Debating the Diaper’d?

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A reader asks a very important question regarding Face Diapering. I post it here along with my reply:

Recently Dr. Fauci stated that he was “frustrated” by people not using science against Corona.  He feels that the combination of masks and social distancing must be used; not just one or the other.

Along those lines, here in Ohio “public service” ads have recently appeared on TV, usually back to back. One features a doctor identified by name and as a local MD.  He says, “Some people believe masks aren’t necessary.  But if 4 out of 5 people wore a mask, it’d stop the spread of Covid-19.  That’s what I believe.” The other has a nurse similarly identified by name as being from a local hospital.  She says, “Some people believe we can let up on social distancing.  But evidence still shows your greatest risk of getting sick comes from being too close to another person.  That’s what I believe.”

Each ad concludes with the catchphrase “Believe those who see it, treat it, and know it.” I know that these people are paid to say these things, either as part of their job or quid pro quo for doing the ads.  I also know that virtually every “prediction” or “statement of fact” the government has made about WuFlu has been either proven false or contradicted by something else they’ve said. That doesn’t seem to matter though; in the mainstream media as well as social media, any dissenting opinion is met by “you’re not a medical professional, you need to listen to the experts.” How do we debate the statements of people like Dr. Fauci, the local propagandists, etc., if we’re not in the medical field?  I consider myself an “educated lay person” through reading books on medical issues, personal experiences with illness and doctors/hospitals, etc., but I don’t have letters after my name like these people do.  What weapons do we have to combat them, since most of us aren’t in the medical field ourselves?

The best weapon is the truth. Which is that getting sick does not equal getting dead. But that is the unspoken premise – which must be challenged – behind the Face Diapering pressure.

Most people aren’t even getting sick – in terms of getting symptoms. Maybe they test positive – and thus are catalogued as a “case.” So? What is the relevance of a “case” of anything that produces no symptoms and thus, as “the science” now admits, cannot be spread? Why should a person who isn’t sick or has no symptoms walk around like a suppurating AIDs-dripping leper – and be treated as such?

There is no rational or medical reason.

But granny might die!

Well, yes. But the solution to that is to suggest that granny wear a mask and “shelter in place.” One doesn’t upend the entire country – and lock down the entire country – because a tiny fraction of the population might die from a virus that presents little if any threat to almost the entire population.

The argument of these “experts” is the same as saying no cars should be allowed to operate faster than 15 MPH… because granny might die! Or because glaucomic/Alzheimerian granny can’t deal with driving faster.

Don’t accept their gaslighting. It isn’t selfish or reckless to not face diaper if you’re not sick – because you can’t get anyone sick if you aren’t.

It’s healthy. And sane.

It’s also none of their business whether you “risk” getting sick. That is entirely your business.


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  1. Eric,
    Assuming the person posing the question is accurate, both ads end with “That’s what I believe.”

    So, it’s not science but, Faith, that these “medical professionals” are spewing. Yes, it’s a religion for these people and GovCo is their god.

  2. LOL. Fauci’s frustrated that people aren’t using science? Pot, meet kettle. The science is that viruses are too small to be stopped even by properly fitted, donned, worn, and removed N95 masks. TB bacteria are far larger than coronaviruses yet still pass through N95 masks. The idea that random cloth or paper masks that people are constantly touching, moving, pulling down, and pulling back up can stop a virus is moronic on the face of it. And let’s talk about all those “medical professionals” who are either too stupid or too pussy to say as much: These are the same morons who plod in and out of hospitals in their scrubs and street shoes and then wander back into patient treatment areas. These are the people who suddenly care about germs? The ones carting filth in and out of hospitals on the dragging hems of their too-long scrub pants? These are the same medical professionals whose mistakes kill 250,000 Americans annually, but who now *care* about germs. I’d take sanitation tips from the monkey cage at the zoo first. And just to remind all those brilliant medical professionals: Science isn’t what you believe. It’s what you can prove.

