Diaper Report 10/9/20

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If Face Diapers work, why is Joe Biden worried about being in the same room with an Undiapered Don?

Another rational question that will never be answered by the irrational, for whom the Face Diaper has become a kind of psychological security blanket. It makes them feel better. The fact that it doesn’t do anything – medically – is beside the point.

Some of the original impetus to impose general Diapering rested on this point. It was argued by some that it was mean-spirited to leave Diapering to the psychologically debilitated as this made them feel worse. In addition to dealing with their own neurosis, they had to deal with the public display of their neurosis. No one likes to have their issues on display.

There was also the factor of the political divide. While it’s not axiomatic, it is probably true that most of the willing Diapered are Democrats – hysterical liberal Democrats – who made a political statement by Diapering.

That statement?

Orange Man Bad!

Whether Orange Man is good is beside the point. The deranged hatred of the man and its corollary – anything to get rid of him – is the relevant point. WuFlu hysteria serves exactly that purpose, or so it is hoped. Where Putin’s Poodle, Shady Ukrainians and Non-Impeachment failed, Diapering – and the attendant destruction of what had been a strong economy as well as a resurgence of what had been strong nationalism – might just succeed.

Thus, general Diapering – in order to make the having of serious mental issues seem perfectly normal, by making it look as though everyone has the same serious mental issues.

And the same politics.

Under general Diapering it is hard to see the psychologically intact and also separate out those who really dislike the Orange Man. General Diapering makes it look as though everyone hates the Orange Man.

It spreads misery – which can be blamed on the Orange Man.

This is not a paean to the Orange Man but an observation about those who despise him. These are people – need it be said? – who would kill everyone – or at least, kill their livelihoods, which amounts to the same – in order to be rid of the Orange Man. Such people excel at the use of gaslighting to get their way.

Granny might die!

Orange Man Bad  . . . because he didn’t Diaper.

Joe good  . . . because he does.

But if Joe was so worried why didn’t he wear his Diaper at the debate? And if he didn’t get sick, then why did it matter that OM didn’t? Why would it matter again? Joe can don his Diaper and be perfectly safe, yes?

No. That would derail the narrative train. Thus the Orange Man will be expected to Diaper even though Joe could defensively Diaper . . . assuming the Diaper provides any defense.

Which of course, it does not. It says so – right on the box.

But the deeper point is that country – the ill parts of it – have been triggered by the news that the president caught a cold. He was mildly sick, we are  told, for a few days. Not even bed sick. That this has become news – front page news – is itself news. About the state of mind of the American volk.

A large portion of which has lost its mind.

A volk reduced to this state of paralytic fear over an asserted threat that is actually almost no real threat – even to an obese 74-year-old – is a volk that deserves to be gesundheitsfuhrer’d.

It is literally the bogeyman – except it’s not kids and it’s not tuck-in time.

Aber, there is some good news to report.

Face Diapering is becoming less general. The pressure to Diaper is waning, just a little bit – in my area, at least. I can report with a glad heart that the last couple of times I’ve gone shopping at Kroger – one of the big chain stores that colluded with other big chain stores a couple of months back to decree Diapering within the stores of all the chains, thereby making a de facto National Diaper Mandate – there were faces visible again.

Not many – only about three or four other faces – but that is a lot more faces than none, which were all Diapered as recently as before about two weeks ago. There are also fewer signs to Diaper.

About a month ago, you had to walk by huge billboard signs near the entrance that “local ordinance” required a Diaper to enter. There was also a Diaper Dispenser within the door. It took some nerve – in actuality, a slight upwelling of contumaciousness, which all too many Americans lack  – to walk past the signs and the teenage kid extending the Diaper, Undiapered.

If you could manage this, you could shop while showing your face.

Most people couldn’t manage it – as evidenced by their Diapered faces.

Which created a feedback lop of compliance. Since most people Diapered, not Diapering made you a sore thumb that stood out and that has much more psychological power over many people than “ordinances” do. Thus Diapering served as a real-life experiment to see just how much most people could be made to do by pressuring them to do it.

It has been a very successful experiment.

But, like the fear of other Bogeymen since retired – ululating jihadis, for instance – this bogeyman is losing his punching power, too. People grow weary of the Diapering regime. Maybe they’ve read the box. Maybe they’re just sick of being made to play-pretend sickness. Maybe because the big scary signs – and Diaper Dispensers – are gone.

Whatever the underlying etiology, the Diapers are coming off. In New York, they are burning them in the street.

A healthy sign.

It takes a while to slow down a run-away freight train. It may seem the thing is picking up speed, even as the manual handle is desperately heaved back and the sparks fly but the motion continues, apparently unabated – with a bridge up ahead that’s not yet been repaired. But then you notice the trees outside the window aren’t as blurred; there is a gradual sense of slackening.

This is happening all over the country.

In PA and Ohio and other states, where the Gesundheitsfuhrers have been or are in the process of having their assertions of unlimited power, endlessly asserted questioned. In poll after poll indicating that a solid majority will not accept Needling.

And in growing Diaper noncompliance, which is a kind of visual assertion of uneasiness about Needling and sickness of play-pretending that sickness abounds when it doesn’t.

The more of us who show our faces, the more of us will show our faces. Another kind of feedback loop. So keep on showing your face.

It may soon become abnormal once again to hide it behind a “mask.”

. . .

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  1. i suspect that the masks are little more than a trial balloon of sorts. those running this show just want to see what the reaction is to little ‘inconveniences’. having discovered just how compliant most are with wearing a mask, they now know what the overall population will tolerate.
    this will, i believe, proceed in a series of steps. each step will be more and more restrictive. i can’t speculate what the end objective might be, but i suspect most will simply comply.
    what a sad, sad, species we’ve become.

  2. Here in Indianapolis, the only places that harass me are employees of the hardware stores – Menards and Aces. At Kroger and Aldi, Marsahalls, Best Buy, etc. no one says a thing – if anything everyone has been exceptionally nice to me (customers and employees – all with masks). I’ve also gone to Auto Dealers (where mandatory mask warning pop up on their websites) and no one has said a word. But the sad news is that I usually am the only person without a mask. It is so bad I don’t even look for a maskless friends anymore. The only place I’ve been to where the maskless have been the dominant presence has been Dollar General – likely because the people who shop there don’t care about virtue signaling, including about half of the employees. I used to get depressed about it the seeing all the masks, but now everytime I go to the store without a mask I feel rejuvenated afterwards because I feel so FREE while surrounded by those who have voluntarily imprisoned themselves. I alternate between calling them face diapers (because of the petri dish effect (and because it makes me laugh and others as well) and slave mask (because of the control aspect (no laughing matter)). I also walked into our local government building multiple times and interacted with the sheriffs, went into the local police gun license office and walked the halls and rode the elevators without anyone saying one word to me – and again being helpful. Now if one can walk into the building where the illegal executive order emanated from without a mask, one can go anywhere without one. But no one will because they want someone to tell them that it will be okay and they will be safe. They are too afraid that they might be wrong and don’t want the responsibility of being an adult that makes their own decisions.

  3. It took some nerve – in actuality, a slight upwelling of contumaciousness, which all too many Americans lack – to walk past the signs and the teenage kid extending the Diaper, Undiapered.

    Eric, I totally disagree. It take no nerve whatever to walk right past all that like it si not ven there, and on into the store like yuo belong there.. because you DO.

    My local greengrocer, a brand you do not have back in VA, have the singnes and mandstae in place. Our stat has a particular agency taxked with making and enforcing the “rules” (NOT thee state legislature as would be required by LAW, but oh well…) and the particular city in whcih it is has their own even harsher nappie rules. I have yet t wear one in there. At fist I was the only one, Now I will tyically see up to half a dozen in there wiht beaming and miling adn refreshing faces. YAY!! I always greet them warmly, and get huge grins right back.

    Once whils t awieing in the checkout line with my buggy, of ocurse spaced a fathom apart per the new sitckers on the floor, one of the store staff waled past me going ont ontot he floor. He looked at me, barefaced, and said “I am supposed to tell you that thre is a mask requirement”. Before I could think of what to say in response, he busted into a big grin and said “”so I just told you. That’s all”. lahghted and walked away.

    You see, the state ageny mandates the properietors INFORM of the maxk requirement. Wheih he DID. But it nowhere states store staff are deputised to enforce it. Its not that tney did this deliberatel, it was just not thoght of. OF COURSE all the mindelss fools will comply… no need to deputise staff to play nappiecopper.

    I laughted back at him as he scooted on his way to wherever. My favourite place ever for food. (best prices and highest quailty produce is rolled into the bargain. Not to mentionl excellent selectio. The chian HEB in Texas and surrounds is somewhat similar.

  4. Hello Eric – just found your website recently. I, too, am a Never Diaperer, or as my teenage son says, “full-on anti-mask”! I am always encouraged to find sites with like-minded people. I live in a state run by a RINO and his Dem posse, so you can imagine how much fun it is. I have been yelled at for not masking, even when I am the only person in the store! But, I am also blessed to be able to shop in stores (mostly across state lines) that don’t require/enforce masks. I am one of only a handful that I have noticed, but I will persist! I refuse to cover my face, as not only is it the equivalent of the pocket full of posies but it is also harmful to the wearer. I will not harm myself to alleviate some psycho’s fears. I remember once reading that at the time preceding the American Revolution, only about 1/3 of the colonists identified as “Patriots,” 1/3 as “Tories,” and 1/3 tried to remain neutral/oblivious. When shots started firing, only 10% actually stood up to the tyranny. I plan to honor that 10%, by standing up every day against this modern-day tyranny. I do not see my actions as offense or defense, just trying to continue to live my life as a free person. So, my response to every aspect of this psyop is to IGNORE, RESIST, and PERSIST!

  5. Up here in Blue Sky Identityville, we’re fully masked even on the bike and hiking trails and riding alone in our cars. We want to be masked. We firmly believe in virtue signaling, and the virtue signal the mask sends is that its purpose isn’t to protect us but to protect others from us just as others are protecting us from them. This is a more effective way to market masking than it if were marketed as a way to protect ourselves from others. The mask is our response to what the MAGA cap was. At least a cap doesn’t make it so darn hard to breathe.

    • For the first time in human history, masks and face shields serve no longer to protect the wearer of the device, but instead protect everyone except the person wearing a mask. Huh. So the guy wearing a radiation/hazmat suit was always wearing it to protect others… Like vaxes, which originally were touted to immunize the person injected, but now they only work if everyone gets them, or something like that. Surprising nobody here, same folks, different hoax.

      I have noticed there are no more sentries at the gates of stores. Compliance is lowest at restaurants and gas stations. Highest in grocery stores (I’m literally the only one in there without a slave mask). This discrepancy is due to two factors as far as I can tell: number of competitors that type of business has, and the necessity of the product they sell.

      Some places that are rural, its like living in May of 2020 in there. Like 25% mask compliance. Almost normal. It’s nice. I’ve been shopping one county over, which has not decreed it will fine businesses (and individuals, but that’s basically impossible) like my county has. I tested the waters for the first time in a while. Bought something in my county without a mask. I wasn’t alone either. Two others, both men, not wearing the mask. All women were masked. But the female employee had a mask dropped below her chin, so that was nice. No one except the lost souls wear a mask outside around here.

      I try comradery with people that are maskless, but they look at me with suspicion like I want to fight them or something. Guess they’re nervous about a Karen like I am. So now I just do an obvious smile/nod if we lock eyes.

      The media and corporations are trying so hard to push this mask thing. Like a floundering fish out of water. Trying so hard to keep this obvious farce going. Trying desperately to hold out until winter. I hope it’s a mild winter like it was last year. I won’t forget who these corps are. I won’t be back. Grocery stores can pull this shit because there is no competition. But some of these guys have dozens of competitors within a 10 minute drive, and are pulling this shit. See ya.

      They have successfully increased personal space to six feet, or however the tape on the floor is distanced. Everyone is nervous being any closer.

      Notice also, the further reduction in service, with the excuse of the novel virus. We don’t do that anymore, cuz corona. That’s not available anymore, cuz ‘rona. The customer has to do that now, cuz rona.

