Woman Arrested for NOT Wanting To Drive Drunk

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A woman in England was recently arrested for sleeping in her car.

Then she was arrested for not wanting to take an alcohol breath test.

Do you think that there’s a good possibility that she was sleeping in her car because she might have been tired? Perhaps because she may have had an alcoholic beverage and, therefore, decided to sleep it off?

In which case, she was acting responsibly.

She certainly wasn’t a threat to anyone else, or even to herself. 

Shouldn’t she have been left in peace?

Instead, the woman was cuffed and stuffed, then brutally shoved into a prison cell by a government thug (more commonly referred to by the oxymoron “peace officer”). The government “service” that he provided was caught on surveillance tape.

Amazingly, the government thug was actually convicted of assault. Chalk one up for the good guys, at least.

What I’ve always wondered about, though, is why people are arrested for pulling over in order to sleep in their cars. Considering that driver fatigue is the number two-cause of auto accidents (driving under the influence is number three), you’d think that the law (and cops) would encourage people to pull off the road (or not get behind the wheel at all), to sleep for a bit (or sleep it off). Right?


And they (the cops) pull the same trick here. You can be arrested for “DWI” while sleeping in your car, even if the car is parked, the engine stone cold, the keys in your pocket and you’re soundly asleep on the back seat.

Thus, the cops actually encourage people to drive drunk. And thus, to become a threat to others.

You’re screwed either way, so why not at least try to make it home?

Asleep in your parked car, you’re a sitting duck.

The reason for this insanity is perfectly sane – if you’re a government thug: You’ve got another pretext for hassling (and often, assaulting) people who are just trying to avoid you and otherwise minding their own business. Cops are, after all, in the business of “law enforcement” (not justice) and thus, the more laws to enforce, the merrier. It enhances job security, satisfies the lust to dominate other people – and it keeps the “revenue” flowing.

And that’s what it’s all about.


  1. Basically, this whole scenario is a violation of the Due Process Clauses in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. You’re not actually driving, and the car isn’t actually running, but because you MIGHT get out of the back seat and put the key in the ignition and drive drunk, you will be arrested for what they presume you MIGHT do rather than for what you have ACTUALLY done.

    That’s very frightening, and the Founders wouldn’t have tolerated for it.

    The same “logic” is what is behind gun control laws… you haven’t actually robbed anyone at gunpoint or shot up a school, but the cops assume that you COULD or you MIGHT, so therefore possession of any weapon they disapprove of is an automatic felony even if there is no victim, no conspiracy, and no attempt to commit a crime.

    Now, of course, all of this is enforced in a completely subjective and arbitrary fashion according to the dictates of political correctness. They could just as easily use such an argument to arrest and quarantine all the queers in San Francisco, because they MIGHT transmit AIDS to someone else, even if they haven’t done so yet.

    Yet, oddly enough, they’re ENCOURAGING buttsex rather than arresting people for it.

    The Constitution is basically a dead letter at this point… it’s all degenerated into pure power politics.

  2. I remember how, when I was in college, I’d sometimes pull off for a power nap. The radio was FULL of PSAs telling us how driver fatigue is a killer, and if we’re tired, to take a power nap. Well, I went to do some lab work one Saturday, and I got tired on the way home. I pulled off to an open area alongside the highway. Wouldn’t you know it, but the local pigs come knocking on my window and waking me up. Then, they ask me what I’m doing! Before knocking on my window, didn’t they see me SLEEPING on the front seat? Wasn’t it OBVIOUS what I was doing? I had an old Buick at the time, and I was asleep on the bench seat. Freakin’ unbelievable…

    That wasn’t the last time I stopped for a nap on the road. That said, I don’t stop where the cops can see me; I don’t stop alongside the road anymore. I either pull into a rest area, a gas station, or behind an office building. I either stop somewhere where there are other cars parked or I stop somewhere out of sight, so I can rest in PEACE…

  3. Something similar happened to me once. One evening, my friends and I were shooting pool and enjoying some beers at an establishment we were EXTREMELY familiar with and at. Every time this places doors were open, the same two police guys were working in uniform. Needless to say our behavior (while excessive and illegal) was well known and just over looked. Until the night one of them saw me get into a tiny scuffle. He then promptly decided I had had a few too many and escorted me outside. Once outside, he told me to “get in your car and go home before you get arrested”. Well, seeing as I had had a few too many and understanding that the douche who started the scuffle had not been ejected also, I failed to see this cop as being “cool” or anything. I decided to ask him how, in his professional opinion, was I ok to drive home if I was too intoxicated to remain in the bar. This got me arrested for P. I. Also, if the popo ever escorts you downtown and fails to and I quote”buckle me up for seatbelt safety” they will promptly pull over and you WILL be safely buckled in.

  4. Silly rabbit. Dirty tricks are for statist kids. Better follow their strict dietary guidelines. Or else.

    Some types of seeds – especially things like “Canadian peas” and corn kernels – have hulls that are indigestible to a rabbit, and can cause life-threatening intestinal impactions/blockages.

    Corn, fresh or dried, is NOT safe for rabbits

    According to the ingredients page for Trix, corn is the main ingredient in Trix, making it an unsafe treat. Any pet owner has been sternly warned:

    Don’t feed your rabbit cookies, crackers, nuts, seeds, breakfast cereals (including oatmeal) or “high fiber” cereals. They may be high fiber for you, but not for your herbivorous rabbit, who’s far better able to completely digest celluose (“dietary fiber”) than you are.

    When fed to a rabbit, the high fat and simple carbohydrate content of “naughty foods” may contribute to fatty liver disease, cecal dysbiosis, obesity, and otherwise cause health problems.

