The Diaper Report 7/19/20

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Good news to report from The Diaper’d State of America – which hasn’t been independent states for a very long time.

Anyhow, I am typing this from the coffee shop where I was pressured to Diaper last week. No pressure today. Walked right in – Dawn and I – no Diaper on either of our faces – and the nice girls behind the counter said nothing, took our orders and all was normal… other than the poor things being Diapered – the owner pressuring them to do so, I assume. They are young and – presumably – healthy and so need to wear a Diaper like Farrah needed a wig.

Anyhow, we defied the Diapering Decree without really having to. Just walked in, ignored the sign and behaved normally – an almost revolutionary act in a time when normalcy is taken as a sign abnormality.

But, the point was made – and we’ll continue to make it. Show ’em not everyone is scared of signs and “mandates” – and perhaps more will be brave.

This, PS, will be an ongoing series – like my prior Body Count That Wasn’t series. Hit ’em with the truth and sarcasm. Make ’em look ridiculous as well as wrong.

Because they’re both.

. . .

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  1. **This, PS, will be an ongoing series**

    That’s great! I love the Daily Diaper Report and it’s encouraging just knowing there are a few people who feel as strongly as I do about it.

    • Thanks, Greg!

      I’d like to spark a groundswell trend. I am hoping others Diaper Report as well. And also use the term – Diaper – to ridicule this evil business.

  2. eric, I used to get up and be ready to go at 4am. I’m almost to the point of just lying in bed all day. I know it would play hell with my mind and body but it’s too damned depressing to think about it.

    After my 70’s birthday I knew I hadn’t had my last surprise and wasn’t keen on it being that way. Live long enough and you’ll see even more things. This shit is not what I had in mind. If we hadn’t spent so much on freezers and steers to fatten I’d be ordering mass quantities of components from Natchez supply. I’ve always wanted to load some of the 77 gr. copper bullets in 5.56 and see just how bad they are. I’m glad I got that 4.5X14X42 Nikon scope with BDC last year. I haven’t tried it out to 600 yds but you can bet your bippy I will when it cools down.

    Now the commies are doubling down on the 2nd in a lot of states. My stupid SIL called yesterday and said she was going to vote for Biden. She hasn’t seen him speaking like a retard. She only watches MSM. Her son lives in Seattle and she was (didn’t know MSM was THIS BAD)completely surprised when told it was in its 52nd day of riots and the DHS had been called in to protect federal facilities.

    She lives in some strange, clueless city girl(old woman now)world. I used to like her and her ex, even though I would commonly have to explain the meaning of some words to them. But they thought I was stupid and couldn’t imagine why the wife married me. It’s so “Stupid” to wear highly starched creased Wranglers and double-breasted Western shirts and cowboy boots. The wife mentioned I was going a little nutsy without my clothes I’d always worn after she quit the cleaners and they shut down. She said “He’s still wearing creased “jeans”? That’s so out of date. Even though she lives in Grapevine she has never figured out what it means to be a Texan. She and her ex could never figure why I wore a BDA in my inside jacket pocket. “What are you going to do with it”? If I”m lucky, not a damn thing. She still doesn’t get it and she’s been damned lucky getting to work from home for the last 10 years. Everyone in her part of Grapevine are clueless pussies(I’m sure there are some that aren’t)but for the most part they are. The only people I ever saw there with any seemingly sense were the gay couple out for a job with their strange dog I could put a moniker on although I’m sure it cost a fortune and wearing their wild, gay boy running apparel. They did say hello and said what a beautiful dog CJ was. The only sanity I’ve heard from anyone in the place. The first time I was there I parked Blackie out front by the curb. Oh, you can’t park there. Why not, no non-parking signs? Well, I don’t guess it’s illegal but nobody parks on the street. Good to know…..I guess. When I went for a run with Cholley Jack she said “You can’t take him outside”. No shit, and how comes that? She said “Oh, we have laws against certain dogs… pit bulls” so I replied “You have laws that are not legal since SCOTUS(blank look)struck down breed specific laws….and we went on our way. I actually had several people in those 3 miles or so compliment CJ on being such a pretty dog. Well, he is and he’s just as friendly as he is pretty. She has all these really weird ideas.

