Diaper Report 7/23/20

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I had a chat today with the owner of my gym and one of her staffers about Diapering – which my gym does not impose (people are free to Diaper, if they wish – which is how it ought to be).

She is worried that the state – Virginia – will require Diapering, even though no one is required to enter her gym. That simple solution, of course, has been essentially outlawed and a long time ago, when the state (when the Feds) decreed free association a crime and private property a “public accommodation.” When bars were forced to forbid smoking because people who were free to not breath the air in the bar sicced the government on them – and their patrons, who wanted to smoke – the groundwork was laid for forcing people to Diaper for the sake of those not forced to enter.

Probably 99 percent of the gym’s members aren’t interested in Diapering – as evidenced by their not doing so. But the possibility exists that because a handful of sickness psychotics – who are free to find another gym more to their Diaper’d liking – do not like this, the state will decree Diapering for all.

It’s more than just that, actually.

As I’ve written about previously, the current push for Universal Diapering is meant to create a visual. of lockstep uniformity; that everyone is a sickness psychotic; that sickness psychosis isn’t an illness.

The Undiapered are a visual rebuke; the sight of them also could encourage others to take off their Diaper – or not wear one to begin with.

And that is very dangerous, indeed.

At any rate, I told the owner that I – and many others – are willing to back her up if the state tries to force her to try to force us to Diaper (which we won’t). She is worried, of course, that the state may rescind her license to transact business. I suggested that in that case, there won’t be much business left to do – that there is no longer anything left to lose – and that I (and others) will, if it comes down to it, literally stand with her and come what may.

Let the state sic its goons on us as well as her.

That will not be a good visual.

And the state might blink. Even if not, there comes a time when one has no choice but to stand up to bullies – even at the risk of a beating.

For the sake of our dignity – and perhaps a great deal more.

Addendum: I am typing this report from the coffee shop I frequent almost daily – Undiapered – without any hassles. Next  stop, Kroger – also sans Diaper.

Tally ho!

. . .

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  1. Anyone who would chastise another for not wearing a mask is just as much psychotic as the Psychopaths In Charge. They are by no means sane, and so one should not expect any logic or reason from them. They do not base their indignation on any proven fact, but far closer to religious dogma. Anyone that can read at a third grade level can easily find abundant evidence that masks don’t work well against ANY virus, and they can be otherwise quite injurious to one’s health. The very N95 mask seemingly preferred by the “experts” in fact DOES NOT FILTER EXHALED AIR. It has a check valve that bypasses the filter to ease breathing on exhale. It does not protect others from one’s exhaled pathogens. In other words, facts are not at issue regarding the wearing of a mask. Psychosis is.

    On a side note, in reference to something Eric mentioned, there has been no greater factor preventing me from quitting smoking than rebellion against the dogmatic opposition to it.

  2. Today I went to Publix and Lowes. Both have numerous Mask Required signs and Publix has an annoying hypnotic announcement they keep repeating over the PA system about how we’re all in this together and to please practice social distancing. The county has imposed a $125 fine for first offenders for violating the mask law (it goes up after the first offense).

    I did not wear a mask in either store. No one said anything to me about it but I sensed people looking at me more than usual, so I did my shopping without incident. Sadly, I did not see a single other customer without a mask, including small children.

    • Hi Greg,

      I have some good news to report. My local Kroger, for the first time since the “mandatory” Diaper policy went into effect, did not have anyone at the door proffering the Diaper. While most of the people were Diapered, I wasn’t the only non-Diapered person there. Stand fast. They haven’t won yet.

      • Eric, in Va. it is not a law, but an “order”. No, the Va. Legislature did not vote on it. Ergo, ignoring this “order” is not in violation of law. Also, if the Va. gov. were to ever make the mistake of pulling a business license for following the law, I hope I find out what company gets was de-licensed so I can buy their stock. Just think about the countless millions that the Va. Taxpayers will be liable for in the ensuing lawsuits. If you really want to make a difference, just find the most effective, ambitious and sleaziest lawyer you can. One good smack on the Va. pocketbook will change everything overnight.

        If agitating doesn’t work, then litigate.

        • Excellent, SM777!

          I will convey this to the owner of my gym – and perhaps a recommend that she call the real Saul – Daniel Crandall. Local yocals will know the name!

          • eric

            Have your gym owner friend read the governors orders very carefully. They are most certainly not law, which requires legislative action. Governors might issue guide lines, suggestions, etc, but not law. On the other side of the issue, have her make sure she is 100% compliant with all sanitation laws, finances, etc. “They” could pull off a surprise inspection and close her down for some minor infraction. Of course the news would report that the closure was due to violation of Comrade Governors diktats.