      Anyway, guess that’s my diaper report. I’m no optimist but things haven’t been this good since May 2020, just before the mandatory mask dictates and the beginning of the biggest propaganda campaign in my lifetime. Good luck out there everyone.

      • Hey Brandon!

        I find it ironic that Walton’s World Of Weirdos & Third World Bazaar (a.k.a. Walmart) -which was the first big corp chain to dictate that all shoppers must mask “without exception” at ALL of their stores, nationwide- (at a time when many states/counties had not yet even mandated diapering), and which established the most draconian measures to enforce their decree (e.g. entry-sentries; blocking off all but one entrance; cattle chutes….) is now about the freest place to shop- no longer pestering shoppers at all with regards to masking or following the arrows, etc.!


      • but THEY encourage the use of the “BETTER” N 95 valved masks…. which allow the exhalant to freely pass, unfiltered, with every complwte breath cycle.

        So HOWZZATT gonna pertecl THEM from ME? Simple: it does so no better than the non-valved blue grag nappies most commnl seen.

        The simple and long-known SICNECE of the efeciveness of a mask with a .3 micron hole pattern in stopping a virus that is anywhere from .06 to .18 microns in size is that it is OLY good for virtue singlaling. But I;m SO SORRY, I simly doin’t have a sufficiient excesss of that sortof virtue to be able to spare ny by the process of signnalling

        EPIC FAIL. And nearl everyone has bought off on the deception, haven’t they?

  6. Covid-19…fraud. PCR testing…fraud. Gates, Fauci, WHO and CDC…all frauds. I don’t think Trump had Covid either. In the few places in Michigan where I have gone, there is still massive masking, even outside in some instances, except for one barber shop where no one was donning a mask…finally! You go into a restaurant needing a mask and then you can take it off while seated. Yet, the same air circulated throughout the building but I guess Covid doesn’t enter the area where you are seated…amazing! Just this simple conclusion requires a small amount to brain power and still the masses remain brain dead, consumed with fear.

    The roadside automated digital signs tell you to mask up to save lives. Somehow, the 58-59 million other (non fake Covid) people who will die throughout the world in 2020 had less luck. Neither masking, science, Big Pharma, CDC or the medical mafia or all the liberal panty-faced do-gooders made any difference to them.

    Much of the world has tipped toward pure insanity without so much as a molecule of Covid-19 having been discovered or isolated. You have to wonder about the coming vaccines. In a 2017 study by International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, (from MedCrave) they found many suspicious metal particles and other garbage in every vaccine they tested, which I believe was over 40 types. After reading and listening to numerous stories and documentaries about vaccines, in no way do I trust any of them.

    My almost girlfriend has severe lung issues from decades of smoking. Her immune system is somewhat compromised and she needs much medication to keep functioning. Her dilemma is whether to mask or not so that she can breathe properly. Everywhere I go, I am still finding discarded masks lying about. I expect the liberals to get mandatory mask-recycling made into a law sometime soon. Another great article Eric.

    • I ate in Shelby NC friday night. No employees wore diapers, only 3 people had on their diapers out of at least 100 and no social distancing was occurring. It felt great to feel like the world was normal again. They had nothing posted about diapers either. Just because places post you have to wear a diaper most places dont enforce it.

  7. My diaper report:

    1. Have two employees full diapering. One now so worked up, maybe because I’m around without a diaper that is now wearing 2 diapers at a time. I guess if one ineffective diaper works for everyone, then two must be twice as good! It is sad that so many have succumbed to all the fear propaganda. I have a hard time understanding the guy wearing two masks now. “frereggggfafre frersaggereemmeah”

    2. Had to work this weekend and noticed none of the DOT signs had propaganda on them. Usually they would read “accident ahead”, “don’t text and drive”, etc. But since the scamdemic started, they have been making the signs read things about wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, etc. None of which concerns someone trying to navigate the roadways. I don’t know if it is a weekend thing yet or not, but was pleased to see no messaging promoting the scam today.

    3. Had to go out of state yesterday to help when the regular person for the area was unavailable. Going out of state, which I have done twice this past week, presents new issues as I don’t know their local politics, regs, laws, etc, so I have to sit and observe when I get to my destination to figure out if I can go without the diaper. Not only was my destination in the Smoky Mountains of Western NC, which made the drive extremely scenic, but when I arrived, my destination did not have a sign requesting masks, did not have any anti-Covid signage, and 90% of their customers were undiapered! I found heaven. I wanted to pack my stuff and move there.

    • Hi J,

      I haven’t got any employees but if I did, I would insist on seeing their faces – and them showing theirs to customers. The Face Diaper is extremely off-putting to sane people. It is not unlike seeing an armband as both symbolize deranged acceptance of an evil which they ardently beeeeelieve in. Such people need treatment before they hurt others.

    • Izzy que Barbeque in Shelby NC was the best place Ive been. No employees diapered and only 3 people out of 100 or more wore a mask. No signs of the scam on the doors. No social distancing. I may have to drive there again to eat and hear live music. I live outside of Asheville. Its just iver an hour feom me.

  8. Contumacious not to be costumeacious?

    Thing is, people, including children, mostly wear masks, costume ensembles, most of the time anyway. Face diapers seem easier to see? Those are, mostly, masks atop masks, & like Blue on Black, “don’t mean much.”


    The Milgram, Pavlov & Skinner lads & ladies doth protest too much on behalf of whatever the ostensible du jour is, de jours are – blackfacemasked lives matter — but can’t cease protesting until *everybody* has been rolled up into ‘the one’ carpet.

    Which is? The obedience to “competing” authorities endogenous & exogenous tapestry. Same as it ever was. e. pluribus unum via hierarchy, much of it, or maybe even all of it, cascading cross-default hierarchy. The magic carpet ride. Steppen(into the)wolf’s mouth.

    Protesting too much riptide human nature also “don’t mean much.”

    Contumacious to costumeacious, & everything in between, is born, not chosen or made, & that’s as hard & obdurate as the thickest slate that ain’t – never was, never will be – blank. And the motion of the bodies in motion rolling over the felt atop that slate is just as slated, too.

    Gender (for example) isn’t a socio-cultural construct, but/& neither is anything else/either… which doesn’t stop free will gone wild – or, more precisely, even wilder — begging to differ whilst, necessarily, ignoring (or “canceling”) all the questions such mastery of the universe begs.

    If you aren’t a beggar, borrower, or stealer you were born thus. Remaking, or even convincing, those born otherwise is no more an option than any other version of utopia is…nor utopia synonyms seamless authority/hierarchy options are. Those born in obedience attributes can be revealed – like in Milgram’s zzzzzt! experiment-exposures — if those are already there to be revealed, but never created after the fact, nor uncreated, either. What you see is what you get because it was already begot & there ain’t no returns for exchanges.

    Free will’s a fart in the wind – a gathering gloom breathed deep by many if not most in the westward ho chi minh trail of tears (sing it Armenian Cher•okee) – whilst fate is genetically inscribed to make medium of whatever nurture’s luck that pours in from the randomly distributed tails.


  9. Hey Eric,

    Great job as always.

    However, I finally have to disagree with one thing you have said.

    Stop calling these things “diapers”. They are no such thing.

    Diapers have a specific purpose, namely to catch and contain shit, waste, excrement, prevent the spread of filth, and quite literally, disease. These “masks” do no such thing.

    These are slave symbols, no different than yellow stars in Germany during the Reich, but much worse – they apply to everyone.

    All to show our compliance. To “them”, our masters, our betters.

    Taking them off shows our resistance to tyrrany, even just a little.

    We need a better term that accurately reflects their purpose.

    • Unfortunately, face diapers DO concentrate germs. Whether you get sick, and how severely, depends in part on how concentrated the germs get.
      In the 2020-2021 flu season, there will be the usual 100 coronaviruses including COVID, plus the usual pneumonia, TB, whooping cough.
      BECAUSE of face diapers, many more people will get sick than usual, and many more will die. Only maybe 10% will be COVID–but nearly all will be CALLED covid. Lots of new hysteria.
      The minority who can reason will be in for a major challenge overcoming that.

      • Esther, I was reading the other day, something which confirms what we already knew, as you stated above: Namely, that bacterial pneumonia cases have increased markedly lately, due to all of the mask wearing!

        I had it figured out at an early age: Whatever the government recommends as a solution to problem (real or imagined)- always do the very opposite- as following “the recommendations” or mandates almost always results in the very opposite of the result that WE would want.

      • Hi Esther,

        Indeed. This concerns me greatly; i.e., that the hysterical actions imposed in the name of sickness will – have – created actual sickness. Let’s also not forget to include the suppressive effect upon the immune system of extreme and long-term stress/anxiety/depression as well as the enforcement of a sedentary lifestyle on the population and attendant uptick in obesity, etc.

    • Hi BigDP,

      Thanks for the kind words! On the Diaper – of course, you’re correct. I use the term for its insulting value. The importance of the latter is . . . incalculable. Lenin, Alinsky understood this. Understanding how our enemies work and using their tactics against them is how to defeat these creatures.

      PS: I Got a dust mask from my friend’s shop that qualifies as a Diaper and looks like one. I am making it into an armband to wear when I go outside. To make exactly the point you’ve just made.

  10. Unfortunately here in Las Vegas I am still the only un-diapered in stores. I can now go into Albertsons (Vons), CVS, Walmart, Lowes and no one bothers me. I cannot go into Trader Joes or Whole Foods. But I hate being the only one for sure. I play pickleball most evenings and no one wears diapers of course but I still see people walking alone on the streets with diapers – and they are usually young people! I just can’t believe the youth at least is not fighting back – no way I would have done this if I was a teen or in my 20’s. What has happened to the youth – I guess wearing their pants down around their thighs and showing us their underwear is all they can muster up.

  11. Hi Eric
    I am 80 and in really good condition for my age. I have not, and will not
    take part in the mask-a-raid. The shot either. A local food store I go to
    has the sign up but I have never been confronted nor even given a look
    by any staff, or customers for that matter. All the staff wear them, but
    there is a bakery in the store and two gals who work there do not. The
    first time I noticed it I went back into their area and told the one young gal I was so glad to see someone else who was not going along. She was
    very upset about how all this garbage was affecting her young ones. So now every time I go in that store I look for her and always wave or say
    something. We were complete strangers and no reason to even know the
    other existed, but now there is always a friendly smile and it’s like we’ve
    known each other for a long time. I should give the staff credit for the way
    they always treat the wife and I. Very friendly and never a hint of any ill
    will or any of that other stuff. It’s the same way at TSC where I go often.
    Never any hassle. Same at the AG center. I also noticed that I never see
    any of the many Amish around here with rags on. I wonder what they might have to say if someone confronted them about it. I know a few
    personally and can’t wait to talk to them and see what they think. I have a
    good idea what their attitude about it will be.
    I would like to be more optimistic about the future but when I see all the
    control that “they” have through their media and the “hold” they probably
    have on all their puppets, I don’t have much if any hope for normal. It didn’t happen after 911 and why should it happen now? The right heads never roll. But somewhere down the road???????? That’s what keeps me from going completely off the rails. I believe we will all be there and there
    won’t be any law-yurs with big mouths spouting off. Probably a lot of weeping and nashing of teeth. Oh and like Mark said above, a lot of “But Lord, Lord didn’t we blah blah blah…” I’d like to go fishing with that guy. I’ll bet we’d have a lot to talk about. Probably you too for that matter. I know what you are trying to do and don’t fault you at all for it. I wish I could be more encouraging but I’m too much of a realist I guess.
    Best to you and yours Eric.

    • Go to the Jon Rappoport article on Lewrockwell.com and you will find this.

      The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

      Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

      The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

      Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.

      A further tip-off is the use of the word ‘isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.



      So how do you test for something that does not exist?
      Maybe Eric can tell us how to test the fuel mileage on a car with no engine.

      • That’s because it doesn’t exist. LOLOLOL Welcome to the faketrix, where everything is an illusion. Coming soon — everyone will be “required” to wrap their shoes in aluminum foil to prevent injury in case hot lava bubbles up from the ground — just like in that kids’ game where you can’t touch the floor because it’s lava. This “virus” scam is no more credible than that kids’ game. The entire world is full of uneducated ignorant buffoons.

        BTW that Jon R guy is an awesome researcher & writer.

