Elitist Vehicles

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Everyone knows about EVs – electric vehicles. But EVs are also something else:

Elitist Vehicles.

The least expensive EVs costs a lot of green – $30,000 to start for the Nissan Leaf; several thousand more for the next-up Tesla3 ($35,000)  and Chevy Bolt ($36,620) and way up from there.

The typical new EV sells for south of $50,000. PLus another couple thousand for a “fast” charger, so you can wait 30-45 minutes to get going again rather than all day.

The average person can’t afford this – in money or time. But he is forced to subsidize this, which is an interesting thing given the hardest pushers of EVs are affluent liberals – who used to be people who feigned concern about the economic troubles of the average person.

Now they pick his pockets to fatten theirs.

And no one seems to be angry about this.

At one time, the left championed the average man and bemoaned the exploitation thereof by “fat cat capitalists.” Today, the left worships crony capitalism – and defends the exploitation of average people by billionaires like Elon Musk.

But not just him.

It’s them.

Anyone who can afford to buy any new car with a sticker price of $30k or higher – which is twice the sticker price of a non-Elitist Vehicles such as a new Corolla or equivalent – doesn’t need (a favorite term of the left) help from the government to afford it.

Yet the government does help them afford it – by forcing those who can’t afford it to subsidize it.

Also the nascent network of Elitist Vehicle “fast” charging hubs, which are being financed not by private businesses who see an opportunity to make money from it but by government (and crony capitalists) who see another opportunity – to take money.

Even without the subsidies, though, EVs are inherently elitist vehicles in the same way that any very expensive car is, by definition. These EVs just happen to be electric, which is almost beside the point.

And there’s nothing wrong, as such, with expensive cars, electric or otherwise.

Or with elitism, as such. Some people are better natural athletes than others; some are better looking; others work harder and are more creative or inventive and earn more money or achieve greater success.

But unless they deny others the opportunity to achieve the same degree of success (or even greater success) on the steam of their merits, there’s nothing morally despicable about such elitism.

Elitist Vehicles – the electric ones – are morally despicable.

Not only because their perverse elitism is paid for by money mulcted from others but because the end goal is a world in which only the Es have Vs – because Affordable Vehicles (AFs) will have been done away with.

Politically – as well as economically.

Economically, via the pincer movement of Elitist Vehicles that average people who can’t afford them are forced to subsidize, thereby reducing the economic power of the average person to afford any vehicle at all.

Politically, by illegalizing vehicles (via the elliptical route of regulations) that aren’t EVs – thereby forcing average people out of vehicles, period.

The first arm of the pincer is already well-established. Billions have been mulcted from average people and funneled into the pockets of elitists such as Elon Musk and everyone who drives one of his Elitist Vehicles. But also the Elitist Vehicles manufactured by companies such as Nissan and GM and – soon – the rest of the car industry, which will make them because they’re being forced to make them.

Which will make it necessary to force people to buy them.

Which is already happening in Europe – via “exclusion zones” where only Elitist Vehicles are permitted to operate, rendering non-EVs functionally useless, even though they function just fine (function better than EVs) and by outright bans on the future manufacturer/sale of non-Elitist Vehicles, which have been enacted in the UK and Germany.

This will inevitably happen here – because it must.

So long as average people are still allowed to drive Affordable Vehicles, they will continue to do so – even if they wanted to drive EVs. Paraphrasing a famous line spoken once by His Rotundity John Adams, economic facts are stubborn things.

Talk up the virtues (and signaling) about EVs until the Earth stops spinning and the sun goes dark. At the end of that very long day, if people can’t afford something – a car or otherwise – they cannot buy that something.

No matter how “green” it is. Or isn’t.

Of course, the elitists pushing EVs could decide to help the average man afford an EV on the AOC model of Free Everything – but then it would no longer be an EV.

And that would be a problem far more serious than “climate change,” which is an imaginary problem ginned up to address the problem of elitists mulcting average people to finance their virtue signaling.

The real problem – for which EVs are the solution – is one of mobility. How to restrict and control it for the sake of the elites. To get the average people out of vehicles – at least vehicles of their own.

The elites will still have theirs, of course.

Understand this – and you understand it all.