    Back in the 80’s the disco scene went western….briefly and even she and her hubby wore some wranglers and even cowboy hats(with gay feathers in them). Her husband pointed to this flaming blue gay feather in his hat band and asked “How do you like my feather?” I said it was fine as long as he could live with it. I didn’t add I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some of the citified “western wear” they wore. They just hated to not be in style. I don’t know what discos went to after that since I never went back in one. My type of bar was just plain Texan and that’s what was on the jukebox. She’s a big of a Nazi herself. I was listening to a local FM station since everyone else was outside. There was a DAC song that was playing, My Long Hair Can’t Cover Up My Redneck, and while I’m not a big DAC fan some of his songs are really good, mostly the ones off his triple X album. She came in and made this exaggerated frown and said “Turn that off, he’s gross”. Well, it was their stereo so I turned it off and went and sat in the Elco listening to that show that was pretty good(there are/were DJ’s in Dallas with good tastes. She later comes out and tells me the neighbors are watching me and I should come in. I guess the neighbors were shocked to see someone there with a pair. Or probably the neighbors weren’t looking at me at all. She’s a terrible cook so we ate some strange thing that was not supposed to be as she served it. Next morning we had a Brie dish of some sort. They had no hot condiments so I choked down what could have been good with enough habanero sauce or just some green sauce.

    And to give you a clue of how I treated her when she was in my home, she and the kids were welcome to hog the tv since there was nothing on I wouldn’t see again and that was all hunting, fishing and racing.

    I’d drive to the liquor store and get her anything she desired and cook meals she wouldn’t get the likes of till she was at my house again. The kids were free to do whatever they wanted and she could play any old music she liked and we actually had plenty she did like. She’d let her husband spend 2 hours at a time talking to his GF and I guess I was the only one he wasn’t fooling. They could go fish in the tanks….or swim(eeewww), use the shooting range(she didn’t shoot), pick the garden which slightly intrigued her or play with the dogs(eeewww) or the cats(what happened to that one? He got shot by the neighbor eeewww). What are you calling that cat(solid black tom)? Du Bois. That’s a weird name(no, not really…..if you’d ever opened a history book).

    So that’s what we are up against voting. The clueless getting more clueless every day. Oh, and she doesn’t believe Biden has said he’s going to do take everyone’s guns(he didn’t say that, no, not on the MSM you watch) and going to take down everything that represents our entire history(well, he never sid that). And that is the “other side” we’re speaking of. She has a lot of single and widowed neighbors like herself(probably all the husbands committed suicide). No doubt if Brad Pitt walked in her door she’d be all over him…..but I would too except no one would ever see him again. Damn, I’m depressing myself even more.

    • Eight, You’ve just described the average American- of which there are a few hunnert million. It’s hilarious…until one realizes how true it is…and thus, how screwed we are.

      Her husband probably thinks (but would never say it) “Why can’t she cook like her brother-in-law?!”. That these women can find [I want to say “men”, but men isn’t the word] specimens to marry them, says it all……..

  3. Who knew that Salvador Dali was actually a political engineer?
    I sometimes think maybe I’m a social deviant because I manage to use my brain for something other than an ear spacer. Could it be that I’m simply unaware that people are actually herd animals? That my adherence to individualism is a psychosis? That liberty, being historically rare among the species, is a fatal flaw? That resistance is indeed futile? That to go along to get along is the proper approach? That the mob is indeed more intelligent than the one? That case count really is more important than mortality rate?