    • Hey Rog!

      My mother will be 96 in a few months, and still quite healthy…and she doesn’t mask either! (Heck, she was born barely 7 years after the Spanish Flu of 1918 !). Though largely politically oblivious most of her life….even she is seeing the absurdity of this scamdemic. Like myself, she also does not watch TV. (I think THAT is largely where the line between the sides are drawn on this- and why we are in such a minority).

      • Nunz
        We haven’t had a tube since 1980. Gave it away to a guy in Mo. That’s really neat about your mom. Mine was 97. I know she would not have bought this scam either. Those folks still had common sense and I’m so thankful that some of it rubbed off on us. She was born in 1910 and I have no idea what all they had to live through but some stories.
        Dad worked all day on a farm for two gallons of milk and then walked about 3 miles home. Of course that was real milk too. He also road a train about 100 miles one way to work in a scrapyard and then road back. But if he missed his stop at home, then he ended up going straight back to work the next day. Memories are sorta vague on a lot of stuff but it’s a head trip just to try and imagine what they would be thinking and doing if they were here now.

  12. Love this blog Eric and all commenters except clover trolls.

    Here in Phoenix it seems like the hysteria is actually getting worse, for some reason. For the first time I was denied service at 2 places which wouldn’t even take the medical exemption card. One was a hipster doofus coffee bar (I knew right away when I walked in, but outside patio had NO ONE diapered!), the other an outlet store I went to with my wife.

    The soft weak authoritarians who call themselves liberals who mostly got rich off the system (lawyers, bankers, doctors, teachers) muzzle up proudly, many times even in their car.

    In the more conservative areas, some put up a token resistance, but as Nunzio wrote above, most of these people cheerfully submit and even make pleasant small talk with the TSA chodes, so this is just another ho-hum part of “life.”

    Costco and Whole Foods have been some of the easiest places to go into. The Costco greeters know me and cheerfully wave me in, same at Whole Foods where for the ONLY TIME since this horseshit started, there was another free-breather 2 free breathers.

    A tangent:

    When I see the hoggy elderly people entering Costco (cutting in front of me before the store doors opened), I feel profound enmity. They had the good fortune, through no virtue of their own, to have been born in the most prosperous and free period in history. Their childhood was mostly carefree abandon. There was still silver in the quarters. Welfare hadn’t been voted in and maintained.

    As a result, many boomers think of themselves, as the Aussies say “the greatest thing going since canned piss.” They are the ones who are some of the most ardent diaperers. They stupidly think it offers them some sort of protection. They are the ones who most loudly cheered the lockdown and could care less that their beloved government is throttling the dreams and hopes and lives of the younger generation. As long as they get to enjoy their last few years of “life” in relative comfort, stuff everyone else! They don’t matter.

    If ever someone asks me “don’t you care about other people?!?!” I like to reply with “I care about them as much as they care about me.”

    • Ausies use the word “piss” as a slang term for beer. When they ‘get pissed” they mean they are drunk. Might put a slightluy different spin on the saying you quoted.

  13. The whole thing is a huge hoax.

    The death rate in the U. S. in 2020 is one of the lowest of the 21st century. How can you have a deadly pandemic and at the same time have a death rate lower than most of the previous 20 years?

    And isn’t it convenient that most wu-flu victims are people who are both old and sick? Tell me, what demographic of people is (always and everywhere) the most likely to die? PEOPLE WHO ARE BOTH OLD AND SICK! So all the tyrants and idiots have been doing is pointing at old, sick people who have died of cancer, or heart disease, or liver failure, or etc. and counting them as wu-flu deaths.

    Ignore the nonsense about two hundred thousand plus wu-flu deaths. The real number is more like ten thousand.

    • Indeed, there are have been no excess deaths, deaths above the average number, for several months now. Like you, I can only assume that means that a lot of the deaths from “average” causes are being put in the COVID death column. Even with the mistakenly assigned deaths, I’ve applied some simple math to several data samples, deaths divided by cases, and found no infection/fatality rate higher than 0.017% for some time. Which is well within the boundaries of ordinary influenza.

  14. Wisconsin just went in the opposite direction. Restaurants back to 25% capacity, extension of the mask mandate for another six weeks or so based on the Gov. Evers latest whim. (If masks failed over the past two months, what makes him think another several weeks is going to work any better?)
    This was based on four days in a row of elevated “deaths with Covid” statistics. Never mind that the previous 30 days were lower than average ‘deaths with Covid’. And the number of Covid ‘cases’ has spiked…though it was revealed a couple of days ago that the PCR test in Wisconsin is amplified 45 times (as opposed to the CDC recommendation of 31-33 times) in order to make it more sensitive, which virtually guarantees innumerable false positives. Continuous testing of nursing home patients also virtually guarantees that more of them than ever will die with a Covid diagnosis.

    My employer just announced strict masking rules beginning Monday. The cafeteria is closed. The gym is closed. We are not allowed to drink from the bubblers (that’s a ‘water fountain’ to you non-Wisconsinites), and we must wear masks if we are outside anywhere on the several acre campus. The company put out two forceful memos, one from the CEO and the other from our on-staff lawyer making it clear in no uncertain terms that violation of these policies will not be tolerated. I am exercising the option of working from home.

    The senior executives completely buy into the Covid-will-kill-you story. Our legal counsel even wrote (I paraphrase) that ‘experts have said that if everyone wore a mask for 3 weeks this virus would go away’. I am frustrated that such really smart and accomplished people can believe such stupid things.

    I have an elderly mother in a nursing home who I have not be allowed to visit since March. It is entirely possible that I may have already seen her for the last time. These are cruel people who run this state.

    • That’s what you get when you have a temper tantrum (not you) and vote Democrat. There is an ideological difference between the parties and the Republican one is arguably the more pro freedom party at this point in time. As an independent, I wouldn’t have said this as few as 5 years ago, but the results of the 2018 American voter pussy hat, heaf care, BLM, antifa and “Trump says mean things” temper tantrum election are as plain as the eye can see. It’s a miracle that the unemployment is at 7.8 percent with half of the country mostly shut down. Businesses are suffering, people are suffering and I put ALL of the blame on Democrats and RINO governors who impose their stupid lockdowns and mask mandates. That governor of yours is a piece of shit.

    • Hi Frustrated,

      “I have an elderly mother in a nursing home who I have not be allowed to visit since March. It is entirely possible that I may have already seen her for the last time. These are cruel people who run this state.”

      I sincerely hope this does not happen to you; I know how awful it is as it happened to me. For months my mother was jailed in a residential care facility, prevented from seeing family and friends. We were finally allowed to visit only after she moved into hospice care. My sister called me on a Saturday evening and told me to come down to Texas. I left Sunday morning from Santa Fe and drove straight through. My mother was moved late Saturday evening and we were “allowed” to visit her the next morning. By that time she was unconscious and unresponsive. We spent the next 4 days with her, holding her hand, talking to her, recounting stories, telling her how much we loved her, hoping that it somehow got through. Although my sister wants to believe otherwise, my mother died alone, confused and wondering why she had been abandoned by family and friends. She was suffering from the early stages of dementia and never understood what was going on. When I spoke to her, she would plead for us to visit and I would explain that we could not. She would understand for 5 minutes and then forget. She even developed false memories of simple things like shopping and dining with my sister and her family. Perhaps these “memories” were the only positive thing about dementia, and gave her some solace.

      To me it was, and continues to be, devastating. I have intense feelings of sadness, guilt and rage; sadness is natural, guilt also to some degree (thoughts of I could have done more), but rage is a cancer and has robbed me of a proper mourning. God Damn these people, not just the psychopaths who run the State, but the people who cheer on this vicious cruelty and have the temerity to insist that it is we who are selfish.

      Also Frustrated,

      • That is really really terrible and you were not the only one – I sure wish someone could be help accountable for this. I think we need to go back to simpler living – homeschool our kids, care for our elders at home. Smaller houses – less meaningless stuff. I have lost my family to this and many friends because they don’t agree with me on this covid crap.

        • Hi Jen,

          Many of us are in the same boat – have lost friends, are not on speaking terms with family – over this insanity. But in a way, painful as it has been, it is also a healthy cleaving in that we know who are friends are now. I’ve made some new ones, too. And – as you’ve suggested – I have been making changes to my life that, on the whole, are salutary. For example, instead of going daily to that coffee shop which excommunicated me for not joining the Cult, I now generally work from home – on nice days, outside – in my own backyard. Ironically, I have a picnic table the coffee shop’s owner gave me before I became Undiapered non Grata. I sometimes miss being among people and the light, friendly banter with the people I used to see frequently – but it’s ok. And I am saving a great deal of money in the bargain. On gas and for coffee. The coffee savings alone – $3 a cup at Sweet Donkey – amounts to about $25 per week and I used to almost always get a $3 cookie in addition. So I am not spending $200 per month on treats – plus the gas and the wear and tear on my truck.

          I have chickens and ducks to keep me company, besides!

      • Jeremy, I’m so sorry for you. Your loss and the foolishness of the authorities is heartbreaking. I got upset reading your story. Keep telling it, though. People need to hear how poorly and with what degree of evil the nursing home administrators enforced stupid rules that were unnecessary.

      • Hi Jeremy,

        As you and other here know, I am experiencing the same thing you did – so you have my sympathy and I share your anger toward the bastards responsible. I last saw my mom in late March. She has since been held a prisoner in a state-run care facility that snatched her away and which – with the casual coldness of bureaucracy – refuses to allow myself or my sister to visit her. We are likely to never see her again before she dies – or, as in your case, just before she does. I am allowed to speak with her on the phone. She asks why my sister and I do not come to see her. I explain why. But she doesn’t understand . . . because she has advanced dementia. She still knows I am her son and my sister is her daughter but almost everything else is gone, already. She does not remember my father. She does not know she is in a “home.” She creates a pastiche of false memories, which are then forgotten. She is 84 years old. I doubt she will live much into next year.

        I have to stop thinking about this as it pushes me close to losing control of myself.

        • Eric,

          I’m not sure whether any legalities were involved, but two years ago my sisters and I were able to keep our 95 year old mother, who was sufferering from advanced dementia, out of the nursing home and out of the hospice facility. I do remember a social worker showing up one or two times, but my younger sister ripped into her with borderline mania, and she never came back.

          Fortunately my mother’s estate was enough to enable us to hire visiting nurses to help during nights and certain day hours, The process was physcially and mentally difficult, but at least we were able to take turns sitting with our Mom during her final days and hold her hand durting her final hours.

          Our ljudcial system is corrupt, but I do wonder: Do you not have legal authority to refuse medical treatment or nursing care for someone, such as a family member, especially if you have been given certain powers of attorney or have been designated as a trustee.? What would happen if you simply demanded your mother’s release into your custody and you took her home? Would the facility call the police? Would you have to obtains a court order? Would the nursing home have to obtain a court order to keep her?

          Of course, these questions presume you would be willing and able to care for your Mom at home.

          Anyway, I fully sympathize with your anger and pain over your Mom’s incarceration and isolation. Makes my blood boil.

        • Hi Eric,

          You have my sympathy and my fervent hope that you will get to say goodbye before she dies. The casual indifference to this grotesque cruelty angers me as much as the bastards pushing the fear hysteria for their own nefarious ends.

          Your friend,

  15. Rural NH and VT ,among the locals, is about 50% public diapering. However, the rabbits that have descended on our region to “visit” b/c there is nothing open back in the foul nests that they live in the diapering is pretty much 99%. The lunacy is so extreme you see these ass hats wearing diapers ..while hiking..alone. I hate these people its like something our of Orson Wells.. an invasion of aliens from another planet.

    • Absolutely. I despise them. I want to run them over when I see them running on the streets. Of course, I don’t because jail isn’t in my life plan

  16. This is all heading in a very ugly direction. Between coronaphobia, and the war against non-existent institutional racism, I can see a strong possibility that the millions of firearms bought this year might be put to use. Between the proposed use of the US military to “distribute” the vaccine, and the “mostly peaceful” riots, it ain’t looking good. Of course I could be wrong, I was wrong once before. It could just be a result of the near constant depression and anxiety I experience when I go out and see all this insane theater going on.