    While Trix may be a a fine treat for humans, it is definitely unsafe for rabbits. Those Orwellian kids who are keeping the Trix rabbit from eating forbidden food are trying to save his life, not prevent him from eating a yummy treat.

    But despite all this “common sense.” I remain a libercontrarian and believe that the rabbit in the Trix commercials should be allowed to eat Trix cereal.

    You see, for as long as I can remember, the TV commercials for Trix cereal have followed the same pattern: a well-meaning white rabbit wants nothing more than to enjoy the supposed deliciousness of Trix cereal, but his attempts are repeatedly shut down by public skewl indoctrinated children who, without fail, deny him his snack of choice and cat call him mercilessly with the cloying catch phrase “silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!”

    I believe that these little jerks (specifically because of the fact that the rabbit is consistently forbidden from enjoying Trix cereal) lead to the following ill effects:

    They encourage (to a target audience of children, and to weak minded adults easily beguiled by an anthropomorphized rabbit) exclusivity and discrimination towards those who fall outside of one’s own demographic or nationstate. (‘kids,’ in this case).

    They frustrate viewers who are empathetic with the Rabbit and want to see him find happiness.

    They are counterproductive; and I refuse to buy Trix cereal until they end this pigheadedness and the rabbit begins receiving fair treatment in Trix commercials.

    As to all the ‘Trix are for kids’ comments; that is what I am arguing should change. They don’t give any got dam reason for restricting consumption of it.

    I see him as a sovereign individual person rather than anyone’s pet.

    The facts are unclear, it is unknow if has the digestive system of a human, or that he probably has a rabbit’s digestive system, in either case he should have the right to trash his body however he sees fit.

    It is irrelevant to my argument. Maybe he is only an anthropomorphized cartoon rabbit; and as such doesn’t have a digestive system. Viewers conceptualize him as a person (not necessarily as a human, but as a person), and so the way he is treated arguably still encourages discriminatory treatment of other freemen and individual people.

    Down the Rabbit Hole episode. Blue Bloods.

    • you oughta refuse to buy Trix, no matter what the ad is, cause it’s garbage phood.
      just read the ing. dec., plus gmo

  5. Over 20 years ago a friend of mine was convicted of a DUI because he was asleep in the back seat of his car after having too much to drink and deciding not to drive home. Because he had the keys and was in the car he was “in control” of the vehicle. Cops and prosecutors being completely insane isn’t something new.

    • Hi Richard,

      This business reveals not insanity but cruelty. It encourages people to actually drive drunk. When I was a kid in college, I also “slept it off” several times in my car. I was being responsible. But today? Given the prospect of some asshole “hero” arresting me and putting me in a cage and costing me thousands of dollars in lawyer bills and fines and insurance “surcharges”… why not risk the drive home? Your odds of “getting away with it” are much better as a moving target and your window of exposure is smaller.

      PS: This is also why I have on several occasions simply floored it and disappeared rather than pull over. In my state, anything over 80MPH – even on the highway, where the PSL is 70 – is statutory “reckless” driving and the cop can arrest you on the spot, impound your car. If convicted, it will cost you thousands in lawyer bills, fines, and years of SR-22 insurance.

      What is the incentive to pull over? What is the incentive to go for it, if you stand a better than 50-50 shot of simply ditching the government asshole in his special costume?

      • My jaw hit the floor when my business law professor told me that, even if you pulled over to sleep it off, you could still be arrested because you’re ‘in control’ of the car…

        I remember how, back when I used to have my ZRX1100, I dropped the hammer and went for it rather than pulling over. With a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds, only the most exotic supercars with a competent driver would have any PRAYER of catching me…

  6. Love your site. Live in a underdeveloped country where the cops are just looking to make their week. Have been stopped many times and still have not gotten a ticket or paid off a cop. The game is very simple: they stop you thinking that they are going to get a bribe, You act as if you have all of the time in the world and you just keep talking as if you have no idea that they are looking for a bribe. After about 20 Mins. max they finally decide that you are are not a good target and that they are losing opportunities from all of the other natives that are zooming by. They then return your papers and warn to not do whatever you were stopped for again and you are free to go. This has worked for 50 Years and still does. I pity all of you that are still in the LAND OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE and have to live with the Shit that this entails. Wish that I could donate to your website but we have capital controls that make it impossible.

    • Hi Guy,

      I have relatives who live in Mexico, so I know what you mean!

      It’s much freer south of the border, in terms of the lack of constant unctuous controlling laws having to do with personal lifestyle choices.

      I’d consider moving if I were younger and single.

    • Capital controls, sounds just like the land of “freedom”. So, how’s it been going for everybody in the US with all our capital controls? Not too good eh? The only thing a poor country has on a rich one is less “capital” to control with, hence no database, mandatory insurance, negative return on your bank balance(an outright theft of your money) but I’m sure they aspire to that just like any govt.

  7. Had this happen to a friend, but he knew enough to HIDE his keys first. It was after a bonfire and he was drunk, so he buried his keys in the dirt, then drove his car over the spit (so he’d knoe exactly where they were…directly under the car) and went to sleep.

    Sure enough the cops came by and tried to ticket him for DUI, and he told them he was drunk yeah, but he didn’t have his keys so how the hell was he doing the “D” in the “DUI”?. They searched him and the car (illegally) and of course found no keys nor anything else. They then told him he had to leave his car and get home and he told them his car wasn’t going anywhere, it was parked in a legal spot (the bonfire location enterence was private property even though it was off the street), he had no money for a cab nor any reason to call one, his friend was going to return in the AM with his keys, and they can go to hell.

    They fought with him for a half hour before they finally charged him anyway. He went to court and WON somehow finding a judge with some common sense.

    Still gets harassed, but with this behind him, he keeps the court ruling in his glovebox and shows the cops when they try this stunt. It usually shuts them up.


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