Would You Still Want to Drive . . .

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What if you had to obey – to the letter – every single traffic law, from no-right-on red to no-passing if the pass requires “speeding,” even a little bit? How about no “speeding,” ever? You drive the speed limit, period.

No faster, ever.

Imagine your car enforcing traffic laws – by not allowing you to ignore them. Well, that’s coming. In fact, it’s already here, in bits and pieces that will likely all be coming together. In order to make most of us not want to drive anymore – much less make monthly payments for the privilege.

Might as well just wait for a ride. It amounts to the same thing – sans the monthly payment. Oops. There will still be a payment – per the ride. But at least you won’t have to bother with a driver’s license anymore – although you will still be obliged to get and renew your national ID card and biometric identifiers, so that you can be scanned and debited per each ride.

You’ll need that ID to be allowed to buy cough syrup, too.

Sound dark? It’s very real. And – as I have said – bits and pieces are already here, with more to come and soon all to be networked together. What do you suppose Advanced Driver Assistance Technology is? What do you suppose is implied by the term? If the driver needs assistance then arguably he ought not to be driving, at all.

Per Red Dragon, we are privy to a great becoming. And just like the victims in the movie, none of us asked to be part of it.

Yet, curiously, we all are. At least, everyone is who has bought a new car since about five years ago – when all-of-a-sudden these “assistance technologies” became standard features in practically every new vehicle. Italics added to highlight the most relevant fact. These “technologies” were not offered to buyers as an option. That is to say, available to those who wanted them. More finely, those who did not want them were stuck with them – unless they elected not to buy the car.

Just like ASS – the aptly a acronymed term for the “technology” that automatically shuts off a vehicle’s engine every time the vehicle stops moving – as for a red light. Along with the engine, engine-driven accessories such as the AC also shut off. You may have noticed how the breeze suddenly goes warm. Then noticed – when the light goes green and you take your foot off the brake – that the engine chuffs back to life. After a brief but noticeable pause. Which results in a brief but noticeable wait before the car goes.

I know of no one who likes ASS. Who would have checked the option box for ASS. Yet ASS is a de facto standard “feature” in pretty much every new vehicle, too. As is Lane Keep Assist, Automatic Emergency Braking Assist, Speed Limit Assist and several other iterations of “advanced” driver assistance “technology.” The air fingers quote marks to make a point about how the terms are used to make something cloying and insulting come across as cutting-edge and high-tech.

Well, that’s true about the latter. It takes a lot of tech to take the driver out of the equation. And that, of course, is why all of this “assistance” tech is all-of-sudden embedded in every new car. Not offered – like a wheelchair lift, say. For people who need assistance getting in and out of a vehicle. Made standard. Because they want to “assist” you, alright – from the left seat into the right seat.

No more doing anything except what is allowed. Because the car’s “technology” won’t allow it. If you think that won’t happen, think again. There are already “calls” – as it’s often put when a totalitarian demands – for electronic speed limiters, which is precisely what the “technology” styled “speed limit assistance technology” is ultimately there to do. It knows how fast you are driving. It knows how fast you’re allowed to drive. It has the technology to slow you down. It just hasn’t been fully enabled – yet.

It will be.

So also other “technology,” which will be styled – is already styled – “drowsy driver” or (better yet) “impaired driver” technology. The better to shame you into accepting this “assistance.”

Probably, you won’t need assistance to make this transition. Because once they fully enable all of this “technology,” you will probably want to give up on driving – which will become a stultifying, tortuous ordeal as well as a burdensome one. At least when you become a rider – and pay for the privilege – you won’t have to deal with housing and maintaining a vehicle anymore. Just tie your smartphone app to your CBDC account and you’ll be automatically debited.

No fuss, no muss.

. . .

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  1. Three years ago I bought a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan Se. It will, in all likelihood be my last vehicle purchase.
    I use my van to haul my airplanes to and from the club field. Yes, I build and fly model planes. I may end up using it for bugging out when the SHTF but that’s for another story.
    My van would be considered low tech as it doesn’t have any aforementioned tracking gizmos or anti speeder or anything else. The auto shut off and restart has to be one of the goofiest, dumbest ideas yet although it fits perfectly inside the mindset of the female liberal moral scolds and leftist control freaks.
    By the way, my first vehicle was a 1967 Chevy window van with 283 V8, three onna tree and posi trac. God, how I loved that van.

