Reader Question: Steemit?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Nick asks: I am wondering why you don’t post your articles on and that way you can make money while people read and vote on your articles? I think the site needs a person like you there for vehicles and politics on the industry. Sorry this wasn’t really a question but just some one wondering why you would not take advantage of something like that especially if you use Facebook or twitter or Instagram, etc.

My reply: I don’t use social media except to post links back to here.

I know nothing about this steemit thing; but my general rule is to publish my stuff here because it’s under my editorial control. If I put my articles on someone else’s site, they become effectively that site’s material – under their control. Then I am subject to being deleted or deplatformed or whatever you want to call it – at their whim. This is intolerable. And that’s why I pay a hefty sum to maintain my own server as well as what it takes to keep this site up.

Because it’s mine.

And in a way, it’s yours also. Because unlike these faceless, who-the-hell-knows who runs them sites – you can reach me directly. You can ask me questions – as here – and you can appeal to me over some technical issue with the site and I will respond, to you.

It’s a cozy relationship; it’s also a real relationship – and it cuts out the Big Tech companies, which to me is of incalculable value.

Hopefully to you as well!

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  1. Answering to yourself only is the very thing that has made so many things of great value in the world.

    When you work for someone else, you Never get carte blanche. Eventually, you will be censored on something someone doesn’t agree with no matter if they’re wrong. This is one of the Few site I read that somebody doesn’t censor in some way and just almost the only site without clickbait and I wouldn’t mind clickbait…..if it were ever honest.

    You see something that looks like it might be good but when you scroll for page after page with the same thing being said time and time again you know they’re building you up(after all, you might have an hour invested in just reading)to rip you off. Oh wait, don’t go, we have a “special offer” for you if you just won’t close us out. Of course it’s the same offer at the end every time. gag gag

  2. It’s a shame more writers/bloggers/columnists don’t figure out that they can roll their own sites. DK if they are afraid to try, afraid of screwing up, or afraid of passing the hat. Likely a combination of all three.

    • I’d imagine the cost would be prohibitive for most.. I agree with ya though! It is great to have a place to participate without having to sign in or link social media.. there is NO click bait here. Eric under promises and over delivers! this site reminds me of the olden internet days, for this I thank you, eric.

      • My pleasure, Nunya!

        PS: You would not believe the number of “offers” I get every day to accept money for “guest posts” – i.e., clickbait ads disguised as articles, written by some hack “churnalist.” I tell them to chew fish heads…

    • Hi RK,

      Part of it is that most writers – including me – prefer to just write. We are by nature flaky artists and flaky artists don’t do well in straight jobs – like running a business. It’s also a lot of work – something many writers shy away from, if they can avoid it. I’m doing at least quintuple duty here: Write the articles, edit the articles; then format and publish them. Also deal with the marketing/business side. Keep track of people who support the site and mail them magnets and coasters.

      Back in the day – when I worked for a big newspaper – all I had to do was write. Three columns a week – and the rest was handled by others. The crazy thing is I got paid easily three times as much to do a third of the work I now do!

      On the upside, I answer to a really understanding editor!


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