The Panopticon Expands

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Precedent always becomes practice.

Having established as legitimate the use of cameras to robotically ticket people for “speeding” and “running” red lights – timed to go red quickly, so as to ensnare as many drivers as possible – it was only a matter of time before the principle was extrapolated – now to include automatically ticketing people for using their cell phones while driving.

But it’s more than just cameras now – and it will be more than just cell phone use that’s targeted for confiscation (of your money, that is).

Because why shouldn’t it be?

If it is okay to steal people’s money (which is what we’re talking about here, shorn of the euphemistic language about “fines”) for those things, why not this thing?

Why not  anything the government and its corporate “partners” who profit from it decide is ungood?

Buckle-up laws, for instance? How about breaking traction?

In Australia – the same place that is the first place to use the AI cameras to “catch” cell phone “violators” – who will be mulcted to the tune of $344-$457 for not harming anyone – performing a burnout is already a major bust that can result in confiscation (and forfeiture) of the offender’s vehicle.

But an armed government worker had to witness  the burnout.

The cameras witness everything – everywhere.

All the time.

A network is being erected that will make it impossible to “get away” with ignoring any edict issued by the control freaks and busybodies who lord it over us. Pre-Panopticon, the myriad tyrannical laws on the books had the upside of being to a great extent ignorable.

Armed government workers can’t be everywhere.

Cameras can. They already are.

Have a look around – and up – the next time you’re out driving around. In most parts of the  country these Creepy Cams are perched on top of every traffic signal arm, or curbside.

Armed government worker’s vehicles are being equipped with mobile cameras, also tied into the panopticon. There is talk – and more than just talk – of replacing parking meters in cities with “smart” meters with cameras in them – also tied into the same panopticon.

Soon, wherever you drive – and park – you will be seen. Anything – everything – that is not in ordnung will be noticed. Not by a human. But by an artificial intelligence overlord that – to quote an eerily predictive line from the original Terminator movie, way back in 1984  – cannot be reasoned with or bargained with . . .


Another precedent that was allowed to pass into practice with the adoption of camera enforcement was the vitiation of the government’s obligation to establish guilt before fleecing. This was accomplished by shifting traffic offenses from court-adjudicated to civil administrative actions, where it became (and remains) the obligation of the presumed guilty to – somehow – reverse the camera’s verdict.

The rules of court procedure – of due process – do not apply. The presumed guilty verdict is subject to reversal not by evidence or its lack but rather according to the whim of whomever – or whatever – the government-corporate nexus gives  . . . administrative power to. Find only relief when you have a good deal from these for Christmas.

You can sometimes send in an “explanation” – and whatever else you like – but it’s perfunctory, like the practice in Elizabethan times of permitting the condemned to say a few words before the executioner lopped off his head. The head-lopping was never in doubt.

Today, if the government wants your money, they’ll take your money (to borrow a turn of phrase from another eerily prescient movie).

There is one upside to all of this, though.

When it becomes impossible to leave your driveway (and maybe not even that) without being observed – and mulcted – people might begin to object. Try to imagine what it would be like if you had to obey every speed limit – to the letter – else payin’ paper. Full stop – and wait a three second count – at every stop sign. Never dare a right-on-red, an HOV “violation” or an unbuckled ride.

No “aggressive” acceleration, either.

Your papers – all of them – always in ordnung.

That’s what’s coming. Unless we decide to reject the principle – and establish a new precedent. There’s still time.

The clock, however, is ticking – and midnight approaches.

. . .

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    • Posted too soon…

      FTFA: “It’s ridiculous that under current law you can have a video of someone bashing out a car window, but if you can’t prove that the door is locked you may not be able to get an auto burglary conviction,” said state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), who introduced the legislation at the request of the San Francisco district attorney’s office.

      So if uncle is somehow “harmed” by my cellphone use or “excessive” speed I get a citation. If I’m harmed by some junkie looking for something to pawn I have to somehow prove that the door was locked? Wouldn’t the smashed windows be enough? And criminal trespass is criminal trespass. If I see you raiding my refrigerator uninvited that’s trespass. Doesn’t matter how you got in my house (coming down the chimney, for a festive example), you’re in here and you shouldn’t be. Unless you’re looking for a little more milk to wash down those cookies after working up a sweat leaving presents under the tree you’ve got about 10 seconds to explain yourself. Unless you’re grabbing the fire extinguisher out of the back to save Thích Quảng Đức you’re guilty of trespass. That’s enough in my book.

      Oh, but you’ll clog the courts. Yes, we probably will. Then maybe people will start to realize that mass media, recreational drugs and state control over morals make lousy substitutes for an active, engaged society that lives up to truly being their brother’s keeper.

  1. “A network is being erected that will make it impossible to “get away” with ignoring any edict issued by the control freaks and busybodies who lord it over us. Pre-Panopticon, the myriad tyrannical laws on the books had the upside of being to a great extent ignorable.”

    My Uncle has a country place, that no one knows about…………….

