Diaper Report 9/11/20

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How fitting that today’s Diaper Report should fall on the anniversary of another assault on the freedom Americans once had – taken away from them on the basis of a hysterically exaggerated and probably confected threat used to berate them into submitting to disgusting humiliation rituals at the airport, supposedly to “keep them safe” but actually intended to get them used to being treated like cattle rather than human beings with rights which the government was obliged to respect.

Well, they got used to being treated like cattle at the airport and so it isn’t surprising that many didn’t object to being treated like diseased cattle by grocery stores, coffee shops, gyms and so on.

This time in order to “keep them healthy” – notwithstanding the obvious fact that almost everyone already is healthy – or at least, not sick – and the used-to-be-understood fact that those already not-healthy are already sick and thus inclined to become more so.

Nonetheless, just as everyone who enters an airport is assumed to be a trrrrist and treated as such, absent any reason to believe they actually are a trrrrist – so also healthy people are now assumed to be sick and treated as such  . . . by people who are sick in the head.

And this is considered virtuous.

Because that is the messaging – to use the PR term – being purveyed by the entities which determine what many people think, precisely because they do not. Rather, they view – and then repeat.

Whatever the TeeVee TelePrompter readers recite, they regurgitate – a kind of bovine amen chorus at a distance.

Wear a Mask. We are all in this Together. Stop the Spread. The human Moo.

Many people are afraid to not Moo – because they fear the reaction of the human cattle around them. Herds are dangerous.

But there are still human beings out there. And don’t assume everyone who has a Diaper on wants to have a Diaper on – or that you can’t pass through a door that has Sickness Stalin signage on it in bold type refusing entry to the Undiapered.

Many people wear the Diaper under duress; it is a matter of reluctantly (and often, intermittently) wearing the thing in order to keep one’s job or refusing outright and losing one’s job. The signs are there in all cases because of the government – because of the Gesundheitsfuhrers – but in some cases, the owners of the doors these signs are plastered all over despise the signs and hope you will ignore them.

As I discovered to my great delight yesterday when I visited my new dentist, who shall remain safely anonymous for reasons that should be obvious. I only publicize the identities of the capos of our time – the businesses who eagerly enforce all the decrees of the Gesundheitsfuhrers. They deserve nothing but contempt – and public opprobrium.

(Note the old Diaper thrown away like used rubber at 26 seconds into the video above; disgusting used Diapers are everywhere.)

Anyhow, as readers of these Diaper Reports already know, my old dentist – Huffman & Kreger of Roanoke – excommunicated me for refusing to join the Sickness Cult for the duration of the 10 yard walk from the check-in desk to the dentist’s chair. This despite my being obviously and medically not sick (they took my temperature; though why they bothered with this medical measure of sickness is beyond me since a normal reading didn’t excuse me from putting on the assumed-to-be-sick garb of sickness, i.e., the Face Diaper).

After more than ten years of going through their doors, I was shown the door. Well, good riddance. It is sound policy to avoid being treated by pathological (or poltroonish) people.

And it’s good news – because I found a new door to walk through, right past the Sickness Stalin signs decreeing in bold face type that DIAPERS MUSS SEIN! EINTRITT VERBOTEN!

A friend told me about this dentist. That – low voices, now – he doesn’t push the Diaper, even though he is forced to have the signs on his door. That if you just walk through the door and act like a normal person, you will be treated normally.

And so it was. I entered – I could almost hear the silent screaming of those signs – and walked right up to the desk and had a very normal conversation with the check-in lady, who had her Diaper very much askew. The Undiapered learn to recognize one another this way, as Masons do via the secret handshake.

She said nothing about my Undiaperedness. And neither did the dentist when I came in for my appointment. The bad news is I am going to need a new crown – but the excellent news is that I will be getting it without submitting to it . . . well, the Diapering. There’s not much choice about the rest.

I had a similar and same day experience at Sam’s. The same Sickness Stalinist signs – screaming silently as I walked right past them. And there were others within who had done the same. We smiled at one another, confirming our mutual sanity.

The summary for this Diaper Report is that – in my area, at least – Diapering is losing steam, though the Diaper signage has become over-the-top belligerent. Probably because the Gesundheitsfuhrers know people are defying their “mandates” and “guidelines,” as they should be doing.

