Diaper Report 8/3/21

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There is an ugly rumor going around that Uncle Joe is going to pull an Uncle Joe (Stalin) in the near future – this week or next – and attempt to “lock down” the entire country, in order to stop the spread of normalcy, a greatly disturbing trend in certain quarters.

People have been showing their faces – and refusing to roll up their sleeves. This threatens the unlimited power of the Krankleiters and Gesundheitsfuhrers of the political left (and their GOP lickspittles who moo whenever the left says boo) and for that reason must be suppressed by any means necessary.

The first was an attempt to resurrect the Fear, via the variants. Delta Epsilon semi-moron. But it’s not working as well this time as the first time. A real-life case of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The first time, the townspeople respond to the alarm; after a series of false alarms, they began to respond differently, with increasing disinterest. There is no wolf. They know the cry is for attention, nothing more.

Too many lies, too obviously lies. People begin to tire of the lies – and the liars.

“Fully vaccinated people don’t have to wear a mask,” said Uncle Joe. And now he says they do, again. His creepy little docktor said there’s no need to wear a mask – and then said wear two.

Millions will die – and didn’t.

The “vaccines” are “safe” – and yet, kill. At least 6,000 so far on the low end – 10,000-plus on the high end (of the VAERS reporting system) with the key difference being that some who died of the “vaccine” were previously healthy and young whereas almost all who died of the sickness the “vaccines” supposedly immunize against were old and often chronically unhealthy.

The “vaccines” are “effective” – and yet 70 percent of the new “cases” in the case of Provincetown, MA were “fully vaccinated.” It is not an isolated “case,” either. Israel is reporting 40 percent of new “cases” are “fully vaccinated” and similar numbers are being reported in England and elsewhere.

What is the point of taking a “vaccine” that does not “stop the spread”?

Why is that being pushed to the point of Vaccine Apartheid? It makes no sense, unless the real reason for chasing 330 million Americans around with a Needle has some other purpose. Which – given the pushing – it is reasonable to suspect may well be the case.

Perhaps it is to eliminate the control group – the gaslit Unvaxxed, whose ongoing health is a problem for those peddling sickness.

One cannot keep track of the lies being told. But one cannot help but notice the serial nature of the lies. The sociopathic refusal to concede error. The lack of any apology for the serial abuse visited upon innocent people in the name of error. Just on to the next lie – the next authoritarian demand to do as they say.

The lie having become The Science – ever fungible. The demands, ever-escalating.

People aren’t having it anymore. Not enough of them, at any rate. One sees a few more Diaper-faces again, it is true, in conjunction with the resumption of the Fear Organ’s satanic screeching. But they are the hopeless ones, the ones who never took their Face Diapers off – and probably never will.

The good news is that one sees more faces, this time – some of them openly and vocally defiant.

I just came back from Earth Fare, the crunchy (and lefty) “clean” foods supermarket I visit regularly to gauge the temperature of sickness psychosis. Last year at this time, it was one of the hottest spots you could find, with militantly pronounced sickness kabuki expected and performed. One could not get in without being told to get out if one dared to not wear the Cloth of Obedience. People didn’t look at one another; kids clung to their parents.

A sneeze would have brought the place to its knees.

Today, the only people peering fearfully from behind a “mask” were a handful of wild-eyed clingers, the psychologically paralyzed who still do not trust the evidence of their eyes but only the sounds emanating from the TeeVee. They are, happily, the minority now. And enraged about it. It will take force to get the rest to play Kabuki again – and that may be just what Uncle Joe intends.

If so, it is a desperate tactic – like Hitler’s Ardennes offensive – that will have an equally desperate outcome.

The first outcome – desperate for us – would be another round of sheepish passivity and obedience. Followed by the inevitable fate of sheep. If business owners close their doors this time, they might as well close them forever. There will always be another “variant” – another excuse to “lock them down.”

It will never end.

If ordinary people accept being told they must wear an Obedience Rag, again, they will never be allowed to take them off – even if they also roll up their sleeves and submit to being injected with this not safe, not-effective “vaccine” – which will only cure them of the right to say no to the next “vaccine.” And the one after that.

For them – and their kids.

If the people submit to another “lockdown” it means the end of America, forever. The end of any personal discretion, whatever. The acceptance of total control over everything we do – and are allowed to do – in the name of “keeping us safe,” which has no end because there will never be an end to risk.

If the country can be turned into a prison over a sickness with a 99.8 percent risk of recovery – if you even get sick – then it will never be other than a prison, forever.

Understand this – and decide, accordingly.

If enough of us decide to be free, this time – by refusing to be “locked down” – the outcome will also be desperate. For Uncle Joe, et al. If they lose control of this narrative they may well lose control of everything they’ve used to control. The fear-based regime of what-might-happen that has cosseted us – literally – with everything from seat belts to Face Diapers.

The Safety Cult itself could be undone.

It is why I am concerned – and hopeful – that Uncle Joe may well go for broke. He may feel – rightly – that he has to, having already gone too far and realizes there’s now no going back.

But if he loses, we will have won.

It is either a boot, stomping on a human face – forever.Or it is us, giving them the boot, at last.

We face a choice not of our own making, thrust on us by – let’s use the right word – evil people.

Let’s make the right choice, this time – should they force us to make it.

. . .

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  1. “One cannot keep track of the lies being told. But one cannot help but notice the serial nature of the lies. The sociopathic refusal to concede error. The lack of any apology for the serial abuse visited upon innocent people in the name of error. Just on to the next lie – the next authoritarian demand to do as they say.”
    Right there, you just summed up what bothers me about this whole thing and why I won’t submit to their jab or trust anything they tell me. Even a shred of intellectual humility might have helped with the situation, but as the GOT meme says: A lion rarely concerns himself with the opinions of sheep. And that’s what we are to them.
    I am a proud member of the “control group” and will remain so. If the people in “leadership” weren’t so blindingly stupid and power mad, they might embrace the fact that there’s such a large, willing and diverse control group and we’re even doing it for free. LOL. (A control in an experiment is usually not an enviable position. For example, say a lifesaving cancer drug is being tested on terminal patients. Half the patients get it and improve, half are the control group and proceed to die. Too bad, but science must do its thing. Some researchers have lamented the ethics of such a system.)
    But anyway, in this case, we insist on being in this so-called control group. I would have willingly answered questions, given my blood, etc. to help them learn more about how a normal immune system processes the rona if they showed any scientific curiosity. But since I am a little worried about becoming a pariah due to more lies from our “lions,” I keep my jabless existence private. If they put out a call now for the unadulterated to come forward for a research project, I would suspect trickery. Is it to force a jab on us? Put us in a FEMA camp? Document our names for a public list?

    • It’s like these people never watched or read any science fiction.

      There are so many episodes of mass vaccination going badly. From episodes of Star Trek to Stargate SG-1.

      Bonk! Bonk! on the head!

  2. “There is corruption in anything.” – Burt Lancaster (Lambaster) on a Phil Donahue Show in the early 80’s

    The non-vaxxed are such clueless ignorant morons, never a greater joke on the planet than some nitwit who refuses to get vaxxed.

    Even Bullwinkle would know there is something up the non-vaxxed sleeves.

    Trust the vaccine pushers, it is for your own good, even it it kills you.

    Was at a mandated mask big pain in the ass store, no mask, walked in, no demands, no questions asked. The customer is always right.

    Don’t lean on me, don’t tread on me.

    Case closed.

    Dr. Fauci is going to go to hell for genocide. So there.

    • Kid had a dentist appointment yesterday both of us walked right in undiapered and noone said a word to us even with 100% of the rest of the office diapered and the kabuki signs up.

  3. Although I homeschool, I have been watching the diaper debate in the NC county government schools around me closely. Today, the county school board voted 6-1 to eschew mandates and leave the choice to diaper children to parents. This was in response to a parent survey 2/3rds against mandates, in direct contravention of the recommendations of both the county superintendent and “health officer”, as well as done in the face of a very recently ratcheted fear campaign about a “surge” in cases. Direct rebuke of govking.

  4. Heres a funny one – if ever there was proof all this Kabuki around the rona is just about creating fear (instead of maybe saving life). My sister in law has been in Pakistan since November with her family because you know, the UK is in a never ending lockdown…. Anyhow her kid starts school next month and husband has to return to work so she’s headed back. Now if you dont know Pakistan is on the UKs big scary “red” travel list because there is so much of this deadly disease out there. What that means is if anyone enters the UK having been to Pakistan in the past 10 days, they must “quarantine” in a government gulag which you must pay for (about 2k per head!). Anyhow her loophole is she will come here, transfer to a flight to Switzerland, hang out there for 10 days and come back to the UK..

    Today she messages wife, asking if she can come get her suitcases when she transits in London so she doesnt have to carry like 10 months of crap on a 10 day holiday with kids…. wifes like ok sure but how? She said she can “transit” in the UK without quarantining… which means she can come out of the airport, take any form of public transit or taxis – including coming out and giving her stuff, and going back in and flying off to another destination…… I guess that deadly strain of Rona from Pakistan will know she’s in transit, and so it wont be getting off in London…..

    If ever it was more obvious that this is all about show just to discourage traveling and keep the people scared…

      • you know – my impression of “illegal immigrants” has really changed over this past year, and I speak as a guy who’s spent 10s of thousands of pounds around the world on visa fees and legal fees, etc to travel over my life….. obviously wanting to do it legally….

        now ive started to realise – maybe the system is meant to be played…. and these guys who jump the border or come across on a dinghy, take everything they can get while most work on the side for cash and spend their lives off the radar, for the most part left alone…. maybe thats the way to go…. people like me who strived to comply with things….. we’re the morons….