  2. So here is a solution I have come up with but have not tried. All electronic cameras pick up infrared light. The human eye does not. You can prove this by shining the tip of your TV remote at your cell phone cam. Now, what if you were to take some high intensity IR LEDs, wire them all together in a line with some very thin wire, then tape the assembly to the license plate with clear tape, and hook it up to the license plate illumination bulb. When you turned on the lights, the LEDs would power up. No human could see them, but it would form a series of very bright spots in the middle of the license plate, obscuring the numbers for the red light cams.

      • My solution is a dealership placard. It’s not registered to anyone, hence no tracking. I guess the dealership could be sent “violations” if there were traffic camera’s that sent tickets. I don’t believe there are any in Idaho, unless they have them in Los Boiseles.

    • I rig my rear bumpers with a heavy piece of angle iron and install the lights there. Otherwise, hooking up to trailers constantly causes bulbs to get smashed. I used to cut a heavy piece of pipe into a one inch strip and put over the light(s). I make sure I have enough lights so that only the worst of the worst would stop me for no license plate light.

      When I get my old pickup fixed I’m going to use two different lights and circuits.

    • You can screw most cameras with too much light. Intensely bright license plate lights might make the picture unusable.

      Trouble is, with in car plate readers, as soon as a plate can’t be read, the lights come on and they will chase you down to find out why.

      Throwing wrenches into the system is fine, but the real problem is how to get rid of the unjust and corrupt system.

  3. If you want to beat a photo traffic ticket in Arizona, here is how it is done. By law, the State or City must serve you in person, they cannot legally just mail the ticket, though all jurisdictions do. So, when you get a photo ticket in the mail, you simply ignore it. If the mailed ticket is ignored, the State will send a process server to your place of residence to “serve” you with a ticket. If you are not home, or don’t answer, they cannot serve it. They must hand it to a living human being. If you have minor children, have them answer the door. Minors cannot be legally served, however, most process servers do not know this, and the ticket will immediately be dismissed in court for improper service. But you don’t even intend to go to court. So, when they serve you, look at the response date on the ticket. Mark the back of the ticket that this photo is not of you, enclose a color Xerox of your driver’s license, and mail it to the court, timing it to arrive on or before the day the response is due. The court may decide the photo is you, but even if they do, the statute of limitations has run out on the ticket, and it won’t be served again. You end up paying a small fee for process service, but no points on your licence, and no insurance mark up.

    • One has to wonder how they can afford to use professional process servers to do this since they cost more than cops. A pro would never serve a child when they can come back as many times as they want, on the clock, until they catch you.

      • here in AZ, the process servers are paid by the serve, not by the hour. And, no, the process servers are not all that “professional” here.

    • I can’t imagine anyone being at my door that doesn’t have a gate key. We’ve always had dogs, mainly pitties and when someone came to our house(no longer), they’d be put off by those mean Pitties. Of course they all just loved people and never met a stranger but most people now days don’t know that. They think those poor, abused dogs the cartels have represent the breed. I’d kill those SOB’s just for what they do to innocent animals. They’d look like Wile E. the day he grabbed the fake roadrunner that was a stick of dynamite.

    • Good information for AZ. I live there but register my cars out of state to a trust. They won’t bother with an out of state trust on traffic cams. Also, it saves money on car registration where AZ bases it on the residual value of the vehicle where I only pay a small, flat rate, fee per year.

    • Good information for AZ. I live there but register my cars out of state to a trust. They won’t bother with an out of state trust on traffic cams. Also, it saves money on car registration where AZ bases it on the residual value of the vehicle where I only pay a small, flat rate, fee per year.

  4. You supposedly have the right to be faced by your accuser. Try to subpoena the “drug dog” so you can get his testimony – or in this case subpoenaing a camera?

    • Several years ago, Commerce City, Colorado was running several Hughes radar mini-vans. A guy got a speeding ticket in the mail and demanded a trial, as allowed by the 7th Amendment. At trial, he tried to call the van to the stand. The judge dropped the case. When it appeared in the paper, the city dropped 200 other tickets and sent the vans packing. Only human witnesses work at trial.

  5. I see these cameras all over the city – and seeing as how ALL these recordings are public data – I asked the city what I have to do to get the recordings from all the cameras. Their response? “we have no cameras. those are traffic control devices” Without some serious lawyering I don’t see how I could go any farther.

    • True enough, they lease the cameras, but again I refer you to my post above. Their only way out is to have a fine below $20, which is the cut off for the trial in the 7th Amendment.
      On the lawyering front, you could always go with prepaid legal, which retains lawyers wherever they are needed to represent its members.
      Although the membership had expired, I still had the membership card, and just flashing it got a hours of service citation replaced with a warning in a Arkansas weigh station. That scalemaster didn’t want to go to court on a sure bet.

  6. I’ve been predicting this for years. Once it’s economical, EVERY intersection will have a red-light/speed trap camera. Then USA will truly be a nation of sheep….

