reality show. Call it ‘American Beat’ and have it 24/7 showcase cops as they daily, on the beat, wail on someone. Coast to coast totalitarian ass kicking. Have one of those gnarly infographics with a fly-in video effect and “beat-map” where the heat is coming down. Theme music by The Clash… ‘Police On My Back’.


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