            • Excellent, Charles – I will do exactly that. I’m on friendly terms with the owner, a very nice woman named Patsy. Anyone looking for a great place to work out normally – without being pressured to wear a Diaper – should check out Crunch Fitness in Roanoke. Tell her I sent you!

  3. Had a guy just today yell at me for not having a mask, and he took off *his* mask to do so.

    Then not only did he personally threaten my life by claiming he was “law enforcement” and would handle me, he then got on the phone (still with no mask) to call government enforcers to assault me for the crime of breathing freely.

    I then proceeded to call him out on not wearing a mask and call the public attention to him attempting to spread his nasty statist germs all across the establishment.

    I was hoping the enforcers *would* show up because he was very agitated while I was calm and amused, and I’m pretty sure I could’ve gaslit him into his own arrest, but alas, the enforcers seemed to have more pressing issues to attend.

    This china virus rigarmarole has turned fear and submission into virtues, and I cannot stand it.

    • Hi Zach,

      You handled an ugly situation admirably. It is very important to not initiate any violence – and equally important to not let violence be done to you.

      I cannot abide this, either.

      Resistance is not futile.

      PS: Try to look like someone best left alone. A vibe can be as effective as being big.

      • I am a towering 5’5″ tall with a receding hairline and a nasty attitude. Yesterday, I entered an O’Reilly’sAuto in Texas and the Karen behind the parts counter (why is it that all of a sudden these places are hiring a disproportionate number of women?) asked me if I had a mask. I said “NO.” She then asked me to go to my car to get one and I said I don’t have one in the car. She was silent for a while. I got my brake cleaner and went to pay for that and she told me “next time you come in… please bring a mask in.” I paid, grunted and muttered under my breath that masks are bullshit. Walked out. I hate that the mere act of shopping has become like this.

        • Me too, Swamp –

          It is depressing as well as enraging; a daily assault on humanity – theirs and ours. We are being set at one another’s throats – they by PTSD fear mongering, us by refusal to buckle to same.

          I hope it does not come to blows. I fear it will.

          It’s all so sad.

        • I’m about finished with being polite about this. I don’t need the peon employees of stores where I wish to spend my hard earned money lecturing me about got-damn breathing restriction devices. F.O.

          • Same, Philo.

            I desperately wish to avoid a fight but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight if the fight is forced on me. These people are deranged and in need of therapy – but their illness, tragic as it may be, does not impose obligations on others to accommodate it.

            • Good morning eric. It seems that on the 30th of last month, Sam’s just changed the contract everyone who is a plus member that gives you free shipping. It applies mainly (only, as far as I could tell)to “branded”, WTF ever that means, products.

              They had Purina Cat Chow on sale and since it’s just about the only cat food I can find that agrees with all my cats, no puking, diarrhea, etc., that’s what I use. Sam’s has it cheaper in a different sized bag(25lb.)that other cat foods. I tried to order some over a week ago but the “plus” broken contract that we all pay extra for, included that product among others, even Baking Soda. Well, they never delivered fresh meats and I understand that since FedEx doesn’t have reefers or I’ve never seen one.

              With it on sale, and $4 per bag delivery fee, it ends up costing more than normal since the sale was $2.50 per sack. And since we needed more benedryl(the wife must live off the damned stuff)I had to go somewhere to get that and then there were other items we needed.

              Day before yesterday I pulled up to the gate, unlocked and opened it, pulled through and while I was closing and locking it, I heard a belt start the old death squeal. New waterpump, alternator and power steering pump in good shape and the a/c barely working, I knew what it was.

              So I had to drive 130 miles with no a/c during this heat wave. I realized after not finding fly strips anywhere and speaking to other people, we’re not having a huge amount of flies like I’ve never seen in my life and evidently, no one else has either.

              So I go to HEB and have a big list of stuff to buy and they had NO sourdough bread, really weird since HEB has their own bakery which must have a case of covid itself.

              So I get everything I need there except fly strips, empty boxes, no surprise and benedryl. So leaving and heading to Sam’s, I see a Drug Emporium…..great, I was about ready for some fentanyl and crack and some benedryl. They didn’t seem to have any fentanyl or crack but I didn’t look hard, I might have just walked right by it but they did have benedryl.

              I left there and went to Sam’s. At no place including the truck stop, did anyone ever mention my not being masked. I have noticed in my life that when I feel paranoid it must show because people seem to not engage me in conversation for ANY reason.

              So I get everything I needed(except the damned baking soda I forgot and the old lady left off the list. And there I bought 1200 rounds, uh, caps of benedryl to add to what I had already bought at Drug Emporium. We’ve spent nearly every dime we have buying food in the last few months, even buying a 700 lb steer (got it cheap too) and a new freezer since both the others were stuff, I mean to the point of not having room for a small bag of ice.