    • I worked in a hospital for decades and could never get a satisfactory answer about medical “professionals” who work in operating rooms, wearing scrub suits all day. When they go out on break to have a cigarette or eat, they remove their booties and put on a lab coat and stroll out of the “sterile area” of the operating room section. When their smoke break or other outside activity is over, they stroll back into the operating room area, take the lab coat off, put on a cap, mask and booties and continue their business.
      What are they bringing into the sterile field from outside the operating room area?

    • JWK, I do also. The last time I was at the doc I had worked in the barn cleaning it. Nothing but really fine dust in there and it kicks my ass. The next morning before I went to the doc I had to take a hit off my Albuterol inhaler. Then I got there and they had me put on a mask, asking no question if I could tolerate it or not. Same thing happened at the oncologist.

      • If you proclaim your disability to wear a mask, they cannot force you to wear one. They are not even allowed to ask what that reason is. Much less are you required to explain. My intended point was that ALL of us have a medical condition that precludes us from wearing a mask. We have to breath, and its an indisputable fact that masks inhibit that.

        • I know that but I don’t want to get into a shitty with my doctor eveen if she’s wrong. I’m trying to get diagnosed accurately don’t want to change horses in the middle of the stream.

          Doctors are quite often the least informed of anyone. If I didn’t have severed problems I might put my foot down and get into a lawsuit. That’s not my goal now. I might do it when I up to it.

  3. I have food allergies. I know several others with food allergies. Some more severe than mine. Like, eat some shrimp byproduct by mistake and die. Everyone knows of some kid with severe peanut allergies. Yet we don’t stop the sale of all possible allergen foods, nor do we even force restaurants to publish and maintain a list of possible allergens in their food. Many do but it’s not required. Does the government and its busybody minions not care that allergic folk could die from exposure to one of these deadly biological agents? Is it because these items are harmless for the vast majority and it’s up to those with a known allergy to take their own precautions so as to not die from exposure? I have to ask what’s in food that’s prepared in restaurants. It’s a pain in the ass and slows down the service to those with me and results in the inevitable 5 minute repeat conversation about how some soybeans almost killed me. I do it b/c my risk is higher than the guy that gets heartburn from eating green peppers. So if I fail to ask whats in the salad that comes with the main course and the chef drenches my it with a dressing chock full of potentially deadly soybean oil, is it his fault? Should the restaurant make everyone submit to allergen testing before hand to protect those at risk and who lack personal responsibility?

    • Lonne, I got it. I can’t walk into most Chinese places due to the MSG that stops my breathing really fast.

      Then we have people like this. Cheney, a total waste of food, water and air, teams up with old Joe. They’re already shutting down Ft. Worth, a democratic stronghold.

      Get this bud..

  4. You can’t debate them. Logic and truth don’t apply to covid or face diapering. This is about primal fear, brought about by ignorance of biology, compounded by propaganda, lies, politicization, and information overload specifically designed to confuse and direct people to fight or flight instincts.

    It’s like a religion to many of these people and face diapers are a form of communion. Thus, it’s all about who shouts the loudest. Credentials and letters after your name have nothing to do with it.

    They have mayors and governors and Facebook and Twitter and nextdoor and TV and celebrities and Fauci and CNN and the Gates Foundation and their feelings. You have facts and those don’t and won’t matter.

    Do your own research, draw an informed conclusion, and be secure in that. You won’t win a debate over religion or politics and face diapers are an amalgam of both.

    • I’m sick to death of screaming females with no idea of what they’re doing. They just want you to obey and do whatever they say. You have to wonder if Hitler and Stalin weren’t the motivating factors in their lives. They don’t debate, they can’t. I can’t help my desire to knock their stupid ass out when they scream.

      • Morning, Eight!

        I agree with those here who recalled the news casts/commentary shows of the past – by which I mean the ’80s and prior – when it was mostly well-modulated and thoughtful men having a conversation. Some of the old Dick Cavett shows are a halting contrast with today’s jabbering hens. The mens, too – if you can call them that. Remember what Elvis said about Robert Goulet? I feel the same urge whenever I see Robert Acosta/Brian Stelter or Anderson Cooper…

  5. Tired of repeating this line, but 31yo and diabetic for 21 of those years. I should be afraid, but I don’t wear a face diaper and shut them down by pointing out I got breathing issues (I don’t).