        • That’s because illegal immigration is largely useful for the powers that be. Once it ceases to be useful……

          If a tax donkey were to try to live as an illegal immigrant in some other nation or his own he would be quickly and firmly stomped on.

  5. Last evening my wife and I went to opening day of the local fair. It’s one of the biggest in the state, drawing around 100,000 people over five days with livestock shows, tractor pulls and somewhat-famous entertainers. The ZZ Top show will go on Saturday without Dusty Hill.

    Canceled last year because covid, last night it was refreshingly normal. I saw only two diapers, and hand sanitizer sat unused. Vendors were taking cash. The milkshakes have been shrinkflated, but at the Cattlemen’s Association ribeye sandwich stand there were communal bottles of A-1 and barbecue sauce, just like in the old days.

    • Hi Anon,

      Yup. Clapton had what is styled an “adverse reaction.” These are being suppressed by the Needle Pushers, which gives us insight into their motives…

      • Did you hear – The Offspring – a so called “punk” band dropped there drummer for doing well what punk bands used to be known for…. opposing a government mandate !!

        Can you imagine !

      • I sometimes watch Jimmy Dore on youtube. He has had a long lasting adverse reaction to the vaccination and people are attacking him for talking about it. The guy is a lefty* and pro-vaccination but he gets attacked because he’s honest about it.

        *The kind that is anti-war, free-speech, etc who doesn’t know what progressivism really is and that medicare for all only allows for elite control of everyone’s life. In other words one of those people who is a few shocks away from becoming libertarian when he figures out collectives have to be run by someone and those people will always end up being the people he dislikes because they will use the power to control others.

    • That’s because he had a severe reaction to the jab, thought he would never be able to use his hands ever again and thought he might die. He understood from that point on what people were advocating for. He has said flat out he would not take it if he had to do it over again.

      • Sadly, like the little cuck that he is, he said he has no hard feelings and understands the band’s decision to can him. Why does he not lambast them?

        These fuckers took away his livelihood because of lies, yet he’s ok with it.

  6. You guys should check out the latest Foreign Affairs (the unofficial journal of America’s ruling “Elites”). At the top is the headline: “The Forever War Against Covid-19”. Here are some highlights:

    “It is time to say it out loud: the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic is not going away,” and “the world will not reach the point where enough people are immune to stop the virus’s spread before the emergence of dangerous variants.” Further: “Such supervariants could bring the world back to square one. It might be 2020 all over again.”

    If you want to know what’s coming down the pike for America, you should always peruse this journal. Here you can see our so-called leaders are playing the long game with Covid and have zero intention of ever letting go of this “crisis”.


  7. Wish I was more computer/graphic literate. I made a sign for the door of my office. I tried to find a template online, but could not find anything. So I made my own. I photocopied a Mask. Then put a Black X across the mask. Put a hand written caption on top “No Mas”. So far haven’t gotten any criticism. In fact when people see it they invariably take off their masks.

  8. Sadly, the employees at the local Home Depot are all wearing face diapers again!
    I think it’s been about a few weeks now that I’ve gone there with – none to one – wearing the offensive cloths.
    I’m guessing that corporate executives are oozing anti-human dictates from above.

    On the plus side, zero customers were wearing the abnormal freak, gullible, useful idiot costume

  9. The entities at the top of the pyramid must not only control the narrative, they must control the vocabulary as well. Everyone must learn new words, or accept specific words for specific things, no deviation. It’s amazing how the proletariat dutifully parrot the acronym COVID, without bothering to ask, or find out, what the word is derived from. I think the disease most of the followers are suffering from is DOVID – Dumbly Obeying Vile Internationalist Dictators.

    Before 2020, no one in the USA would have donned a mouth and nose covering just to walk around in public, but when the government tells them to do it, they cannot comply fast enough, and defend the practice as though it is long-standing wisdom. I heard a number of people say virtuously “Well, surgeons wear masks for hours on end”, ignoring the fact that surgeons are at arm’s length – and that too, a bent arm – from an open wound, and it’s to avoid drops of saliva getting into the wound, which bypasses the defense that the patient’s own respiratory tract can mount. But faulty comparisons are needed to keep the sham going.

    I despise the phrase “wear a mask”. It would be closer to the truth to call the covering a face radiator or face furnace. It certainly raises the ambient temperature of the covered skin with the first exhaled breath, and keeps it uncomfortably warm thereafter. And as for the perversion of impeding normal respiration, you’d think that in itself would start a revolution, but no.

    Annie Lennox nailed it, back in the day, with “Sweet Dreams”.

    “Everybody’s looking for something,
    Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you,
    Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.”

    That last group is mainly responsible for what we’re going through right now.

  10. What really cracks me up, that after over a year passes by, all of a sudden the “N95” respirator is making it into the discussion.

    “Better than nothing” at best for blocking coughing and sneezing fluids, those blue (mostly) paper masks did NOTHING for respiratory protection; misinformation and censored, until now.

    Cloth masks (aka “face coverings”) block coughing and sneezing fluids, too, but if not washed daily are nothing more than petri-masks.

    Then things get complicated. The N95 respirators are of two types, surgical and not, the latter having an external one-way (breath out) valve.

    And I wonder how “N95” will be locked into the group think and thought police Nazis? KN95 and KF94 respirators are N95 equivalents approved by their respective national authorities: China, Korea and the USA. So, if one shows up wearing a KN95 or KF94, will some Stasi karen demand your papers AND an N95 and N95 only?

    BTW, the Korean standard addresses CO2 build up inside the respirator, “CO2 clearance.”

    READ ON to engage in learned debate…

    • Hi Haakon,

      N-95 respirators don’t work for controlling respiratory viruses either. I’ve been using them for 30 years for their intended purpose: filtering out harmful dust. N-95s sold for industrial use do not necessarily have a one-way valve.

      Anything that is porous enough to allow you to breathe will not stop such a tiny virus. In fact it might make it more likely you’ll spread covid, because every time you exhale you are nebulizing the spit that has built up inside (most of which would have fallen harmlessly to the ground otherwise) and blowing it out in tiny aerosol droplets to be inhaled by others. This is exactly how a mesh nebulizer works, with liquid medicine being forced through a porous membrane so it can get deep inside the patient’s lungs.

      We should not concede anything when it comes to this disgusting superstition. If we do, first thing you know Biden will launch a “Manhattan Project” to produce gazillions of N-95 respirators to be forced on us.

      Masks do not work, period.

  11. No concept cars for you:

    ‘The heralded return of the New York International Auto Show scheduled for later this month has been canceled due to concerns about COVID-19 and the spreading Delta variant, according to the show’s organizer.

    ‘The cancellation marks a sharp turn from announcements as recently as last week, when the show was recast under “The Future Is Bright” banner.’



    ‘The future is bright’ — that’s so last week, dude.

    Build Back Bugger just veered into a ditch and smacked an oak tree.

    Whiskey bottles and brand new cars
    Oak tree you’re in my way
    There’s too much covid and too much smoke
    Look what’s going on inside you

    — Lynyrd Skynyrd, That Smell

    • Hi Jim,

      I used to attend the press days of the NY Auto Show every year. I doubt I will ever attend again – or for that matter, visit NYC again. I am glad I was able to experience the Big Apple before it became the Big Shitstain.

      • Too bad Noo Yawkers are living under a totalitarian dictatorship.
        Vote with yore feet, people. There are plenty of roads out of town.

        Noo Yawk Shitty, indeed,
        I have as much desire to visit Noo Yawk Shitty as I would have to have visited the DDR.

        • Problem id Turtle, they vote with their feet, get to a wonderful new location that is everything their old location wasn’t. Then they proceed to vote for the same kind of politicians who made their old location a place to flee.

          They never put 2&2 together and realize that here is better than there because here is not governed by the kind of people they voted for there that made them decide to flee there.

    • Hey Jim,

      It’s cool that you reworked “That Smell”, I’ve been thinking that it’s the perfect vehicle for an anti jab song. Your post inspired me to rework the entire song (some lyrics are perfect as they are).

      Pfizer bottle, stuck in your arm
      Don’t jab and you can’t play
      There’s too much woke and too much smoke
      Fear what’s going on inside you
      Ooooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell
      Ooooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you

      Angel of darkness is upon you
      Stick a needle in your arm
      So take another jab, signal virtue as you pose
      And one more shot fool, will drown you
      Ooooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell
      Ooooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you

      Now they call you Lord Fauci
      Can’t speak the truth when you’re full of lies
      My lies will change come tomorrow
      But tomorrow might not be here for you
      Ooooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell
      Ooooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you

      Hey, you’re a fool, you
      Go on stick them needles in your arm
      We’ve never been here before

      One little problem that confronts you
      Got a Karen on your back
      Just take the fix, Lord might do the trick
      One hell of a price ’cause you’re not sick

      Ooooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell
      Ooooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you
      Ooooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell
      Ooooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you
      Hey, you’re a fool, you
      Go on stick those needles in your arm
      You’re just a fool, just a fool, just a fool


  12. NYC diaper report (seems this may me one of the last times I venture to this city): About 50%+ wearing face diapers outside, up from less than 5% at the end of June. Went undiapered into a favorite tea cafe, no issues and friendly service. Not many tourists, but some, all diapered as they check their guides and wait for the Big Bus tours. Many nice restaurants I used to visit have permanently closed, and others are struggling to battle back. Now they want to close them off to probably 20-30% of their customers, and not a peep. Interesting.

    • Told my son he will never see the rangers play again in the garden under these circumstances. He is so anti jab and diaper he isn’t even upset. But i did tell him We can go visit grampa’s apartment in FL and watch them play the Panthers there. Of course i will be driving to FL because i will not diaper on a plane. At the rate thinga are going in nj i expect my company and my wife’s to mandate jabs soon. At that point i think I finally will get her to agree to leave this shit hole.

