Diaper Report 9/17/20

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Diapering has become almost universal in many areas despite the absence of medically sound reasons to Diaper. This assertion can be proved by pointing out that a literal Diaper qualifies as a “face covering” – ditto a dirty old bandana and also the medically useless disposable thing they proffer at many stores and which most of the people who’ve submitted to this nonsense walk around with over their faces.

If this were about physical health, then none of those things would be acceptable. They are the equivalent of wearing a traffic cone on your head as defense against meteors or a vial of gypsy tears around your neck, to ward off wizards.

But great pressure is being applied to achieve Universal Diapering, so as to create the impression that Diapering “stopped the spread” – just like an order to not walk on the surface of the sun explains why the soles of people’s feet aren’t singed.

Forcing all to Diaper also makes the ones who like to Diaper look less crazy – because everyone looks crazy. Worse, the handful of people who refuse to dress like crazies are now considered the crazy ones.

This is the “new normal” – if we let it be.

One way to not let it be is to ignore the crazies – and their signs.  Practically every business has been forced to pretend they’re abnormal – by posting hysterical signage. But not all businesses are run by abnormals. They cannot say anything Diaper Disputatious but won’t say anything if you behave . . . normally.

My Undiapered dentist, for instance. Got my teeth dealt with, without having to deal with Diaper Dementia. Walked right in, sat right down in the chair. Had a normal interaction with the normal dentist, who said nothing about my acting normally. We both just did – just like people used to.

I did the same at Sam’s the other day; then the next day at Kroger. Lots of Diapered People but no hassle about my not being Diapered.

I happen to know several business owners who are sick of pretending everyone is sick; they are not able to tear down the signs pushed on them by the Gesundheitsfuhrers but they also know that no law has been passed deputizing them to enforce Diaper Laws . . . because there are no Diaper Laws. At least not in most of the parts of the country where Diapering has been decreed, which is a different thing.

The Face Diapering oppresses us via “emergency powers” long ago expired as none of the laws authorizing these  “emergency powers” confers them indefinitely. The “emergency powers” are generally limited to several weeks – a month or so at the most. We are now almost a year into this “emergency,” which the Gesundheitsfuhrers seem ardent to make permanent. 

Which – circle complete – they intend to do by keeping everyone Diapered, which perpetuates the image of an emergency. Normalcy is improbable when you can’t see anyone’s face; or rather, when it appears that everyone is terrified of seeing someone’s face.

But it’s a visual Potempkin Village – a facade. Probably half of the people you see Diapered wouldn’t if they didn’t think they had to. Which they do, on account of the deliberately bullying signs pasted on every door to every business for just that purpose.

But a sign has no more power than the willingness of people to obey it.

So don’t.

Walk on in and do your thing, normally – just like people used to do in the antique days of six months ago. You may be pleasantly surprised by the lack of abnormality. At my new dentist’s office, the nice woman at the reception desk clued me in by the visual of her askew Diaper and by the audible of normal conversation. Not a word was said about my showing my face. 

This dentist, like more-than-you-might-believe businesses, has decided he is not in the business of enforcing “guidelines” without legal authority. Gesundheitsfuhrers can threaten to fine or even close a business that doesn’t post the Sickness Stalinist signs on their doors but they cannot force the businesses to enforce them, that being the business of law enforcement. And it is still at least technically the case – so to speak – that law enforcement only has lawful authority to enforce laws.

Which require passage by a legislature, composed of legislators accountable via elections to the public.

Gesundheitsfuhrers – and “guidelines” are no such things. And the Gesundheitsfuhrers know it, which they concede by not siccing law enforcement on the undiapered (generally, there have been a few ugly exceptions to this).

The bottom line is that some businesses aren’t Diaper Policing – the signs on their doors notwithstanding. All you have to do to find out which of them aren’t sick (in the head) is walk through the door, showing your face and acting normally.

They just might do the same in return.

. . .

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  1. Local Walmart (Wasilla, AK) has severely curtailed their cattle-chuting, and when I went in it appeared there was no one counting customers or enforcing masks. May have been a mask enforcer later but I don’t know. Mask, distancing, and one-way-aisle signage is still present, but damaged or missing signage is not being replaced, at least not with any urgency.