  17. This fucking thing was going to kill me 7 months ago because I was unwilling to do then what I’m not fucking going to do now,

    • Hi Zeke,

      One of two things must be true as regards the WuFlu. Either “the deadly respiratory virus” isn’t. Or I – and 99.6 percent of the population – are genetic supermen immune to its effects.

      In either case, the whole thing is obviously an irrelevance as far as sickness. Well, of the body.

  18. Reporting from the Deep South – I’m not in Rotary, but this week the local Rotary Club started meeting for the first time now that the local restaurant where they meet has reopened. I helped their first speaker with some A/V tech support — projector and screen to be provided by the club. A young woman I didn’t know is the new president and I was not sure how she would respond to me being undiapered.

    She walks in with no diaper and immediately asks me to help a person whose name I didn’t catch who is coming in a side door with a projector and screen. I opened the door and this super gregarious young women I’ve never met greets me, also not wearing a diaper. Something about her is familiar.

    I help her set up the screen. She acts as if I know her. Then it dawns on me: She’s the county commissioner.

    An older lady walks up and says to the county commissioner, “I heard from the sheriffs office that they are canceling Halloween?”

    Dismissing it as a rumor, she says, “You didn’t hear it from my office. You didn’t hear it from the Sheriff either. I don’t even know how we would do that.”

    I’m sure her failure of imagination could be rectified by some evil authoritarians out to start locking down life again. However, based on some other comments she made about the negative impact of face-diapers on kids, I got the feeling that she isn’t interested in anymore Kovid Kabuki.

    About half the group was undiapered before and after the meal. I saw that as a positive.

    • Hi JG,

      This is an excellent report! The pockets of resistance are spreading. The media, of course, try to put a different face on this story, but my sense of things is that the hysteria is wearing off, just as it wore off after Nahhnnnlevven. It just takes time – and patience.

      • I thought you would enjoy that story! Thanks for the kind comments.

        Another report from last night. I went to a local fast food sit down but not waited table hibachi and sushi place. The next door Mexican place has been open with inside dining since May but the hibachi place only had take-out at the door with the door blocked by plexiglass until this month.

        Now they have tables set up a little inside the door for use as a counter top. A young man — probably not over 20 — was taking orders. A few chairs are there to sit in while you wait. The kid and his co-workers were undiapered. He had a smirky grin on his face and was delighted to take my order. One couple ahead of me was also undiapered.

        The next three customers that came in behind me while I waited were fiddling and adjusting their nasty diapers the whole time. No one gave me any unpleasant looks or said anything about either of us having bare faces.

        I left a small tip but I wish I had thought to leave a bigger one.

        • Morning, JG!

          I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant – Red Palace in Roanoke – last week. Which has become a Chinese take-out place, since they can’t open the buffet because granny might die. Well, from cholesterol. But I digress. I went inside Undiapered to get my order. As I was standing inside the door waiting, I saw a guy and his wife or girlfriend approach the door, Diapered. They saw my face – and turned on heel and left!

          I felt bad for the restaurant but a combination of pity and resentment toward the Diapered couple. It begins to wear thin.

  19. Ok, this is a bit technical, but seems pretty earth shattering to me regarding the existence of Covid 19 (hat tip to Jon Rappoport for locating this https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/08/the-smoking-gun-where-is-the-coronavirus-the-cdc-says-it-isnt-available/)

    Here’s an excerpt from a CDC Paper on PCR tests dated July 13th in which it admits they don’t have any Covid 19 virus to test:

    “The analytical sensitivity of the rRT-PCR assays contained in the CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel were determined in Limit of Detection studies. Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/μL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.”

    Since they don’t have any Covid 19 virus they are using a substitute to “mimic” it. I did some research on what they used:

    “N gene” is the Sars Cov 1 virus, which if you’ll recall was commonly referred to as “SARS” back in 2003 (for which herd immunity has likely occurred -causing antibodies in a vast amount of the world’s population, which of course would ensure positives in such vast number). SARS is different from the alleged “novel” Covid 19 (which is termed “Sars Cov 2”). Also “GenBank accession: MN908947.2” is isolate from the “Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus isolate Wuhan-Hu-1,” not “Covid 19.”

    So the CDC placed these two non-Covid 19 viruses along with human lung cells (A549 cells) into a petri dish with a liquid. They then applied this PCR test to this mixture to see if it would detect this (either the 2003 SARS virus or Wuhan-Hu-1 pneumonia virus or both). Apparently it does detect one or both of these non-Covid 19 viruses. They then jump to the conclusion that a PCR positive proves that you have this phantom Covid 19 virus, and of course, it therefore proves the existence of Covid 19.

    Here’s the link to the document: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download

    • Thanks for posting this, Mister Liberty – it’s very important stuff. It supports what to any logical brain ought to be pretty plain by now, which is that “cases” doesn’t automatically or even probably mean “death” or even sickness, for that matter. As measured by symptoms. If it did, it would be obvious that practically everyone – or at least, someone you know personally – has died from or is seriously sick Because Corona. And yet, most of us are fine and most of those we know are fine. What can be deduced from this?

      Either people are very lazy, intellectually – or they are very susceptible to fear propaganda.

    • Mister liberty, if you have been reading Rappoport you will know that SARS 1 was never properly isolated. So everything after that is a lie. If you dig deeper you may discover that what they are calling a virus is actually an immune response, In other words, viruses do not make anyone sick, they are a response to cell damage from whatever source.

  20. “Pat” very well could be an A.I. bot. I’m always suspicious of tranny names when it comes to trolls.

    Or maybe it’s just in serious need of attention, and a place to gamma sperg-out about you and others not being compliant slaves and wearing “your” damned mask!!!

    • Hi Sicilian,

      I gave “Pat” one last chance to respond – intelligently – to the points raised. If “Pat” does not, then “Pat” is herewith Clovered from the site.

      • There are two approaches to dealing with Corona, the Libertarian Randian approach or
        the science based approach.Clover

        It really doesn’t matter what the science says because you don’t want any government intervention in the market for CoronaVirus.

        So, it doesn’t matter to you what the science seems to indicate, you reject the policy action. That’s fine, but, don’t go whining later.

        BTW, I still haven’t seen you work on your 2411 form to get out of social security.

        • Clover,

          The “science”? Ok, how about the latest CDC IFR data? For all age groups up to 70-plus, the Wuflu has a lower mortality rate than ordinary flu. People under 60 – who are otherwise healthy – have a virtually nonexistent chance of dying from the WuFlu (0.0003 percent – 0.005 vs. appx. 0.1 percent for the ordinary flu). Not me, Clover – the “science.” Which people like you ignore when it doesn’t comport with your diseased hysteria.

          There is no reasonable basis for the hysteria – which is why it is hysteria.

          As regards SS: There is no “exemption” unless one joins an approved/tax-exempt religious order. I’m not going Amish, Clover. I’d just like to be let alone.

          That’s too much to ask, of course, for Clovers such as yourself.

          • “As regards SS: There is no “exemption” unless one joins an approved/tax-exempt religious order. “Clover

            The Eric Peters order of the Amish HillPeople, Membership of 1 is now in session…

            • Clover is either not very bright – or very dishonest.

              I have explained, carefully and precisely, why I object to being compelled to hand over 15 percent (or any percent) of my money to finance the retirement (or anything else) of anyone except myself, on the basis that (a) it is my money and (b) I am obligated – morally – to provide for my own retirement, not other people’s retirement.

              Your typically oily retort is that I should join a religious order.

              I’m not sure why I bother with you, other than to dissect the despicable operations of the collectivist mentality.

              But perhaps you will explain why anyone “owes” money to another person they haven’t harmed or contracted with to so oblige them?

              You will say it is “selfish” of me to be solely concerned with my own responsibilities. Why? Why should I be obliged to be concerned with, much less responsible for, the actions of people I don’t even know, over whom I have no control?

              Yes, I know. I am a mean-spirited person for taking care of myself and asking nothing of others except to be let alone to take care of myself. (Which, if you were the least bit thoughtful, you’d realize would leave others in a better position to take care of themselves, too… assuming they live responsibly. And if they don’t, then why the hell should anyone be forcibly held responsible for them?)

              I’ve spent my whole life paying my way – chiefly by living below my means, by saving, by not buying what I cannot pay for when I buy it. That kind of responsibility is punished by wealth transfer regimes such as SS, which people who are responsible don’t need. Or rather, would not need if they hadn’t been forced to pay for the irresponsible all their working lives.

              • But Eric! The science! The science! Apparently, somewhere there is some bizarro-world there is “science” which substantiates that a cloth mask which allows air to pass freely somehow manages to filter virons which are much small than air molecules!

                • I choose to listen to the science, but a mongoid like you just wants to kill grandma. The mask is so your virus particles in your aresol water droplets don’t fly into my eyes in public you fucking shrimp.

                  • Brandonjin,

                    The CDC has conducted eight studies from 1946 through 2018 that masks are deemed un effective outside a sterilized environment. Dr. Fauci and our country’s own Surgeon General clearly stated that masks should not be worn up through April 2020 when all of a sudden 70 years of case studies were thrown out the window.

                    When I wear a seatbelt I wear it to protect me, not you.

                    When I wear a life vest, I wear it to protect me, not you.

                    When I wear a mask when welding copper piping, I wear it for my protection, not the protection of the pipe.

                    When I wear a mask when sanding drywall I wear it to protect me, not the wall.

                    You wear a mask for you, not for me. Grandma wears a mask for her, not me.

                    We are not ignoring or disregarding science we are applying the science that has been proven to us over and over again.

                    Why were masks not important during the last thousand flu seasons? Does one not contact flu the same way one contacts COVID? Didn’t you care about Grandma last year, how about the year before? Why are you only caring now?

                    • You are too kind to Clover. s(he) only understands the lash. Which s(he) wants to be used on others. Not understanding that the lash is for s(he). Wonder how loud s(he) will scream or more likely whimper.

                    • Sorry Brandonjin. 🙂

                      I am going to blame my newbie status for my soapbox spiel.

                      You did an excellent job though, it did sound very Clover type. 😉

              • Morning Eric,

                “But perhaps you will explain why anyone “owes” money to another person they haven’t harmed or contracted with to so oblige them?”

                “Politicians never accuse you of ‘greed’ for wanting other people’s money – only for wanting to keep your own money”.

                Joe Sobran

                “What exactly is your ‘fair share’ of what ‘someone else’ has worked for?”

                Thomas Sowell


  21. The idea that the Upper Crust are the most masked makes sense. They are the ones that have managed to achieve a Masters Degree and many Ph.D.s . They are FULLY indoctrinated into obedience of someone in power…lab coat, clip board…that’s all it takes for them to bow down. The Milgram Experiment v2020 continues apace.

    I see it at our car events, the closer to a capital city, the more mask madness. Drive down the road to the local c-store for some ice and beer, not a mask to be found. One woman I’ve known for a few years asked me, since I wasn’t masking, didn’t I preach the Christian gospel. Yes, I said, but the general take on Romans 13 is wrong. (that’s where the King James version says to obey the king…I’ll be he got a shiver up his leg when he read that translation). I dare say Christians who bow down to Caesar over this (just look at all the church closings and threats toward worshipers) will hear Matthew 7:21-23 21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

    • Mark
      But…But…But….God loves these people! Haven’t you ever read John 3:16?
      Yeah, I know. I’ve read John 17:9 too. And Proverbs where He hates “HE who sows discord among brethern.” Talk about Rom. 13. If that isn’t discord, what would be?
      Hang in there Mark.

      • A few supporting verses:

        Matthew 21:43: Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.[Jesus to the Jews]

        1 Thessolonians 2:14-16
        “14 For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews:
        15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:
        16 Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.”

        • Nunz
          We haven’t had a tube since 1980. Gave it away to a guy in Mo. That’s really neat about your mom. Mine was 97. I know she would not have bought this scam either. Those folks still had common sense and I’m so thankful that some of it rubbed off on us. She was born in 1910 and I have no idea what all they had to live through but some stories.
          Dad worked all day on a farm for two gallons of milk and then walked about 3 miles home. Of course that was real milk too. He also road a train about 100 miles one way to work in a scrapyard and then road back. But if he missed his stop at home, then he ended up going straight back to work the next day. Memories are sorta vague on a lot of stuff but it’s a head trip just to try and imagine what they would be thinking and doing if they were here now.

