Reader Question: In Praise of Elon?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Imbroglio writes: A financial web site that sometimes sends me its blog posts has this to say about what Tesla is really about. Rome’s burning. Gimme a fiddle:

“Nobody can deny that he’s accomplished something pretty amazing with Tesla. Creating a new car company from scratch A company that’s actually competing with well-established brands… it’s almost impossible. The car has been so successful that the company is always struggling to keep up with demand. Tesla did something none of the other electric cars was able to accomplish: It allows its drivers to express social status in 3 different ways at the same time. First, Tesla drivers signal to the rest of the world “I’m a responsible citizen who cares about the environment.” That’s not a big deal because all the other electric cars do the same. In fact, Toyota gave a distinct look to the Prius on purpose..just to make it easier for everyone else to identify it as a Prius… So when others see you driving it, they’ll immediately know you’re an environmentally conscious citizen. But Tesla went two steps further… Adding two other expressions of social status on top of that. Its slick design also allows its drivers to signal to the rest of the world: “I’m a cool person.” And its price tag allows its drivers to signal to the rest of the world: “I’m a rich/successful person.”This combo of social status is pretty powerful and one of the main reasons behind Tesla’s success.”

My reply: Oy vey…

Tesla’s entire existence is a kind of Potemkin Village – a gigantic fraud. His “business” depends on forced transfers of other people’s wealth. He uses the government to extort other car companies to finance his “business” – and uses the government to subsidize the purchase of his cars.

And “environmentally conscious”? It’s much too early to deal with that 190 proof fatuity. But… even if we accept for discussion that electric cars are “environmentally conscious,” how dare these people preen in needlessly powerful – and so, needlessly power-consumptive – electric high-performance/luxury cars?

A Tesla uses probably twice the power necessary to get around. If the “climate” is in “crisis,” how can any “conscious” person indulge in more than necessary?

Where does the power come from that powers these needlessly powerful Teslas? Unless it comes from the vacuum, it must be generated somewhere, by technology – which uses power and consumes resources and produces plenty of carbon dioxide “emissions.” As well as other emissions, too.

And they ask me why I drink . . .

. . .

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  1. Well said Eric. Not to mention that Elon didn’t even start Tesla Motors, a fact that the bootlicker at the financial blog conveniently left out. He was a significant investor in Tesla Motors shorty after it’s inception using money from the sale of Paypal (which by the way, he did not start either….).

    Imbroglio is right…the fire is getting warm…


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