Cops Try to Dissuade Elderly Woman From Defending Herself Against Home Invasion

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Kurt Nimmo
December 8, 2011

If Donna Hopper, a 66 year old Redding, California, woman had listened to police during a 911 call, she may have been killed by an intruder.

During a 911 call, a police operator told Hopper not to shoot the intruder breaking into her home. She was told to put down the gun and wait for police.

Hopper instead shot and killed the man with a recently purchased .38 handgun.

The incident is another example demonstrating that police are unable to protect citizens from criminals. Not only are police incapable of protecting citizens, they have no duty to do so.

Before the mid-1800s, American and British citizens were expected to arm and protect themselves. In fact, self defense was considered a civic duty. In America, armed police were considered no different than the dreaded prospect of a standing army.

By the mid-1800s, however, cities began forming police forces and gradually the idea that the citizen is responsible for his self defense diminished. It is now virtually illegal in many large cities to own a firearm for self defense.

As Operation Fast and Furious demonstrated, the government is actively involved in efforts to disarm the public. On Wednesday, we reported on documents obtained by CBS that prove the government launched Fast and Furious specifically as a pretense to argue for more restrictive gun laws.

The governmentโ€™s efforts to gut the Second Amendment and disarm the public has nothing to do with citizens killing intruders in self defense or even violent Mexican drug cartels. Government is invariably mistrustful of an armed public, especially when that government begins acting tyrannically.

Text and audio of actual 911 call here:


  1. Quick question. Would this “highly trained criminal entry denial tactician” have given the same advice to their wife/mother/sister/grandmother?
    He!!z No. Blast the SOB, mom, I’ll cover the paperwork!

  2. Strictly speaking she should not have called 911 at all.

    Who are they anyway? Bunch of strangers dressed in blue costumes with badges who assume they have the “authoritay” to pass judgment on who may exercise the right to self defense?

    Fuck that shit.

  3. That ol lady took care of business. If she’d followed that dispatcher’s advice there’s a good chance she’d have ended up a corpse – a thief would have been frightened off by the old lady making noise, shouting out that the cops were on the way, but I doubt a meth head would have been scared.

    And if she’d ended up a corpse, her family would not have been able to sue the cops, since of course they have no duty to protect us. That dispatcher should be fired.

    • Yup –

      Ultimately (as well as legally) we are responsible for our own physical protection. Most people do not realize this, but the courts have stated explicitly that cops are under no legal obligation to protect us. Their obligation is to enforce the law.

      Self-defense is a corollary of individual rights. Each of us must accept that we are responsible for defending ourselves – and not expect others to do it for us.

      • We also must preach it loud and long, and ensure that those who sit on a jury would understand that, too.
        That whole self-responsibility thing is lost on the Jury-sitting types, I think. Most people want out of jury duty. (Cost vs. benefits, and as a contract worker, I understand it.) Problem is, you end up with the old, the lazy, and the mentally disabled in the jury box – and THEN add in a layer for cloverism or sheepleness…
        Or worse yet, “True Believers” in religion, which would make harming another person, even by accident, a killing (capital) offense.

        We were probably better off with Hamurabi’s code, an eye for an eye… At least then you knew what the penalty was going in, and you knew the OFFENSE before comitting it…

    • Been thinking I’d learn how to work with huigh-energy particle weapons…
      Especially if I can mount emitters or lenses on my car.

      Let piggy come – when the EMP fries his car, or better yet HIM – no one will know what happened. ๐Ÿ˜€

      And the world will be a better place.

      • Uh Jean, let me know how that works out. I’m an old electrician and putterer. I can build anything I have plans for. I have plenty old sat. dishes to use for a focal point in aiming a device.

        • Cool. ๐Ÿ™‚
          Old microwave emitters wuold be a great start… Been poking at weird science on Temple of the Screaming Electron for a long time, and then there’s LOTS of interesting stuff on HackNMod, like this:

          Personal “fetish” lies in making particle cannons based on Tesla’s designs… But not sure there’s a car available these days that could generate the needed power. Would also need to wire it into the whole electrical system, and I’d want to be ready to go from start – not have to run the vehicle for 15 minutes or so to power up capacitors or something.
          Also, no certainty yet on making a BEAM isntead of a simple electrostatic discharge. I’m not even at “dabbler” yet – I’ve got unreliable people in the area. (though if one were to be electrocuted, I’m not sure I’d mourn much… Took 7 years to train her and she can STILL be a bitch. Trade her in for two 25-year-olds…)

          • Jean, why rely on a charge system when RV batteries would suffice….maybe? If they’re running that machine off a battery why not a discharge device with the same battery potential? If higher voltage is needed then wiring them in series might be the answer. I have at least a couple of old MW ovens that have other problems, minor ones. Optima batteries emit no gas, need no maintenance and cause no corrosion. Seems like they’d be ideal. Well, they might emit a small amount of gas but I have never noticed it. No maintenance, no corrosion and light weight keep me coming back.

          • EightSouth,
            Sounds like I’m going to come around here and pick your brains for know-how. ๐Ÿ˜€
            Awesome info, thanks!

            As for why a battery instead of charger, I had two thoughts when I was writing: 1. Instant On – no charge time when starting the engine. Capacitors might work, too, but not sure I like the idea of a capacitor that might shut down the car somewhat permanently. Battery seems more stable, less leakage, less obnoxious humming (I can hear some capacitors, it’s like tinitus.) And 2. The charger is going to be in there, but it’s automatically a drag on the engine. That means I’m burning fuel to power this, and even in a four (unacceptable power loss aside), that’ll cost. Even if I offset with solar adding to the mix, it’s just painful. Hybrid design might work, and with this concept being a one-off anyway, a biodiesel might be a great idea. I can envision a vehicle that’s more truck than car, maybe space for two people, but designed as a small tank concept… Since I can’t “borrow” a Bradley or BMP, and my funds would go to electronics, education, and hospitalization (Hopefully without the hospitalization, but not all learning comes from books… ๐Ÿ˜› ), old and used sound good (means cheap), and I’d want to make sure I have a good platform when that time comes.
            Of course, running mounted tests precedes vehicle tests. Generators are going to be cheaper, I can scale it up later.

          • Dual under-hood Exide High CCA (cold cranking amps for a fast discharge, not heavy trolling motor, slow discharge units) and 4, 6 or 8 more behind the drivers seat w/o back seat. 70’s jeeps have an auxillary PTO to power a Gen-Set. You can use a simple, GM, internally regulated 120+ amp alternator. (Stock is 50-65amp). Rig a hand throttle (A bicycle cable mounted on the shift lever to the carb) to run the engine @ 1500 rpms (full power for the Alt). Eliminate all the “Prestolite computer” stuff w/a GM HEI ignition which also eliminates the coil. Even if you shoot yourself in the foot, just replace the HEI unit under the Distributor cap & you’re mobile.
            I don’t know much about what you speak of, but this will get you a lot of juice quckly. Especially if you maintain the system w/a battery tender. That could be solar.


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