Reader Question: Buying Things Without Supporting Wrong Things?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Brandon writes: Where, how, do I buy anything without supporting a company that wants to eventually kill me? I literally cannot buy anything, anywhere, at a place that has not already done it’s part in supporting my demise. I don’t want to give money to these people. But unless I want to spend $25 dollars for a 2oz bottle of contact lens solution, I have to. I used to have a boycott list, but it’s easier, and more accurate, to just assume a company supports my destruction unless they prove otherwise. I’ve been buying from what I perceive as the least powerful/smaller market share companies, but I already know the answer. I have to make everything I need myself. I’m just hoping you have some magic bullet.

My reply: I actually just addressed this matter in the latest Diaper Report; see here.  The gist is, there are still places you can buy from that aren’t trying to kill – or humiliate – you. And that is why it is so important to support them – while shunning those that do not support you.

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  1. eric, that picture you have of a guy being scared out of his wits may be the very one a friend painted a color picture of 30 years ago and gave to the wife. It was the same style but the guy was in a dentist’s chair with a stream of diarrhea streaming out of his pant leg and onto the floor with the dentist saying “Did that hurt?”. It’s hilarious and just the way I feel about dentists.

  2. Brandon, I recently came across a list of corporations, foundations and individuals who support antifa/BLM.

    The real rub came in that we had bought a new freezer to hold a steer and a hog and a deer or two. The day it was supposed to be delivered since they didn’t have it in stock came and went. I first tried to buy the same one from a local place that wouldn’t have cost more and I didn’t care if it had. They told me all the big box stores got their first so they didn’t know when they’d get a freezer.

    So I found the one like it at Lowe’s and bought it and waited for it to come in and finally be delivered. I called and they gave me a date two weeks later. The morning of the day it was on a delivery truck and would be there later, I found that list and there was Lowe’s as one of the supporters. I was mad as an old wet hen. When the delivery truck came I told them about it and what I thought about it. They sympathized and the drivers said he too had been laid off from the oil field and the young guy was clueless. He wasn’t when they left.

    Well, I don’t blame the guy for taking the job with Lowe’s, I would have too having a family and being local to their store. I have a different view on things now. And I haven’t been able to find that list but I’m pretty sure it was in a link in an article from LRC, the best site for information of all types I’ve found with plenty people in the know about the economic fuckings they have lined up for us.

    If I find that list again, I’ll repost it.

    • Hi 8, yeah they got a bunch lined up for us. Everything they have isn’t enough. They need to take the rest from us.

      Absent of most free market forces these corps don’t have to do much at all. They’ll be fine. As for that list. I have a list, and add to it frequently. I was doing fine until the voluntary mask mandates imposed by the remaining corps not on my list. Now I have literally no where to go without directly financing evil. My self sufficiency from the system could take decades. Doubt I’ll last that long though, nor through the onslaught of what is coming.

      You’ll probably make it through though 8. You got enough frozen dead animals to last ya the rest of your good long life!! Combine that with your oil farm there and all your Chevy trucks and after a while you’ll be the only game in town. When it all collapses I’ll have a tough choice between traveling to parasite off of Eric’s wooden Appalachian retreat, Nunz’s slave plantation, or your dusty oil farm. 🙂

      • Brandonjin, yeah, we have it made in the shade. I tried for decades to find the mineral rights for this place. Supposedly it was gifted to a Arizona or Nevada university. People who do that for a living couldn’t find it and one of them told me they weren’t willing to sell it for any price. Just as well as I couldn’t buy it nor is there any oil here(it’s been checked out a couple times).

        By the time all the laws are written I have little hope that even those who are really well off will have any rights left. They’re even trying to keep people from growing gardens. I did get my Army ID recently. After the oncologist gets through with me next week I have a feeling the army I’m going to be in is pretty crowded.

        The wind blew out of the NE yesterday and I could smell money on the wind, it just wasn’t mine. I’m hoping I’ll life to the kill date on the steer but that’s two months away. I might even get to eat a part of a steak. You’re certainly welcome to move in a trailer and live the highlife……and the party never ends.


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