      • My wife and I have tickets to Jim Gaffigan next month at Radio City (bought last year on hopium). We won’t be going (diapers and vaccines required) – a couple hundred dollars pissed away, with no fault of our own except maybe to have had too much faith things would turn around.

        • If you purchased the Tickets with your credit card, register a Protest. I have done this several times for services I have not received. Since the Show will not be until next month, at least call your Credit Card Company and warn them what you will be doing.

        • I am glad Luke Bryan was last month. Just need to get through Lee Brice at the stone pony on the 15th and i’m good. Haven’t purchased any additional tickets and i already told the wife i will eat the money if they demand to see vax status.

        • I wouldn’t worry about missing much. I’m a comedy fan but post-scamdemic comedy just isn’t funny.

          Let me guess, Gaffigan will come out, talk about his belly getting bigger on hot pockets during lockdown.

          It seems every comedian does it too. Can we not have a show where you aren’t constantly reminded of the scam?

    • Isn’t it bizarre, BAC? You’d think ANYWHERE these mandates would be imposed, the businesses would protest en masse! 20-30% is a LOT of business. But they really didn’t do so during the lockdowns, and they aren’t with the needling fatwas.

      • Many of these businesses in New York are either corporate chains or owned by hardcore leftist swine (not all, but a goodly chunk). They honestly don’t care, as ideology > bank account > livelihood of their employees.

      • Small businesses suffer abuse from the IRS much more than the individual. They have been conditioned to kneel to the state. Hopefully, enough can be de-conditioned n time.

      • ‘You’d think ANYWHERE these mandates would be imposed, the businesses would protest en masse!’ — BaDnOn

        Uniquely, in the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia), voters get a chance to protest next month:

        MARTINEZ (KPIX) — California Governor Gavin Newsom could be facing a dead heat in the recall election next month, according to a newly released poll.

        A recent Emerson College poll posed the question to 1,000 registered voters. Of those who responded, 48 percent were against the recall and 46 percent were for recalling Newsom.


        An old Chinese tradition used to blame the emperor for earthquakes and floods that happened on his watch — heaven disapproved, supposed his subjects.

        Scientifically, Newsom can’t be held responsible for covid … unlike Fauci, revered as the Father of Covid at the Wuhan lab. But Newsom certainly can be blamed for his heavy-handed response to it.

        Fires, plague, sweating bullets in the dark … not to mention shoplifting junkies shitting on the sidewalk — that crap has your name all over it, Gavin.

        We’ll schedule your farewell dinner at the French Laundry.

    • 1 can be made an example of, if 10, 100, or 1000 quickly defy decommieo and the andy the grandma murder it then becomes obvious how little power they actually have.

  13. I look forward to using this line. “I have recovered from asymptomatic covid so I have long term, robust immunity.”

    Enjoy your booster jabs and ADE.

  14. I am seeing (and hearing) extreme slowdowns in the market. Just saw the recent ADP report and anticipated jobs of 695k, ended up being 330k. Ouch!

    I have several clients (in their 50s and 60s) who are talking about closing down their businesses. They are disgusted on what is unraveling and really have no desire to eke their way through this. No one is even contemplating establishing a business right now.

    Hubby and I ran out to pick up dinner last night. No one is out. Tons of front street parking. A month ago (even a week ago) restaurants were full and one had to park two streets over. Traffic in NOVA has decreased significantly this week. Did people voluntarily go back in lockdown? Where the hell are they?

    Just found out my local grocery store, that I infrequently visit, is requiring all employees and customers to mask back up. Glad we got a good crop of food this year. Even with as little rain as we have received. It looks like I may be cracking open some of those canning jars sooner than expected.

    • Hi RG,

      I am going to do a local survey today – checking out Lowes and Wal Mart for signs and symptoms of Sickness Psychosis; stay tuned.

      I would never open a business, either. Several good friends of mine have either lost theirs or are in peril of it. These were all thriving before the last round of lockdowns and these people had invested everything they had in their businesses. I’ve told the ones still standing that I will stand with them, this time, if they decide to defy “lockdowns.” I encourage others to consider doing the same.

      • Hi Eric,

        I refuse to even purchase anything from a business that is enforcing masks, or even worse, passports. Forget entering the establishment, no curbside, no delivery, etc. I am not participating this go around. The only businesses that will receive my moolah will be those that refuse to engage in the narrative.

        Looking forward to seeing your report on Lowe’s and Walmart. More and more restaurants are establishing no “no vax no service” protocols. Just read a few more introduced in the Pittsburgh area. I expect DC and NOVA suburbs won’t be far behind. Visiting SC next week. I am going to engage the temperature down there. Hopefully, it is a lot more welcoming than here.

          • RG, Eric, wondering – do you think its worth, at this crazy time – to move to the US ? Do you see any opportunity ? Unfortunately its in NYC, but – hopefully can escape from there soon enough….

            • Hi Nasir,

              As bad as things are in the US, it seems they are worse in most of Western Europe, which lacks both the cultural tradition of liberty as well as the legal tradition of it. There are still semi-sound parts of the U.S. and these may be preferable to the UK. I’d certainly be happy to have someone like yourself as a neighbor!

              • This is exactly what im thinking – fundamentally the US has customs and traditions of individual liberty, which so far have always stood. Though it does seem like a crazy time. Here in the UK people have a mentality that they are basically owned by the state or something, and they must comply. Few believe otherwise. and ofcourse politicians, etc take advantage of it and make it even worse.

                yes would definitely be good to have neighbours like you or many on this forum !!

                its just im afraid of this Jab thing – and really want to see which country is less likely to mandate it for work… and that seems very much in the air at the moment..

            • Hi Nasir,

              The only benefit I could see moving to the US now is one that see what is unraveling in Europe and that gives them time to prepare. NYC, ugh! NYC is crime ridden, desolate, and bleak. I would be terrified to be in any large city right now. If you could live in CT or outside of the city that may be more bearable.

              To work and live in the city….no way.

              • Thats the thing RG – work will probably be in NYC, but I really wouldn’t want to keep the family there. Would love to find a place where one can commute a couple days a week to NY, where there are decent (sane) people, and things are cheaper, schools are better than NYC…. wonder if such a place exists ! Most of the people I know who have moved recently have gone to NJ, but I think they have also gone as crazy as NY these days… any idea where one can live if one has to work in NY (at least till they can figure out a way to get out)

                • Speaking as one who once lived that life more than a decade ago, the hard truth is that what you seek does not exist in the paradigm you are envisioning. If ever there was a time in your life to consider much more oblique strategies, it is now.

                  To channel Jim H from this board

                  You are living a reality I left years ago
                  It quite nearly killed me
                  In the long run it will make you cry
                  Make you crazy and old before your time

                  — CSN, “You Don’t Have to Cry”

    • ‘Did people voluntarily go back in lockdown? Where the hell are they?’ — RG

      That’s what the Obamas’ neighbors are asking themselves:

      ‘Former President Barack Obama belatedly announced he was canceling his h-u-u-u-uge 60th birthday bash scheduled for Saturday.

      ‘Hundreds of former Obama administration officials, celebrities and Democratic donors had been planning to attend the party at Mr. Obama’s island mansion. Many guests were already in transit and others were scheduling the required coronavirus tests whose results they had to submit to a medical “coronavirus coordinator” to gain entry to the Obama compound.’


      Here’s the money shot, though:

      “Guys … buy a map,” Tommy Vietor, a former Obama spokesman, wrote on Twitter. “Martha’s Vineyard is an island. It’s not close to Provincetown.

      ‘Provincetown’ is now invoked like ‘Sandy Hook’ as the scene of a disaster — the Destruction of the Narrative, in Provincetown’s case.

      Happy birthday, Mr ex-President! Your covid card, please …

      • Hi Jim,

        Rules for thee, but not for me.

        I would be doubtful if the former Prez cancels his bash…..they will just make sure no paparazzi are around. The leftist media would never show Obama in anything less than a halo.

        • not sure if you’ve noticed – open the daily mail, look at the sidebar. All the celebrities are traveling the world, as always….. no mask, no issues. Infact – the other day some guy who’s married to princess something or the other (one of queenies grand daughters) got caught on a yacht with some topless models…. ok so the guys screwing around – but it was interesting at a time when for the second year in a row the average brit has been banned from travelling on holiday…. these guys are out partying as always… but when will he sheep put 2+2 together…. and realise all these rules from their dear leaders are NOT to keep them safe!!

          • none of the celebs fly on commercial airlines or take public transportation – that’s only for the little people.

      • so, what happens if we question how many of the Provincetown “victims” had compromised immune systems?

        No functioning immune system, no immune response, AFAIK.

        • Would bet that most would fall into that category, since P’town is the epicenter of the gay community here in Taxachusetts. HIV for all?

  15. Kabuki is making a comeback, at least where I live. Went to a Trader Joes yesterday, and the majority of customers were diapered, along with all employees. Trader Joes was always heavy on the Kabuki, and was one of the stores I could not gain entry to without wearing a diaper, which I never did. The cycle repeated at Publix, Target, Big Lots, and Wawa. There were still undiapered individuals, but they were in the minority. Sadly, ALL workers at those locations were diapered. Nobody said anything about my undiapered face, but you know it is coming.