    UNLESS getting multiple traffic tickets a day gets people riled up enough to DESTROY these cameras nationwide….

    • There are many natural hazards- black paint, old tires burning, bullets from .17 to .50. Lots of things could happen to your shiny new cameras…

    • The “yellow vests” in France have done a great job of destroying the speed cameras, we need to do the same thing here. I’m also a pretty good shot with a pellet gun, quiet and unobtrusive, late at night, no witnesses. Soon they’ll need cameras to watch the cameras 😆

      • Just so everyone knows they are pretty well armored. There is a glass in front of the lens, and the sides are armor steel. Likely they would need more than one shot. But if they routinely have to be maintained with expensive equipment to clear black paint, or acid etching, or fire damage, they might not be profitable enough to keep up. Hopefully we don’t have to go there- in Minnesota at least they were correctly pronounced unconstitutional.
        And a Guy Fawkes mask could come in handy…

          • I had to look that reference up! Nice one. There is real hardware to do it, but if your objective is to get away with fighting the system a Barrett light fifty is really not inconspicuous- even from half a mile away… or even a 30-06 with WW2 vintage armor piercing rounds…
            Wonderful- but not subtle

      • “Soon they’ll need cameras to watch the cameras”

        They started doing that in France. Might stop the tire-blanket-petrol destruction but not likely to see anyone else as it will be pointed at the scam-cam.

        Paintball guns could work too.

        My favorite is the guys who use expanding spray foam. Any opening in the case is enough to get the little tube into. I hear the camera is not worth salvaging after.

        • Also, if you have a white van, just pull up beside it put out some cones, put on a high vis vest, hard hat and coveralls. Unbolt it and take the whole unit. If one looks like a utility worker nobody will bother you.

            • Yeah. The Paintball idea is better.

              But if you have ever done any utility work from a van, you would know that it makes you nearly invisible. If you look like you belong, nobody questions it.

              • You’re right about that. Everyone in Texas will wave at you and never see you. Good idea. I need me summa them cams. Hook it up to a different website and make some money.

                • If you were the really nefarious sort, you might drive by a local utilities yard for inspiration on hand crafted artistic plates matched to the right make and year of van.

                  Hypothetically, musing for the novel I’m writing of course.

                  • Dammit man, when you gonna finish that masterpiece. It keeps me up at night considering the possibilities.

                    Actually a damned headache keeps me up at nigh. Ben to the doc more than once, the ENT and now I have an appt. with a neurologist. No doubt he’ll say I have psychological problems or some similar. He’ll be right too. I got a goddamn headache from hell.

                    • Well,

                      Yellow flashing dome on top can be good but check your local, not all use them.
                      Ladder rack on roof is a big bonus.
                      At least one slightly creased or scuffed fender sells the ‘company truck’ thing.
                      Steel wheels.
                      Remove all exterior trim to ‘base model’ build.

                      Whole hog, vinyl cutters are cheap. Instant van logo.

                      But really, 99.9% won’t notice any of the above even if incorrect. Most people are amazingly oblivious without having been trained to notice the background. The only people my protagonist would be worried about are actual utility workers getting curious enough to stop to see what is going on or call it in. they are the only ones that would immediately know something did not look right. If thing are done and gone in 20 minutes or less, not a problem.

                    • The red and silver reflective tape across the rear is no-brainer for the public….won’t even look twice.

                      In Texas the DOT uses that tape on the back and orange and blue strobing lights on top….mainly….and sometimes in the grill, but mostly on top that can be seen from either end. If it’s a white, plain jane work pickup, nobody looks twice. I threw a blue hardhat in the dumpster today. I have thrown several away. There is no “official” color for the most part. You can be doing work for the DOT and wear any color gear as long as you use the reflective clothing. I see one guy regularly that works for an independent contractor that wears a black hardhat and black gloves. It would be good right about now but back in the summer I wondered what motivated him to use black in 100-115 degree weather. I Know I’d have my white gear on and the white cloth at the rear of the hardhat. You can bake out there in the summer. BTW, I wouldn’t be one of the really fat soy boys in that heat. HTF do they live through it?

                    • Just beware the retirees, they can be quite nosy, nothing better to do. Speaking from experience here, work vans and all that.

                    • Yup. For sure, the unexpected happens. But they are also just lonely. talk to them for a couple of minutes and their day is made. Cough a bunch, ask them for some water and they will take longer than you need getting it.

                      Tinted safety specs and a dust mask are always good for hiding identity too. Safety regs, you know.

    • You don’t have to destroy them. Eggs and paintballs work wonderfully on traffic cams. There was a red light cam on the intersection near my house. My son used to shinny up the pole, and slap stickers over the lens. After about30 times of the city having to send crews out to clean the camera lens, the camera suddenly disappeared.
      They had photo radar on the freeways out here several years ago. The ones in anything like a rural area were destroyed constantly. The ones in the more urban areas were causing so much grief on the freeways that eventually the citizens pressured the government to have them removed.