        • Nunz
          I like that you refered to IThess. 2:14-16.
          Here’s what my bible says. Notice the difference. Talk about somebody sowing discord.
          “For you, brethern, are become folowers of the churches of God that be in Jewrie, in Christ Jesus: for you also have suffered the same things of your owne lineage, as they also of the jewes, who both killed our Lord Jesus, and the Prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are ADVERSARIES to al men.” emp mine.
          Someone replaced adversaries with contrary.
          They also replaced Jewrie, (a thing), with Judea, (a place).

  22. I’m seeing fewer masks at the local convenience store and also the local Kroger (Towers for me). I’m also seeing the political divide mentioned in the article. Although the Kroger 96% mask rate includes liberals and conservatives (or Dems and Reps, or whatever), when organizing a “speakeasy” type function, the conservatives/Reps were all in, the liberals/Dems were either refusing or condemning. Small sample, but no exceptions to the political alignment. I’m chalking it up to “trust in government.” Whereas conservatives/Reps are more trusting of government than libertarians/voluntaryists, they are certainly less trusting than the liberals/Dems. I predict that the day after Northam lifts his “mandate” that the liberals that condemned me will be asking to participate. Time will tell.

    • Thanks, John –

      I really appreciate the buck-up, from you and others. I try to return the same. It is exhausting having to face this madness everywhere you go, practically. It is the “virus” that’s in the air – and killing everything. Not biological life. But life.

      Every interaction, just about, tainted by “the virus.” People no longer look you in the eye; they don’t want to shake hands, which makes one feel like a suppurating leper.

      But coffee – and knowing there are others out there who see through this evil – keeps me operational!

  23. On the gym thing, I’m the same: Ours opened early through a “loophole” in the directives of the Obergruppenführer. While I go at the same time with pretty much the same group of people, I don’t see these people in their daily lives and don’t know who they interact with, but none of us have been “sick” and none who go in there diaper; at least not while there. They may, and maybe do, elsewhere to “avoid the hassle”, but they don’t here so who knows.
    The diapered faces, similar to seeing the swarms of worshipers of the Sainted Swine, do become disheartening. I have the brief pauses of questioning myself, but I know what I’ve read. I’m not reading… okay, I do wind up reading the writings of nutjobs who believe 5G is spreading the WuFlu and such, but that’s just giggle inducing nonsense, but I base my decisions on logic and reason and having fully read the data of 8 different randomized controlled studies on the use of paper diapers (2 of which also included cloth diapers) and they all come to the same conclusion; that they’re at most 6% effective, then f()ck all. I’m not participating in the ritual to appease others. When data is removed because “It doesn’t fit the narrative of the current climate” (which is almost exactly what one site had as an excuse for removing a study on the ineffectiveness of face diapers), there’s a problem and that problem is glaringly ignored by the general population.
    I’ve made sacrifices to keep to my principles, having put off two appointments because they require face diapers, but if I caved, what would that say about my principles? Everyone always has a limit and I’ll hope to never have to cross my personal Rubicon, but to see so many people bow down… you have to laugh or you’ll crack.
    Keep on keeping on. You’re not alone.

    • Thanks, Gabe!

      And I will keep on keeping on – because giving up means accepting their vile “new normal” and that would make life not worth living. Give me a bucket of WuFlu to drink… except it probably wouldn’t even make me sick!

  24. On the way home from shopping t’other day, I was thinking of how in the recent past I’d been posting my own little diaper reports here in the comment section. I was thus contemplating doing the same again….when the appalling realization hit me that this masking BS has become so normalized, I didn’t even NOTICE if there were any other unmasked humanoids or not in the store!

    And if this be the case with even me -a never-masker who consumes no mass media, imagine how it must be much more so among the typical ‘Mercan!

    I don’t see any evidence of a divide on the issue between Repugnantcan authoritarian collectivists vs. Dumbocrap statists. Virtually all of the people I know in real life -acquaintances, (mostly former)friends, relatives- literally everyone is planning on voting for OM- and yet they all mask, and have no issues with such. One even now makes and sells cutesy handmade masks!

    The only person I know (a relative) who doesn’t mask, only refrains because he has COPD and heart problems. Another relative with asthma, doesn’t even use her condition to avoid masking (And I think when we see the few maskless shoppers out there, it is likely that they are not resistors, but likely just have conditions which prevent them from complying– Which ‘splains why most of the unmasked we encounter out there seem to be over 50).

    It’s been normalized…. To a population who have no qualms about having their labor and property taxed, and who will surrender their rights and privacy at the hands of TSA thugs, wearing a mask is a non-issue; Hell, they WANT to wear the damned worthless things to “protect them” from a threat which is no threat unless one is so on the verge of death already that any cold or flu would be a threat to them, and that they are so mentally feeble that they actually believe that a piece of paper or cloth which allows air to flow through will somehow make them immune to colds and flus- in which case, why were they not masking up until just recently?

    Signs of a society gone mad. (I think it’s affecting us too, as we keep reiterating this stuff over and over ad nauseum. )

    • Hi Nunz-

      Spot in. I know several people who have been tested multiple times. Voluntarily. Talk with them and you get the distinct impression they actually want to be diagnosed as positive. So there are those among us who clearly view this as some sort of sacrament, baptism, cleansing or other religious experience. Imagine wanting to wear a diaper. But imagine wanting to get a test, perhaps in the hope of becoming a case. Clueless as to what that will mean, ultimately, if their wish comes true. Bizarro world indeed.

      • Hey BAC!

        Wow, I’d bet that most (if not all) of the people you mention would also like us to get “tested”- as in forcing us to, too!

        I don’t know what I would have done if I were still living on Long Island- It’s bad enough seeing this Corona psychosis show here in southern KY., even with most of the population being 2nd amendment good ol’ boys, and virtually no government enforcement….I can’t even imagine NY, with all of the Karens and Kevins…and heavy-handed enforcement!

        • Morning, Nunz!

          This “testing” stuff worries me, too. I bet many if not a majority of us would “test positive” because we probably have antibodies to various “corona” strains – and so on. But we’re not sick, obviously – and so can’t get anyone sick. Yet we’ll be treated as though we are in fact “sick” – and if we refuse to accept the treatment we’ll be treated to something else.

          It’s the final elaboration of the principle that you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent – to the satisfaction of hysterical accusations that can never be disproved to their satisfaction. You might be sick! Granny might die!

          • None of those Republicans who tested positive were sick but it sure is hard to find that info out. Even the President wasn’t really sick. That should show people the truth but they don’t pay attention – I can’t even get my family to understand a “case” does not mean you are sick. I fear the diaper is forever.

            • So true, Jen! Either the president just had a cold (and a minor one at that) along with a meaningless “positive” test…or he miraculously recovered from the Kung Flu in 24 hours….in which case, I guess the Kung Flu isn’t all it’s cracked-up to be, if a 74 year-old Diet Coke addicted fatso can get over it so fast with no ill effects.

              Like everything else to do with this psy-op, it makes zero sense…so of course, the masses lap it up. Tell them something that makes sense…they won’t believe it.

          • I agree with many here, I don’t understand the amount of people who are so willing to be tested. I don’t think it has anything to do with a “positive” or “negative” determination, but is a government sponsored DNA retention facility. I had the same feeling when 23 and Me came out and couldn’t understand why so many were happy to pay several hundreds of dollars to see who they were related to. Does anyone really believe the US government has a database with ancestral DNA from Europe, Asia, and Africa? All of a sudden though you see 20+ year old crimes being solved since they found a relative you willingly gave their blood to see if they were part Irish or Indian.

            Does anyone see any good coming from the CDC having millions of Americans DNA now on file? All that does is make it that much easier for them to find you.

            • My thoughts exactly, Raider Girl.

              First Facebook- which now has the largest collection of images in the WORLD -including pictures of people’s faces connected to their verified identities- right at the time that facial recognition surveillance is being rolled-out – and which also has a detailed record of all of your online activities, what you do and where you go…who your friends and family are…. Which, in conjunction with smartphones means virtual total surveillance…. And people fall all over themselves to sign-up!

              Now they found a way to get all of the sheeple’s DNA, too!

              How long before ya have to get your DNA sampled to get a driver’s license or buy a gun? (My guess: It’ll be proposed within a year!).

              • Good, I am not the only crazy one. 😉

                I have never set up a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace account and I believe Google is the government, so I refuse to use them as a search engine.

                Other than this forum, I am a ghost, and I prefer it that way.

          • So true, Eric!

            Since this nonsense began, I’ve had people point things at me and take my temperature on THREE different occasions! I deeply resent even that! No one asked my permission- they just did it. Every time, my temp was at least a whole degree below “normal”- which should be more than sufficient indication that I am not sick with the Kung Flu, since the first symptom of that is a FEVER.

            They confirm that I’m not sick…then they try to force a mask on me?! I was only turned away from one of those three places though, for not masking.

            As you probably know by now, I’ve been a “resistor” to all forms of tyranny since I was very young- but this recent insanity- everywhere one goes- is really taking it to a new level, and causing me to lose a lot of my former restraints which kept me civil.

            Seeing all of the gleeful sheep cheerfully complying makes it even worse.

            It seems as though this is the point at which we’ve gone from being mere dissenters to radical rebels.

            Yeah, take my temperature to confirm that I’m not sick, and then try to get me to wear a mask….. What’s the point then in taking one’s temp??? It LUDICROUS! I can handle things I don’t agree with; things I don’t like; but I do not respond well to ludicrous!

            • Amen, Nunz –

              At my gym, they do the temperature check thing – which annoys me, too. I deeply resent being presumed a plague carrier, just as I resent being treated as a Trrrist or a “drunk” driver. And the casual effrontery of it all. The way both parties are conditioned to accept the Kabuki – the violation of personal space – as a routine and normal thing.

              I’m going after the temp taking next.

              • Great, Eric! Looking forward to it.

                What’s next- drug testing before one can enter a busy-ness or facility?

                How long before every store and office becomes an airport sans planes? Potential sickness=the new terrorism.

      • Hi BAC,

        This eagerness to “get tested” baffles me. Why would you get tested for a virus when you’re not experiencing symptoms? Isn’t that the very definition of hypochondria? I might be sick!

        Keep in mind this is not the same as testing for high blood pressure or colon polyps. It’s a respiratory infection, a variant of the flu.

        No one used to “pre-test” (prior to symptoms) for the flu. But now – they are desperate to “test” for the WuFlu.

        • Because testing positive means free money and time off from work in many cases. So for a lot of people a staycation for two weeks with pay and bonus is something they don’t want to pass up so they go get tested hoping to get a positive. They don’t want to be sick, they simply want the money for nothing.

          • The same applies much more bigly for state & local govts. That’s why they don’t care that, by destroying small businesses and creating massive unemployment, they are destroying at least part of their tax base. The CARES Act requires they spend on Wuflu related things, like testing. By offering “no cost” testing to people, they create more “cases” to get more money. It’s a diabolical self referential loop.

  25. The CDC no-cruise order expired last week.

    There could be some great discount cruises for Libertarians…Clover
    Sail 12 miles off shore, drink, dance, party….

    Maybe even get some speakers on board..

    Seems like you are missing out a market opportunity.

    • Clover,

      You keep bringing up this “cruise” business over and over… despite my having responded multiple times that I have already done effectively this precise thing. I’ve been in repeated close contact with hundreds of Undiapered people at my gym over a period of three months – and they with me. None of us have died – or even gotten sick. Surely – by now – at least a few people would be seriously ill if this “deadly respiratory virus” were in, in fact, deadly… to normally healthy people.

      I ask, again: When does your fear of an asserted risk take a back seat to facts about the actual risk?

      Also: Do you believe in the presumption of innocence?

      • “I’ve been in repeated close contact with hundreds of Undiapered people at my gym over a period of three months – and they with me. None of us have died – or even gotten sick. “Clover

        Nothing like repeating the test.

        Have you considered attending some large parties?

