Diaper Report 8/4/20

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I have found an alternative Donk – the coffee shop in Roanoke I used to go to regularly and defended, vigorously during the “lockdown” imposed by the Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia – but was excommunicated from recently because I refused to pretend to be a member of the Sickness Cult.

By putting a Diaper over my face, which is something I’ll never do.

For the same reason I’m not putting on a Hijab, not being a Muslim – nor willing to buckle to pressure from Muslims to don their uniform in order to get a cup of coffee – or buy groceries.

The trouble, of course, is that almost everywhere you go is becoming a mosque of sorts – where one is expected to bow one’s head – by covering one’s face – in homage to the Gesundheitsfuhrer, the great god of Sickness.

Since I’m not sick – and don’t fear sickness – I have no interest in joining the cult. I therefore will not assume the uniform of the cult. Just as I won’t dance with a tambourine while wearing an orange bedsheet, either.

My heresy got me barred from Sweet Donkey. That – and the owner’s poltroonery. Her fear – not of sickness – but of “someone” making a call to the Gesundheitsfuhrer that a heretic – an Undiapered – was seen getting a cup of coffee with his face exposed. She had no fear of sickness during the lockdown or even after, when she didn’t Diaper and didn’t demand others Diaper, either.

Now, she does.

Rather than stand tall, she stood small – and made Diapering universal “policy” for all – to appease the Gesundheistfuhrers who locked down her business and practically destroyed her business.

My policy in response is take my business – and face – somewhere else. I have found a place, which I will not name because we now live in a kind of American East Germany, where half the populace is now the Sickness Stasi – weaponized busybodies who can be counted as snitches who will anonymously call the Gesundheitsfuhrers to complain about the sight of the Undiapered and cause trouble for any business that dares to do business with an Undiapered heretic.

Hence my not naming the new place, the replacement for the Donk – where I am able to get a coffee without joining the cult.

It is a a kind of Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell situation, this time applied to living normally among the sick in the head.

You don’t say anything at these Corona Speak Easies – and neither do they. They see your face – and you exchange knowing looks. As time passes and trust is established, perhaps you exchange words of mutual support as well as mutual confirmation of sanity. It is so nice to meet another normal person, someone not driven out of his mind by fear  . . . the result of listening to fear broadcast out of the corporate media machine.

It’s almost axiomatic, as an aside, that those who are currently in a state of mortal terror over the sight of the Undiapered are the ones who have been listening to the endless repetition of the cases! the cases! – which they have not noticed has replaced the previously endlessly repeated body count, which isn’t much counted anymore because there aren’t enough bodies to count. Not enough to generate the necessary fear, at any rate.

But 5,000 new “cases” – just today! – is just the ticket.

Anyhow, there are still places where heretics can gather – and it is important to gather there. For one’s own sanity as well as the sanity of others, including the owners of businesses who have the courage to not give in to the pressure of the Gesunheitsfuhrers or the complainers.

Not everyone is crazy – and neither are you.

There are more of us than you realize and much more important, more than the Diapered want you to realize. That is the whole point of this incredible, startlingly aggressive push to impose Universal Diapering.

Well, one of the major ones.

The heretic must be made to feel alone; must be made to question his sanity. The corollary to this being that the orthodox must be comforted in their orthodoxy. Must feel a universal brotherhood – a righteous sense of collective insanity.

The Sickness Heiling of the crowd.

I found a place to get away from that – and I intend to keep it quiet. Also to support it – as I did the Donk, until the Donk stopped supporting me. I will give the new place as much business as I can and encourage others, word-of-mouth, to do the same.

Note that not everyone is Heiling…

Just yesterday, I met three friends there – and we enjoyed a cup of normalcy, Undiapered.

There were, of course, Diapers Muss Sein signs at very door. But not a word from anyone working there demanding that Diapers Muss Sein.

So long as it isn’t demanded, I’ll be back. As often as I’m able, just to make the point. It’s a point that merits making, without relenting.