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  1. This whole libturd-sponsored EV craze, sponsored by the Government, that, as Eric puts it, “mulcting” taxes from we mundanes whom aren’t “enlightened” as the “elites” are, should be the wake-up call to freedom-loving Americans that their way of life and their FREEDOM is under threat, not by the “Gawd-Less Commie Rats”, or the “Ragheads that ‘hate’ America”, but by these elitists and their Krony Kapitalist Konspirators.

    Another reason why I favor pre-1976 vehicles, largely w/o smog (as even “Commiefornia” doesn’t require a smog-check for pre-76 vehicles, so, “shhhh”, don’t give ’em any ‘ideers’) is that not only do they generally represent the correct balance of technology vs. simplicity and MAINTAINABILITY, they also hearken back to the days of FREEDOM…when ultimately, though the “Big Three” (AMC would temporarily join their ranks until gobbled up by (anti)Chrysler in 1987…) were ALREADY lobbying the corrupt gang in the “District of Criminals” to enact ‘regulations’ in the interests of S-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E and “smog control”, which had the incidental effect of taking out the last smaller competitors like Studebaker and Packard (which had joined in the mid-1950s, a move that merely delayed the inevitable), but was also, at the time, a further response to fend off VW and the rise of Toyota and Datsun (Mazda was a virtual unknown, and Honda sold only ‘motor-siccles’ in the USA, who’ve thunk it?) after LBJ’s so-called “chicken tax” failed to stem the tide of simple, inexpensive compact cars that a large enough segment of the population WANTED.


    The whole point was, what the car-buying public WANTED. Not some ‘activist’, especially not some ditzy Latina broad whom, I will give her, at least did SOME honest work by bartending and waiting tables before she found politics (presumably after she was having troubles finding that magic $150K-a-year job, gee, I wonder WHY…). Imo, AOC has but two uses for that mouth full of buck teeth…one is to supply nourishment for herself…and the OTHER sure as hell ain’t speaking! It’s not to “virtue signal” by satisfying some idiot who has no realistic concepts of engineering and/or economics, and utterly lacks common sense altogether, that one is driving a ‘sustainable’ vehicle. For many, it was simply transportation, IAW what they NEEDED…and for some, whom had the means, MORE than mere transportation, but DRIVING…IN STYLE, and with a ride that was FUN. When you get right down to it, your garden-variety Dummycrat is a walking, talking BUZZKILL…and they want to spread the misery to the rest of us with their nutty ideas.

    • Nice Rant. 1976 is awfully late though. Curved glass and excessive plastic makes them hard to keep using. For simple/free/maintainable indefinitely you need mostly to look at early 1950’s stuff.

  2. I use to read the establishment auto-press for the reviews and specs, nowadays it’s “Everyone gets a participation” comparos (R/T), or they’re pushing click baits and salivating over EV’s and Hybrids and stating how this twin-hyper-clutch 15 speed auto-semi-whatever is better than manual and play a small violin over us no longer getting it before dumping on it

    What a shame, hopefully they go the way of the Dino’s, tired of this EV push by the globalists and stuff

    • I didn’t get past the first sentence or two. Then I looked at the publisher and the byline, and no wonder. It’s the Atlantic, a notoriously lefty publication, and the piece was written by a woman who’s no doubt a libtard herself

    • Women, but especially lesbians, have always wanted to feminize the male. I’m sad to say they’ve largely SUCCEEDED in the USA.

      Don’t get me started on why the rise of female-run households, thanks to divorce, insane laws re: support, and the acceptance of illegitimacy has resulted in a generation of faggotized males, whether they’re actually “peter puffers” or not. Not only is the whininess utterly grating, it’s also given rise to too may young fellows that have no self-reliance or practical problem-solving skills, or even the willingness to work with one’s hands and/or put in a long day of honest, back-breaking TOIL. No, these perpetual effeminate adolescents want everything handed to them.

      But maybe that’s exactly what our J-O-O would-be “masters” want in their goyim cattle! Which is easier to herd, a bunch of STEERS, or BULLS? You shouldn’t have to grow up in “Cow Country” to figure that one out!