    On a some what better note, I received an email from the Pinellas County School Board. It was clarification that no students will be forced to wear a diaper in a Pinellas County school this year, although they are “Strongly Recommended”. All I can say is they can take their recommendations, and go pound some sand with them. They finally came to the realization that plexiglass shields do nothing to stop Covid, and are detrimental. Hence, they are being removed. However, the idiots will keep the water fountains closed, in the heat of the Florida Summer…….IDIOTS. Also, students and teachers who have received their jabs will not need to quarantine if coming into contact with another person who has Covid. The unjabbed of course will need to quarantine, because, you know, Uncle Joe said jabbed people cannot get Covid, lol. Only members of the district COVID team, working in conjunction with the DOH-Pinellas, should inquire into vaccination status. They can stick this suggestion up their ass too. I already told my daughter not to tell anyone about her vax status, as it is none of their business. I wonder how long before students are forced to diaper up? We shall see.

    • Here is my definition of stupid:
      Our County Supervisor
      a) Got COVID, and recovered without hospitalization
      b) got jabbed
      c) continues to wear a face diaper
      d) recently “might” have come in contact with someone who was “COVID positive”
      Not ill, just “COVID positive,” and no confirmed contact, either, only a possibility.
      e) therefore chose to hide out from the world (“self quarantine”)

      Why are we allowing ourselves to be “led” by timid people?

      • “Why are we allowing ourselves to be “led” by timid people?”

        Because so far many of us have been even more timid. I can’t believe the number of times I’ve read “I didn’t say anything because…[insert excuse here]” in the comments. I’m guilty of this myself in my worse moments. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, but sometimes it’s just pussing out.

        Courage will win the day. They’re 100% not ashamed at all of their idiotic behavior, largely because they’ve gotten ZERO pushback. And you don’t have to yell and scream like a weirdo, just be cool and say something.

        • Hi Michael,

          Indeed! Amen! It doesn’t take great bravery to simply say … No! There are few if any serious (life-threatening) consequences – but there will be if more of us do not begin saying it. Loudly.

          • Thanks Eric. You’re correct. People have to stop being PUSSIES and quit using the self-deception that they’re being “polite.” You can be polite and still say it’s ALL BULLSHIT.

            For example you can tell the grocery store manager something like “I know it’s not YOU who’s making these decisions, your bosses just told you to do this, so I’m not going to throw something at you or go crazy lol, but this is ridiculous, don’t you think? What are you going to do about it? You need to tell your bosses that your customers are PISSED OFF at this decision and are gonna go somewhere else.”

  16. Most people have never had to deal with an illness. In fact, despite our American “lifestyle” being the number one killer of us, we continue to live longer than ever. If you end up in the hospital you’re still pretty much the exception, not the rule. Most people think the TV version of medicine is reality. Fact is, if you’re in an ICU ward, you have a 50-50% shot of survival, and probably not much of a life expectancy after. Odds are probably slightly better for “sick ward” patients, but most of what goes on in a hospital is scheduled and hardly life threatening.

    The people who work in hospitals suffer from the same problem the police and really anyone who has any time in a job, that they see so much of the same thing over and over they begin to assume that’s the way things are. So if there’s an increase in people going to the emergency room, suddenly there’s a deadly pandemic. Yes, people are dying, but not in large numbers. The media locks on to the roll-up when it comes to numbers because big, scary numbers are more reportable than context. So this time it’s all about percentages not actual statistics. If you have one apple and someone gives you one more, you have a 100% increase! If you have 99 apples and someone gives you one more, you now have a 1% increase. Ho hum.

    But either way, so many people are cutting off traditional TV and cable that Comcast, largest cable company in the US, said in their last earnings call they don’t even bother to offer TV unless the customer asks for it, and then they lead with the Xfinity Flex set top box, which is more akin to an Apple TV or Chromecast device than a cable box. NBCU is taking a bath on the Olympics, which by most measures is more of a political story than sport. The days of synchronized toilet flushing after the Carson monologue are long gone and they aren’t coming back. No one is listening despite the outrage. The media is the mouthpiece of the Whitehouse, so when we don’t buy the story we’re all having our own “tenth amendment” moment. Next step is to get a job doing contractor work (easily found since much of corporate America is outsourcing everything that isn’t SG&A) and getting a 1099 instead of a W2. Cutting a check every three months to pay your taxes makes it pretty clear what your tax bill is and you’ll start finding deductions everywhere.

  17. So the CDC, apparently urged on by Biden and the Demonrats generally, “extended” its eviction moratoria, which had already lapsed, in direct contravention of the Supreme Court ruling that they were illegal. A very definite escalation of lawlessness.

    • To get round the Supreme Court (they hope), the CDC modified its formerly all-inclusive eviction moratorium to apply only to counties experiencing ‘substantial’ or ‘high’ community transmission (as defined by CDC itself, of course) on August 3rd.

      Now landlords — those archetypal enemies of the people — most consult a multicolored map like this one to determine what the ‘law’ may be in their city:


      But wait! This map is from 5 days ago, so it’s already changed. And it will change again tomorrow.

      How exciting, how challenging to manage a business where the playing field morphs every 24 hours!

      At least Uncle Joe Stalin held to five-year plans. Today’s online socialism moves with the speed of a multiplayer video game. Better have a good broadband connection, if you want to survive as a hated ‘landlord’ avatar.

      • If you haven’t heard of Blackrock etc buying single family homes…
        Now you have.
        NeoFeudalism is coming, if we don’t pout a HARD stop to it, NOW.
        It’s become literally Humpty Dumpty in Alice Through the Looking Glass. The word means what he wants, when he wants it to mean that thing, and if he changes his mind in a few moments, oh, well – new meaning.

        “The question is, who is to be master, that is all.”

        I knew that years ago, knew we COULD end up here. Knew it WAS coming – it’s ALWAYS Coming – but didn’t know it was coming SO SOON.
        But I was a voice in the wilderness then…
        Now I’m a voice in the corn fields, at least.

        But even the awake don’t want to listen. (Awake, not woke)

        • Indeed, Jean –

          Twenty years ago – ten years ago – when I would warn people about the implications – the precedents being set – by such things as DWI “checks,” seatbelt “safety” laws and Gate Rape, I was accused of overstating; of being paranoid. I wish I were. Rather, I was able to see the underlying principle and what it meant for the future. I wish others had been able to see it, too.

          • Eric,

            People think i am crazy because i have only flown 3 times since 2001 and all 3 times were work related where i had no choice. But i refuse to be scanned, gropped, treated like a criminal in the name of saaaaftey, all by a group of people who every time they are tested, fail to catch guns, knives, bomb materials, etc. I even had an issue with these brain dead morons on one of the work situation. On the way home the ticket attendant gave me my coworkers ticket and him my ticket. The kicker is the tsa agent checking tickets to id’s passed me through but stopped my coworker because his ticket didn’t match his id. These are the people we allow to grope us for the privilege of flying.

  18. With all the talk of restricting the “Unvaxed” how long will it be before restaurants, fountains, public transportation et al have signs saying “Vaxxed” & “Unvaxxed”? Just waiting for CNN to push this to keep the children safe.

    • Unlike the emblematic figure of Jim Crow, who was suffered to skulk and shuffle round the margins of society as long as he was careful to mumble ‘yassuh, yassuh,’ the unvaxxed are disease vectors.

      According to the consensus developing in Uncle Joe’s cabinet, they need to just eff off and die.

      Even the South African expedient of creating ‘unvaxistans’ is too good for them — they might escape from the FEMA camps; not to mention breeding and multiplying in there.

      Your Covid passport, bitte, kamerad.

    • I can remember a time when restaurants had sections for smokers & nonsmokers. And I’m not THAT old.

      They just can’t stop pushing the envelope.

  19. Convo with one of the mom’s about the upcoming school year, she happens to be the pto president and a member of our cub scout committee. I mentioned getting together to plan out a calendar for the year. Apparently the pto is not allowed to have a Halloween party for the kids because they are not allowed into the school BUT, the back to school lunch they provide the teachers every year is allowed. I told her to tell the teachers no party, no lunch.

    Also a week in bucks county pa at scout camp i saw maybe 10 people who diapered. Thursday night we had to take shelter in the science building due to tornado warnings and one of the dad’s in a different troop that we were sharing camp sites with was frantically attempting to hand out disposable diapers to everyone. Most declined and my kid outright ignored him which made me chuckle a bit. This dad also on the day were were leaving was taking eveyone in his troop’s temp. I looked at one of the other leaders i am good friends with & who is of same mind as us, and asked if he is going to send one of the kids home at 10 am instead of 11 if he finds someone with a fever. Btw that camp is now in week 7 of 8 with hundreds of kids and adults in close proximity all day long with noone wearing diapers and their convid count in those 7 weeks is….. 0

    • Hi Antilles,

      I have great memories of Scout camp at Goshen. And I have decided that, should the Worst Case Scenario develop and I am forced to actually fight these Freaks, I will wear my Eagle Scout patch as a kind of totem of what was and – with luck – may be, once more.

  20. I saw the other day that someone I know, vaguely, had posted on social media that she was sick with…something. So she went to get convid tested. Test turns out to be negative, BUT she is told she might have it anyway and she should probably stay away from people. She rambles on incoherently about how happy she is that her employer made the vax decision for her and that though she is feeling symptoms (of SOMETHING) her being coerced into getting the shot probably kept her from getting way sicker. So, she once was skeptical, she has now seen the light and is evangelizing all who will hear to get the shot….

    I just don’t get it with these people… when I do pay a small amount of attention to the news, I just think “It sounds like they are just making this shit up as they go”. I guess the problem is that people get so confused because the “facts” seem to change on a daily basis. Add to that, that most people lack critical thinking skills and even if that were not the case, they are afraid to go against the flow. It is disappointing, but I am glad there is some resistance to all this BS.

  21. Time to stop the wishful thinking that there will be any resistance. I just read that 70% of Americans are now “vaccinated” with the non-vaccine. These are people who of their own volition gleefully sought-out this draconian health-destroying, life-destroying poison, because. And more people are getting it every day. It is not only the government which is our nemesis, but thes brainwashed fools, because if they believed the propaganda so readily as the imperil their own lives, they just as ardently believe what the propagandists say about us- i.e. that we are ‘the problem” or somehow a threat to their safety.