      • Reminds me of street lights. I went most of my young life looking at the stars and then when we moved, there was this big-ass bright streetlight. Why it was there is nothing I understood. My buddies and I would pick up a rock and knock it out. Ah, peace, at last. Finally, the guy who had to replace them just quit replacing it. Thanks a bunch Wendel….you lazy SOB. But that one light was the end of houses along that road and those other lights were obnoxious in their own way.

        I took care of those with my scoped rifle. Ah, peace and quiet and dark at last. Time for a cold one. Really though, it was an imposition on us all. We grew up in the dark and liked it. The Milky Way is a great conversation piece even when you’re young and dumb. And those were those damned pink lights, a real PITA.

        Of course when I was older I really liked those lights……NOT. I think I’m the only one around except my young neighbor half a mile away without a night light.

        CJ is going to let me know. He gets me up and if I’m smart, I grab a gun of some sort. When I turn on my Cree light, things sorta stop for an instant.

  7. My town has installed digital kiosks in the lots. You enter your license plate, insert coins or credit card and pay for the time you think you need. There must be a way to program these machines to issue citations the second that time runs out and the parking space is still occupied. However, the need for Lovely Rita, the meter maid, may then be discretely extinguished. Assuming Rita got her job by knowing someone at town hall and may now risk being laid off, here’s a possible reason to delay the implementation of AI in the lots. Rita might have to get a real job and her position may then go unfunded come budget time.

  8. What’s to stop them from just sending out fake tickets in the mail that accuse you of some driving offense? I have heard of this happening. For many, it isn’t worth the time or missing work to fight the ticket, so they just pay it especially if they are an out-of-towners. You have to understand that local and state governments are going broke trying to pay promised pensions and have the money available to pay future costs. With ultra low interest rates for over a decade, it has been much more difficult to earn a respectable return on investments in pension plans or otherwise. This is another arm of the government’s hunt-for-taxes crusade which is sweeping the globe because the pension crisis, another one of socialism’s many train wrecks, is a global pandemic. It’s going to escalate beyond your wildest dreams. Tax collection and confiscation of wealth, even from the masses, is going to explode as governments face crucial decisions and as we know are never, ever wrong.

    • Kinda like what the IRS used to do (and probably still does(- send out bogus bills to people for $200 or less. The vast majority of people would just pay ’em, ’cause it wasn’t worth the effort to figure out if “they owed it”, and would be too much trouble to fight, anyway.

      Bogus bills on a bogus tax…..that’s Uncle. Talk about double-dipping!

    • The only thing to prevent that from happening is for you to be intelligent and belligerent enough to demand your rights. If you aren’t, you deserve not only the violation of your rights but all the scorn your fellows can heap upon you.

    • What’s to prevent us from making a fake license plate, sticking it on the car, and running every red light with a camera you can find? The key is to use a rental car of the exact same model and color as your state representative, and a matching tag number. A little loitering in the parking garage of the capitol should provide that information rather quickly. So, your representative gets the tickets in the mail. Lots of them.
      Now, don’t actually go out and do this because misuse of plates is probably a very hefty fine where you live (hee hee).

      • HAhaha, I like that, Paul! Great idear!

        [Krusty The Klown voice: “Now don’t try this at home boys and girls…huh-huh-huhuhahahaaaa”]

    • jdl, it’s fine with me. 3 years ago on Aug 1, the big chopper showed up and the wife and I just watched it. I had been laid off only a month before. With me being gone all the time and the wife being crippled, things had gone to shit around the house but the narcs didn’t care and had no idea.

      They came, without a search warrant, to check if we were growing pot since our renter’s ex had told them we and he were growing. She had good reason to throw someone to the dogs facing 5 felony accounts of kidnapping and taking children across state lines illegally.

      I told them to search their fuckin hearts out(literally, I hoped). After they had come up short, the head honcho said(and this was soon after the cop shooting in Dallas)”And now they’re shooting us” to which I replied toot sweet, “You mean shooting back”. He wasn’t pleased and I was even less pleased to have been put through this. Our gates haven’t been unlocked a single day since then. Our dumpster is on the county road and I came close to locking the gate behind me yesterday going to the dumpster. I made two loads and the gate was unlocked and locked twice. Just FEAFEFH’s.

  9. Sadly this has already been possible for a long time. Remember the story of a Welsh man who powerslid his M3 through a roundabout in the middle of the night, harmlessly and unobserved except for possibly by one nearby driver who only witnessed the end of his act and didn’t bother to report… and also by a camera of some description that no one ever bothered to check. At least until 8 months later, when someone decided that footage from that camera might be helpful in tracking down some other crime. They spot his 2AM drift, call in the authorities, Crown Prosecution Service (or whatever it’s called), which some Brits naively think is different from the police, runs his plate, tracks him down, and hauls him into court where the judge suspends his license (life-altering, as he was a delivery driver during daylight and probably didn’t have that much vacation time to use) and tells him he’s lucky he didn’t go to jail.