  2. I’m happy to report an improvement in my neck of the woods. Walmart at least has removed the cattle chute in front of its store. They stopped trying to enforce diapering many weeks ago (but still about 99% wear them).

    This sounds like a small thing, but actually it feels like a substantial restoration of dignity for me as I can now walk in like I normally did without having to cue up first around caution tape all over the place.

    I like to think that my constant vocal criticism helped bring this about. It’s probably something more mundane like the rental agreement for the barricades expired after 6 months.

  3. I own a small gym (personal training) in Loudoun in Northern VA. I have not posted any signs, we do not wear masks, nor do we request/require clients wear masks. A few do and that is fine. Many of our clients are between 60-80 years old, so obviously in the higher risk category.

    We have lost a few clients who never came back after our shut down because of us not masking, but for the most part, I sense clients are very relieved to not have to wear one. Some even wear a mask through the door, because they are so conditioned to wear a mask everywhere, then the second they step in, rip it off. In some sense, I feel we are doing a small service by allowing a sense of normalcy to these beaten down people.

    Conversely, I went to a local restaurant last night with my wife and 79 year old mother in law (recovering from cancer, being careful but not afraid to live) and they would not let you in unless you wore a mask until you sat down at your table. Then apparently you were immune while in the seated position. It was absurd.

  4. I put one on yesterday. Used it for it’s intended purpose, though.Was resawing some white pine and the dust was so thick I couldn’t breath without it. You don’t catch me with one, otherwise. Darn hard to communicate with them. They muffle the voice and hide facial expressions.

    Local hardware store has a sign up, as per the state dictators decree, stating that they are required. Than it goes on to say they are not required if you have health issues, and if you don’t have one on they will assume you cannot safely wear one. Was talking to the owner a couple of weeks ago (also no diaper) and we were laughing about the large number of customers he has with health issues. I think I saw one diapered face in there.

    I have a sever mental health issue with face diapers. It’s called sanity.

  5. Federal Judge rules PA governor’s wuflu edicts unconstitutional

    A similar suit has been filed in the Northern District Federal court for Ohio, Here’s the link to the complaint, It’s 56 pages and well worth the read with lots of great info. Discovery and depositions of the government lackeys should be quite interesting: https://renzlaw.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/case-complaint-final-1.pdf


  6. Do diaperers at large fear the virus or getting fined/arrested/fired/canceled? Over the past couple of weeks, diapering had been on significant decline even here in SW CT, a big corner of liberal la-la land. Then the governor, obviously noticing this, issues another fatwa empowering local gesundheitfuhrers to issue $100 fines to folks in public who are sans diaper. And suddenly, it’s back to 90% diapering – even outdoors. So it seems it’s either that the medicine man shook his rattle and the tribesmen fell back in line, or they fear getting fined.

    Never mind the fact that the governor has no such power to delegate in the first place. Or why is there such a thing as a local health bureaucrat? And how can a local health bureaucrat levy a fine to an individual? And it all just goes unchallenged. It’s just casually accepted as if it’s legal, proper, justified, and normal.

    God Damn them all.

  7. My wife went to Costco a few days ago. She wasn’t bothered about the diaper because she didn’t have one on. There was a couple that weren’t wearing them properly that got harassed by an employee saying “oops, it looks like your mask slipped down”. She did this a couple of times. Like a grade school teacher speaking to six year old’s.

    All people have to do is not wear the damn things, but they are so brainwashed that they fear they must. Things will not change without people openly ignoring their edicts.

    • @ancap, it’s puzzling for sure. I’ve walked into places along with masky friends while I was not wearing a mask. They’ve seen me not receive any grief, but they continue to do it anyway. I’ve said in other blog comments, I don’t even care if you put on a mask, but at least make them ask you to do it, you never know, they might not ask. And recently, I entered a place with a large group and this place had no signs demanding masks. The staff had no masks. Yet 85-90% of the group put on masks upon entering. SMH.

  8. This constant media yaking about how deadly corona is has completely messed up peoples perception of this virus I find…. One of the more interesting thing I saw when I was out in Pakistan was a dude wearing a corona mask… riding his motorcycle the wrong way up an underpass on a dual carriageway !!! But he was worried Corona might kill him and had his mask on !!!