Until this Sickness Psychosis passes and those afflicted get the therapy they badly need.

Which begins by turning off the TeeVee – and looking at reality. Where the bodies aren’t stacking up and “cases” don’t mean much beyond the counting of them.

Sanity could re-emerge tomorrow – as soon as people want it back.

. . .

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  1. My latest diaper report:
    Went to Wally World today. Instead of the “Health Ambassador” Walmart employee in a black polio[sic] shirt, they had some dude with a BADGE “manning” acting as the entry-senty. Judging by the dude’s girth, and the requisite fact that he had to SIT to “man” his post, I assume that he is an off-doody sheriff’s de-putty. He was wearing an big bandanna covering his snout and dick-sucker, -appropriately.

    As I walk past…and was actually already about 15 past, he barely musters the energy, -as if an afterthought- to say “uh, you have your mask with you?”. I replied “I only wear masks on Halloween”, and keep on walking. No one was near me, so thus, no one to act shocked or appreciate my comment.

    In the store, “compliance” was the highest I’ve ever seen it. Almost everyone was conforming to the propaganda. As I picked out some veggies, I heard some older guy nearby quip “I think there’s something wrong with him”. Not that people haven’t made similar observations long before anyone ever heard of COVID-19. Dunno if he was referring to me…but likely was.

    At the bank, this was the first time anyone in a small local business has ever said anything to me for being non-masked. As I walked in briskly, some young Karn who works there said rather agressively: “Sir, you CAN’T come in here without a mask!”. I rep[lied “I have a…condition” to which she meekly replied “O-K’.

    I was tempted to quip to the teller “My condition is sanity”- but I didn’t, as they (the teller and the other tellers behind the counter) were being unusually scrutinous- “What is your first name?”….”You have to sign this below this signature”. Me: “That IS my signature!” (Never had any such trouble at this small-town bank before!- wouldn’t have been there, but I was cashing a check for Mater). Mind you…another branch of this bank in a different town once tried to pass me a counterfeit hundred…thank goodness I always check huindreds for the watermark while I’m inside.

    One good thing: Stopped at NAPA to pick-up an erl filter, and no one- not even the employees, were diapered. (But since they don’t know me at that particular NAPA- it was my first visit to the one in that town- they charged me full retial instead of the mechanci’s price, which I always get at the NAPA I usually deal with…so the darn li’l filter cost me $11 !!
    Worht it though, to be among the unmasked!

    Then before leaving town, I remembered that I had forgotten black beans….so I made a quick stop back at Wally- Passed the bloated de-putty again, who looked tired and sick- as if he were 80 instead of 40-something or less- who didn’t saqy anything to me this time, as I quipped as I walked past: “Forgot ONE thing!”. Luckily, this is a smaller Walmart, and there’s rarely a line…so I was in and out in 2 minutes.

    Overall: My impression is that the sickness-psychosis sickness isw getting worse! NAPA may have to start selling groceries, or I may have to learn how to eat erl filters and overpriced sockets…….(I hear they taste like chicken).

      • Where I went shopping? Tompkinsville, KY. (Small town where the inter-familial reproductive technicians from nearby TN. come when they want to go to “the big city” 😀 )

    • It’s getting worse here too. Most places I’m the only un-diapered one. A few have their diapers pulled below their nose, and even below their mouth, but almost everyone is wearing one. Quite a change from a few weeks ago, when there was always a significant percentage of sane people.

      “Taste like chicken” reminds me of an old joke. A mountain man decided to walk down into the town below. On his way he reached a farmhouse, where he was invited in to have a meal. When the lady of the cabin put it in front of him, he asked what the meat was. “Chicken”, she said. He didn’t know what that was, but decided to give it a try. He took a bite and said, “Not bad. Tastes like rattlesnake”. Hey, I didn’t claim that it was a good joke.

      • I can only imagine what this portends for the near future, Mike. Not good! (Why does everything in ‘Merca only ever get worse?)