        • Clover,

          This will be my final attempt to have a conversation with you on this subject as I have already responded several times to your suggestion that I perform a personal experiment testing the contagiousness and virulence of WuFlu by exposing myself to it. I have done just that – along with the hundreds of people who regularly work out at my gym, Undiapered, for the past three months. Not to mention my personally never having worn a Daiper nor “practiced” anti-social distancing or done a anything differently as far as dealing with people than I have been doing all my life.

          No one at my gym is sick. All those Undiapered people – at any given time, there are usually at least 15-30 people in the place, all breathing heavily in close proximity. They come from all over the area and concentrate in an enclosed area.

          Supposedly so very risky! For going on three months now.

          None have died.

          I am not sick and clearly not dead, either.

          None of my friends – I know a lot of people – has gotten sick. Not one, Clover. And yet, neurotics like yourself fault us. Shriek that we are bad people for not wearing a dirty old rag – which qualifies as a “mask” – and for refusing to pretend that death is in the air when, clearly, it is not. After three months, surely – if WuFlu were as advertised – someone at my gym would at least have come down with a bad cold… but, no.

          Your fears and assertions – vs. the facts.

          So, that’s it for me on this subject unless you address the points made above and previously instead of regurgitating your childlike suggestions about a “corona cruise.”

          • “None of my friends – I know a lot of people – has gotten sick. Not one, Clover.”

            And you seem outraged by this. I don’t think you quite get it.
            You think I want you to wear a mask as some form of oppression.
            I actually am encouraging you to keep not wearing a mask.Clover
            I actually am encouraging you to spend more time at the gym, more time out at social events.

            You are trying to reason a position that reason didn’t you to.

            Okay…. You are down in Floyd County, there aren’t a lot of cases down there and there is no level of caseload for which a proper libertarian would ever accept a government order for safety and hygiene anyways,
            so you should keep up things. Keep going to the gym. Take lots of selfies of yourself maskless.

            • Clover,

              What I am outraged over is being pressured to play Sickness Kabuki – as by pretending I am sick because some hysteric worries I might be. If that doesn’t outrage you, then you’re sick… in the head.

              This is not some petty disagreement over a minor thing. It is about the gutting of the presumption of innocence; it is about normalizing hysteria premised on assertions made by neurotics. It is about deliberately fostering a pathological and paralytic fear of risk. It is about insanity being legitimized.

              “Cases” – it’s a meaningless (medically) term unless the “case” has symptoms. Serious enough symptoms to entail possibly life-threatening outcomes if not addressed by professional medical treatment.

              That is the “science,” Clover. But you’ll ignore it because it doesn’t suit your feeeeeelings.

              • “What I am outraged over is being pressured to play Sickness Kabuki ”

                Don’t play.

                as I said beforeClover

                “I actually am encouraging you to keep not wearing a mask. I actually am encouraging you to spend more time at the gym, more time out at social events.”

                You believe masking orders to be immoral, unlawful, impractical and valueless. Okay.

                • Clover,

                  As with Social Security, one can’t “not play” Sickness Kabuki except by withdrawing from life. That’s your position. That sane and healthy people should either pretend they might be sick, could be sick at any moment – and play along with all the insane covenants of your cult – or they should just stay home. Just as you suggest joining another cult to avoid being forced to “contribute” to Social Security.

                  The premise is always: You and people who think as you do are right and everyone who doesn’t agree has the “choice” to comply or opt out of life. But even then, you people won’t leave others alone. The Amish are being kicked out of their homes, which are decreed “not fit for habitation” because they lack running water/inside bathrooms. People are being accosted by the Diaper Police in their own homes. And let’s not forget that privately owned businesses are heavily pressured to impose Diapering even though no one is forced to go within any restaurant, bar or coffee shop, etc.

                  I don’t believe Diapering orders to be “immoral, unlawful, impractical and valueless”… I know them to be so.

                  It is immoral to insist that healthy people be treated like sick people. It is a form of guilty-until-proved innocent only worse because there is no way to prove – ever – that a person might be sick or might become sick 5 minutes from now. Your vile doctrine would require Diapering forever. Which is to say, punishing people forever by making them bow to weaponized hypochondria. That is pretty sick.

                  Unlawful? Yes, obviously – as very few laws have been passed. Rather, unelected “health authorities” have issued “guidelines.”

                  Valueless? Not my belief, either. A fact. You need a certain type of closed-loop respirator to filter out/in viral particles. A bandana pull up over your mouth and nose doesn’t do that. Neither does a “mask” – of the type almost all the Kabuki Players are wearing. This is the “science” – as you like to say – but only when it suits, eh?

                  If you really believed in all this nonsense, you’d be insisting on the type of “PPE” worn inside virology labs. At minimum, a proper respirator – not a “mask” – along with goggles (eyes are a conduit for viruses).

                  But you don’t.


                  • “As with Social Security, one can’t “not play” Sickness Kabuki except by withdrawing from life.”Clover

                    Funny, you keep telling everyone that you are going to your gym and nobody is wearing a face mask. So it sounds like you are doing the things you want how you want.

                    • Clover –

                      I note that you completely ignore my pointing out that the only way to legally “opt out” of SS – without opting out of economic life -is to join an approved religious order, such as the Amish. Is it because you cannot bear facing the ugly facts about such things as SS?

                      As regards “you keep telling everyone that you are going to your gym and nobody is wearing a face mask. So it sounds like you are doing the things you want how you want.”

                      My gym is small island of sanity; mass Diapering – enforced – is becoming ubiquitous, courtesy of weaponized hypochondria. Courtesy of people like you – who believe their fear of getting sick justifies treating everyone as presumptively sick.

                      Which is pretty goddamned sick.

    • Hi Pat,

      I would happily do this if I could find a flight to the cruise that did not mandate a mask or a COVID test. I would happily embark on this cruise with others that did not fear their fellow man. I would drink, eat, and be merry. I am hoping the cruise is going somewhere pretty. I do like turquoise water, sunshine, and pink sand. I would not shy away from smiling, talking, and shaking hands with other brave folks who are not terrified of a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate for anyone under the age of 65.

      Just a few statistics for the uninformed:

      The average age of death in the US is 78 years old.
      The average age of death from COVID in America is 78 years old.

      In 2018 (the most current statistics to date) 2.839 million people died in the US. Currently, the US is on par for a total death rate of 2.7 million at year end if the current trends continue. We are expecting a 100k less deaths in 2020 than 2018 when COVID did not exist!

      In an average year 647k Americans die from heart disease, 599k die from cancer. In 2020, the CDC is expecting cancer deaths to total 493k, but the American Heart Association stared at the beginning of the year that cancer deaths would average 606k this year (prior to the announcement of COVID). Amazing, isn’t it? COVID cures cancer!

      We are being lied to. Unfortunately, it will be years before the true figures are ever known, but by that time 80% of the population be will have accepted the masks, the vaccine, and the tracking and won’t give a foo foo about the truth.

      • Thanks for this does of sanity, RG!

        I would also join the cruise, if I could do so (like you) without being Diapered or tested or otherwise treated as presumptively sick by very sick people.

      • Keep in mind that there are true figures for the third leading cause of death in the US. Although it never appears on a death certificate as the cause. About 250,000 die every year in the US from medical error. That would be error committed by the very same discipline that insists we are in the midst of an existential menace posed by a virus that has never been proven to exist. I’m simply astonished by the credibility still granted the medical community. Any relationship between the Medical Industrial Complex and our health was abandoned long ago. All ailments are now drug deficiencies. All pain is abolished because opioids are available. Pharma never attempts to cure any disease because there isn’t profit in it. If a cure rears its head, Pharma beats it down. All the medical “experts” on parade are nothing more than public relations agents for Pharma.

        • Excellent comment JWK. My personal policy is to go to the medical establishment only for repairs from serious injuries. Broken bones, excessive bleeding, that sort of thing. I refuse to go for any illness, because invariably their treatment is worse than the illness. (It also goes without saying that I try to maintain a healthy body weight, eat real nutrient dense food, get good sleep and exercise.)

          I have accepted my own mortality and have made the conscious decision to forgo medical treatment for illness from the establishment pharma providers. What I’ve learned from observing friends and family members is that one pharmaceutical leads to another, which leads to another, and another. I watched my perfectly healthy mother start off with one prescription which caused side effects which were treated with another prescription which caused more side effects that were treated with other prescriptions including pain killers to dull the misery brought on by the toxic onslaught. At her death she was on something like twenty prescriptions, which I believe is what actually killed her. She would complain about her doctors, but when I questioned it, her faith in the medical establishment was unshakable.

          My brother is the same. He’s very unhealthy. On dozens of prescriptions including insulin and anti-depressants. My view is that most of his problems were caused by the doctors. When I question what his doctors are putting him through, his answer is always, “Oh, so you think you know more than someone who’s been through eight years of medical school?” To which I reply, “No, but I do know who sponsors them.”

          The corona hoax is being used to roll out the great global reset which will usher in the green new deal, which couldn’t be accomplished through the front door, so it rides the corona wave through the backdoor. Another part of the great reset is tracking and tracing of every human on the planet. I also see a paradigm shift in the pharma companies away from oral drugs to injectables, because they can call it a vaccine and escape any costly liability claims. They will come out with vaccines to treat the side effects of the previous vaccines. I see a future when every human on the planet will have an annual, biannual and quarterly schedule of dozens of mandatory “vaccines”, which will be the biggest cash cow for pharma ever conceived by a greedy cartel that has already dreamed up the biggest profit windfalls in human history.

        • What a lot of people don’t realize, is that when you see that someone died from “complications due to ____” -it is short for “complications due to the treatment of_______”.

          If you die from pneumonia or breast cancer….it merely says “pneumonia” or “breast cancer”.

          If it says “Complications due to pneumonia” or “compications due to breast cancer” it means that it was the treatment that killed you and not the diease.

          If the average person knew this, they would realize just part of the massive carnage that is caused by modern medicine.

          • I’m 66 years old, and now suffering rheumatoid arthritis. Which is caused by an immune response attacking one’s joints. Of course I have been looking at a lot of numbers since my diagnosis. What I’ve found is that there is a correlation between the increase in such autoimmune disorders, like my arthritis,Lupus, and others, and the increased use of vaccines in the last 50 years. Vaccines which nearly all contain Mercury and Aluminum to STIMULATE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. My thankfully ex wife adamantly insisted I get a flu shot every year. Quite possible that such immune system stimulation could cause such autoimmune disorders. I hadn’t had a vaccine in the several years since my divorce. Two years ago I suffered an injury, which sent me to the ER, where as always happens I received a DPT vaccine for Tetanus. My current affliction started almost immediately.

            • Oh, and by the way, the current Pharma recommended treatment is drugs that cost 4-5,000 per month, forever. Which I have refused. I will not assist the Medical Industrial Complex by the use of such, even though I’ve been assured that my cost will not be nearly so high. Somebody is paying that price, regardless how little of it I might have to pay. The pain I suffer is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Pharma knows this. Like much of their drug pricing, they know they have a captive market. Most people in severe pain, or approaching death will pay whatever price is asked.

              • Hi JWK,

                “The pain I suffer is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Pharma knows this. Like much of their drug pricing, they know they have a captive market”.

                I’m very sorry to hear that. But, it’s just another reason to hate the State. Were it not for that wicked institution, crusading lunatics like Harry Anslinger would be raving on street corners rather than fomenting racial hatred, spreading ridiculous lies about “drugs” and wielding the immense power of the State to crush those he, and others like him, deem unworthy. Of course, the institutions of force, designed to target specific groups of undesirables, eventually metastasize and cause great harm to nearly everyone. The only beneficiaries being the power mad politicians/bureaucrats and the parasitic “private” businesses that profit immensely from the arbitrary distinctions imposed on us through force.

                It is likely that heroin, a far safer and more effective pain killer than modern derivatives like fentanyl, would be cheap, widely available and controlled for safety through the only regulatory mechanism that aligns the interests of the consumer, the producer and the safety enforcement apparatus, a free and open market. Absent the pernicious power of the State, private accreditation services would arise (think Kosher certification) that would provide a far better guarantee, though not perfect, of safety and quality than provided by the current regulatory agencies. In the current system, these regulatory agencies are always captured by the industries they supposedly regulate; working together for mutual benefit, at the expense of the consumer.

                Kind Regards,

              • Hey JWK!