    • I’m not sure that’s entirely true, Nunzio. According to Our World in Data statistics (which is the report Google uses for their official vaccine tracker), “only” 58% of Americans are fully quaxxed with 50% single quaxxed.

      BTW, have you noticed Google’s doodle for Wednesday? IThe letters in the Google logo are all wearing masks and it says, “Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Save lives.” Vomit!

      • Another thing to keep in mind, a percentage of the vaxxed may already regret their decision, even if they won’t openly admit their mistake. These include the wide swath of people who didn’t really want it, but submitted for employment, college, etc. And even if they don’t regret it, they may still bristle at the idea of it being forced on their children. Remember, TPTB don’t merely want to give you two doses; they want to keep you coming back for boosters every year/six months due to the scariants. They’ve long ago jumped the shark with this thing. Judging from the lack of mask wearing, it seems people are slowly getting wise.

    • Hi Nunz,

      While I agree many have done so willingly, I point out that many also were coerced into it – by fear of losing employment and so on. The key, moving forward, is to convey to the remainder that there is nothing to be saved or gained by submitting as this is about losing everything. The Jab Pushers have attempted – with great success – to get many to believe “it’s a small ask” (as with the “masks”) and that it will all soon be over. Indeed, it will. But not the way that people – non psychopaths – imagine. It will be over – for the non psychopaths, who are being soothed in the manner of cattle going down one of Temple Grandin’s chutes. The task is to get enough people to understand – and to get them to face reality.

      I agree with you that it is likely to get very bad, but that is why it is so important to salvage even 25 percent of the population – which would be enough to win this thing, in the end. I encourage you to not give up on people – not all of them – just yet.

      • Take a look at the University of California policy, applicable to all students and employees, including all medical personnel:

        “The Jab Pushers have attempted – with great success – to get many to believe “it’s a small ask” (as with the “masks”) and that it will all soon be over. Indeed, it will.”

        Au contraire. It won’t be “over” in any sense. Ever. As a for-instance, take a look at this policy for the entire University of California system. This applies to all students, employees, and health professionals in the sprawling web of UC-affiliated providers. The number of people to whom this applies is gargantuan.


        The FAQ No. 4 (page 10) reads: “This is a permanent program. …[A]nnual or more frequent boosters will be necessary and receipt of the boosters will be required….”

        This is an instance where they’re revealing that the goalposts won’t just be moved forever: there will be no goal posts. Just an endless march through a gauntlet of pseudo-medical biological experimentation. (And obviously, this is going to apply to every vaxecution program, worldwide.) This is permanent enslavement to Pfizer and Moderna, with the entire fate of every human being a pin-cushion and lab-rat for mad scientists, until (hastened) death. Those Mengelian consortia will be able to test any number of bio-digital “enhancements” on the abject Herd with this blank check. (“Oh, this ultrasonically-powered single-system chip injection will enhance your link to the spatial web, so that updates and patches can be delivered remotely as soon as they’re developed!” Stab!) The lab rats will never have recourse to any compensation for harm. They will simply be plugged, over and over, until they die…or until all of their natural biological matter has been replaced by Frankensteinian synthetic tissue.

        • Freelance,

          I guess I’m not surprised by the University of California.

          But if I’m going to be a lab rat for a mad scientist, I want that mad scientist to be ME, not a bunch of assholes from the pharmocracy.

          My body, MY synthetic enhancements!

        • Yep. It goes on:

          “Fully Vaccinated: A person is considered “fully” vaccinated when two weeks have passed since they completed a COVID-19 Vaccine series (for example, 1 dose of the Janssen/J&J vaccine, or 2 doses within no more than 12 weeks of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine); as well as any boosters consistent with manufacturer instructions and applicable agency approval, authorization, or listing.”

          “Participation compliance will require repeat vaccinations or boosters on an annual or recurring basis consistent with FDA-approved labeling and CDC recommendations.”

          “Is this a one-time mandate or will I be required to get boosters or annual shots? This is a permanent policy. Infectious disease experts anticipate that annual or more frequent boosters will be necessary and receipt of boosters will be required, consistent with product labeling. . .”

          • Why no one will Inject back, I cannot comprehend.
            InfoWars has been saying for what, 20 years, “There’s a war on for your mind.”
            Sane people just don’t udnerstand how history works, how SLOW it is looking forward, how DISTANT the horizon is -until they’re past it, looking back, and then? It’s ALL THERE, in such a SHORT time period.
            Rome wasn’t build in a day, but history makes it sound like it FELL in a day – instead of over decades…

      • Hi Ya Eric!
        **”I point out that many also were coerced into it – by fear of losing employment and so on. “**

        That is precisely the problem- Their thoughts and actions are predicated upon inculcated fear. Now we are becoming the object of their fear….because the “experts” tell them so. And as I mentioned elsewhere, just as with taxes, it doesn’t matter even if these people should come to loathe themselves and their oppressors for what they have accepted and what has been inflicted on them, they will gladly side with their oppressors, and against us, because they had to comply, so “What makes you so special that you should actually be allowed to live as though you were a free autonomous man?”.

        Even if they were reluctant or have come to regret their taking-it-up-the-arm, just like a jury full of taxpayers who will gladly convict you for not paying the very last dime, they will reason “I had to do it….so you should have to do it too, and why should my jabbed holiness have to tolerate your existence, since you did not receive the anointing?” -And rather than admire our steadfastness and resistance, they will loathe us for managing to do what we know to be right, and what WE wanted to do, since to acknowledge our propitiousness and resoluteness makes them feel bad, being a reminder that they did not have to do this…but rather chose to; and causes them to acknowledge that they were deceived.

        The media tells them that they did the right thing; The politicians tell them; Their fellow vaxholes tell them; WE are the thorn in their flesh, because we haven’t died, or even gotten sick, and have not risked our health and our lives; We are proof that all they had to do was say no, and maybe at worst, change the way they make a living.

        We, the unvaxxed, are not only a control group medically….but also politically and psychologically.

        • ” The media tells them that they did the right thing; The politicians tell them; Their fellow vaxholes tell them; WE are the thorn in their flesh, because we haven’t died, or even gotten sick, and have not risked our health and our lives; We are proof that all they had to do was say no, and maybe at worst, change the way they make a living.”

          This is the part that the ptb can’t allow to stand. If we openly defy them and their boy who cried wolf media and don’t die or become seriously ill the narrative is destroyed. Next time those rubes may not be as easily swayed when the media and cabale cry the sky is falling due to globull warming or whatever else they decide they need to gain more control of our lives. We just are too dam stubborn to prove them right, get sicl ane die of convid.

          • Exactly, Ant.!
            And they’ll keep those masses so focused on the BS, that they won’t notice the correlation between the vax and the soon-to-come health and mortality crisis which is being caused by it, nor will they notice the fact that we -their leper enemies are just fine. They can not be allowed to see the simple truth! Luckily, having a screen in front of one’s face 24/7 from infancy negates any chance of that.

      • I THINK my employer will remain effectively vaxx-optional for the time being, for 2 reasons.

        a) They don’t want the liability/workman’s comp issues associated with making it mandatory, especially if someone is disabled/dies.

        2) They got sued one time, and lost, over not giving someone a sick day (the boss didn’t believe the sickness story) because they aren’t doctors/medical professionals.

        iii) They are having difficulty maintaining staffing levels & keeping talent as it is, and it’s heavily knowledge-based work.

        So I’m pretty sure they are going to stop at “encouraging” people to take it, at least for now.

        It’s also pretty clear that for the most part only management gives a shit, and I’m getting the idea that some of them are beginning to figure out that it’s more about politics than health.

        We’ll see what happens in the long run.

        • “They don’t want the liability/workman’s comp issues associated with making it mandatory, especially if someone is disabled/dies.”

          Your employer’s work-comp carrier enjoys derivative liability stemming from the manufacturer’s. The entire chain-of-commerce is expressly cleared. The term “Covered Persons” (meaning, indemnified entities) under the PREP Act goes on for some dozen pages, and pretty much includes anyone who has ever heard of “vaxxines.”

          “They got sued one time, and lost, over not giving someone a sick day (the boss didn’t believe the sickness story) because they aren’t doctors/medical professionals.”

          This is exactly why they’re now afraid of more liability for sick people. In other words, they will at some point fear the liability of “allowing” people to get sick on account of “lax safety measures.”

          “They are having difficulty maintaining staffing levels & keeping talent as it is, and it’s heavily knowledge-based work.”

          Now THAT’S what you’ve got going for you. Keep your eye on that ball, and hold your bare chin high!

    • I personally know a lot of people who have been jabbed. Most voluntarily without coercion due to a job (most are retirees).

      However, I was speaking with someone last night who is in that age bracket and he seemed to be very outspoken against going door to door to jab people. I didn’t have the nerve to ask him if he had been jabbed (because, to me, it still violates common decency to inquire about someone’s medical status unless they have shared it themselves), but I told him I know of at least 3 people who have died within weeks of the jab, and many more who are suffering greatly. He seemed surprised.

      I believe the alleged 70% is just like every other made up statistic being shoved down our throats – a psyop designed to make the remainder of us (who could still be the majority) believe the evil is inevitable.