        [Reads joke]
        [cymbal crash]

    • yes nunz its very bad. The sad thing is there is nowhere to run. All the red state governors are just as bad. Dulce in Arizona is a complete pussy. The dems have a candidate theyre scared – and rightfully so – to let talk for november. You have these spoiled bitch boys playong sports. Wehave President Kushner now may soon be president stacey abrams. Lay low

      • Amen, Mark! Obviously, these bastards aren’t calling their own shots; they’re taking orders from president Kushner, maybe soon to be Abrams (Oy!) and the same bunch who train our stinking cops, and control our military and media…and media…and medicine…and edumacation…and pretty much everything these days- just as was stated in the Protocols Of Zion (Jason’s gonna appear and call that a fruad, and maybe it is…but it sure echoes reality, as it is indeed what is coming to pass before our very eyes.)

        [Jason, at least we get you to participate! 😉 ]

        • Yes Flinders wioll soon smell anti-jew blood in the water with his usual wrath. I find it amazing so many closet fags that watches these grown children play a childs game with the gigantic entlement they think they deserve. Maybe these recent events will have a bonus side after all for exposing what idiots so many americans idolize.

        • Morning Nunz,

          I’m continually surprised that you, possessing such proper contempt for politicians, bureaucrats and control freaks of any kind, push the idea that, absent the malign influence of which you speak, they would behave differently. This is not a master slave situation here; it is corrupt sociopaths of every tribe, colluding with each other, for mutual benefit. “Our” bad guys, are loathsome all on their own, not because they’ve been duped into doing the bidding of another group. The SIC in the US favor Israel, not because they are following orders, but because Israel creates the perpetual excuse for US hegemony, something “our” sociopaths desire very much.

          Joe Biden, when he was coherent, describes the situation perfectly.


          The money quote: “Were there not an Israel, the United States of America would have to invent an Israel, to protect her interests in the region. The United States would have to go out and invent an Israel”.

          Yes, it is obvious that the US favors Israel, they do so not for the benefit of Israel, or because they are controlled by them, they do so for their own interests. Insisting otherwise let’s our bad guys off the hook and diverts our wrath from its’ proper target, “our” sociopaths, right here at home.


          • Hey, Jeremy,

            Oh, I agree in the sense that it’s not as if the politicians are choir boys with good intentions who were corrupted by coercion. They ARE the most loathsome of creatures- but the thing is, that a group of so many disparate people over the course of a century just doesn’t coincidentally happen to manage to coordinate their efforts in order to cohesively further long-term agendas which are maintained regardless of who or what is office.

            Whether it be Corona or Israel or the overall march toward global governance which all of “our” legislation seems to ultimately be a part of establishing, such cohesiveness does not come about merely because of the moral bankruptcy of those who occupy elected and appointed offices; such cohesiveness can only exist if there exists a power structure above those offices- and the pols are even MORE loathsome because they are willing to serve that power structure over and above even their own vices.

            “Create an Israel”? We (along with Britain) DID create the fraudulent nation which is today called Israel. And it has been a thorn in our side ever since. Any other country acting in such a way would be declared our enemies- which they are- but no, for some reason, we serve this tiny country and fight their wars, and tolerate their evils, and when they attack us, we attack their enemies instead of them!

            There is NO logic or reason for this behavior. We have not and do not do this with any other nation in the world; No one does. To understand why, one must look to the roots from which the ideas of world power flow, which trace all the way back to ancient Babylon.

            That influence was already in evidence amongst some of our Founders, but resisted for a while by others.

            That same Babylonian influence is embodied in the Talmud. Ben Franklin was wise in warning us to resist the Talmudists. Unfortunately, no one listened.

            They started making more and more inroads here and getting more and more control.
            First it was the slave trade.
            Then cotton and the Civil War (They always play both sides!)
            And so on down through the years,
            From Pharma and medicine, to propaganda-

            And here we are now, in a world of unheard of tyranny and evil under tight control on a global level as we are being ushered into global governance- a global governance which the Cabal has been hoping to achieve for millennia. A system only made possible by the corruption and destruction of every institution of the old society, and by unrelenting propagation of constant propaganda broadcast around the world, and the media is owned and controlled by_______ .