    Of course “they” don’t want a mobile society. A mobile society means freedom and that’s the last thing the WEF and liberal Bolsheviks desire. Just consider what their goal is and just how they intend to implement it. Controlling your movement is just part of their agenda.

  2. How your car’s black box rats you out:

    ‘Just after 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12, a 2024 Chevrolet Corvette rear-ended [Michael Clark’s] Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the eastbound HOV lane of US 60 near Dobson Road [in Mesa, Arizona]. Troopers say Clark then hit the concrete wall and was thrown from his bike.

    ‘Rachel Berg pulled over and tried to perform CPR, but Clark died at the scene. She reportedly told troopers that she tried to stop when she spotted the motorcycle but couldn’t slow down in time.

    ‘Investigators were granted a warrant the next day to download information from the Corvette’s airbag [sic] control module. The data showed the Corvette was traveling at a speed of 155 mph five seconds before the crash and 87 miles per hour at the time of the collision with Clark’s motorcycle.

    ‘Berg was arrested on Monday and booked on one count of reckless manslaughter.’


    More likely speed data was downloaded from the Engine Control Module, which receives input from the wheel speed sensor.

    But the point stands: your car’s black box is keeping an electronic record, which may serve to incriminate you.

    • Another bad part of all that is that certain companies are collecting the driving data of the owner or who ever is driving the vehicle and forwarding it to your insurance company. which means anytime you drive over the speed limit or what ever infraction you commit is sent to the insurer.
      Your driving habits are now being tracked and duly noted by your insurance company and who knows who else? The cops? A political ladder climbing D.A.?

  3. Buy an EV…feel ill….lol

    EV owners complain of MOTION SICKNESS.

    EV driver’s and their pets are getting motion sickness…and puking….because of their EV…like planes they should come with barf bags…lol

    Going zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds is very unpleasant…making people feel ill, uncomfortable…and with no sound connected it throws people off balance…it is disorienting…this is the real reason they are adding sound to EV’s….

    The only feature they have to push EV’s is 0 to 60 mph time…it is in every ad…..now it turns out it makes people puke….lol….

    The regenerative braking is also making people feel ill, uncomfortable, annoyed…it is like heavy braking….speed up then brake hard…then repeat….over and over….

    Tesla also have a bad suspension system…..it has a nasty vertical up and down motion over bumps….making people feel ill, uncomfortable….

    EV’s also give off an enormous electromagnetic field….harming/making passengers sick….

    There is nothing good about EV’s…..that is why they push them….turn people off cars completely….


    • The slave owners say……

      Car enthusiasts….slaves love their cars?….we will fix that…we will force EV’s on them….the biggest cluster fuck ever invented….that will turn them off permanently……

  4. Automatic speed limit enforcement?
    Certainly the biggest red line.
    Guaranteed to find a way around it (or be murdered).

    • It’ll never happen. Minor speeding tickets are a huge source of REVENUE for municipalities and states. The last thing they want is for driving to actually improve. Same as when stricter DUI enforcement, including getting repeat offenders off the road, began to reduce DUI arrests/convictions. Response? “Drugged” driving, “Buzzed” driving, and even “sleepy” driving enforcement…yep, several legislatures proposed making driving while TIRED the same level of criminal offense as driving while intoxicated.

      • If the Feds are successful at mandating speed limiters and breathalyzers in vehicles, that will eliminate DUI and DWI tickets, and the speeding tickets, as well, since you will not be “allowed” to go faster than the posted speed limit. Whoops, there goes the state/counties revenue source (one of them). But, knowing how stupid the power that be are, they will not realize this until they figure out how much money they were losing passing out such tickets. They always were good at chopping off their nose to spite their faces. But, I think the not being able to speed is going to piss off enough people (only 55 in BFE? Ugh), that there will be a way to disable such technology without destroying or disabling the rest of the vehicle, and pity the gov’t fool that says the plebs cannot do so.

