Reader Question: The Fatal Word?

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Here’s the latest reader reader question, along with my reply!

Graham writes: This WuFlu and the U.S. culture has gone too far to fix. The US made a fatal mistake in 1776 and 1787.

The Constitution and its 25 amendments are a bogus series of words on a piece of paper. Moses tried that with only 10 and achieved nothing. The American Myth which has allowed the government to slowly usurp all of American culture is only one thing: “Equality.” Not a single American is equal, they all have different heights, weights, arithmetical abilities, endurance abilities, thinking abilities, money handling abilities and every other “attribute” which people have.

The government has very subtly taken over the puppet strings which promise equality for all the puppets. We all have to be equally “safe” – and the list goes on. This has led to an equal lowest common denominator for the culture. The only system which could now work for the U.S. as its culture declines is controlled inequality. This is the human reality. You well know we have 30 million of one group and 40 million of another group, never mind a few other unnamed activist groups demanding a tenuous “equality,” instead of going out and doing equal things. The government’s selling point to the people, (which is totally ludicrous) is that legislation can bring equality.

It seems apparent that the more they legislate the worse it get. WuFlu is a Political-Virus. There have been worse, but no Social Media to expose any politician or leader who did not act “immediately” no matter how stupid the reaction.

This entire WuFlu game has been advanced by talking heads, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other media. I cannot find any true science before or even now with the reality of the “pandemic.”

Now we have to live through the really frightening aftermath where all the leaders cover their mistake. We will be socially inconvenienced for a long time to come. Eighty percent of positives have no symptoms; 80 percent come out of hospital. There is no Armageddon in that. Equality again: All the statistics show the chances of an “average” person getting sick or dying are low. Yes, sure some of them will get sick and even die. Yet they isolated all the working “average” people and destroyed the economy. That sounds like insanity to me. (yes! but everybody deserves “equal” protection”).

Here in the Philippines we have had the most draconian lockdown one can imagine. Population 110 million 700 died, and knowing what I know of the system they were not even from WuFlu.

Weather – average temperature 80+ for a virus that likes the cold. Twelve hours a day sunlight, when Vitamin D is a Known prophylactic. I am still on “General” Lockdown – anybody under 20 or over 58. Our moron, as will your moron, claim they “saved” us.

My reply: Jefferson and the boys erred badly when they implied that people are equal as opposed to having equal rights; to be treated equally by the law. But in the 18th century, “equality” connoted just that – which is why they used that word. The definition of which quickly expanded – while Jefferson and the boys were still alive – in France, during the revolution over there. That was when “equality” became literally equality. All men the same – and (logically) all outcomes must be “equal,” too – else unjust.

That poison seeped into Western civilization generally, with the results you’ve described and which we see all around us.

Your point in re the WuFlu is very incisive. Despite the obvious fact that the virus is not a mortal threat to almost everyone, because it is a threat to a few we must all be treated equally. It is merely an elaboration of the idea that no one may drive faster than say 55 because there are people who cannot do so competently. Ergo, everyone must be treated . . . equally.

Incidentally, I do not think the people behind this are morons. I think they are brilliant. They have finally found the means by which to terrify and so enslave two-thirds of the herd while turning the herd against the third who are awake enough to not be terrified.

Things are going to get hairy.

. . .

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  1. “ Incidentally, I do not think the people behind this are morons. I think they are brilliant. ”

    I’m amazed it took so long to finally happen.

  2. Yup. Egalitarianism is certainly the bane of our existence.

    I liken our downfall to periodontal disease. We’re in the advanced stage – tooth loss. Sadly, those teeth cannot come back. And that putrid odor from the bacteria that moved in……


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