            Seriously, Jeremy, if what we were witnessing were just the results of the corruptness of men, all we would have would be bedlam and disorganization, which would be a great thing, as it would be easy to fight, as it would be weak and disjointed and diorganized.

            But instead, we have literal hoards of players, who despite their own corruption, all manage to work toward a common goal, and to impose common dictates…now, on a global basis- and the Corona [sounds like a new dance!] is a perfect example: Is it really that so many governors and mayors and rulers of other countries are so ignorant of science that they just happen to believe that mandating masks is actually beneficial to their citizens? It would be absurd to think that no matter how corrupt, that so many people in such positions could be so ignorant. Or, has it been decreed by somebody somewhere that this is the protocol which is needed to further the REAL agenda being implemented, and that the rulers are merely obeying, like the good gang-members they are?

            Trace back that agenda, and who has been actively working for it, and who claims that such is their rights…..

            What we are seeing being built before our very eyes is the culmination of centuries of scheming and work and war and propaganda and control- and now on a worldwide basis, is NOT just a few guys grabbing what they can and building what power structures they can….it is far too big and has been going on for far too long to be that- it transcends political parties and national boundaries. I marvel that you can not see this.

            • Heya Nunz,

              Collusion of the power elite around the world, for their own benefit, does not require that one small tribe is at the helm. All of them have an interest in coordinating “their efforts in order to cohesively further long-term agendas which are maintained regardless of who or what is office”. Of course it doesn’t matter who’s in office at any particular time, the cretins move around, pursuing their own self interest, which is best attained by collusion, not “bedlam and disorganization”. If there is a dominant player in all of this, it is the US deep State, most of them not Jewish; not Israel, bankers, or anyone else. Of course, all benefit and are involved, but the idea that the power elite in the US subordinates its’ own interests because they are directed to do so by Israel is absurd.

              You seem to miss the point of the Biden clip, The US deep State needs a perpetual excuse to be involved in the Middle East. Israel, and the supposed existential threat to its’ existence, is that perpetual excuse. The Biden clip makes it clear that the US supports Israel for “her own interests in the region”, not because the US is beholden to Israel.

              “…for some reason, we serve this tiny country and fight their wars,… There is NO logic or reason for this behavior. We have not and do not do this with any other nation”.

              YES there is logic and reason for this behavior, the “exceptional nation” needs an “exceptional friend”, always at risk, which always justifies intervention. The US does not fight Israel’s wars for the benefit of Israel, “we” fight them for the benefit of the power elite in the US. I marvel that you cannot see this.


              • You are leaving one important aspect of the worldwide “push” for world zionist controlled government-the blackmail of almost every high-profile government official and other “mvers and shakers”.
                The jew-run blackmail situation that exists among the world’s leaders, movers and shakers needs to be exposed and shut down once and for all.
                One way to defuse and shut down the jewish sexual blackmail operation would be for those politicians, movers and shakers who participated in Epstein’s “fantasy island” to “come clean” and admit their transgressions to their various country’s populations.
                Admit to wrongdoing, promise never to do it again and name the blackmailers.
                This action would be enough to collapse the whole jewish-run criminal cabal and have the jew criminals scurrying like rats to israel.
                One can only hope…

                • LOL!!! Of course you cannot prove any of your outlandish libels against the Jooooos, “running a blackmail operation against world leaders”, and as usual there are plenty of good ol’ white christians doing everything you accuse “the Jews” of – and more.

                  So Epstein was a hebe, big frigging deal. Of course he was a dirtbag, just like the many white dirtbags in the world. Perhaps you can explain to us just what his ethnicity has to do with anything? Can you also explain why are you not equally railing against all of the good ol’ regular white christians of European descent who are responsible for the same kind of deviltry you blame the Jooooos for? Why are you not hoping those crackers will turn their tails and scurry like rats back to Germany, Scandinavia, etc? Hmmmmm, white boy? Can you answer that, Annie? (A rhetorical question of course. You are far too cowardly to admit the truth, even if you had enough going on between the ears to recognize it.)