Sickness Psychosis can be understood as a kind of revivification of Prohibition – this time, the prohibition being directed at sanity rather than the consumption of alcohol. The zealots are dangerous, then and now – but there are more sane people than you may think, which is what the zealots don’t want you to think. By pressuring everyone to Diaper. This is how they make it look like everyone is a zealot.

But if you just ignore the signs – and behave normally – you will find there are other normal people out there, too.

But keep it on the down low for now.

Until sanity spreads sufficiently to go public.

. . .

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  1. So for the last 4 days here in Las Vegas where diapering is VERY much in force, I shopped now 4 times in Albertsons grocery store without a diaper. So far I am just going in a grabbing a few items and making it to the self checkout doing this all kind of fast. Yesterday I used a cart and when I was almost ready to checkout a manager called out to me and said he needed to talk to me – I told him I am on my out and kept pushing my cart walking away from him and made it through the self checkout. A campaign has been started on twitter for TUESDAY SEPT 15 as TAKE YOUR MASK OFF DAY – I have been tweeting a JPG to people who have lots of followers and I am getting lots of responses so hopefully we will see some more un-diapered on Tuesday. I understand why most people are fearful to do this alone and I am too but whats the worst that can happen – they ask you to leave.

    • Excellent, Jen!

      The more of us who take off the damnable Diaper, the sooner no one will have to wear one. Which is how it should always have been. Wear a Diaper if you like; but keep your Diaper to yourself!

  2. Time to bang some pots and pans. har

    190,000/325,000,000 = 190/325,000 = 19/32,500 = 1.9/3250 = ~1/1600

    1/1600 = 0.000625 x 100 = 0.0625 percent

    In a city of 1.6 million, the total projected Covid-911 deaths will be 1000.

    Checking the math, 0.000625 x 325,000,000 = ~201,000, so slightly less.

    When you do the math, that is about the size of it. Looks like you’re being sold a bill of goods.

    The numbers don’t lie, facts don’t budge.

    Right there in front of your lying eyes.

    There will be and is a mass of masked morons out there today. Again, one more time for the morons to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they truly are morons. Doesn’t take much to look as dumb as you can get.

    You stupid masked morons might as well have your tongues cut out too, ya freaking idiots.

    All masked morons live in metropolitan population centers, once known as cities, but are now gulags for the non-sentient, complacent, compliant, obsequious, subservient masked slaves.

    Do you masked slaves hear me now? har

  3. A trip to my dentist was pleasantly mask free. Not only was all of the staff unmasked, but the TV in the waiting room was turned off. The dental tech who led me to the treatment room was unmasked until it was time to help the dentist with the examination. The dentist was masked, but that has always been the case and the tech only donned the mask once the dentist came in and the tech took off the mask once the exam was done, and it was time to lead me back to the desk.

    The same wasn’t true at my chiropractor/accupuncturist’s office. The receptionist asked me to put on a mask, which I declined, and she also tried to stay as far away from me as possible. The doctor made a little speech to me saying that he would lose his license if I didn’t mask up, etc. but once I was in the treatment room with the door closed, he told me that he was worried that some Karen might sue him over my lack of a mask.

    On a return trip to that same office a week later, I passed a man my age coming out who wasn’t wearing a mask and there was a different receptionist who didn’t say anything about my lack of a mask, even coming out from her “safe area” to take my temperature with an electronic scanner. I don’t know whether the doctor has wised up on the subject of masks, but the standards have been relaxed at that office, at least.

  4. The numerous dirty diapers discarded on the ground must be spreading the virus all over the place. So if there was a virus, the diapers would be making it WORSE not better.

    Oh, excuse me, I realize I’m wrong because I forgot we live in bizarro-opposite-sketch fakeality world now, so everything is the opposite of reality.

    Good news — there’s ‘shutdown’ & quackcine protests worldwide, and you know how that works… for every 1 person at the protest, there’s at least 1 million people that didn’t go but feel the same way.