    At this point, they got two options, kick me out and get fined bigly or let me in and grit their teeth as I was triumphantly get what I need without being a sheep like everyone else.

    You know what you don’t hear in this Spike #’s? Death rates, which should be on the decline as its as weak as a common cold. Until that # starts spiking, I’m not concerned at all about this bullshit and can’t wait for things to return to “Normal”

    • Indeed! Why do you think the “case count” is the new and improved fear porn number? It’s because the death count and mortality rate aren’t scary anymore. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that things will return to “normal”, since the already dying economy has been even further destroyed.

  6. MM, I encourage you and everyone else to get these consent/refusal vaccination forms that supercede the hospital and clinic forms. This is gong to be my last and on record consent form.

    Months ago when I went to the doc I signed that form you can’t read. Next thing I know I’m being told I have tested false for covid(I signed to let them do it….unknowingly)and positive for pot, something I haven’t had in years and years although not voluntarily. So did my wife who has never used pot on her life. It seems big pharma has devised a way to stop CBD use, just show it as THC and you can stop that health advantage. I was Pissed, esp. when the wife who’s never used pot came up positive. Be forewarned those of you who use CBD oil, the game is rigged.

    And speaking of rigged, lots of tests for covid(ok, all of them)are bad with Abbot being especially bad and upon being informed of it, said and did nothing. Once the law allows pharmaceutical companies to not be able to be sued, they have this overt “stick it up your ass” attitude. Since truth, conscience nor morals enter into their world, they could care less what you think about their products as long as they can force you to take them.

  7. eric, granny might die and there’s a huge amount of grannies that are dying…..from not receiving medical care for conditions that wouldn’t be lethal if treated. Hospitals are as empty churches and both are killing people faster than any disease. In parts of Canada where less than 150 people have supposedly died from covid, more than that have died from drug overdoses.

    I might die of a drug overdose too if they can get a good hold on me and have enough to hold me down to administer it. I may just show up for my next blood letting(yep, that’s their answer to my current condition, too much blood, who woulda thought it?)with my AR hanging on my chest. Since we have a new sheriff the signs about no firearms have disappeared from the horspital.

  8. Fauci and Science? Maybe a bit of a oxymoron. Looked up antonyms for Fauci, Science was the number one hit! Fauci, despite credentials – scientist, NO; power mad political hack, YES!

    • Everybody seems to forget that he’s an immunologist. He’s a vaccine guy through and through. Every illness nail has to be hit with the vaccine hammer.

      • He’s actually not an immunologist. He’s basically a politician with a diploma from the AMA. He’s a psychopath without doubt. You could tell he was so pleased with himself he could barely breaking into a big smile and laughing about it. He’s evil, as evil as evil can be. The last thing he cares about is humanity.

        • Of course, he’s bosom buddies with psychopath Bill Gates! Not only that, he helped funnel $3.7 MILLION to the Wuhan lab for bioweapon reasearch-AFTER it was illegal to do that research here…

  9. Yes, hit ’em with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth! I got in to another debate on about this, and that’s all I did. I posted info about how N95 masks WON’T stop the CV particle-from the FDA’s website, no less. When someone quibbled with what I said about the death numbers, I reminded them of what Dr. Birx said during an early April presser; she said that, even if someone died from something else while having COVID in their system, they’d be counted as a COVID death. I said that any COVID numbers were therefore suspect; how could we know WHAT the true numbers were? Dropping truth bombs works pretty well too, because I get little or no pushback. Yes, hit ’em with the truth!

    • It’s even worse than what you accurately point out about counting Covid deaths. The CDC publishes two death count numbers: one is confirmed (from death certificates, and as you note the number is overstated because any death where Covid is present or even suspected is reported as a Covid-19 death) and the other is presumed, i.e., made up. The headline figure in the press is the presumed total, something like 130,000 last time I looked. At that time, the “confirmed” total was about 70,000. Where did the CDC come up with another 60,000 deaths? Nobody knows, and the presstitutes are not going to ask. Nope, they keep harping on the made up number. At least they did until the death numbers slowed to a trickle and they had to start screaming about “cases” in order to maintain the hysteria.


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