  22. Was on vacation visiting family up in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest when the governor ordered new mask mandates. Prior to the new rules, about 85% the people outside were unmasked, about 50% unmasked inside. Even at the public library, only about 50% of the visitors were masked up. After the news of the new mandates was posted on shop windows, I got a sick feeling of deja-flu and wanted to leave ASAP. We still had another 5 days before heading back to our home in the South. However, after the mask mandate went into effect, very few stores enforced the edict, though the percentage of mask wearers increased slightly. This may be a hopeful barometer. Exactly a year ago in this same place, more people were wearing masks outside — despite no law or mandate to that effect. One lady even gave me a verbal tongue lashing for not wearing one. Nothing like that this year. We even had long, civilized talks with a few mask wearers, and they didn’t act like they cared whether we were bare-faced or not. Again, much fewer masks in this area than the previous year, even after the new mandate was put in place. What makes this especially interesting is that this is in the most liberal county in the state. At the airport hotel, fewer than half the guests were masked up, and only around 30% of the employees were wearing the diaper. Don’t want to give names of the exact places or state in case someone decides to crack down on them…

    • I live in the PNW. So far it looks like most people have ignored king inslees latest edicts. On the ferry last weekend 90% (and all visible) employees not masked. Even with announcements reminding everyone to wear masks inside! I don’t know if this will hold but hoping not to be the only maskless shopper at the grocery store. Enjoy your visit, you picked a good time!

  23. Here’s my bad news/good news diaper report: Just returned from the local Walmart and the bad news is that the front-door mask enforcers are back. The good news is that, except for employees, roughly 97% of customers were unmasked (including a police officer, shockingly). Still, seeing the mask Nazis again for the first time in two months gave me a sinking feeling. I’m starting to believe those lockdown rumors.

    • I knew it! When I went shopping last week, they had the carts outside again- like they did during the prvious muzzle mandate. Soon as I saw that, I said “I’ll bet the Kabuki’s gonna start up again”.

      • Two weeks ago I visited my local grocery store. I shop Sunday mornings around 6 AM….less people to deal with. Upon entering the doors to retrieve a cart I noticed the grocery store had their large “Mask Required” sign standing up, but it was turned to the side so you could not see it upon entering. It looked like someone had just brought it out, to be used at a later date. The mainstream media only had started talking about the cases of the Delta variant starting to multiply. I figured I had about a week to get my crap in order. Over the next seven days I hit Big Lots, three grocery stores, the farmer’s market, and placed a large order for baking supplies.

        I returned this previous Sunday morning and still saw the sign in the exact same spot. More of the employees were wearing masks and about 50% of the patrons (there were only six of us in the store at that time so probably not an adequate reflection of where society stands). Just got the memo that this grocery store masks are mandated again. They knew it was coming. I honestly believe the large corporations are getting a heads up and have more notification than us in the general public.

      • I used to do contract work for Walmart, and after that experience, working with some of the people at the top, I vowed not to ever spend another dime there. Horrible people. Despicably dishonest and conniving, though I suppose that’s what it takes to attain such a position.

        Necessity (and a temporary lack of adherence to principles on my part) forced me into the local store last weekend, and I can confirm, the mask “enforcer” at the front of the store was dutifully handing out diapers. I walked straight past, nodding my head in recognition to the poor sap having to do such an unenviable job. The majority of customers were unmasked.

        Got a letter from the kids’ school today. Masks will be optional, and no one will ask about vax status. We’ll see if that holds up. They left themselves a loophole; if the governor declares another state of emergency… blah blah blah.

  24. Brilliant article Eric, maybe your best one since I’ve been on here. I’m sorry to say, if you remember I linked an audio of a condo board meeting I presided over at my place as Board President, where we eliminated the mask mandate about 6 weeks ago, sparked by a speech many on this board praised me for.

    Well, with the variant and the false Florida case counts dominating the politically motivated panic porn headlines, the commies on my board are back out in force, demanding we reenact the mask mandate. I have held resolute against it and they realize there is little they can do, since they need me. However, the aggravation has built up to the point where I typed a resignation letter, thus far unsent, but it is ready because the reason will not change if I decide to hit the send button. It’s just a matter of whether they push the needle over the line. They don’t realize how close they are to that line.

    However, my complex may not quite be the microcosm of society I had assumed it was thus far.

    This may surprise you, but I also am secretly wishing for another lockdown attempt, because it will validate everything I have said to the commies and even the non-commies who gave legitimacy and blind trust toward the intentions of Big Brother. If it is attempted again, it will not only reveal the true agenda to even the most ardent of non-commie holdouts, but bring out the fire in people and motivate them to draw the battle lines. It feels like we need that final confrontation and there’s no time like the present. The foreign rebellions have me somewhat convinced the people will stand up and fight this time, that they will realize this has gone way too far.

    I wonder when this will be decided on by Brainless Joe.

    • God Bless you DC Miami. Stand firm. Make them fire you. Do not go away quietly. Your example will help the weak minded who are ready to “go along.

    • You certainly shouldn’t quit the board if your vote/veto is the only thing preventing the mask mandate!

      (Unless there’s some procedural detail I’m missing?)

      Aggravation is merely the subjective experience of steadfast righteousness on your part, in this case.

      • I agree with you on that principle as it is probably the only thing preventing the mask mandate. Management has told the workers to mask up just to appease the commies, one of which sneered at a front desk person for being knowingly unvaccinated.

        However, this is draining my energy severely and distracting us from critical work. Plus, some are demanding others take the kill shot and are just waiting to scapegoat me if someone falls ill or dies. They’re saying things like “people think they have the right to infect others,” etc.

        It’s just hard to work with these people as the tension is undeniable and I don’t know if I even want to continue living here. I just can’t handle the psychosis every time they are triggered and just want my peace.

        They embrace “bad news” as it gives them an opening and a platform for their righteousness.

        Without you living here and dealing with board dynamics, it’s hard to convey what it’s like to be in my position. I feel very alone and demoralized.

        And I do understand wearing out the opposition is very much a part of their strategy. In my favor is that they do regard me as vitally important on the board, so it’s a revenge kick on my part and making them pay a price for their behavior. It’s therefore a real dilemma for me.

        • Hi DC,

          I often feel demoralized by this as well; and then I get angry – which provides the fuel I need to do what I do. That said, I’m not sure I could stand dealing with these Freaks, as you do, up close and personal. The sight of them sickens me. I find myself saying Freak whenever I pass a Diapered, something I never used to do to people who are clearly mentally ill. Whom I used to feel sorry for. But these Freaks are aggressive and dangerous, fueled by a cultish fervor – like Hare Krishnas at the airport except not the least bit funny.

    • Thanks, DC!

      I suspect a resolution is pending. I believe that Uncle Joe and the people operating his strings are panicking. On several fronts. They know that probably half the country is not merely “hesitant” but refusnik; that this means a large, impossible to deny control group exists that will give the lie to the entire Rona-Jab Narrative. They also know the truth about the election’s theft is coming out and that has them really panicked.

      Everyone here knows my feelings about the Orange Fail. But that is beside the point. I do believe the election was rigged and the outcome falsified. And that cannot be allowed to become acknowledged fact.

      It is why I give more than a little credence to rumors that Uncle Joe plans a national lockdown. The bastard has to do something to stop the whole mess from coming apart.

      • Just remember, they WILL do whatever they can to keep the delusion going, and they have no moral foundation or ethical standard to restrain them. There is literally nothing they will NOT do to keep it going. Hopefully people will notice before they go full tyrant on us.

      • Hi Eric,
        While I agree that the PTB are itching for another lockdown there seems to be enough people that are fed up with the constant crying of “wolf!” and will just ignore any more fatwas from Uncle. This would have the effect of finally revealing the whole “pandemic” as the scam it is, threatening Uncle’s control of the narrative.

  25. The goons on the radio were cheerleading Cuomo’s mandatory jab declaration. They were also ardent fans of businesses ability to mandate proof-of-annointing for entry. SO many advocates for private property rights lately!

    Okay, fuckers!

    At my bar, I will only be letting you in if you’re between 30 and 45. It’s the perfect second-chance dating atmosphere.

    My restaurant will exclude you if you’re “caucasian” per your driver’s license. No need to have you conniving oppressors around while the rest of us dine.

    I will not be providing health insurance to my employees. They can buy that if they want, on their own time!

    Also, no tax withholdings. I don’t need to spend money on some accountant. You figure out how to get tax money out of my employees. That’s not my job.

    I won’t be hiring “family people”, always wanting to “pick up their kids” and shit.

    And no fucking radio hosts allowed!

    Let’s have us a little private property, shall we?!

    • Indeed, BaDnOn!

      It makes my teeth hurt to listen to and read articles written by “private property” defenders of the “right” of employers and stores and so on to require Proof of Jab as the condition of employment/service. So long as they obey every law and regulation imposed upon them, obviating any meaningful status of “private property.” Their “rights” extend to doing what they’re told. It’s sickening. It’s embarrassing. And it’s indefensible.

      Let’s have an honest discussion about this subject and begin with the premise that “private property” either is or it is not. If it is not, then it has no rights; certainly no right to abuse people on behalf of the state while pretending it is “private property.”

      I piss down their throats.

      • Where’s OSHA? You know there are laws against endangering employees. Such was the reasoning behind the abolition of second hand smoke. Somehow, the requirement that employees take a vaccine which isn’t a vaccine at all, that has the worst adverse event record of any treatment allowed to remain available, is of no danger to employees? The ONLY demonstrable effect of these vaccines is a reduction in symptom severity. A thing Ivermectin could have produced many months ago, at far less cost, and far less risk.

        • “The ONLY {stated} demonstrable effect of these vaccines is a reduction in symptom severity.” FIFY

          They only CLAIM a reduction in symptoms – one of a series of lies that makes swiss cheese of any argument of efficacy. They can’t claim prophylaxis, nor cure, so this is a last ditch effort to put a thin veneer of credibility on the toxic jab.