              I had one of those big carts so I bought 20 sacks of cat food hoping it would last till it was on sale again, if ever, which looks like cat food after that may be rabbits, skunks, coyotes, deer and game and non-game birds. I’m not too afraid of the game warden showing up since I didn’t even see a state trooper and local police yesterday. They have disappeared, too dangerous to speak to people to rob them, but they’ll get their money and so will the state.

              So after going to all those stores (I won’t go to Wally)I tore off home, sweating my ass off and drinking beer pretty fast(so hot I didn’t need to take a piss all day). Got home and the wife was outside and noticed I had a brake light out. Lucky me no piggies were around. Now I keep my lights checked but I hadn’t been anywhere in the dark for so long I hadn’t noticed a brake light not working.

              There was a little ex-Wally turned into some other grocery store in Merkel so I stopped there. Walked into the door and this young fatty with a big mouth hollered at me like a drill sargeant telling me I had to have a mask. This was the only place it was ever mentioned and I saw only 1 man without one at HEB, nobody without one at Drug Emporium and a couple people without at Sam’s and as I was headed to check out, a woman and her two daughters came in sans masks. BTW, I hollered back at the loudmouth fatty at the exWally store I had a medical exemption which is true and she shut that big mouth and was nice to me checking out. She’d been read the riot act about that I’m sure and if she hadn’t been nice to me I was ready to tell her I had been reading decades long before she existed. I bought the last 10 pack of fly strips they had and left.

              BTW, I just got a text from a troll and it went something like this.

              I just got this text in that goes something like this, no, it goes exactly like this.

              Hi Calvin(new name LEO’s came up with a couple years ago to try to keep you on the phone as they hit you up for money), I’m Jamie, w/Beto’s new group, Powered by People. As a Texas voter, who will you be supporting for President?

              My reply “I consider Beto and anyone supporting him to be an enemy of freedom and those who love it. He’s not only an enemy of he people but a criminal and a communist nitwit without a shred of respect for the Constitution and those who love it.

              Jamie again: Okay, may I ask who you’ll be supporting for President in November?

              My reply: Calvin your own damned commie self. It won’t be a communist Democrat you can be assured.

              Jamie again, Sorry, I”m Jamie! Are you not Calvin?

              Me again. Jamie, you can call me your worst damned nightmare. I caught on to the Calvin scam years ago.

              No reply yet and I just realized I can’t block that number……shit!

          • Yep, Philo. I’m normally polite and patient, and give people the benefit of the doubt- but NOT so when it comes to someone assailing me about something that is none of their business, when all I require is to be left the hell alone!

            Once they transgress that boundary, it is no different than if they intentionally invaded my “personal space”, so all bets are off! I wouldn’t be polite if someone jumped in front of me and blocked my path and said “Yo! Yo! Gimme money!”….and I’m certainly not going to be polite if some deluded collectivist government-worshiper harasses me for merely being, just because I don’t conform to their mental illness.

            • Just saw a video of a couple at the lake and the Karen had a long measuring tape and was screaming at a woman reclining in a chair in front of the Karen. The karen went totally off the deep end and appeared to be about to attack the other woman who hadn’t said a word.

              Luckily, her husband was a great big old boy and she was tall and looked fairly muscled. He ended up grabbing her and forcibly hauling her of with her screaming every step of the way. He stuffed her in their vehicle and was in a hurry to get the hell out of there. It was THE WORST Karen I’ve seen alone. I saw half a dozen of them attacking a woman in a grocery store but it was a bunch of them. The offending woman had only not worn a mask when it wasn’t even mandated. I”m sick of this shit and hope Gregg Abbott has realized he won’t get re-elected if this shit continues.

      • The problem being that I *am* big

        And usually armed.

        But these people feel that they’re backed up by someone even bigger: state enforcers.

    • I’ve never had any grief from store employees, but I had a similar experience with another customer two days ago. I had just entered the Aldi and some idiot asked me where my mask was. I just gave him a “What the fuck” look and he launched into a tirade about how I was trying to kill everybody. He pulled down his diaper so he could yell louder; he was standing two feet from me, apparently forgetting that his disregard of anti-social distancing would make him more susceptible to the death that he believed I was dealing. I simply gave him a look and snort of derision and went about my shopping, leaving him sputtering his nonsense. A few minutes later I heard him screaming at another customer.
      In such a situation it’s tempting to strike back, but that would be counter-productive. He’s not receptive to reason, so trying to have a logical discussion is pointless. At the same time, the nearby customers watching the encounter have to be left with the knowledge that you are the reasonable party and he is the nutcase.

  4. First businesses went to the government and asked for licensing, regulations, zoning and much more to protect themselves from new competition. With choice limited then there wouldn’t be room for niche businesses. The cost of entry was too high. The cost of on going operation was too high. As a result people started going to government to demand that businesses cater to their preferences.

    Who won? Government. Everything ends up going through politics.


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