    Ladies & gentlemen, the modern administrative state summed up in a single story.

    If I were that judge, assuming a judge can do this in Wales, I would have most probably let the driver go, tore the prosecutors a new one for wasting my time, and then contacted their superiors to complain that the agency was obviously overstaffed, overfunded, and underworked.

    • How about The Obsolete Man episode of The Twilight Zone, wherein Birdshits Meredith uses the camera installed in his room, which is there to televise his execution, to expose the cowardice of the party leader, thereby causing the state to also declare him obsolete?!

      Brilliant, and said so much in 23 minutes or so!

    • The meat was Spock beating the computer that he’d programed to play chess…
      The attorney was competent beyond most contemporary ones.

  10. We have it pretty good in Oz compared to USA. 12 months ago I walked away from a licence suspension for being 27 km over the limit. 25 and over is instant licence loss for 3 months. The 2 coppers snatched my licence after I told them I did not have to hand it to them. They saw on their computer that I was adjudicating a fine that I have put off for 3 years by flooding the crooked agency with paperwork. When the coppers asked why I was driving so fast, I replied no comment. Cops went back to their car and signalled me to go but I wanted them to go first. In 4 minutes I was on my way, licence still in my wallet. Do you know how good that felt to thwart those bastards mulcting money from me over a non crime? Mate, it felt good and still feels good, much better than that great still feeling it Toyota feeling. By stating no comment, the coppers knew any thing they did to me would elicit a challenge to them and they did not want to go through that.

    The new computer system that issues the fines has just collapsed here in Victoria. Thanks to all the people now fighting these fines. And the reason is that all matters relating to cars are criminal matters, so the full range of criminal law is available to motorists to use against these fines.

    Back in 2010 our local shopping centre in Melton expanded. On one of the roads they left a hole in the road with a barricade where the road narrowed from 2 to 1 lane. 75 accidents over the next 3 years. A call goes up from a local community group for scameras there. Our local state rep said none were needed. For once a politician was right. I wrote to the 2 local papers using their letter to the editor section to state the barricade was the problem. 5 days later the hole was filled, barricade removed, and the accidents disappeared. My letter went to a current affairs program, all the Melton councillors, and several motoring groups plus the papers. 3 weeks later the letters to the editor sections of the local papers disappeared, still to this day 5 years later. It took me awhile to figure what happened. My letter was read by thousands of Melton people who then flooded their reps with phone calls and emails saying that I was right. Forcing the council to act. Still we have no scameras here in Melton, only the occasional roving scamera.

    One night I saw a roving scamera. I had a book to read, so I backed my car right against the scamera’s front bumper and sat there for an hour reading my book, keeping the scamera from issuing tickets. The courts here are complaining that 50% of their cases are about traffic fines, and that the magistrates are sick and tired of the motorists, yet this is good news. People are fighting the scams, so imagine if ALL motorists did this.

    • Sad thing is, to5 (actually, the sad thing is that even ‘Straya has gotten like that!) is that pretty soon, the psycho-bastards pols will take a tip from here in ‘Merca, and make it so that the stinking coppers become dangerous and humiliating to deal with. Ya know, when the slaves get too “uppity” harsher treatment is needed to keep us in our place. fear always begets compliance. When the people fear the government, ya have tyranny; when the government fears the people, you have something a little closer to liberty; but now that they’ve taken all your guns (and most of ours too) there’s no reason for them to fear us.

    • This is how they fight the Government in Socialist countries. Use their own rules and regulations to big them down. If EVERYONE fought their tickets or EVERYONE protested their property taxes etc… it would shut them down.

      • Johnny that’s what Aussie Speeding Fines is all about. Using their systems against them and to your advantage. I’ve held off a fine for 3 years now, and the fines system here has just collapsed. In France alone, half of the scameras have been taken out since the yellow vest movement started and shows no signs of letting up.

  11. This is why they have scrambled to erect 5G- They truly need it for all of the spying on every aspect of our lives; and which proves that Trump is just as much a lackey of the deep state as every other politician, as the establishment of 5G and further militarization of the fuzz have been his pet projects.

    2020- as usual- no matter who wins…we lose.

    • “2020- as usual- no matter who wins…we lose.”

      This is exactly what I always tell everyone, and the very reason why I no longer vote. It doesn’t matter who’s in the House. Until we quit playing this charade of red vs. blue and take down the real psychopaths in charge, we’re screwed.

      • We watched Atlas Shrugged yesterday. I was surprised to see a pic of Ron Paul and a quote from him towards the end of the film.