    • Obviously, acceptance is no longer good enough for the LGBT community. Now they demand everyone to join their putrid, vile, disgusting cult. And that’s putting it lightly.

  3. I see them all over Aspen. Almost guaranteed that they are all second (third/fourth/fifth) cars. The marketing department bought a few e-vehicles for pool vehicles. I’m friends with the facilities manager who told me the public charging station installed in the office parking lot required a 400 A service.

    I get that you have to start somewhere, and often the new technology is going to be less than the existing incumbent’s tech. Think mainframes vs personal computers in the 1970s. The computing power per watt in a PC was horrendous when compared to a mainframe, but that wasn’t the point. I really would like an electric car, for no other reason than I could charge it when parked in my garage. But that’s it. I could get some trips done without a charge, but far fewer than the average American because the closest decent grocery store is 20 miles away and it just gets worse from there. And the other thing is that even though new technology might cost more on one metric, it needs to be exponentially cheaper overall, not more expensive.

  4. Prices make no sense.

    Just got an offer from an out-of-state broker for a well-equipped Tacoma (MSRP ~$40,000) 2 year/24k miles total lease for ~$300/month, zero else due at signing (taxes/tags/dealer fees/etc. all rolled into the monthly payment)…free maintenance, turn in to any dealer at end of lease with zero disposition fee.

    So WTH would I buy a $40,000 EV equivalent in size to a subcompact sedan?

    • Amen, Bill –

      There is no economic case to be made for any EV – which is why the “sell” is always how green or cool or quick they are.

  5. In the Electric Zombie zone reading Zerohedge article this AM about a 9 passenger Propeller Electric plane capable of a 600 mile range at 270mph. They haven’t even test flown the thing yet and are saying some carrier is already buying them. Snake oil salesmen,,, all of them!

    • If there was truly a 9-passenger aircraft that had the performance you cited, not having an ICE or a jet/turbine engine (e.g, avgas or JP is consumed), methinks the military would and should already have a light attack aircraft and/or a well-armed drone, as such an aircraft would likely be whisper silent and give off NO heat signature (therefore, be invulnerable to heat-seeking missiles like the Sidewinder or AA-2 “Atoll”).

      This alone should set off the “Bullshit” alarm. It’s a nice thing, but so is the Millenium Falcon’s hyperdrive, enough that even a ditzy (but eminently fuckable) teenaged girl, having spent her life as a scavenger on a desert planet, be able to not only PILOT the damned thing but also readily repair it in-flight. For that matter, how her ostensible grand-mother, while heavily pregnant with her father and aunt, and in serious emotional distress, could safely pilot the equivalent of a spacefaring yacht halfway across the Star War galaxy (assumed to be as large as the Milky Way) with only the assistance of a flighty, gold-colored droid with a “Gay” chip.

  6. Western Whites are now just mentally retarded dunning-kruger children that demand mommy-n-daddy government steal everything for them. EV is for the Chillllll-dren!

    • At another website, The Retardz are bitching about the evils of plastic straws.
      These are chronological adults without the self-awareness that they are retarded.
      They can’t even comprehend simple chemistry and the simple properties of Ethylene…But they are so sure of themselves!

      • You have to understand they were worse than not taught, they were mistaught.

        The educational system is designed to kill the desire for independent learning and then mis-educate them. After childhood the mainstream media takes over.

        With regards to plastic pollution, what they are aiming to fix, the problem is not from the USA. The USA has the waste issue under control. Is there a small amount that could be taken care of? Sure. But the horrific issues are the result of practices in poor countries and China.

  7. One wonders if the lemmings will ever have the guts to fight this? So far it doesn’t look promising. The Gullibles just let them continue! Look at Oregon,,, the Republicans refuse to come to the legislature to prevent them from having a quorum. They have the police out to round them up! All the Republicans wanted was for the bill to be presented for a vote by the people but nooooooooooo,,, they know it wouldn’t pass.

    I can’t figure out why there are not thousands of angry citizens surrounding the legislature building. Nope,,, they just laugh about it…..

  8. Tesla pays for their own charging network; they put it in to allow people to take road trips with their EVs. I don’t know who put in the other charging stations though. Since I drive an ICEV, I don’t concern myself with charger locations…


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