Diaper Report 9/3/20

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Many people are in a life and death struggle with Sickness Psychosis. Or at least, an economic struggle with it. They face the choice of effacing their face – by placing a Diaper over their faces at work – or losing their jobs.

Many employers have become dispensers of medical advice you cannot refuse. Soon, probably, they’ll be requiring flea collars for all and codpieces for men, too.

Why not?

It’s just as sick as requiring healthy employees to play-pretend they are sick (and make them more likely to get sick) via the forced wearing of an item meant to cover the faces of sick people, generally in a hospital setting.

Well, so it was, once upon a time (six months ago) before Sickness Psychosis infected the country).

At any rate, some people are asserting their healthiness – mentally as well as physically – by refusing to pretend they are sick and refusing to be part of spreading mental sickness by refusing to wear a Face Diaper just because their employer has ordered it.

On more or less the same moral basis that they’d refuse to wear an armband, say.

But refusing to join the party is a firing offense in sickness-afflicted America.

So be it.

A woman I know refused to degrade herself – and others – by pretending she is sick and that sickness is everywhere, by playing her part in the visual maintenance of terror necessary to the perpetuation of Sickness Psychosis.

She refused the order to wear a (not her) Diaper.

This order is probably illegal – if the law mattered. The law is that an employer cannot force an employee to wear a Face Diaper anymore than it can force an employee to wear an armband. But Gesundheitsfuhrers have trumped the law by claiming an “emergency” in perpetuity and by claiming (without establishing) it is a threat to public health for healthy people to not wear a Face Diaper.

Another Diaper Dissenter received the following from the office of the attorney general of the state of Pennsylvania:

“The novel coronavirus poses a grave public health threat, requiring all of us to do our part to slow and ultimately stop its spread. Importantly, this includes persons who do not believe that they have the virus, given that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has concluded that “we now know from recent studies that a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus lack symptoms (“asymptomatic”) and that even those who eventually develop symptoms (“pre-symptomatic”) can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms.”

Note the incoherence – as well as the sick assertions – italicized to emphasis the pathology. “Requiring all of us to do our part”? According to what law? Did the legislature of Pennsylvania pass a Requiring All Of Us To Do Our Part law? Where in this law is the subsection defining – as laws generally do – exactly what “our part” is?

Perhaps it is like our “fair share” of taxes?

Then there is the topsy-turvy business about “persons who do not believe they have the virus.” As opposed to Gesundheitsfuhrers who believe they do – absent any evidence for said belief. Laws generally require the adducing of evidence to establish guilt before consequence ensue.

The Gesundheitsfuhrer’s orders efface that standard and replace it with a new one – that of belief.


There being no evidence that “asymptomatic” people – that is to say, not sick people – can spread a sickness they haven’t got.

As evidenced by the absence of any sign of sickness.

The Gesundheitsfuher’s letter went on to deny the supplicant’s appeal for relief under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and other laws that he not be forced to Face Diaper:

“At the state level, moreover, the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s order states that businesses must require customers to wear masks.”

No matter.

The Gesundheithsfuhrers have acquired the same limitless power to decree in lieu of law in my state – Virginia – as well as other states. Put simply, submit to any degradation ritual we say you will submit to – or be shown the door.

My friend (and the supplicant above, another friend) was shown the door. Which opened up a new door.

She now works for herself doing work that doesn’t require degrading herself. Such work is almost always available, if a person is willing to work. It may not pay as well in dollars, but it is highly remunerative in terms of being healthy – both mentally and physically. The boost one gets from not submitting is much more powerful than any flu shot – and far less dangerous to your health.

Ditto the not Diapering. The people who do are very likely – there being evidence for this – to become sick and to be more sick because they wore a Diaper, which increases the prospects of sickness by decreasing the effectiveness of the victim’s immune system and by increasing the percentage of not-healthy gasses in their blood, by restricting the flow of the healthy one (oxygen).

This is not a matter of belief.

But it runs counter to the ritual of submission – which everyone, so the Gesundheitsfuhrers expect – will submit to.