  5. I shop at a small organic grocery chain (4 stores)in a blue coastal state. They have a ‘mask required’ sign at the door and several in the store. I’ve been in there several times (unmasked of course ) and have interacted with employees without so much as a funny look. I didn’t look at the signs too closely until the last time I was there–when I did I found out why I wasn’t hassled. The small print under the “Mask Required’ wording went something like this: ‘The Governor says you are required to wear a mask in the store, but we will not be policing our customers as to this. If you have a problem with unmasked customers talk to the governor. Don’t bug our employees.’ This is a paraphrase of course, and I’m not going to name the store or state.
    I got a haircut yesterday while on vacation in a very red and rural state. The barber posted a sign on his door saying in effect ‘if you have no mask on we assume you have a medical condition that precludes you from wearing one, and due to ADA and HIPPA laws we will not ask you about your condition.’ Got a good haircut (my home state shut down the barbers AGAIN) and had a good conversation about the foolishness on this whole SARS CoV2 debacle.
    Was able to have several sit down unmasked meals in this same town, and have yet to don a diaper going into gas stations to use the facilities or get snacks on this trip.
    Visited a buddy who just got a job in another red state. Face diaper sign on the door to the service department of a major truck dealership chain. Saw one guy with a bandanna, other than that no diapers. I’ve also visited some other shops on this trip and no diapering, even got to shake hands with the owner of the airbnb rental I stayed at. It’s refreshing to visit ‘free states’ and see normalcy.

    • I’ve had to resort to my “Samizdat” haircutter, a lady whom does ’em “on the sly” whom attends my local LDS ward. At least my “gyme” (Simpsons reference) is “allowed” by California’s “Gauleiter”, Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom and his cast of morons to run a limited gym facility outdoors, which is underneath a tent normally. With the latest wildfires, and the resulting bad air quality, actually using it after, saying 10 AM, when with normal traffic the ash and dust stirred about makes outdoor exercise inadvisable, is practically on hold for the time being. Funny how there’s no “fatwas” regarding being outdoors with all the smoke! Not that I want to give “Gabbin” any “i-deers”…

      • Hi Doug,

        I’ve not had a Diapered haircut and never will! I have, however, had my hair cut by a very nice gal who doesn’t ask me to wear a Diaper and doesn’t wear one herself, either.

    • Amen, Greg –

      And even in the blue states, there are still islands of sanity. These must be defended. Give up not an inch of ground without a fight. I won’t.

  6. I did not mail in my census info or complete it online because I wanted them to have to bear the expense of sending someone out to my house. Well, they finally sent someone to the house the other day, mask wrapped tightly around it’s mandibles, ipad in hand. It’s beady eyes bulging unnaturally due to what I can only assume was oxygen deprivation and 90+ degree heat.

    I saw it slithering down the driveway so I stuck my head out the door and told it, “masks are not allowed on my property”. This stopped the little creature in it’s tracks. It’s eyes darted around a bit and it fiddled with it’s face diaper in jerky, insect-like movements.

    It uttered something inaudible, muffled throaty warbles from beneath the diaper. I told it “I can’t understand what you’re saying with that thing over your face”.

    At this point it pulled the mask down, instantly morphing back into it’s human form, and we proceeded to have a semi pleasant face to face conversation and I helped him fill out his little questionnaire.

    • Hi Philo!

      Great minds… I have been hoping a Diapered Census Worker shows up at my place so I can do just what you did. No Diapers Allowed Here. If you want to speak with me – or remain on my property – take off that idiotic rag. Otherwise, leave. Now.

    • LOL, wow, willing to take off the diaper to get that info from you… gotta keep track of the slaves/prisoners so they know how much more taxes they can steal.

  7. The great Ron Paul had to find a new dentist last week just like you did for the same reason.
    He refuses to participate in this cult initiation ritual.
    I listen to Ron and Daniel McAdams’ Liberty report just about everyday and they are at the forefront of the movement to expose this hoax.

    • Back when I fought wildfire in Northern Cal, we were required to have bandannas to wear over our noses and mouths. They didn’t work worth a damn. If you kept them wet, they worked a little better, but that may have just been from humidifying and cooling the air you breathed a bit.

      I’ve used, designed, manufactured, and tested masks. I can humbly proclaim myself a mask expert. They work for their intended purpose. To stop a virus sized particle you pretty much need a positive pressure suit, just like a fireman’s air bottle and full face shield. They might occasionally stop a droplet of spittle- only to aerosolize and more efficiently spread actual viruses.