        Back in ’08 I moved from a town I was working in back to home briefly. I had all my outdoor stuff in the back of my pickup along with a big Ron Paul yard sign, nearly as wide as the bed. 125 mile trip and I was thrilled to see so many young people with similar signs in the back of their cars/trucks. They’d all wave and honk. It was my best ever pre-election. Of course I got to watch the old guard Rep’s do all sorts of illegal things to him and deprive him of the WH which I feel he would have had or at least gotten close. Oh well, I had never felt anything but disgust except for JFK. I get “anybody but Bush” but didn’t imagine the Dem’s had someone nearly as bad waiting in the wings with CIA controlling his every move. I now, sometimes vote in local elections and state elections. I once held my nose and went to vote expressly to vote for Cruz since Beto the Dork was his opponent. But Texas showed by far a great number of independent votes that election than ever before… a long shot. I took it as a sign everybody was fed up.

      • I also do not vote for any candidate. The act of voting grants legitimacy to a criminal enterprise. I do still vote on issues, taxes, new laws, etc., always in favor of less government power, and more liberty.

        • ‘Zactly, JWK. Voting- even if one believed that it were actually accomplishing something by electing the ever so slightly less evil, is giving one’s assent and consent to not only what those whom they elect do, but to the political system. It is the tacit and formal legitimizing of government, in that it signals one’s recognition of the results of an election as valid over all people, while making one an accessory to whatever that system does by reason of the fact that they participated in the most fundamental process of that system. (It also means that the voter also believes that there will be actual meaningful differences in what ultimately happens depending on who is elected- as if the political theater set before the public is real).

          The fact that ALL purveyors of vice, from propagandists to tyrants are all in concerted agreement on one thing: That everyone should get out and vote- ought to be reason enough not to do it. They want us all to be culpable in their crimes; to be able to say that we got what we voted for; and to make everyone a participant, so that all have a stake in the system, and will use that system as their feeble means of redress- rather than resorting to something outside of the control of the tyrants.

    • Yup. Trump is actually furthering the globalist anti-human agenda.

      He recently signed an animal cruelty bill that will make “cruelty” against animals a federal crime. Apparently, animals are now above humans. Child abuse and murdering another human being aren’t even federal crimes! Of course, “cruelty” is open for interpretation. Ear cropping, branding cattle, and dog grooming are considered cruel by the animal rights terrorists. This is yet another attack on private property.

      • Hi Handler,

        I’ll raise you. My Spider Sense tells me they are going to use the “climate crisis” to ban the raising of beef, pork and poultry for food. We are literally going to be fed Soylent Green at some point. The more time passes, the more I become convinced those old movies were predictive programming; they were letting us see what they had in mind.

        • The US federal government is the largest, most aggressive criminal organization in the history of the species. As such there is absolutely nothing it won’t do to profit itself, and its minions. Imagine the most evil, destructive, maniacal act you can, and either it’s being done, or it’s on the drawing board. Local governments soon to follow. It cannot be stressed too much or too often, these organizations and all their minions are SOCIOPATHS!! They are truly and literally insane. It matters not what government you start with. Government being the ideal environment for sociopaths, it will eventually be saturated with them. We have long passed that threshold.

        • Absolutely. Big Food is pushing veganism as we speak.

          The elite has been planning to turn the world into a giant prison for quite some time. Now they have the technology to make it a reality.

      • Of course, it’s only “cruelty” and a crime when a mundane does it; when their armed goons execute someone’s dog, or the TSA leaves someone’s cat to dehydrate in a cargo area after the owner is whisked away because he was in possession of shampoo…then it’s perfectly O-K.

      • That one snuck right by me. I knew about it but I didn’t make the connection. I’m growing tired of the Orange man, though I will still vote for him in 2020. I really do think that the other party is even worse

        • Swampo,

          There’s no worse and no better- they all do exactly the same thing; the only thing that differentiates them are the words they use and the audience they try to appeal to. It’s political theater- no different than “politics” in China or North Korea- The same ends are always worked towards, regardless of who or what party is in office. The show they put on is to appease the people and make us think that we can change things, and that it is our neighbors who voted for the other guy who are the problem.

          The more they make it look like the players on one side despise the other side, the more loyal the other sides fans are to their side, even while their side is doing the very same thing the other side would have done.

          The Democrats create a show and mock-persecute Kavanaugh for obviously bogus crimes; so the Republicans love him the more because the D’s hate him- while in reality, all Swamp-creatures love him, because he is a gun-grabbing, NSA architect, Obozocare enabling Patriot-Act authoring turd….but everyone’s too busy to notice because of the fake show being put, and because they’re busy running around saying “Thank Gawd for Trump!”.

          • Yeah. I despise Kavanaugh and I’ll go one further. I believe he did rape that crazy B. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know for sure, but judging by his immutability on working for deep state judicial position, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Of course they’re going to bury the truth on that. Kavanaugh sucks along with the rest of these deviants wearing black sheets.

          • Here’s a quiz for everybody:

            In 2018, a prominent US politician said the following statement, “Take the guns first, go through due process second”. Who said it?