In order to lay the groundwork for future and far more degrading – and unhealthy – submissions.

Understand that. Once you do, you will realize that a job isn’t worth it.

And your are not alone. Resistance is spreading.

. . .

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  1. I don’t know Eric. Your accompanying photograph of the Japanese in diapers is a laugh, but the gal front and center has a womanly body. I’ll bet that is what caught your eye to include the picture. She seems to be happy being a fool which is more than I can say for going to the convenience store to get beer and seeing pissed off fat hags in a face thing. That is better for us to not gaze on the visage of a disagreeable sight.

    • Hi Erie,

      ‘Tis true!

      Yesterday, while checking out at Kroger, some Diapered geek mumbled something unintelligible at me as he shuffled past. I wasn’t able to understand it, so I didn’t reply.

      But I did regret not having a fire hose handy…

  2. I noticed something in my travels around town recently. There are some stores that post “Must Wear Masks” signs (the worst offender that I’ve seen is Half-Price Books, with a big – really big – yellow and black sign stating such – almost looks like a civil defense sign or something). These same stores are total diaper-Nazis and deserve to be boycotted forever. On the other hand, I went into a local sporting goods store yesterday (which shall remain nameless to protect our allies) to talk to someone about purchasing my first firearm (haven’t shot a gun since I was in the military decades ago, so I want to talk to someone knowledgeable). Their sign “asked” that you wear a face covering. Well, if you “ask” then my answer will be no. The guy at the gun counter let his diaper slip below his nose and mouth, too. I told him no problems, those things are worthless anyway.

    Something to keep an eye out for, if you want to reduce trouble when going into a store. Do they demand (or even almost threaten) with their sign, or simply ask? If they ask, then it’s obvious that “no” is an acceptable answer.

    • I like to turn the tables. I don’t even read any signs- just walk in and go about my busy-ness. If THEY have a problem, THEY will have to take the prerogative of confronting me! So far…no one has (And I’m not a big scary threatening-looking guy).

      Only place I’ve ever had a problem was at my former veterinarian, who keeps their door LOCKED and makes you wait outside….. They’ve gotten a lot of business over the last 19 years from both myself and my elderly mother- from our personal pets as well as the strays we care for. They have now lost that business. F&## THEM! (I even was able to visit someone in the ICU of the local hospi’l sans mask…. but apparently the staff at the vet’s office are more delicate and fearful than the staff and patients in the ICU!)

      • I’ve noticed that with vet’s offices around here, too – wait outside while we take care of fluffy. And they’re all doing that. I suspect one of a couple of reasons for that. One is so the office crew (vets, techs, receptionists) don’t have to wear diapers all day. Can’t fault them for that, if I worked somewhere right now and had that option, I’d exercise it too. Two would be that they don’t want to have to sanitize everything constantly – bad enough they have to clean up the exam room after each pet. Three would be to keep the state away – no public access, no need for the authorities to inspect for compliance. Again, can’t fault them for that, I’d do the same if I had a business – no public, no Gesundheitsfueher visit.

        I pointed out the business about the signs on businesses for those people who would just as soon avoid confrontation. I often take my elderly mom shopping, and if I can take her places where we face little threat of being kicked out or getting into an argument, so much the better.

        • Hi Jim,

          I understand why vets do this, as you’ve written. But it’s another aspect of the cruelty and dehumanization of this sickness (of the mind). Taking an animal to the vet can be very stressful; your cat or dog may be anxious but you’re there to comfort it. Oops. You were there to comfort it. Now you hand it off to people it doesn’t know, to be handled without you there to reassure it – or (frankly) assure that the vet handles your friend with care and compassion.

          All because neurosis has been normalized. The sick-in-the-head now determine how we are to live.

          • And the thing is, my former vet is doing this 100% gratuitously- i.e. there is no enforcement of the diapering decree in my area- most businesses don’t even have so much as a sickness-psychosis sign- nor care if one diapers or not.

            The staff at the vet, meanwhile, all wear diapers- and they keep even diapered customers outside. When I made it clear that I wanted to stay with my cat, then they told me “Not without a mask”- and they didn’t budge when I cited the medical exemption clause to the diapering mandate.