      Masks don’t work for their claimed function, therefore they are being forced for an ulterior motive. Whether that be occult, or submission training, or as innocuous as reassuring the herd that they can actually defend themselves against a “virus”, the reason they are being pushed is NOT what is claimed.

    • I tried top quality ‘filtrete’ furnace filters in my home, and also attached them to a box fan — doesn’t catch the smoke (from the wildfires in OR), so how is a thin mask going to catch a virus? The only thing that filters the smoke is an electronic “ionic breeze” air filter I have, although it doesn’t move much air volume, but it seems to work.

  8. “Drive an EV. We are all in this Together. Stop the Spread of CO2. The human Moo.”

    Shares of EV company Nikola are motoring (or maybe just coasting) downhill, after a second investment company accused Nikola of being an “intricate fraud.”

    Danger, Danger, Mary Barra! Did you just get suckered with your 11 percent stake in Nikola, purchased for a cool two billion dollars?

    Please, Lord, let it be so!

    Moo wah ha ha ha …

  9. Co-worker told me this morning that he thinks the mask stuff is all BS, however he wears a mask everywhere he goes. I asked him why the hell he wears one all the time. He said, “…because my family makes me.”

    His wife is a teacher.

  10. My husband went to the Dentist two days ago and the office was ok with him not-diapering. Later on, the dentist told him they get push-back from some patients that think everyone should be forced to diaper. The dentist also said he would have no problem sending his elementary age children to in-person school immediately. He does not fear this thing.

    Yesterday, I went to my primary care Doc, a more holistic-type, and I was not forced to mask-up. It seemed like every other patient that walked in was masked, though. Anyway, the doctor’s against the mandatory rules, is very concerned about this vaccine coming down, and even used the phrase “worried about it”. The clinic doesn’t have one of those scary obnoxious signs on the front door. A pleasant surprise.

    On the political front, the Tyrant governor has allowed school sports to start, but is requiring football, soccer and volleyball players to wear masks during games! A state senator has published a public letter to the governor, protesting this most unsafe edict and has invited the public to add their names and comments, which I did. I’m hoping this is a bridge too far for parents, but you never know. Travel teams are expensive to join these days, and they may be wary of losing their investment. I hope love for their kids and sanity prevail.

    Dr. Mercola’s top article today discusses the futility of wearing masks. He is very well known, so I was a little surprised, but pleasantly so, when he stated it may be time for some civil disobedience!

    More Evidence Masks Don’t Work to Prevent COVID-19

  11. In southern California it is definitely getting worse. Extremely depressing. My last two attempts at going to stores both ended with under 25 year old employee male Karens hectoring me out the door. The first was just getting a couple cokes at a gas station at 10pm. I was the only customer there for 10+ minutes. After filling I walked into store with a $5 in my hand, but no one in store either. Clerk hears the cooler open, then literally comes running from the back to yell SIR SIR YOU NEED MASK SIR. I ignored him and walked to register SIR SIR YOU CAN”T BUY THAT WITHOUT A MASK. I put the $5 down and said keep the change. SIR SIR THIS IS AN INVALID TRANSACTION YOU ARE SHOPLIFTING. I said no I’m not and left as he threatened he was calling the cops.

    Today I went to WestMarine to get rope and a few shackles. The kid cutting rope was cool and I think a new hire, because 25 year old male Karen supervisor came by when he was measuring my rope to say sarcastically “you think you got this covered?” I now realize he was telling the kid to mask shame me. He did not, he measured it and coiled it neatly and very polite. I go off to find the shackles, and a couple minutes later I’m on one knee looking for the right one when I sense Karen’s penumbra looming over. SIR SIR oh god no. I’ll spare the details of the conversation but his reasoning included “it’s in your contract”. Oh yeah, and calling for backup on his little walkie talkie as he chased me around as I shouted “Leave me alone!”

    Remember flash mobs? They could actually be useful for something now. It only takes 3 stubbornly non-compliant shoppers to occupy everyone in the store.