    • Hi Nasir,

      Indeed. And it is deliberate. No other explanation makes sense. They facts are now established regarding the lethality of the virus – which is largely a threat (of death) to a small subset of the population, most of which is already in nursing homes and so on. And, regardless, is it literally absurd to walk around with a medically useless – read the box! – disposable “mask” on, to say nothing of a dirty old bandana. One might as well literally wear an actual Diaper over one’s face for all the medical good it will do. But it qualifies as a “mask” – which ought to tell people something!

  9. I was at the local bar last night buying beer and some food, didn’t wear a mask nor does anyone else in the place.

    Simple as that, nobody yelling and screaming at you to don a mask, nobody cares. Just can’t be too concerned about something that has little effect on what gets done.

    The deep fried chicken was good and the mashed potatoes with gravy was just what was expected, good.

    The same goes for the local Thai restaurant, the owner never wears a stupid mask and doesn’t expect anyone else to wear one either. I grow hot peppers for the restaurant, hot means hot, the restaurant owner looks forward to each and every one of the them. The food is always good.

    Courageously going to where every man has gone before, to the refrigerator to get another beer.

    There it was, gone.

    Post-modern civilization has to survive, life has to go on, masks ain’t the answer, that’s for sure.

    • Excellent, Drumphish!

      I especially liked: “Courageously going to where every man has gone before, to the refrigerator to get another beer.”

      And to the store. And to restaurants. Etc.

  10. There are times when I feel like this mask insanity will go on forever. But then I remember the female vanity factor.

    Does anyone really believe women will consent to having their faces covered in perpetuity? No more showing off their expensive makeup and lipstick? No more receiving adulation for the one thing that (for many of them) is a huge source of pride?

    If anyone actually believes that women will consent to the permanent annihilation of their physical essence, please state your argument — I’d love to hear it.

    • Hi Jim,

      I’m careful not to generalize about women or any other category because I don’t want to be included in a category that denies my individual identity – such as being regarded as “sick” because someone might be. I find as many males as females Diaper. Sickness Psychosis affects both sexes (there are just two – sorry Caitlyn). The problem isn’t genitalia. It is gray matter. The lack – or the lack of its use.

    • makeup shmakeup….I see chicks out every day with color coordinated and/or blinged out diapers to match whatever outfit they’re wearing whether it be a summer dress and high heels or a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. after all, its the latest fashion accessory. / eye roll

  11. I believe many of these businesses might actually welcome seeing customers undiapered. They probably fear having their business licenses pulled if they don’t comply with the “mask up” (as our governor here in Michigan puts it) orders, at least on the surface. We are actually supporting these businesses by walking in undiapered.

    It might take a little experimentation to figure out which ones are relaxed about letting people shop. In my area, the regional businesses have been willing to look the other way. Also, I shop early in the day usually, so that reduces the chance that I’ll come into contact with a belligerent shopper. But I’ve also shopped during busier times. Being the only one in the store undiapered is hard for me, but I’m doing it because I have no other choice. The whole thing is a gigantic evil farce.

    I saw my dentist today, and hoo-boy is he vocal about this thing. Such a relief to talk to a real live person outside my home that thinks similarly. He said, “Think about it – you had Costco telling you to stand six feet apart, wear masks, here’s how much you’re allowed to buy, etc., and we all just said ‘ok’! – Amazing!”

    • Amen, Snap –

      My dad was a doctor; also my grandfather. They’d be appalled by all of this pretend-play and deliberate machinations to make people feel scared by looking scared. I won’t be a party to any of it. Even though – as you’ve noted – it can be a very weird and depressing experience to be the only non-freak in the joint!

  12. I went to a rally at the state capitol here in Kentucky this morning. It was a HUGE relief to be gathered together with hundreds of other people and nobody wearing face diapers! Well, there were just a couple that I noticed. One TV news crew (reporter and cameraman), a couple of official-looking people who exited the capitol as the group passed by, and one person who I figured was a spy (had a cell phone on a stick, looked like he was walking around capturing people on video). Funny, one of the official-looking people leaving the building wearing the diaper put his hands over his muzzled mouth when he passed our unmuzzled group, as if that was going to stop germs or something. Idiots.

    I really hope things go well in court (there was something regarding a lawsuit at the KY Supreme Court today, probably oral arguments or something), but I’m not holding my breath. Would be nice if the PA decision could set a good precedent and we can prevail in federal court.


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