                  Of course all the “proofs” offered by you aryan warrior chuckleheads are even less credible than those given by the flat-earthers. Having dealt with you morons for decades, I know all of the nonsensical positions you take, all of your libelous accusations, and all of your so-called supporting “evidence”, which amounts to nothing but hate-filled diatribes by by loons and mental midgets with little or no connection to objective reality.

                  Meanwhile, as with virtually all cowardly white supremacists, you continue to ignore the true Jewish threat – Jews murdering icons of white christian culture in cold blood. The bloodhtirsty rampage of the Jews continues unabated. Just recently the Jews have murdered Olivia de Havilland and Regis Philbin, towering icons of white christian culture. Yet it seems you do not want to recognize this grave threat that is right under our noses. How can any right-thinking person possibly believe the statistical absurdity of so many traditional white cultural icons perishing over the last several years of their own accord? It must be the Joooos dirty work!! Open your eyes to the true threat!!!

                    • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Of course you cannot answer! To do so would simply highlight your own extreme hypocrisy.

                      That said, I take your comment as a compliment! Seeing as how you make Jews out to be an all-conquering, all-powerful Master Race, I’d love to be included! Usually jackasses like you refer to me as a “Shabbos Goy”, which just does not project the same level of prestige.

                      I strongly suspect that you are a self-hating Jew, Annie. Only the mentally ill could spew the kind of inane positions that we see here. Extreme diarrea of the mind and mouth.

                      The bottom line from what comes out of your own views…

                      Jews: Intelligent. Powerful. Successful. A world-conquering Master Race.

                      Aryan warriors: Liars. Weaklings. Cowards. Morons. Hypocrites. Pathetic losers. Inferior to all other groups, including Jews and Negroes.

                      I know which tribe I’d prefer to be associated with! Really, it’s an embarrassment sharing any of the same DNA with the likes of you guys!

                      Have a great night stewing in your seething hatred, Annie, and keep those laughs coming!

                    • Hi Jason/Anarchyst –

                      I’d like to keep the focus on our common enemy – which isn’t a religion or a race. It is a type. And that type comes in all colors, is not defined by race or ethnicity or religion. It is defined by a psychopathic lust to dominate and control other people. Let us focus on those people – those specific individual people – and not fall into the trap of collectivizing people. If we do that, do we not undermine everything we value and stand for?

                      I resent being treated as a presumptive leper because I “might” be sick. I also resent being presumed a racist because I am white and a persecutor of gays because I am not.

                      If I condone collectivizing “Jews” as inherently dangerous – as enemies – because they happen to be Jews – then how can I object to being collectivized on the same basis? Some white people enslaved blacks or mistreated them. Ergo, I am guilty also.

                      No thanks.

                      My take on this business of “the Jews” is simply this: Smart people tend to succeed in any field of endeavor – irrespective of their race/religion. While the number of Jews in the world is small, the proportion of their population that is smart is high. And this is why one finds many people who are Jewish in positions of influence and they stand out more because there are fewer of them in the general population. But this does not mean that Jews as such are evil collectivists – nor does it mean that non-Jews are protectors of liberty. I do not care what the race/religion of my oppressor is; I care that I am oppressed.

                      And I cannot in either good conscience or moral/intellectual consistency countenance collectively guilting anyone lest I accept being collectively guilted myself.

                • Great point, Anarchyst! -As I have been studying these things since the 80’s, I’d long heard about the pedophilia and orgies, etc. -but who could ever prove it?

                  Then Jeffrey Epstein comes into the limelight!

                  As many are now realizing, what used to be conspiracy theory, is now being found to be conspiracy truth, as the curtain is being rolled back slowly- the effects of which are two-fold:

                  To cause the people to lose confidence in the “old world order” and it’s despicable leaders (so shiny new despicable leaders can take over), and to get them used to and desensitized to even the craziest things- which I’d say has been accomplished, as no one much seems to care that the majority of visible “world leaders” were implicated by Epstain….nor that they disposed of Epstain.