            That, in addition to the fact that they now employ a just-out-of-vet-school dingbat female vet whom I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with (Despite the fact that I always seem to get her, even though I try to go on what is supposed to be her day off…… ).

            This out-of-the-way rural area was such a breath of fresh air when I moved here- The people seemed so much more reasonable and old-school- Self-reliant farmers and Southern culture….but lately, it’s beginning to feel a lot more like the NY which I fled from.

            Hey Eric, speaking of NY- Just heard from a long-time friend yesterday- Her and her family are finally jumping ship and returning to their native country- and she tells me that everyone on their block is doing the same! They’re literally afraid to go outside now- and not because of Corona. Don’t know what will become of her little attached house recently was worth over a million bucks….but from what she’s saying, I doubt they’ll be able to give it away now.

            Why do people wait until it’s literally at their front door?! (Well, in her case, her husband is very sick [physically]- but now they have to move anyway….only they’ll be a LOT poorer….).

            • Morning, Nunz!

              It’s similar here; even at my local yokel country store – where I know the owner, who has been threatened with repercussions by the local government if he does not threaten his customers with exclusion if they do bot Diaper. Which I’ll write about more in my next DR. He doesn’t do it, but probably a third of the people in this county of 14,000 do. Very indicative of the change time has wrought – to a great extent, the result of a significant influx of Yankees. Not all of them northerners, either.

  3. How unpeculiar that the demonstrations against all things corona in London, Berlin, Israel, and other assorted places, last Saturday, wherein tens if not hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest corona tyranny, were not reported in any of the US MSM propaganda organs except Bloomberg News, which had taken down said article the next day. Just in case you had some lingering suspicion that there was such a thing as journalism in the US, other than what one may find far away from the self proclaimed bastions of journalism.

    • Nice. If the people were organized they could have the minions removed immediately and put in jail, then at their trial they should be sentenced to death. Dirty rotten traitors — high treason — they’re war criminals.

  4. “by claiming an “emergency” in perpetuity and by claiming (without establishing) it is a threat to public health for healthy people to not wear a Face Diaper.”

    Society, politics, public: all emergent yet not emergencies, intangible, not facts or people who have standing to assert a complaint.

    “The novel coronavirus poses a grave public health threat”

    Where did the “Spanish Flu” go: that’s right it rolled into the normal influenza or cold that many suffer from.

    Do a job no one else wants to do and no one cares a hoot. for myself it’s construction and roofing, “It would be a shame to leave your crumbling home wide open to the elements.”

    Back to the beer.

  5. I went to the vet today and none of the ladies (7 of them) were diapered except the cute vet tech. I told her she could take it off if she wanted to. She was relieved and removed it. She told me she’s afraid of being berated by the Corona bullies that walk in.

    • Every person I interact with in public, I always make sure to tell them that they don’t have to wear that stupid thing. Some take it off, others keep it on.

  6. I went to Walton’s Third-World Bazaar And Circus Of Weirdos yesterday. Of course, only one of the three entrances was open, because we all know that herding people into the entrance that the flu doesn’t use will keep them safe as they circulate around the store.

    Not wishing to walk an extra couple’a hundred feet to the end of the cattle chute which one has to enter from only direction, I did the unthinkable, and entered through the “out” chute. I was anticipating the entry-sentries making a big fuss, and had intended to just say “Can’t; too late” if they did- but in actuality, the several entry-sentries were so busy talking to each other, they didn’t say a word to me- or likely even noticed my act of rebellion. They weren’t even pestering people about masking!

    Unfortunately, once through the door, I realized I needed a cart…so had to go out…duck under the velvet ropes or whatever, and get a cart, and then go back in. 🙁

    But at least I wasn’t harassed- at all.

    It was a good trip though. Although the pickings were dismal, as usual (Not so much because of Corona…but because the store is managed by a moronic incompetent woman, and has been this way since she took over from the man who used to do the job) I did manage to sneeze three times in a row- loudly! And I did two loud farts and several gnarly belches- which, given the locale, did not elicit any notice, except for prompting a few Buibbas to look around for their wives or mothers.