  5. I’d imagine gangs riding around in a 1988 Buick Centuries rolling up on these self driving cars, stopping them by jamming their brakes, getting out and robbing and murdering people in their 2044 Social Credit Mobility Enhancer 3000 1040EZ Edition.

    • Lo Teks

      “Low technique, low technology, they’d think that shotgun trick of yours was effete.”

      Lo Teks are a tribe who reside in The Pit, the levels above Nighttown. They were black marketeers.

      Despite their low-technology lifestyle, they apparently had access to immuno-suppressive, as some of them transplanted tooth-bud canines from Dobermans. Their aesthetics were centered around dog teeth, scars and tattoos.

      They have a ritual Killing Floor where they dance under some music, which is supposedly intended only for themselves. It is perhaps the only place where they use electricity.

      They communicate with long taut cords, tied to eyebolts, and vanish into the distance. Plucking them in some pattern or code, directs a message around their territory. They sleep in mesh hammocks that hang above the chaos of Nighttown.


  6. Please … make it stop:

    ‘Decades after helping establish Houston’s reputation as the Energy Capital of the World, oil and gas giant Shell is shifting its focus. The company recently published its Energy Transition Strategy 2024 report and announced it will be getting rid of about 1,000 gas stations over the next two years and funneling resources to expanding services for electric vehicles (EVs), journalist Suvrat Kothari wrote for InsideEVs.

    “We aim to increase the number of public charge points we operate to around 200,000 by 2030, from around 54,000 today,” executives wrote in the report. They cited Shell’s vast global network of service stations as a major competitive advantage. “We have other competitive advantages, such as our convenience retail offering which allows us to offer our customers coffee, food and other convenience items as they charge their cars.”

    “Our target to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 remains at the heart of our strategy,” the report stated.’


    Stupid Europeans. Get on your bikes and ride back to London where you came from. I don’t have no EeeVee … and I’m not buying Hostess Twinkies, Doritos and Caca Cola from your stinking convenience store neither.

    • > allows us to offer our customers coffee, food and other convenience items
      Perhaps to include a “full release latte” in certain jurisdictions, eh?*
      *Some restrictions may apply

    • Shell is delusional. Nobody, and I mean nobody, goes to Shell for their food and coffee.

      I appreciate Shell giving us a heads up on their new lofty goal to see the average citizen back in a horse and buggy carriage. I will be damned if I spend another dollar with the bastards. Let’s help them meet their goal early! I vote for Budweisering their ass. I hear Buc-ee’s is looking to expand. Do we need some additional Wawas? Sheetz could probably use some new locations.

      • Yep. They are not the only ones. They have just stated it out load. XOM is doing the same thing, more subtly. On my Meta Facebook feed, I often saw feeds stating that they are interested in being carbon neutral until they quit sending me them. I always chimed in that I could give a shit less.

        I’m with you. I mainly buy my gas from Sams club and Chevron. Chevron hasn’t been nearly as vocally stupid. Sheetz, Wawa, and Bucees are alternatives, though I have problems with Buccees. They are doing business like a world envisioned by 1980’s Repblican RINOs using the court system and lawfare to stifle any competition and hopes for normal people to survive in the gas station business gifted long ago to Indian shop “owners.” The truth is, they got absolute advantage from “clean water” rules from the Bush 41 administration back in 1989. That bastard knew what he was doing.

  7. Have been looking for a new or used car and have noticed also that every car from roughly 2017 forward has ‘keyless’ entry with no place to use a ‘key’ to open the door and no ‘key’ with the car just a fob. Another way IMO for someone other than the car owner to control the car beyond just driving. Go to a political gathering the ‘party’ disapproves can’t use you car next time keyless entry inactive. Will keep my work horse 1990s suburban regardless of whether I purchase one of the techno traps.

    • That is one thing that I made sure to look for in my newer vehicle. Yes, it has the FOB (could not get away without having that), but it is not a push-button ignition, for one. Which I did not want. But also, I can unlock the door using an “old fashioned” key, if need be. If I attended a political gathering, I would be just paranoid enough to park my vehicle in a general grocery store parking lot, and then take a taxi ride from there and back to the gathering. The powers that be would not be able to (initially) figure out what my vehicle was. Not right away, that is.