                Great observation re vaccines and athur-ritis! I think you’re on to something.

                Re the expensive drugs:

                In addition to the expense…there’s no telling what those drugs would do to you!

                A long-time family friend, in her 70’s, but very ‘young’ and extremely active/productive, has bad arthritis in her back. It got to the point where she was in a lot of pain, and was having a lot of trouble walking or even getting into her car, etc. -So she started taking steroid shots ($2500 a pop, to someone).

                I WARNED her not to take those shots. She took them. Within a few months, she suddenly developed myriad health problems, from heart issues and kidney problems, to skin problems, which make even the most minor injuries turn into major issues.

                And of coiurse, while the shots helped her to function and relieved the pain somewhat in the short-term, they actually make the arthritis worse- so she has to keep taking them- while they are less and less effective.

                And now, rather than maintaining her normal functionality….she is even MORE hobbled due to all of the resultant additional health problems caused by the shots.

                They have ruined her- and essentially made a healthy, extremely functional personal into an old lady, overnight.

                Some “cure”, eh?

            • Hi JWK,

              Have you tried an elimination diet to see if it would reduce the amount of inflammation that you are suffering from? As we all know the food industry has tinkered with our food supply over the last three decades and the amount of GMOs now being added is doing serious damage to our systems.

              I would recommend pulling gluten out of your diet for 7 to 10 days and see if the pain from inflammation is reduced. I would also recommend a good turmeric tea and to drink a cup daily. I like Bigelow’s matcha tea with turmeric. You can pick it up anywhere and it costs around $2.50 for an 18 count.

              Well over a year ago I switched the family to a non GMO mostly organic diet. I stopped buying grocery store food (usually I end up at the grocery store for paper products, toiletries, and miscellaneous items) and started buying all of our food from local farms and farmer markets. We all feel a 100% better.

              My family still has a sweet tooth but I bake our treats. My oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are much better than anything from the store anyway. 🙂

                • It is amazing what all natural food can do for our bodies. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I am always so disappointed in doctors not offering this as a recommendation instead of the pushing of pills, but Big Pharma owns them, too.

                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      Yes, they were. Animal fats and cholesterol get such a bad rap in our modern diet. I have taken everything “low fat” out of my diet and reintroduced high fat foods such as whole milk, grass fed meat, avocado, nuts, and lots of dark chocolate. I do have to watch the bacon though. It is pretty easy to eat 4 slices if I am not paying attention. 🙂

              • Hi Raider Girl,

                Yep, another example of death by government. Panicked and power hungry politicians imposed dietary guidelines based on the untested and unproven assertions of Ancel Keys. Low fat/high carb became the mantra which, as predicted by critics at the time, lead to massive increases in sugar and processed carb consumption. The rise in obesity and diabetes correlates nearly perfectly. It also lead to an increase in daily caloric consumption, which is explained by the science behind keto/low carb diets.

                A contemporary of Ancel Keys, John Yudkin warned of the dangers of sugar and high carb processed foods back in 1957. In 1972 he released “Pure, White and Deadly”, a frontal assault on the emerging dominance of the unproven “lipid hypothesis” advanced by Keys. Keys, by many accounts a vindictive and ambitious man, attacked Yudkin viciously and helped to discredit him and his theory, to the detriment of science and the health of millions.

                Meanwhile, George McGovern, convinced of the superiority of a low fat diet, initiated hearings which culminated in the 1977 dietary guidelines. There were many critics at the hearings who pointed out that the link between fat and heart disease was not established, one warned that imposing such guidelines without evidence amounted to conducting an unethical experiment on 250 million people. McGovern responded by saying, “unlike you scientists, we politicians don’t have the luxury of waiting for the smoking gun”.

                Three years ago I weighed 280 pounds (I’m 6’1″). At the time I ate a “healthy” diet according to the “experts” and exercised regularly. Still, I continued to get fatter and calorie restricted low fat diets “worked” for short, miserable periods of time, after which I became fatter than before. Today, I weigh 190 pounds, still exercise regularly, am never hungry and have no problem with overeating. I discovered paleo/primal/keto diets through libertarian sites, of course. Still, even me, a radical libertarian for decades with appropriate contempt for government, found it difficult to discard years of conditioning. But I figured, what do I have to lose? I went strict keto and lost 25 pounds in 30 days, without any hunger.

                Never follow the advice of government “experts”, it may just kill you.


                • Congratulations, Jeremy. Ninety pounds is a lot of weight. I went keto last October and lost 8 pounds in 10 days. I think I lasted 3 weeks total and switched to an all Mediterranean diet. I tried keeping the carbs below 50, but it was a struggle. Today, my carb intake is under 100 daily. I love my berries and fruit naturally is pretty carby.

                  I was reading that the average American takes in about 300 carbs a day. It is no wonder we (as a society) have problems.

                  • Hi Raider Girl,

                    Thanks! Many don’t believe that, even at my fattest, I was active and could ride 50 miles without struggle. Average ride was somewhere between 15 and 30 miles. I only do strict keto for my planned weight loss months, the rest of the time I do healthy low carb with lots of quality vegetables in addition to good meats, full fat dairy, fruits, nuts, etc…, no sugar (except from fruit and, of course, good dark chocolate). I would do strict keto for one month, followed by about 4-6 months of “normal” healthy eating. I lost the weight in 5 months, spread over about 3 years. This approach worked very well for me as keto provides rapid weight loss, which provides motivation, and I knew I didn’t need to struggle on a “diet” forever. It’s easy to do something strict for a month, especially when you’re losing over a half a pound a day. Also, and this is really important for people who struggle with obesity, hunger either doesn’t exist, or is very low, on a keto diet. During strict phases, I maintained an 800-1200 calorie deficit per day, without hunger. In my futile attempts to lose weight on a LF/HC diet, I was ravenous all the time. It’s sort of hilarious that the “experts” advice on how to lose weight (eat less, move more) is the same as our mother’s gave to us in advance of a special dinner, “go out and play, work up an appetite, and no snacks or you’ll ruin your dinner!”

                    One hundred grams of carbs a day, for most people, is a low carb diet. My “normal” diet is about 20% carbs, which is about 120g a day (I keep it to 20 or less in my strict keto phases). The USDA still recommends that 45%-65% of calories should come from carbs (no wonder so many people are obese and sick). So, for a 2000 calorie diet, carb intake “should” be 225-325 grams per day! Sure, they also say to avoid sweets and junk food, but it’s almost impossible to eat 300 grams of healthy carbs. Demonize fat, and sugar takes its place (this was predicted by critics of the lipid hypothesis). Note the plethora of “healthy” junk food in the stores; sugar laden fat free yogurt, “natural” fruit juices, lean cuisine loaded with sugar added pasta sauce bad pasta, “harmless” fat free cakes and cookies, etc… It’s possible that the older, high fat junk food is actually better for you than the new “healthy” stuff.


                • Color of law imposed guidelines on color of law created citizens – more & more by color of law created corporations – are very tested & very proven: all kinds o’ as we go mar(ka-)ching!

                  Color of law cannibalism it is…& the prions all that prying looses.

                  Fractal Frankensteining, matryoshka masswo/men, nits make lice/ensure that eats ladylibertybugs & aardvarks for lunch & for “free.” Insect specialization for sure & certain into & out of the white(built by Black chain kangz)house termite mound -slash- bell jar…Plathian poetic justice, past, prologue, & more prologue…prologue-speed costs, kid, how past ya’ wanna’ go?…well, warp speed to herd id-munity sounds like it’d blaze weus all past the scenery blurrily…I’ll take that Pavlov puppy in the reverse gear rearview window, please.

              • I have found correlation between some foods and my level of pain. Carbs for one. While it seems I suffer just as bad when I completely eliminate them, I do feel some relief if I just limit them to 1-3 servings per day, and they get far worse if I have bowl of ice cream or such. While it has improved, my problem is the cost of truly healthy foods. I can’t work, so I’m living on my SS benefit. A catch 22. If I could work, I could afford proper food, and possibly would be able to work. As far as alternative treatments, I’ve tried a plethora of them, to no avail. Even Doctor Mercola has few suggestions for alternative treatments for this malady. The truly sad part is that before this malady struck me at age 64 I was a picture of health, and not just for my age.

                • Hi JWK,

                  Chronic pain is a . . . pain. I have been living with a shoulder issue for more than a year. I am not sure what the problem is but the weird thing is that I am currently stronger than I have ever been in my life. I can rep 225 pounds cleanly on the bench 10-12 times and so can probably max out close to 300 pounds once. Yet I can’t even do the bar (45 pounds) on military press and my shoulder aches all night long, keeping me perpetually sleep deprived. I feel like the “old” version of Arnold’s Terminator character!

                  • Hi Eric,

                    I have neck and shoulder issues as well due to leaning over a desk 8, 10, 12 hours a day. Shiatsu has a back, shoulder, and neck massager that works great. It is a little weird looking, but I love it. It is painful, but works (at least for me). It runs about 50.00 on Amazon. It wraps around your shoulders and has contraptions for your arms so you can shift the massager to a particular area.

                  • The conditioning slap most prominent in old Terminator was reinforcing the notion of tabula rasa blank slatedness to the extent that even a cyborg machine could learn empathy, etc. Even the terminator’s just a social construct, putty in the hands of postmodernists.

                • Hi JWK,

                  Eating healthy can be expensive, especially when it comes to grass fed beef, fresh fish, etc, I don’t know if you have an Aldi in your area, but when I started I did most of my shopping there. They have a large organic section and it is pretty affordable. Even their grass fed beef runs about $5.50 a pound, which is a pretty good price. Organic black and kidney beans run about .89 a can and fresh fruit when in season is cost effective.

                  • Hi RG,

                    In re grass fed/good food: I am able to trade for much of these things directly – and under the table – with my local yokel friends out here in The Woods. It is one of the best things about being in The Woods! My girls – the chickens – should begin laying anytime now and I am really looking forward to those fresh free-range eggs!

                  • The best diet is vegan – lots of fruit and veggies, legumes, whole grains, potatoes which are not expensive. I know so many people who have got off all meds, lost weight eating low fat, high carb – carbs are not bad its processed carbs that are – load a baked potato with butter, sour cream and all that and yes its bad for you – https://www.drfuhrman.com and https://www.drmcdougall.com

                    • Amen to the carb thing, Jen!
                      The problem with “diet science” is that they look at all of humanity as being the same, when we are clearly NOT!

                      Some people, due to genetics; whyat they’ve become accustomed to eating; lifestyle; environment, etc. will thrive and be healthy on some things, while those same things may be detrimental to others.

                      I, for example, do not do well on meat. I consider very lean meat a good efficient source of protein, but even when I raised my own grass-fed beef…just having meat twice a week caused me to gain massive weight!

                      On the other hand, I do fine with carbs (But as you said- not refined junk carbs). I eat a lot of whole wheat pasta; make my own whole wheat pizzas, etc. and after having shed the weight I gained from the beef fiasco…I’m back to normal, and stay where i always have, at right around what I weighed when I was 16 (I’m 58 now).

                      Wouldn’t be much of a stretch for me to go vegan…’cept I like my meatballs (on rare occasions), tacos (Making ’em tonight!) and cheese! (Used to do the kidney-bean mush tacos, as I was a vegetarian for 15 years, years ago- but it just wasn’t the same!).

                    • One size don’t fit all since all is not one. Each one is one like no other one.

                      That reality is diametrically opposed by the medico mafia m(a)odel that force-conforms each unique one into interchangeable cog-edness & kills outright 250k a year (that Doc Frank is willing to admit to).

                      Same chokehold applies to the alt-medico mafia that doesn’t admit to killing any at all.

                      Trial & error piñata whacking & donkey tailing is all there is…”we” is all in this alone.

                      (Keto claims KatoBruceLee T/KO of what came befo’ – Mao’s lept forward man — but everbody know some hinterland Dempsey’s on the way & will displace the current champ, same as hard to keep track of previous champs was beaten from the ring.)

                    • Hi Jen,

                      There is no “best” diet for everyone. I’m glad a vegan diet works well for you. I did very poorly on a “healthy” LF/HC diet and I didn’t eat junk carbs. I almost never had sweets or processed food, cooked over 95% of what I ate myself, never added sugar to homemade pasta sauce, ate legumes, whole grains, fruits and veggies, etc… Yet, I steadily gained weight and could not control it without being hungry all the time. Since going HF/LC I’ve become lean and am never hungry.