                  [I’ll reply to Jeremy tomorry]

                  • Morning, Nunz!

                    I agree with your assessment – especially as regards a large portion of the population (not all, of course but a big chunk) having been so inured to moral outrage that I doubt even film evidence of the things you describe would outrage them enough to demand the removal of their benefactor pederast-pols.

            • Hi again Nunz,

              “Is it really that so many governors and mayors and rulers of other countries are so ignorant of science that they just happen to believe that mandating masks is actually beneficial to their citizens?”

              Well, most of them are ignorant of science, and invoke it, no matter their personal knowledge, merely as an excuse to advance their own self interest.

              “It would be absurd to think that no matter how corrupt, that so many people in such positions could be so ignorant. Or, has it been decreed by somebody somewhere that this is the protocol which is needed to further the REAL agenda being implemented, and that the rulers are merely obeying, like the good gang-members they are?”

              No, the rulers are not “merely obeying”. Assuming that their actions are explainable only by ignorance or obeisance to the “somebodies, somewhere” pushing the REAL agenda ignores another, far more plausible explanation, people respond to incentives, and the environment one is in alters those incentives. Politicians, bureaucrats, government health “experts” and their legally protected counterparts in the “private” sector, act in the coercive sector, the rest of us act in the voluntary sector. These environments are fundamentally different and produce wildly different incentives; they are, quite literally, separate worlds, differing in kind, not degree.

              So, why did US governors, most State leaders, government health experts, etc… all seem to act in unison? Was it because they were well meaning but ignorant, told to do so by a nefarious cabal, or responding to the particular institutional incentives that exist in their world. You see, it doesn’t take a coordinated plan that the individual actors are aware of, and participating in. All it takes is for one, especially authoritarian and opportunistic “leader” to overreact, which creates the incentive for everyone else to overreact. All of these people know that, if they follow the actual science, be restrained and responsible, but turn out to be wrong, and lots of people die, they will be crucified. But, if they overreact and push the hysteria, they have an out, “if not for our bold actions, it would have been much worse”. This narrative is false, but most will believe it to be true.


  2. I’m amazed at the number of people who will admit they think the media and overlord response is overblown but will don their diaper and refuse to shake hands. Cognitive dissonance is at an all time high.
    I’ve see more dissenters of late that cover to enter our local WalMarts then remove their diaper once they pass the mask monitors stationed at the door.

    • I believe cognitive dissonance occurs to all who forgot to put reality on their checklist. If it looks fascist, and they act like fascist, it’s probably….

  3. I know when I resisted an unlawful arrest in 2003, I was charged with assault (by those who actually per-meditated their incursion with malicious aforethought). Attempted Escape of a Prisoner, (although I was nobody’s slave until they declared it so) and all kinds of trumped up charges (ex post facto laws), that were non existent until their incursion. Having destroyed my life, my family, and any faith I might had had in government’s ability to do the right thing has dissipated. Anymore like the song goes, and as in any war, I say “Live and Let Die!” They want to be warmongers and thieves, I want to cure what ails them.

  4. I think the “must wear mask” signs are simply CYA maneuvers by many business owners trying to protect their business licenses (here in Roanoke). There’s some plausible deniability of “failure to enforce” if one puts up a ton of signs.

    In Richmond, however, there is almost universal “enforcement” by businesses, and most are pretty militant about it. There was one small brewery, however, that didn’t say a word, so that was nice.