            A) Hillary Clinton
            B) Barack Obama
            C) Michael Bloomberg
            D) Donald Trump

    • I put a raspberry pie with two small electrodes on my horse and drove him all around the pasture from my easy chair. This is the plan for humans. Implant a cpu in the brain … BUT you need 5g to exist everywhere before you can control humans this way. Man – Machine cyborg – anyone without the chip in their brains will be unable to work, buy, sell, …

  12. Wait.

    Might cause harm? If that is standard, all cops need to be disarmed immediately as they have proven repeatedly that they are exponentially more likely to cause harm than the mundanes. Immunity makes them exponentially more likely to not give a shit about the harm they cause too. No disincentive to their OTT aggression and trigger happiness.

  13. Many of the large mining companies have taken it a step further and have cameras INSIDE THE CAB of haulage trucks. This Aussie Saaaaaaaaaafety technology was installed with the (heavily advertised) belief that all the cameras did was watch the eyes of the driver for signs of drowsiness and set off an alarm if they drifted (with a nice Australian lady saying “eyes on path”) and a notification to the dispatch tower.

    Well, after non stop assurances that the system could NOT snapshot the drivers, it was discovered that not only COULD it take snapshots, whoever was monitoring the computers could take snapshots at will, and observe the drivers. Last I heard, several female drivers were “caught” changing shirts and “adjusting” themselves and became the darlings of the cell phone circuit at a neighboring property, with a lawsuit in the works.

    Somebody needs to write a book illustrating the monumental stupidity that follows the Nanny technology from down under.

    • Australia is in really bad shape. Funny that people used to associate the country with rugged individuals like Crocodile Dundee when in fact theyve gone full bore nanny state communist. New Zealand as well. Their hate speech laws are full on batty.

      • Well, they got gun control. When an entity usurps power, it invariably exercises it. Modern, terrifyingly effective, deadly, weapons in individual hands is ultimately the only check on these entities. Which is why I laugh at silly cons who say we’ve got to enforce the gun laws on the books- and get permission to have and to hold them. They are the ones Sam Adams was talking about when he said they could “Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

      • M3 we have one bloke here who dares the gov’t to take him to court over his hatred of islam, which I totally agree with. But the gov’t wont do that because he will have them in a barrel when he calls in the imams to testify that islam is what it really is. And I have met Hotheads and am in regular correspondence with him on this issue of the violence and hatred of islam and why the greens love islam.
        HH is in agreement of the US government role in 911, covered on his site. Well worth the read.

    • The driver monitoring systems are already in some new high end cars, for safety, of course. Several have actual cameras viewing the driver. Cadillac says the ones they have are not yet active. What? “Not yet”?

      “Hello, this is Onstar. Stop picking your nose!”

      While there is still the choice not to buy a car with interior cameras, airbags were optional once too. Camel sniffs tent.

      Most new TVs already have microphones, some have cameras. Many are wi-fi capable.

      I care. You may care. A vast majority of the consumers don’t and never will. So we don’t count. You will be monitored.

      • You are correct- when it becomes mandatory, it won’t be enforced until they get the herd to accept it without spooking or stampeding. You and I will simply ignore it, until the blob gets powerful enough. Then they will send the Gestapo after us because were a danger to the herd- do what your superiors order. Check and Mate.
        History repeats- the American revolution was a unique miracle which probably will never be duplicated. And the powers that rule the earth have been busily containing the genie ever since.

        • Even that revolution was only accomplished because the crypto-monarchists like Hamilton still wanted wanted a king, just not the one on offer. Then immediately after it was clear they couldn’t use the Articles of Confederation to mulct the necessary resources and provide the domination over other they they required, they tossed it out and replaced it with the Counter-revolutionary US Constitution adding the Bill of Rights as an after thought just to get the thing passed.

          Then they spent the next 80 years chipping away at it until “Honest” Abe threw it in the shitter, Wilson took a dump on it, FDR flushed it, LBJ farted, Nixon lifted the lid for a sniff, Reagan pronounced it to be quite fragrant and worthy of that city on a hill.

  14. The term “panopticon” was coined by 18th-century British philosopher Jeremy Bentham, founder of utilitarianism. Bentham and other utilitarians like J.S. Mill championed individual liberty, not for its own sake, BUT — only because they believed that it would provide “the greatest happiness for the greatest number,” which is the “prime directive” of utilitarianism.

    So… fast forward to the 21st century. If people think that individual liberty does NOT provide the “greatest happiness for the greatest number,” according to utilitarian theory then restrictions on liberty must be OK. If people think that 24-7-365 government surveillance will provide “the greatest happiness for the greatest number,” according to utilitarian principles they will go along with it.

    Utilitarianism has really become the justification for the soft communism we are currently experiencing. Whereas 18th and 19th century utilitarians championed religious and sexual freedom and free speech, they were also, ironically socialists. And our contemporary socialist government justifies all of its impingements on individual freedom on utilitarian principles: IF people have a guns MIGHT shoot somebody, so we are justified in taking them away. IF people smoke tobacco, they MIGHT get cancer, so we are justified in banning it. For your own happiness, of course.