      • I’ll second that, I’m trying to get a bunch of my like minded friends to get together, and eight or ten of us just spend the day going from Home Depot to Costco to Publix to Wal Mart and so on without diapers. Maybe if enough of us are wandering around the stores undiapered for awhile, the cattle might catch on. I have 3 guys plus myself signed on so far, like to get a few more for maximum impact before we go ahead with it

    • Thank you everyone, I’m so proud of the ppl that stand up for sanity & civil rights. Makes me so happy. Gives me hope for humanity and motivation to keep working to do what I can to help empower people.

      • Hi Harry!

        We can’t let them win, which they will have already done if we just accept their “new normal.” So long as we can do what we are doing right now – defy, criticize, expose – we haven’t lost. And that is a win-in-progress.

  12. I fear, and observe evidence of its truth, that the diapering of the masses more closely resembles a religion than any social dysfunction. I have arrived at this conclusion for the simple reason that there are damn few “facts” associated with this “disease” of the mind. And so, it requires belief, or faith if you prefer. As in any religion, psychosis can result from such belief. A person, or group can become so obsessed with every single particle of belief, that no deviation is allowed, however minor. The restrictions on eating establishments is a good example. One must wear a mask when walking or standing, but it is somehow completely safe to take it off when sitting. There is no factual basis for such. Which means it requires faith. which cannot be argued with. Which results in admonition from all believers present. So corona flu is part and parcel with the rest of the Snow Flake SJW Wokester religion. No facts required. Quite the contrary, facts are summarily dismissed without any reason or logic.

    • You are exactly right. But extend your reasoning all the way. Everything you say about COVID is spot on, but it is equally true of all viruses. Medical science is indeed the new religion, and a principal article of pure faith is that viruses, i.e. a non-living speck of a few thousand atoms, are agents of contagious disease. There is no such thing as infectious disease. Contagion is not a real physical phenomenon. It is social. Germ theory is an entirely incorrect model of biology. Pasteur was wrong, Bechamp was right. I never questioned germ theory in 40 years, and I have a BS in engineering, took bio classes, etc. And I was raised as a Christian Scientist!!! Never believed it! But I see it so clearly now. The Matrix is a documentary. Mary Baker Eddy on contagion: “Floating with the popular current of thought without questioning the reliability of its conclusions, we do what others do, believe what others believe, and say what others say. Common consent is the only contagion that can make disease catching. People believe in infectious and contagious diseases, and that any one is liable to have them under certain predisposing or exciting causes. This mental state prepares one to have any disease whenever there appear the circumstances which he believes produce it.”

      • bg, you’re pushing it claiming there is no such thing as infectious disease. Tuberculosis comes to mind- a bacterial infection. C Auris is a lethal fungus which has been quietly spreading and killing for years now. There is such a thing as parasites, fungi, and bacteria.

        Viruses are certainly questionable- they exist but they aren’t alive- it appears that they may be a toxin left over when cells die, as they seem to be biological in origin. Germ theory of disease is not proven, nothing is in science- which is NEVER settled. Having said that the germ theory of disease has some value as a concept or a model, but not as an article of faith.

        You’re on the right track but going further than the evidence supports, which is exactly what the allopathic medicine cult is doing.

    • JWK,

      It’s like being born into scientology and attempting to leave. It’s all around you and you can’t just “get out”. You are dangerous because you may possibly tell the truth about the cult. There can be no truth telling. That’s an endangerment to the flock. Deviations from the PR groups edicts cannot be tolerated.

    • Excellent post, JWK. Nothing ticks me off more than the baffling measures assigned to the restaurant industry. Does the virus stop once you reach your table? In my red county there are a few restaurants that are willing to bend the rules. My family have been long time patrons of these establishments so the staff and owners do allow for a bit of flexibility. To show our appreciation we tip very well. As a libertarian I respect the businesses decisions whether they want to allow someone without a mask to enter. I would want these same people to respect my personal property and to follow my rules so I don’t give anyone a hard time if the answer is no. I usually pop my head in and ask if it is okay for us to enter. I have had only two instances where a restaurant would not sit us without a mask. Both settings were actually outside (Surfside, SC and Kent Narrows, MD). Rather than don the platypus duck face wear, I smiled and said good day and got back in my vehicle. The KN trip was bummer though (it was 2 hours one way to get there), but one has to stick to their principles.