          I’m sure you know this, but the way to push the ideology starts with adopting their terminology. The way to push back is to recognize it and dutifully weed it out. It’s a matter of life and death.

        • Or even with masks, John. Used to be you had to be properly fitted and tested with a mask, due to OSHA regs and others. There are likely protocols and regulations for surgical masks as well, used in a health care setting.

          But, for over a year, put whatever you want over your mouth and nose: Surgical mask, welding helmet, bandana, plastic bag, whatever.

        • OSHA has been MIA for a long time. You would think that they would have come up for air when everyone decided to deprive their employees of God-given oxygen, but they have studiously remained silent.

          I expect no help from them.

  26. I’m getting the sense that there’s much more resistance than they’re letting us in on. The biggest lie that I think is being peddled is that there are a lot of people in fear. While I see these fearful images in the media, the reality that I’m experiencing is that a large majority is not in fear at all.

  27. I believe the current re-masking hysteria is planned to coincide with the natural peak of the “delta”.

    The peak has passed in Europe, so we know it will peak in 2-4 weeks in US.

    Then our great savior politicos can claim credit for saving us from mother nature’s natural cycles.

  28. Lately, I’ve been wondering about the push to Jab young people and why they choose the ago of Twelve to target. It’s not a random number, is it?
    There are people who say these shots are designed to sterilize, to stop reproduction, what happens to human beings at around the age of Twelve?
    It’s a twisted world, and when you look deep at what the likes of Bill Gates has been up to,… have you ever seen the film, ‘Children of Men’?

    Who knows?

    Anyway, Becky Ackers posted a link to this bit about resisting The Shot which I thought some of you might like, relate to and could possibly use as inspiration:


  29. “Why is that being pushed to the point of Apartheid? It makes no sense, unless the real reason for chasing 330 million Americans around with a Needle has some other purpose. Which – given the pushing – it is reasonable to suspect may well be the case.”

    I read a couple of articles on Zero Hedge recently that may uncover at least some of the motivation behind putting a needle in every arm. Let’s say, as some doctors and scientists speculate, that the gene therapy disguised as a vaccine causes auto-immune disorders and/or infertility on a large scale. If close to 100% of the population takes the shots, then they can hide these effects and blame it on something else. If a good 1/3 to 1/2 of the population does not, then in a couple of years, after the effects become obvious, everyone who doesn’t have their head buried in the ground like an ostrich will know that the shots were poisonous. Interesting theory, and I’d say it has some merit.

    • I didn’t read the comments before I posted. You summed it up pretty good, Jim.

      I learned the local bar built an outdoor swimming pool/swim-up bar in their parking lot for Ragbrai last week (hay bales and sand bags covered by giant sheets of plastic) the bikers stopped by and had a belly flop contest. 20,000 face diaper-free bike riders.
      It took five hours for them all to ride past my place. They all certainly seemed to be members of the safety cult, almost all of them wore helmets, but None of them wore face diapers.

      In other news, the D.O.D. is having difficulties getting their civilian workforce to wear the holy face rag and/or get The Shot, etc…. They hit a speed bump, seems quite a number of those who can think are saying, “Pound Sand!” Word is, “We’re gonna pause” implementing the bully orders, until…?.

      Pushback, baby.

      • The mere act of wearing a helmet is not being part of the safety cult. I would say it’s a pretty wise choice to wear one. Advocating for legally requiring one is. The true safety cult comes from the government.

        • Hi Big Daddy,

          I’ve been riding motorcycles a long time. I have full armored leathers and boots/gloves for track days. But I would (as I once did) wear no helmet to ride on the street, if I could “get away” with it. I despise the cloying, finger-wagging injunctions regarding helmet wearing in principle. Motorcycle riding itself is inherently less “safe” than driving a car. So? Driving a car is inherently less safe than walking.

          If you are not wearing fully armored leathers and boots/gloves, wearing just a helmet will perhaps keep your face looking nice in the event you are hit or go down hard. So why not wear full gear every time you ride? Why not mandate it? Why not outlaw riding altogether?

          If I recall, you’re very young – and so have no memory of a relatively free America. It was a place not obsessed with “safety.” Certainly not the “safety” of other people, who were left free to decide for themselves what they were and were not comfortable doing. The whole point of riding a bike is the freedom of it, the feel of being free. A helmet does to that what wearing a double rubber does to the sexual act.

          • Although I’d certainly wear a helmet when riding a bike or a motorcycle, it’s my CHOICE. If I chose to ride “naked” (ahh!), that too would be my CHOICE. Where the hell does anyone get off to PRESUME to tell a responsible adult what risks he should take or not?

            BTW, California is making it all but impossible to sell pork products in the once “Golden” State, so when I occasionally venture back into “Murica”, I’ll bring a cooler and load up on hams, sausage, and B-A-A-A-C-O-N! Let’s see the fuckers try to stop THAT. What are they going to do at the “Ag” inspection stations (their statutory authority is to check for fruits and vegetables that may bring insects and/or fungi into California, potentially destroying CA produce), search my ride for “illegal” pork?

        • Perhaps, The mere act of wearing a helmet is not being part of the safety cult. Unless, you’re among 19,900 people out of 20,000 all wearing one.
          It screams out: “Hive Mind” safety cult.

          A person might say/think it’s a pretty wise choice to wear one. I dunno, I read some stuff from an emergency room brain trauma type surgeon, he said something like, it does Nothing to prevent a concussion. Stuff like that. But, what does he know, eh?

          The same is likely true while riding motorcycles, I imagine. I knew quite a few guys who bit the dust while wearing a helmet, it did Nothing. YMMV, I suppose.

    • Jim,

      That’s what I surmise: Just as was the case with Sweden. They don’t want a control group. Then we might actually learn something from this experiment, and it won’t make the Powers the Be look so good.

    • I’m 52. That bar sounds like a pretty good place for me to come in and pick up some younger old women. At least it would be a Target Rich environment.

    • Haiti. An island nation with hardly any covid deaths and zero injections. Can’t be allowed. Don’t need a pure control group to show the futility of it all.

  30. The first time around, March or so of last year, we had no idea what we were dealing with, so we went along. Now we do. Professional liars at peak performance. I visit a local ABC/Fox TV affiliate website daily to see what’s going on locally. Even these fresh out of college “reporters” are all in on the propaganda campaign, attempting to create as much fear and panic as they can. Publishing misleading facts ad nauseum. We’ve had 1 death in the last 4 days, so what do they report? The total for the last 17 months.

  31. Eric its interesting you mention this rumour. A commenter I follow here, James Delingpole (probably only brit in the media who’s completely 100% against all this nonsense) was also talking about this, where Bidens handlers are planning a 9/11 style moment to launch a new “war on covid” which will give them all sorts of powers to bring in more lockdowns and whatever else they desire… lets hope it doesnt go that way…. but I wish you guys the best….

  32. Just reading the couple left bent magazines and newspapers that I do, I have come to the conclusion that the lefties are angry…..at us (the unjabbed). In the past week, I have waded through an onslaught of “I hope they all die”, “I am tired of protecting them”, “The vaccine should be made mandatory” piles of bovine fecal matter (I am borrowing this phrase from John) than I have seen over the last 17 months.

    The mask mandating will not hold and if you notice most of the governments and stores are not pressing it. This makes me nervous. What did NYC do today? What did Tysons Food implement? How about the Veterans Administration, Walmart, Saks, Facebook, and Google? Masking is the least of our concerns now. We are onto Stage 2.

    • To be considered an “enemy” because we disbelieve those who have consistently lied to us is truly pathetic. And what do they do to their “enemies”? Destroy them if they can. They have escaped all sane boundary. So filled with hate they can’t function in any rational manner. Which is self defeating, since that is exactly why we wont go along with their insanity. Because its insane and we aren’t. Sanity is becoming a criminal act.

    • Hi Raider Girl,

      I noticed the same thing the other day. The propaganda feed was chock full of the “I hope they all die”, “I am tired of protecting them”, “The vaccine should be made mandatory” stories that you mention. Thing is, it’s the vaxxed that are spreading the virus. It is the vaxxed who are 8 times more likely to catch (or be hospitalized with) the ∆Coof. It is the vaxxed that are a danger to themselves and, unfortunately, us. This wild experiment has created a bunch of vaccinated superspreaders.

      The vaxxers have lost their minds and are clearly blaming the wrong people for their stupidity.


      Stage 2 indeed.

      • Wasn’t this one.of the early concerns with the jab? That once the mrna jab is in your system and you come in contact with the virus in the wild that you were more susceptible to adverse reactions? Wasn’t this one of the known animal trial issues that was never really resolved?

        • Hello Antilles,

          Sorry it took me so long to respond.

          Yes. I too recall this being one of the early concerns about the poison needle. I don’t know if it is the mRNA specifically or if this was the result when they tested other types of coronavirus vaccines. I read early on that the animal trials for coronavirus vaccines were deadly for the animals involved.

    • Today, my cousin, with whom I grew up and played together, called me an asshole for being unvaxxed. She is now dead to me. What kind of twisted, mentally ill, Good German twit does that to close family? You know, it hurts, but it’s for the better – the divide grows, fomented by demons like De Blasio, Guano, and Bidet.

      And where are the civil liberties groups in all this? Pass a law that requires you to read a leaflet before an abortion, and these pinko groups are in court for an injunction within the hour. Don’t bake a cake for some freak and it’s off to court for you by Monday. But literally cut people out of life without due process -and violate the express words of the US Constitution, and not a creature stirs. How can the mayor of NYC (who already destroyed much of the city economy) unilaterally ban people while publicly claiming it’s punitive for not vaccinating, and no one bats an eye?

      They are pushing too hard and far. Either something gives or this country and its ideals truly are done. Truly despicable. I weep for our children.