    The irony of this is that the 19th century utilitarians, like today’s soft communists, placed absolutely NO restrictions on sexual behavior or drug use. If men have anal sex with each other the MIGHT get AIDS, so are we justified in banning it? No! The Supreme Court ruled that sodomy is a “constitutional right.” Meanwhile, actual constitutional rights, like free speech and the right to own guns, are being actively suppressed.

    So utilitarianism is revealed as fraudulent… elites use utilitarian arguments to justify what they want to justify, and ignore those arguments when they become inconvenient.

    It’s worth noting that Bentham used the term “Panopticon” to describe a design for a maximally-efficient PRISON…

    • Hi X,

      You make an excellent point in re the whole “might cause harm” business. Yes, indeed. If I “might cause harm” by driving faster than a speed limit (or not paying the health insurance mafia) then – as you say – people who practice high-risk sex should also be similarly restricted and even punished.

      It’s of a piece with the hard-left being virulently absolutist when it comes to abortion – it’s her body! – while at the same time supporting the government’s control over every body . . . when it suits. I’m not allowed to use my mouth (and fingers) as I like – even though “it’s my body!” when my mouth utters politically incorrect sentiments or my fingers “trigger” someone via what I’ve written…

    • This isn’t in any way “soft” communism. Refuse to pay a cop’s illegitimate traffic ticket or “child support” or property taxes, and see how soft it is. It’s not soft, it’s not nascent, it’s not coming soon or an imminent danger, it’s here. And it’s worth fighting.

    • Hi X,

      Bentham once quipped, “natural rights are nonsense on stilts”. If so, utilitarianism is nonsense upon nonsense on stilts. From where does his fundamental axiom, the principle that “it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong”, derive? Utilitarianism, divorced from natural rights (as Bentham insisted it must be), cannot categorically favor happiness above peace, tranquility, conquest, pleasure, material gain, “eugenic” improvement, or any number of states of being dreamed about by social engineers. Utilitarianism is a moral philosophy dedicated to discovering the best means to achieve a particular end, but it cannot inform us of the proper end to choose. Why not, “the greatest advantage to the most gifted” Or, “the most equal distribution of all assets”? Arguments can be made for either, even if one stipulates that the end goal is the betterment of society.

      It is not self evident that “the greatest good for the greatest number” should guide all action and be used as a measure of right and wrong. But, even if one accepts this premise, utilitarian calculations can allow for all manner of nasty behavior. Why not force all fully sighted people to register with the State and, if selected by lottery, be required to give up an eye to a person with none? After all, the change from no sight to some sight produces more utility than is lost by going from great sight to merely good sight. Why not require that all children be given aptitude tests and remove those children deemed unlikely, on their own, to increase overall utility, and make them lifelong slaves of the State? It could be argued that this is both kind and beneficial; it gives their life meaning to help others and guarantees their welfare.

      Most modern philosophers embrace some sort of utilitarianism and scoff at the idea of natural rights. They treat those who take it seriously as somewhat brain addled, ignorant mystics. Funny thing though, push a utilitarian hard enough and they will eventually invoke some type of natural right. Either by pushing along the lines described above, or by asking “what is meant by a universal declaration of human rights”? Utilitarianism alone, cannot answer these questions. Utilitarians are in a lamentable place, though most do not realize it. They’re quite proud of their enlightened rejection of that mystical nonsense, natural rights theory, but are compelled to invoke it, even in the simplest description of the fundamental axiom of their theory.

      My own views on natural rights seem quite sensible to me, but are rarely accepted by the religious natural rights theorists, nor their critics. Both groups share a rather strange, to me anyway, belief that natural rights, to be meaningful, need to “exist” somewhere; that they are something that we apprehend, not create; that they are independent of us. Many of the religious types assert that moral law, which is related to natural rights, must have been decreed by God to be binding. More “enlightened” philosophers openly mock the idea. I understand the appeal and strength of the idea but find it, ultimately, uncompelling. I see natural rights as the product of the human mind, but it is no less “natural” for being so. We are part of the natural world and most of us are social creatures, even if we are hermits. Few can meet their needs existing as the mythical “atomistic individual” that we libertarians supposedly are. Natural rights provide a foundation for human flourishing and cooperation, and serve as a check on the desires of the “planners” in our midst. As such, natural rights complement our nature.


      • Evenin’ Jeremy!

        Don’t you just love how all of these utopian schemes/political philosophies- be they Utilitarianism or Democracy, whatever, which do not acknowledge absolute individual rights, always have “someone else” determining what the “greatest good” is- be it a group of voters, or some “social planner” or chairman or king…..and really, the only technicality separating them being labeled dictatorships(Which is what they are, as soon as they impose the will of another on even one dissenting person) is that the ones doing the dictating are a group or council or political organization?!

      • Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy.

        Please report to Room 101.

        I’m afraid that it is time you learn that 2+2=5. (Or is it 3?)

        Your disdain for Magnus Frater (or any of the 70 genders du jour) knows no bounds.


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