  4. I am in the SF area, east bay. I hate the masks but ….. My wife and family are Chinese descent. I defer to their experience with how bad some of the shit created in China can be – the Chinese people around here were treading careful, masking up, staying out of places like beauty shops, at least a month before guv Newsom opened his yap.

  5. Starting Monday, the local grocery stores here (Walmart and Publix) are mandating masks for all customers. It’s crazy that the precautions people are being forced to take now are significantly more restrictive than back in April when the deaths were much higher.

    • Tsk tsk, you forgot one thing… nothing has to make any sense anymore, silly! Also, if the TV does ever try to reason or make sense, then it’s an opposite sketch. Now, just believe everything the TV tells you, because there’s no such thing as lies. BTW, I swear the average zombie doesn’t even know what the word “lie” means, nor is it in their ability to understand the concept.

      • harry, lie is an easy one. It gets dark, I’m tired, really tired and depressed these days. I lie down and hope for sleep, and other things. I listen to Norah and the new songs she’s written. I wish she could lay with me. But I simply put it on continuous and listen as she sings those words of love, specifically to me, or not but I prefer to interpret them that way.

        I lie and am zombiefied. When she looks right at you, there is no doubt she’s singing to you. There are some good things about screens and music and what she does is wonderful to me.

        I feel like I should write a book before I die. As Bocephus once said, It’s in me, and it’s got to come out. peace b

        • Eight,

          Umm! UMMMM! The cats are going to be jealous if they hear ya talking like that!

          I feel that you should write a book too- or just collect a bunch of your posts from here and bind ’em! I want the first copy!

  6. “I bet global cabals threatened the company owners to do this.”

    I believe this to be a very important point and often goes unmentioned. I have, so far, not once worn a mask and my goal is to never do so. Unfortunately, it’s becoming rather difficult and I’m convinced, here in Michigan, the requirement isn’t going away for some time. How long I can hold out remains to be seen, but I’m determined.

    • Yup — the cabals just go to the top of the company’s hierarchy and all they gotta do is “put a gun to the head” of a few people, and voila — they control the whole company. Companies, and militaries BTW, are hierarchies — that’s why they’re easy to hijack/control.

  7. I can’t imagine the home depot/lowes/etc employees walking around, stocking shelves, re-breathing their own hot moist air, getting less oxygen… it must be very uncomfortable. That’s pretty nasty of those company owners to force their employees to SELF TORTURE themselves or else they get fired/etc. I bet global cabals threatened the company owners to do this.

    Today a little torture, tomorrow a little more. This whole thing is the very definition of terrorism, but the ppl don’t see it because there’s always an excuse for it, there’s always a way to make it sound good, plus the peer pressure.

    • ” That’s pretty nasty of those company owners to force their employees to SELF TORTURE themselves or else they get fired/etc”

      The intent is to destroy your immune system and weaken you. They have to know what they’re doing. No way these people haven’t researched it.

      • Heh, yeah, their “research” probably went something like this:

        “Bah-hmmmm uh, Bob? Our recent focus group [Son-In-Law watching CNN] has come to the conclusion that Americans want to feel safe, and if they are exposed to random mavericks whom they perceive as being a threat to their health due to not be attired in proper Personal Protective Gear; and due to their blatant non-conformity, that some shoppers may refrain from patronizing our establishments, thus resulting in a decrease in sales of 2.81%, as illustrated by this chart [Points to squiggly line on cardboard]. So, gentlemen, it is imperative that we bar the non-compliant rebels from our premises- excepting members of the African-American community, of course, lest we incurr legal liabilities and possibly non-violent protests, which may result in property damage, for the greater good of the community, of course, which OF COURSE is our primary concern [Laughter ensues]. Our projections indicate that any sales lost due to alienating the mavericks will be so slight as to be unnoticeable, since they do not represent a sizeable demographic, as illustrated on this chart, where the non-compliant are represented by the illustration of a needle, and the average dickhe…errr uhhh responsible American by the haystack.”


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