Reader Question: Ernest Angley?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Richard asks: I read and enjoy your articles all the time (including your latest, referencing Ernest Angley).

I do hope, though, that you believe that Jesus is Lord.

My reply: I grew up watching ol’ Ernest on the TeeVee, listening to him heaaaa-uhl people who put their hands on the TeeVee. No one – except perhaps Benny Hinn – dos it better than Ernest! Who, by the way, is still doing his thing at 97. Jesus  keeps his hair a lustrous black – and the fuel tanks of his 747 (yes, really) full!

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  1. I meant to mention this yesterday but the wife was watching this long doc about televangelists and it started with Ernest and then went on down the line as they came along. The were all in Texas and they all did the same things, lied lied lied. We finally find out a company that printed stuff for one did it for all eventually and even took over sending the various things they’d send to people like a drawing of one of the evangelist feet and then you draw your own and send $5 back with it. Every stupid con you couldn’t ever think of….or at least I couldn’t. They showed bank records where they took in about half a mil every day

    Of course they had their flock(herd)work for nothing and less since they’d work and then send their own money. A couple got busted and dropped out of site. Jim and Tammy drugged their way to heaven.

    Back in the early 80’s it was up at 4:30 every morning and we’d watch Jim And Tammy since they were on at the time. It became obvious Jim was not on the cocaine train, he was the engineer and Tammy varied from coke to Valium and the mix of the two but Jim needed to be “up” so every day it looked like sparks were flying off his teeth and Tammy vacillated up and down according to how much coke and valium she took. The could sing and then really boo hoo hoo when she had a good load of valium and I’m sure, enough coke to keep her standing.

    Heritage Village was their downfall. We had a lot of friends we saw during the workday and we’d all compare notes as to how much of what drug each had had that morning. Jim was famous for say “God wants you to have diamonds and gold, he wants you to have expensive suits and clothes etc.”. Then he’d talk about his latest trip to Nieman Marcus. He wasn’t cutting any corners and “god” was sure filling his coffers. Earnest never gave up anything to an interviewer and don’t know if he ever was actually interviewed since he’d try to take it over and put the blame on the interviewer for not being one of “gods children”.


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