      • The pendulum always swings. When it swings too far, there is blowback.

        The worst of all this is how the govt has propagandized family & friends to turn on each other. I think this is on purpose (at least now) and it is disgusting.

        • It does remind one of the Soviets, East Germans, Chinese…

          We should use that to our advantage, as well. Call in “anonymous tips” “against mayors and government officials”… (Merging two concepts, second from an NVC general, stated in Guns and Roses song, “Civil War”)

          Use the tools they have arrayed, against them. A cop’s home gets raided… Mayor’s car is stopped…. Judge’s home searched… Etc.
          Thin the ranks at least.

          They have already aggressed, and KNOWINGLY, and the power structure supports them.

    • We’re beyond masks and onto Soviet-style internal passports now, starting in New York City but it will no doubt spread out from there more quickly than the Red China virus. How can they get away with that kind of blatant discrimination in places of public accommodation in the face of the Civil Rights Act and Americans with Disabilities Act? Well, they just don’t give a damn what the law says. Those are really gang rules to control the little people. The criminal gang that implemented those measures has no intention of being restrained by them.

  33. https://www.c19vaxreactions.com/

    Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow may never come.

    You can’t sleep when you are hungry. Brine the turkey breast, smoke it on the grill, some potatoes, gravy, you’ll sleep when the tryptophan kicks in.

    This ain’t peace, this is something else.

    Death by a thousand vaccines. Can’t criticize the vaccines and those pushing them, Dr. Fauci is the smartest man alive. Joe Biden is the most intelligent human being on the face of the earth. Both are hallowed, holier-than-thou, much better judgement than anyone else alive, just listen to them, you’ll be glad you did.

    Shitheads too, but that doesn’t matter. lol

    Don’t pull that stuff on me.

    Today is the 30th day with no rain. It is grim, everything is drying out, plants don’t grow, watering is an essential chore. When you are beating your head against the wall, it feels so good when you stop.

    You are dirty, you work hard, you sweat, your body is racked from weed pulling, pulling water hose, everything, while doing your best to make it work out.

    You gotta eat and I don’t want to see it all go to hell in handbasket.

    You will get sick and die if you don’t eat. Starvation is not an option.

    Stock up on food, you’ve been warned.

  34. Best of luck to you guys in the US to standing up… as crazy as it sounds it seems the US is really the last hope for the western world to stand up and resist this tyranny…. most of the rest of the west has fallen it seems…. and apart from a few rebels who are soon to be condemned to the gulags – most will blindly and sheepishly comply….

    On the weekend actually had a couple friends over. A girl I knew since we were teenagers, with her family. Had a brilliant catchup, till in the end got to the jab…. she and her husband were strongly for. I was ofcoure do what you want – but dont force anyone else… and started telling her my concerns with the jab, the lies they’ve told us, how nothing they said has been true so far, and why we’re not getting it now, and maybe never…. She was firm in her faith…. And well my wife told me today “hmmmm its strange you know she hasn’t responded to any of my messages since !!” I was laughing !! Soon ill need new friends !

    • Hi Nasir,

      If the Europe is waiting for the USSA to take a stand we may all be f’ed. France is starting to look like the path of resistance. There are protests in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland! The US? Nada. All quiet on the western front.

      • Ok the French may actually have re-grown a backbone….. it does look like theres some hope there… but dont be waiting for Britain…. here even when there are protests – they insist you be nice to the AGWs which are arresting you…. the Brits are so brainwashed into compliance that even when they are protesting they are complying with every rule and regulation…. but yes maybe the french have hope..

        In the US im thinking theres no resistance because most of the kabuki is mostly in the cities… where people are like sheep. Once it gets outside and they try to enforce, what do you think – it will be the same?

        • Nasir – most of the kabuki is in the cities because that’s where most of the liberals/progressives/woke/(fill in the blank for the morons) live. I live in Kentucky, which is nominally a red state. But I live in Lexington, the second-largest city (number 61 in the country) and it’s 2/3 liberal (and messed-up-in-the-head woke type liberals at that). I’ve spoken to people out in the country here in KY who don’t even own a mask, let alone ever worn one, yet quite a few here in the city do.

          No, we haven’t had the protest turnout that some cities in other parts of the world have had, which is disappointing. But that doesn’t mean a lot of people refuse to play along. We’re still only up to around 1/2 the population being “fully vaccinated” and that number isn’t climbing very fast. Hence the push from the powers-that-shouldn’t-be.

          Something that may cloud your view of the US is the media tends to focus on the largest cities. Got news for you – over 97% of the population lives outside of NYC, so by no means is NYC a good indicator of what’s happening in the rest of the country.

      • RG,

        Whatever protests are happening here are being kept quiet by the media. We had multiple anti-lockdown protests in our state capitol last year, and the story got no mention nationally. Only local media outlets mentioned it, and only grudgingly even then; they didn’t WANT to discuss it, but it was too big to sweep under the rug locally…

    • Vaccines have a reputation that they work, whether deserved or not. So simply naming them such, even though they provide no immunity, has convinced many to go along out of habit. No critical thought required. I took flu shots for about 35 years, so I could live with my former wife. I saw no need for them, but she was adamant. Refusing to even listen to any argument against them. Sound familiar?

  35. Local Diaper Report: Lincoln, Nebraska. Russ’s Market Grocery Store. And other various places.

    Holy Rag Wearers: 8
    Face Showing Normal People: dozens and dozens
    Outside Holy Rag Wearers: Maybe I see one or two at city parks or walking outside. Its a rarity to see an outdoor raghead.

    Not sure what would happen if our mayor decided to declare a mask mandate, again. My guess is fewer would follow it, and given the pushback the last time around, might even be politically costly for the mayor and her side kick health department girl to impose raggeddon again. But we’re a pretty easy going bunch. At least almost no one around here is following CDC recs for Injectoids to don the vestments indoor. Power to the people. woo-hoo!

  36. I know this is all serious business and cause for worry, but somehow I find it humorous. The notion that I could be persuaded or coerced into a jab is laughable. They will have to sit on me or restrain me, and I will have to be unable to move, before they could get that poison in me. If they manage to stick me, then release me, I will get up and start swinging and punching and I will not stop. I will be a wild man. I hope you all feel the same way.

    I surmise that such a reaction or worse, will be in store for the jabbers if they attempt violence against us. They cannot fulfill their mandate, they will naturally fail, the reaction will be too intense for them.

    Knowing this in my heart gives me peace of mind, it will not come to pass.

    • It would definitely wear on me if I was trying to force a thing on people and the response was rage. Especially if some of them were heavily armed, and not shy about showing it.

  37. Got a notice that office is going to now require diapers. I told them flat out no and if they don’t like it i will work from home like everyone else did for over a year while i kept coming into the office to keep their business moving. It’s time to say no. I’m really in a surly mood about this lately.

    • What type of business?

      How many employees are there in your office?

      Is the notice in writing? Does it refer to a written company policy?

      Have you conferred with any of your co-workers? Are they Covidians?

      • Branch office for brokerage. The true covidians have yet to return. We have space for over 100 but have 10 to 15 max on any given day. Notice is in writing. People who actually come in the office hate it.

        • The new policy is probably because all the craven Covidians still cowering in their closet-coccoons have insisted they won’t return to the office until it’s “safe,” and the management wants to placate them with ritual tokens so the whole operation can get “back to normal” what with its old-fashioned on-site productivity standards.

          They’ll all be dolled up in face-diapers when they return, stabbed or no.

          People adore that shit.

          • Agree. And I’m seeing the return of the “rule book” printed on front windows of businesses, with mental notes to never, ever patronize them even if the rule books one day come down. I’m tempted to peer my head in and tell them so, but I’ll just get sanctimonious responses on how they want to “keep their employees and customers safe.” That has become the qualifying statement on their rule book signs.

            By the way, last night was the first time I’ve come across your commentary. I hope you’ll continue to post. You have posted pure GOLD here.

            • Wow glad you enjoy my uncompromising brand of pessimism!

              It hasn’t fail me yet in the prediction department.

              My slogan should be, “Predicting the Future through Nightmares, Since 2006.”

              • Morning, Freelance!

                Oddly, I’ve become slightly less pessimistic as I get older – the (apparent) reverse for most people. I cannot account for this as I am not especially religious and don’t have faith in a specific deity’s ultimate plan – the thing which gives many people a sunnier perspective. Perhaps it is because I know there are still sound people in the world and while they may not be the majority (certainly) their soundness counts for much vs. the idiot mass. It always has. It always will. This is not to say there will not be bad times, nor that these times will be brief. They may last 1,000 years. But eventually, the sound people’s sound ideas will prevail. Because they always do, eventually.

                • Eric, it’s the media effect. So I don’t sink into the cesspool more than a couple times a week and read the news, or even read the blogs that I subscribe to everyday. Sensationalism sells. Reading the news everyday warps reality. That’s how the fear of crime can increase when it’s at historic lows. Daily exposure. All we hear about are the people at the margins.

                • Older than you, and likewise becoming less pessimistic. I think largely because I’m resolved to fight to the end, my end if need be, regardless what anyone else does. Which means what they do has minor effect on me personally, except my anguish about their suffering.
                  “If you aren’t willing to die for it, put the word freedom out of your vocabulary” Malcom X

      • DC,

        The normal group of people that show up daily makes me hopeful that this isn’t going to fly very well. Noone that shows up to the office really cares about convid. Most of them are early to mid 20 somethings more concerned aboit passing exams and making sales so they can build a book of business to be bothered with a diaper. The branch covidians will never come back, they have set up shop at home and have no intentions of leaving. Many are much older, have establishes clients and don’t need to spend their days running around trying to drum up new business. They do everything on zoom or the like and can stay home.


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