  7. I am thankful that I’m self employed. I have a small electrical contracting business and I have let all my clients, and contractors know that I nor any of my people will be wearing masks in any homes or businesses well in advance of accepting a project,(unless of course they want too, which they don’t.)

    Work has not slowed at all in any discernable level. Of course most of my contacts are long time contacts and most aren’t playing the game either. A few think they can go along to get along but I can tell it’s wearing thin.

    I can’t fault people too much who are in fear of losing their jobs etc. although I do sometimes have to check my disdain and realize one day they may get it (or not). On that same note could I fault the delivery drive who was just delivering supplies to Bergen/Belson? He just had a job to do yah know! I wish more people would at least put it to the test. Sometimes the best thing that can happen is you say “piss on it” and let them kick you out of hell.

  8. The New York Times (!) has admitted (discovered) what people with positive IQs have known for a very long time: The PCR tests are garbage and not intended for diagnostic purposes. 90% of the positive tests are bullshit. “[T]hey’re ‘diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus’ and ‘are not likely to be contagious.'” That’s a huge understatement, since the tests even don’t test for viruses but for viral RNA fragments–virions–that are left over after your immune system destroys it.
    “[B]ecause of faulty procedures used at *every single testing site in the country,* ‘up to 90% of people testing positive carried barely any virus at all.'” Here’s the first of a 3-part article by Michael Thau that summarizes the Times’ reporting and the science behind the tests:


    Thau also mentions the CDC’s new recommendations to stop testing asymptomatic people; the Times won’t tell you that one.

    • While claiming to adhere to “the science”, it appears that the vast majority of self proclaimed “experts” are as ignorant, or deceitful, as any other psychopathic rule progenitor. The CDC has brought to light that only about 6% of covid deaths are actually covid deaths, as the other 96% suffered and average of 2.6 other potentially fatal comorbidities. It’s quite likely that even 6% is an exaggeration, given how ludicrously inaccurate the currently available tests are. Nevertheless, these same “experts”, and their willing accomplices in positions of undeserved power, continue the psyop as if this information did not exist. Such cannot be seen any other way, by anyone with two or more brain cells that get along, than as a perfect demonstration that there is an agenda in play, and it has not the slightest thing to do with your health.

  9. I continue to be amazed by the number of people who have acquiesced to each and every mandate. Just yesterday, I went shopping and spent about 20-25 minutes in the store. I witnessed about 50-60 customers, about a half dozen under the age of six, all donning the face diaper. I was the only one in the store without a mask. I think the worst part is that they don’t even try. Putting on the mask has become so automatic, it’s almost impossible at this point for them to offer any resistance.

  10. Well, we’re finally getting a smitten of relief here in a deep blue state. For 4-6 weeks I challenged all my friends who own restaurants to pick a date 1-2 weeks out, and get others to sign on, and open. We are currently outdoor only, but it’s Sept. I told them to get their restaurant association on board to spread the message.
    Well they did it. They announced publicly they are all opening Sept. 8th regardless of any rules.
    Our Gov. folded immediately and announced they can open 25% indoor Sept. 4th.
    I don’t know if my idea was the one that got it started, doubt it. But at least finally most of them are pushing back, and it worked, partially.

    • This happened in North Carolina too. The gyms got together and said they were all opening on September 1. Magically guess who scheduled an emergency press conference to announce he would “allow” the gyms to open on 9/4? Well Governor Pooper of course. The guy had to give in, and hopefully the movie theaters, restaurants and others note that he gave in as soon as they banded together.

      • But, at the same time, the NC govking stated masks are “more important than ever.” So no relief there. Per Handy Mandy it’s now for “flu” season now, don’tcha know. BTW, govking “allowing” a business to open at 25% capacity is a sick joke.