      • It doesn’t make sense to respect anyone’s “right” to force someone else to do something for his health. Not shopping, not employment, not driving. Whether someone’s stupid enough to wear the diaper is a personal decision because diapers are alleged to be for one’s personal protection. (They’re ineffective in both directions, but that’s not the point.) It makes no more rational sense than forcing someone to wear a condom or gloves or a traffic cone so meteors bounce harmlessly off it. No business has any business telling you what to do for *your* health as a condition of shopping there, any more than it has any business telling you to wear a t-shirt instead of a polo or a button-down. The argument that “it’s a private business and can set the terms” falls on that fact alone. Forget that the diapers don’t actually do anything to prevent disease transmission. Any business that enforces the fatwas deserves zero respect because it has none for you.

        • D, I respectfully disagree. When it comes to private businesses and private property the owners of said property can dictate any terms that they want. That is their freewill. My freewill is the conscientious choice to accept that (if I want to be there) or walk away. Example, I am not a smoker. I do not allow smoking in my home (I also do not allow New England Patriot fans, but that is another topic). My home, my terms. I am also a small business owner. I own my office and I am liable for what goes in it. Every business (and individual) has the right to make their own rules when it comes to their possessions. I have a huge problem with government dictating these rules, because that takes the choice away from the individual, but I have no issue with a business (which is owned by a group of individuals) or an individual setting standards with how they transact business or their personal preferences on their property. I can choose to abide by that or find some place else. Will I mask up? Absolutely not, but I have no right to trample on others rights to set their own standards.

          • Hi Raider,

            I agree with you – in principle – regarding property rights. But we’re dealing with something different in this case. The businesses are acting de facto as the agents of the government, which applies pressure on them to post and enforce these edicts. Edicts which are being used to further a loathsome agenda (i.e., perpetuating mass hysteria, encouraging the pariah-ization of dissenters).

            The core problem here is that businesses must obtain permission from the government to be in business – thus, it is the government which really owns the business, because ownership is functionally defined by who controls it.

            • Hi Eric,

              I agree 100% that government should not intervene in business, but I realize most of the businesses that are requiring masks are implementing them due to the mandates set forth by the cities and states. That is why I don’t give them (the businesses a hard time) when they don’t want me to shop there. I realize most are following the “mandate” and do not wish to make waves.

              D, made a comment regarding that a business does not have a right to dictate the terms of what a customer can do (I am keeping govt out of it and pretending we live in a utopia with freewill). My point was of course they can. I will use my original example of Surfside, SC. South Carolina does not have a state wide mask mandate. Surfside also does not have a town mandate (they recommend, but don’t require). The businesses located in Surfside actually do have a choice on whether they insist on mask wearing or sans mask. Most of them are requiring masks (to my major disappointment). The businesses could just as easily put up no signs except “Welcome All” and would have been in their means to do so. Many chose not to. I don’t agree with their reasoning, but I agree with their right to make that choice.

              • Hi Raider,

                I won’t force my way into a store – and if they tell me to leave, I will. But I will not obey their Diaper signage anymore than I would obey a sign that said one must Seig Heil the Fuhrer’s picture on the way in. My point is that businesses are being used as adjuncts of the government. They are also (those pushing Diapers) actively participating in the terrorization of the public by perpetuating the visual that there is something to be terrified of. I won’t be a party to this. I will mock, ignore and evade this with all the power at my disposal and recommend everyone who cares about resurrecting normalcy do the same.

          • RaiderGirl, I understand your logic and struggled myself with the same issue. But, think of it like this: The Diaper Mandates are identical to the old Jim Crow laws in the Deep South: Businesses were mandated by law to not serve black people. So, you could never be sure if a shopkeeper was disallowing blacks into his business because he was being “blackmailed” by the local cops with threats of taking his business license away or if he was really a bigot himself.

            As a libertarian, I believe bigots should be allowed to be bigots whether they be race-bigots or diaper-bigots, but when there are laws mandating bigotry, a blackmailed shopkeeper might not have the courage to resist the police, and might not even have the courage to feign disagreement with the Jim Crow laws when customers “sit-in” their businesses requesting to be served, but might secretly endorse the courage of the “sit-in-ers”. So, this is one way I’m rationalizing non-violently walking into businesses where the owners ostensibly comply with state-mandated-bigotry and non-violently go about my business assuming I will be served.


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