  5. Look out for a tail when your out driving as the face kotex gestapo surely reads your articles. I imagine an all points bulletin is now out for that rule breaking coffee shop. Then you have the uncovered undercover gestapo that will investigate every coffee shop in the area. Thousands of Karens and Kens are now out with one purpose,,, find that rule breaking coffee shop!
    Here in the Floriduh region of our beautiful Reich they’re talking about wearing the face kotex at home, when sleeping and during sex. Also, Goggles are the new upcoming fad. Wifey actually saw one yesterday at der Walmart.
    At the Washington Reichstag there are rumors of a Reich wide law demanding our servitude and obedience. That’s because of You and your merry band of anti Reich Resistors demanding to be free. I am sure they have a full file cabinet just for you because of your coffee fetish and your threat to the Fuhrer and Reich powers.
    YOU and your merry band of maskless liberty seeking freaks will be blamed for the 2nd and 3rd waves planned for this coming winter. Yes,,, your picture on every post office wall, Numero uno on the fbi’s ten most wanted.

    So,,, To save our beautiful Reich a few quadrillion worthless Federal Reserve Notes, turn yourself in…………….. and that coffee shop!

    • Hi Ken,

      It’s probably so. But that doesn’t scare me enough to hid in my bunker – and it makes me much more belligerent about showing my Diaperless gesichter everywhere. I’m no tough guy, but bullies get my back up. And I will not be able to live with myself if I end up in a camp without having fought.

  6. I’ve seen, in a couple of places, polling data showing Boobus americanus (emphasis on the “anus”) believe ~9-10% of people have died from corona. So there apparently is some pervasive belief that bodies are stacking up. If this is true, it’s a remarkably sad commentary on the state of affairs of the former American republic. It also helps explain the wild-eyed crazed response to the sight of the undiapered. Sickness psychosis is correct, but I think it is a symptom of something much deeper and more problematic – abject ignorance and lack of thinking capacity – and I’m not sure any amount of therapy can fix that.

    • No kidding. Americans have been sadly lacking in thinking capacity and abundant in ignorance for almost 5 decades maybe more. I remember confronting people with the truth back in the 1990s and they would look a me like I was crazy. I soon gave up. This place is truly a lost cause.

  7. A more recent, overlooked problem that will affect long-term “face diaper” wearers is that of “legionnaires disease”. Legionnaires disease has been blamed on faulty air-handling systems and faulty air-conditioning systems. It is thought that breathing in one’s own moist exhalations for extended periods of time through a face diaper is not only uncomfortable, but hazardous to health, as well.

    • The contraction of legionnaires’ via forced masking is perhaps one of the many ways Gates, Fraud-i & Co. plan to extinguish humanity.

      • Wow!
        You and I should talk. I firmly believe that that is exactly what is going on. The destruction of everything that God created.
        Went to town today after our furher had declared mandatory mask for everyone on the 1st.
        When the gal selling peaches at a roadside stand tried to tell me about them, I said “I can’t understand you”, she pulled down her mask, and with a smile explained. Very polite and didn’t seem the least bit bothered.
        Went to TSC and saw one customer unmasked but she got away before I had a chance to comment.
        Went to the food market and saw one unmasked vendor stocking shelves. He was busy and I didn’t get to speak to him.
        Overall no-one said a word to me or the wife about no masks.
        Still very depressing and sad to see the fear and intimidation effect of these evil devils disciples. And probably very few, if any, even know what they are a part of.
        “Through the press we have gained the power to influence, while remaining ourselves in the shade.”

    • I just read about that version of pneumonia the other day after reading a comment about someone pushing for that to be investigated by a doctor from an ill family member because they said “Covid.” It’s scary to think of all the possible respiratory bacteria people are breathing in and the amount of infections it will cause. Not too mention all the anxiety and headaches from long term non buffering off enough CO2. Im sure these sick fucks will say every infection or breathing problem is a “case” to keep this scam going as long as possible.

      • Hi Nick,

        Yes- and that’s why I use the term, Sickness Psychosis. People have been taught to have an unreasoning fear of sickness – not just this one, either. Imagine the reaction of these people when someone coughs or sneezes in their orbit. This was no big deal – normal life – six months ago. Now, people will have meltdowns over it. The will demand everyone wear a Diaper, forever. Be vaccinated – for everything.

        You’re right. It will never end.


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