  11. Eric,

    Even in states where the the emergency health laws have a sunset clause stipulating that a governor’s EO expires after X days that must be reviewed and renewed by the state legislature, the governors are IGNORING the laws! This is happening in “conservative, Republican” Idaho. The ID governor, a “conservative Republican”, did just this. Ammon Bundy was arrested for daring to protest at the ID statehouse and question what was happening.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yup; same here. This “emergency” has gone on now for six months. Gesundheitsfuhrer Northam appears to have unlimited power… because he said so.

      • Eric, this potential has existed for a long time. As long as the Enforcer class, continues to mindlessly follow orders from the people wearing Funny Hats, it will not change. To most of the Enforcers its just a job. They simply follow policy, and keep their eyes on that sweet pension thats waiting for them. Most people are so deep in the go along to get along river, that they can’t see the surface.

    • Same here in North Carolina. If our legislature did not have one chamber filled with Gov Pooper’s lackeys I would expect that they would be battling against his encroachment on the people’s say.

    • Same in OR — OR state laws say gov can declare an emergency for 30 days, then after that, I believe, has to get the people to vote on it. But they’re pretending that it’s not the governor’s fatwa — instead it’s OSHA that is harassing & fining businesses. So we’re all OSHA’s bit** now. OSHA is now the supreme dictator of OR. And the sheriffs are just fine with that. No help from the sheriffs. When there’s a burglar or a druggie wreckless driver — the sheriffs do a good job, thanks to them for that. But when entire state is under criminal illegal treasonous rule — they hide under their desk.

      It’s high time the sheriffs’ step aside and the people take over. I agree with the bum’s & antifactists — defund all the police — I DARE THEM to do it — but I know they’re just pretending to want that — because they’re all working together. All the sheriffs & police ultimately do is BLOCK & HANDTIE the people from enforcing the law and the will of the people and justice.

  12. Worse than the Diaper, the Needle may be coming very soon. Although I shy away from the mainstream news the wife will usually put it on the idiot box and the propagandists were talking about getting state health agencies ready to “distribute” (forcibly inject?) an RNA-based vaccine for the Red China virus in November. I’d bet good money that the Clovers and Karens are already chomping at the bit to line up and have their genetic code tampered with by a hastily put-together and inadequately-tested experimental vaccine in order to “do their part.”

    • Mister Flinders, I do not mean to be a pedant, but “chomping at the bit” is incorrect. It is “champing” where the horse throws their head up and down to show the annoyance for the bit. If a bridle is too free fitting they can chip their rear teeth. The bit fits into a toothless area of the jaw, and always placed there gently. We always had double bridles which gently signaled what to do. The secondary one was essentially for punishment for not taking gentle cues. My favorite horse has the simplest bridle and would do all by unspurred leg cues. The best was when there were very loose reins and she would figure out what to do. There is a vast difference in horse intelligence, and I buy premium gas.

      • Eric when one gets older he finds that the Japanese lady front and center isn’t so bad other than the diaper. I have no clue what the males are doing, but they deserve incarceration. There are shapely figures in the back. It isn’t as good as the Sears catalogues of later years, but a good try.
        Anyway, I have a horse song from 1965 that makes good driving muzak.

  13. Unbelievably, as I’ve gone around telling people the good news that the jig is up and the CDC finally gave us the public info we needed to expose this as a hoax, they have virtually no reaction! They are almost indifferent to the fact that they have been totally fooled and made to do things they wouldn’t normally do. The mind numbing effect of Cov-Hoax19 may take a while to get over and I agree with you, some may never get over it.

    • To be honest, many many had the mind numbing even before the hoax. It is just being emulated by a majority of the population these days that it has concealed the permanently numbed.

    • It’s easier to play along with the charade than admit you were conned. For doing so may begin to uncomfortably unravel other things not yet questioned. Pretty soon you’re a full blown minarchist reading libertarian auto blogs.

      • Hi Anon,

        That is an upside to this business – people who got conned getting mad and being less apt to be conned again. Then again, there is the morose view (probably right) of Erie that the average Americano simply isn’t bright enough to realize he has been conned and so doesn’t resent it. Indeed, he venerates the sharp who lifted his wallet or sold him the clunker.


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