                      Experiment, find out what works, it won’t be the same for everyone.

                      Kind Regards,

                    • I lost 130 pounds within a year by intermittent fasting, eliminating sugar, and eliminating all refined foods. In other words, I quit the corporatist American Diet.

                      I also eliminated stress. Dropping out of school and the stupid rat race worked wonders for me!

                    • **”Nunze… don’t have tv, so he watches Homer at the neighbor’s place I guess.”**

                      Nunz does have DVDs! (The (early)Simpsons, and Seinfeld are the only ‘modern’ (made in the last 35 years) show’s I’m familiar with),

                      Well…had a friend who was into Fambly Guy, Beavis & Butt-Head, and King Of The Hill…so I can occasionally reference them too!

                      Me? I’m a staunch Bugs Bunny man!

                • Heh, JWK- milk -not REAL milk (i.e. raw, unpasteurized, from a cow that lives naturally in a natural environment) is one of the most detrimental things to one’s health!

                  Commercial dairies- even small family ones- are FILTHY and unnatural places (There are lots of them here where I live)- Just passing by them makes me want to retch.

                  The cows are fed almost entirely alfalfa and silage to keep their production at insantely high levels- and they go through their whole lives constantly having the shits.

                  They are pumped with antibiotics.

                  The facilities are filthy- it is impossible to keep them clean- and this is accepted as normal, so to compensate, drugs and chemicals are used to mitigate any effects caused by the unavoidable filth- and it’s all government-approved- and considered “natural”, as long as one follows the protocols.

                  The pasteurization destroys the enzymes in the milk which we need in order to absorb and assimilate any beneficial nutrients in the milk; and homogenization turns the fat from something which we would harmlessly pass, into something which gets absorbed, but which has been rendered something completely unnatural that our bodies can’t deal with- and so ends up clogging and coating our arteries. (Versus natural raw milk, which has been shown to clean our arteries, and which some have successfully used to clear blocked arteries and cure heart problems!).

                  And then there’s “ice cream”- much of which is so devoid of any real food, that in many cases it can no longer even legally be called ice cream. Remember when Breyers was “all natural” and actually good? Now, most of their products are not even allowed to be labeled as “ice cream”!

                  Not to mention all of the high-fructose corn syrup in ice cream now-a-days too!

                  I had given up ice cream…until recently, when I discovered Mexican ice cream, which is not overly sweet; is made with real cane sugar, and only contains a few ingredients…and they’re all REAL- not a bunch of chemicals and processed fats. What a difference (And it’s DELICIOUS!)

                • Jwk (maybe eric’s inflammatory? shoulder, too)…see Saccharomyces cerevisiae, brand name Epicor (for human consumption…40% off at Swanson right now), & if it helps & you want to save $ see the Diamond V feed, in 50lb sacks (maybe split the purchase & divvy with friends, as I did) – it’s the same thing…which one, I dunno (need to look into it again…going to sprinkle some on the dog’s food, too) – they only sold one kind the first time I purchased…



                  In plenty ways domesticated animals, which is where this stuff came from, get the short end of the stick…but in some ways they also get better care from vets & husbandry’rs than domesticated people do from frankenstein docs.

    • Pat/Clover. Would you care to share your real name, address and email with the group. At least Eric has an email for you.

      My question for you is how much do you earn per year? Gross, Net give me either figure you like the best. Cheers.

  26. Yesterday, within hours of “Drop Top Tesla” going online, the investment weekly Barron’s posted an article titled “Tesla Stock Is the Next Amazon.com”. Screen shot:


    For good measure, Barron’s laid on another post, quoting some goofball “analyst” asserting that Tesla’s stock will nearly triple to $1,200 a share.

    What’s going on with these preposterous claims? Most likely, Tesla’s market manipulation now includes bribing malleable journalists (obviously not including EP Autos) to pimp Tesla’s sagging stock.

    This allows insiders such as Elon, his little brother Kimbal, and other board members to unload TSLA shares onto retail bagholders — just as they did in the wee hours of Sep 1, with improbably precise timing, when the stock reached its record high in thin overnight trading.

    Elon regularly spews abuse and contempt at the Securities and Exchange Commission. But one day the SEC’s G-men will nail his sorry hide to the wall. LOCK HIM UP!

  27. If this was real. Me, my entire crew, and everybody else who swings a hammer or climbs a ladder for a living would be on ventilators gasping for our last breath.

    We’re all heroes doncha-yah know?! Guuuhhh…

    Just walked out of Kroger in an affluent part of town in Loserville KY. These clowns are level 10 plague kabuki. Parking lot full 100% diapered , except for myself and one guy working cart return with his around the chin. Poor terrified souls can’t virtue signal hard enough. All the way to loading their cars diapered, and driving off by themselves still diapered.

    I’m beginning to think living in an upper income urban setting rots your brain at an alarming rate. Hence the projection towards “backwards country people.”

    • Ditto, Sicilian –

      I had a back-and-forth recently on these pages with a Clover named “Pat” who attempted to shame and ridicule me for not beeeeelieving. And performing accordingly.

      I pointed out to this Sickness Psycho a number of things, among them the fact that my gym has been open for about three months now – plenty of incubation time – and yet no one has become sick, much less dead, in spite of hundreds of people working out, Undiapered and breathing heavily in close proximity. This fact made no impression on Pat. What will it take to make one, I asked it. At what point do your fears and assertions take a back seat to what is actually happening – or rather, not happening – out in the world?

      It never answered.

    • I have my main house and job in an inner ring suburb of Cleveland, diapers and Biden signs everywhere. When I go to the store I’m the only person with a free face. At my rural property about two hours a way not so much, and lots of Trump signs. Country folk don’t feel the need to virtue signal.

      • Hi No Tax,

        This is the new Mason-Dixon line: Rural vs.urban. The urbanites are Bidenites and Diaperites; they are committed collectivists who have severed all ties with what “America” was once.

        • They have severed all ties with sanity. Not surprising, since very few mammals thrive in crowded environments. Most often they display increased hostility and aggression, up to and including violence. Cities have become insane asylums with no locks on the doors. The occupants no longer capable of simple math, much less critical thought. You can grab the stats from practically any source and divide deaths by cases and get an infection/fatality rate of about 0.016%, which falls well within the boundaries of ordinary influenza. All the sane people with the means to do so are leaving the urban centers.

    • In Cincy here, since Kroger has been the most dictator-like, I don’t go near them. (Meijer is much less heavy handed). I have had lots of different phrases handy to use, if confronted re being (gasp) barefaced – like “I have a God given right to breathe…”. Being a female – I just figured this phrase should mollify any wackos: “I have a woman’s right to choose!”

      • “I identify as Martian, therefore the mask decree does not apply to me!” -Since their own rules demand that they accept the psychotic beliefs of anyone rather than the physical reality……why can’t they give us normals the same consideration? We could demand separate bathrooms, too!

        • Hi Nunz,

          The “identify as” thing only works if the discussion is premised on acceptance of logic, which of course it is not. This we already knew by observing that leftists who screech about “racism” are among the most virulent of racists themselves and will not brook use of their own Alinsky-ite verbiage turned against them.

          • Hey Eric!

            Ha! Maybe if we started practicing that which they demand we accept of others, it would expose how illogical and psychotic their nonsense is. But then again, if they cared, or were capable of logic and integrity, they wouldn’t be espousing the concepts which they do…..

  28. I live in SW Connecticut, adjacent to Westchester county NY and a stone’s throw to Manhattan. This whole area is infested with authoritarian leftist cockroaches, the likes and mindset of which are difficult to comprehend unless you walk among them. Diaper compliance here has remained at peak levels since May – May! Soon as people let up a bit in early summer, calls about The Cases! sent diapers back to peak in a New York minute. Conversations with them reveal a heavy disdain for the undiapered as uneducated, ignorant, selfish idiots who are prolonging the epidemic and who deserve to die from it – they burn with hate and seethe with anger and contempt toward us. And reference to Trump invariably makes its way into any conversation about anything, but covid and diapers especially.

    In NYC, just this week, diapers everywhere. Joggers, bicyclists, dog walkers, sidewalk washers, food trucks, you name it. The mayor has threatened heavy handed enforcement and fines. This goes unquestioned and unchallenged. The diaper burning you see is from the orthodox Jewish populations in Queens and Brooklyn, who have been the current target of the mayors ire and edicts. They at least recognize the assault on their religion and have responded. But don’t expect that sentiment to sustain or grow, or believe this reflects any broader desire that diapering abate in this area.

    It’s depressing, and wears on you. It has turned me into a reciprocally angry and spiteful person, which is not my nature. I’m a lover not a fighter. I wish I could share in the optimism or to have just one other undiapered companion in the stores. But it’s in short supply here.

    • My mother was in Puritan Country last month for family business and could not wait to leave. She said the majority of the restaurants in Norwalk were closed even though they were allowed to be open. Only the Mexican joints were open and diaperless!

      • Hi Handler,

        I find that the Mexicans in this country – and the Russians – are more American than many Americans whose family tree can be traced back to the Revolution. It’s a very strange business. Perhaps the Mexicans and Russians came here to be free… while the Americans now take freedom for granted. Or fear it.

        • They fear it. When I talk to these people, they can’t wait to hand over their responsibilities to big brother, crawl into their urban microspace and go into a hypnotic trance in front of the lobotomy tube, all provided by UBI.

        • These immigrants have first hand experience of the results of such insanity. If the US continues its descent into third world conditions, so will we. After it’s too late to stop it.

      • Hi D,

        Thank you for providing an oasis of sanity for your employees! You are doing more good than you may realize, just be showing it can be done… and by showing that no one has dieeeeeed as a result. This last is critical t unmasking the fraud. The Diaperers need everyone Diapared to “prove” that Diapering “works.” See? No one is dying… because everyone is wearing a dirty old rag around their face!

        • Absolutely! Just trying to do my part to turn the tide. Since this all began I’ve only had 2 customers say anything about my undiapered face.
          The 1st one I told some birds aren’t meant to be caged. The 2nd one I simply said “I go nude”.
          As BAC said, it wears on you after awhile when so few others around summon that American spirit of F This. I honestly can’t recall seeing another undiapered in any store I’ve been in. Its crazy, but I will not comply.

  29. Truly an surreal and very successful experiment. I must admit, it affected me. As I am the only one in my building that does not mask, the space is extremely uncomfortable. Walking past some people in the hallways, they put their backs up against the wall and slither past trying to get as physically far away from me as possible. It’s like being in elementary school all over again with people saying that you have cooties. I dread going to work now.

    • Hi Pappa,

      Yup. I’ve asked several of these sickos if they believe in the presumption of innocence. I get sourpus looks back, invariably. This idea that you might be sick… that you might die… is literally pathological. That it has become the basis for requiring Kabuki is tyrannical.

    • Hey PappaS,

      I’ve seen similar things (slithering past) while out running on trails. Like I might have a respiratory infection while running up and down the side of a mountain. Seriously?

      • Hi cjm!

        I’m a runner also, as you know. I have thought – just thought – about collapsing onto the ground in a coughing fit right in front of one of those wall-hugger Diaper Drones. But then, I’d get Hut! Hut! Hutted! as this is no longer America and Americans have no sense of humor anymore, much less common sense.

  30. Hang in there Eric. My wife gets depressed sometimes by the diapers too. But she stays strong. She is tiring of the places that still ask and the maskholes that say things. But she stays strong.

    I work outside doing construction, so My world is 90% normal–still weird to see some diapered in the construction world–usually. I guess the “essentials” are going to die any moment since we’ve been carrying on as normal and ignore the face diapers generally.

    • Thanks, Ancap – I am doing my best!

      My gym is a refuge of normalcy. Almost no Diapered there. Also no death, which you’d think the Diaperers would take note of and perhaps adjust their Diapering accordingly. But they don’t. Their Diapers are practically glued to their faces…

      • Thank God for the nearby rural community that largely ignores this psyop. If I was relegated to using the services of the nearby far less rural community, I think I would have already descended into despair.


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