    • I agree, JustPassingThru –

      I despise complexity for its own sake – and that’s what these fobs are. How hard is it to unlock a door? To turn a key in the ignition switch? Is being able to push a button worth paying multiple times the $10 or so it takes to get a new key cut? To have to (in many cases) go to a dealer to get the fob programmed? No thanks. I’ll stick with physical things and mechanical things over electronic things.

      • i can’t stand key fobs for another reason. Who the hell wants to have keys taking up space in your pocket when they could be in a keyhole in the dash. For those who say you could place your keyfob in the center console, what if you take a corner too fast? Or what if your kid grabs it at throws it out the window?

        Of course assholes in the auto industry don’t think of that.

        With the “immobilizer systems” in cars built since at least 2001, physical keys aren’t what they used to be, but physical key is far better than some key fob designed for “women” by effeminate men in the “car industry.”

        • It does make one wonder? That is, if real men-that is, non-effeminate men-actually made the vehicles these days, I dare say we would still have 8-cylider engines, and none of this safety crap none of us want. I would not discount all women, SwampRat. Not all of them are stupid Feminists, but yeah, get those fools out of the way, too. And the Feds, too! My Lord, just go away lady, if you hate men (and muscle cars) so badly. There are more than enough men (and real women) who will take your place, and would love having an old, 8-cylinder, no safety sh** vehicle, and not care too much about the gas mileage. Aaah, I can dream, I suppose.

  8. Automotive News tells of murky maneuverings in America’s Sovietized auto market — which apparently is being run behind the scenes by Commiefornia’s satanic CARB entity:

    ‘Retailers in 36 states that haven’t adopted emissions rules set by the California Air Resources Board could get the Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe only when they had buyers waiting. It was the opposite story in the other 14 [CARB] states, where dealers couldn’t get gasoline-powered models unless a specific customer wanted to order one.

    ‘This week CARB said Stellantis will comply with California’s zero-emission light-duty vehicle sales requirements through 2030 even if the board can’t enforce its standards as a result of judicial or federal action.

    ‘Stellantis said it has pledged to strengthen its electrification offensive with more education for U.S. consumers and dealers on the benefits of EVs. The push includes collaborating with an outside company that promotes EV awareness, providing discounted EVs to charities in disadvantaged communities, and contributing $10 million toward public charger installations.’


    Can you spell ‘shakedown’? By the far the most noxious provision of this ‘contract signed under duress’ is the mandatory brainwashing on ‘benefits [sic] of EeeVees.’

    I am going to find out the identity of Stellantis’s ‘EV awareness’ consultant and slang the shit out of them. Meanwhile, no one should do business with stinking, com-symp collaborators like Stellantis.

    • AHA — Stellantis’s new EV-shill partner is Veloz, according to CBT News. Here’s a rogue’s gallery of the Veloz board, which includes members from Ford, GM, BMW, and Audi — plus (surprise!) electric utilities and EV charger companies.


      Who funds these greasy, sleazy manipulators of public opinion? Newsom.

      ‘In 2022, Veloz was awarded a $2.5 million California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s (GO-Biz) ZEV Consumer Awareness Grant to fund the latest Electric For All consumer education campaign, while bringing partner organizations together in an effort to further their local work in the EV space. Additional funding was provided by Veloz members.’

      EeeVee propaganda: made in Commiefornia.

      Imo f*** dem up.

      • I read about all the leaders at VELOZ and wow they sure have some educated people on board. These are apparently the people who decide on how we are going to live.
        There sure are a lot equity, diversity and inclusiveness people there. They want to save us, well I don’t need any saving especially from pukes like these. Fuck them all.
        I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.

        • ‘wow they sure have some educated people on board’ — europeasant

          Venal people, too — pigs at the public trough, lining their pockets at our expense.

          I signed up for the Veloz email list, so I can monitor what they are up to, and systematically undermine it. State-subsidized agitprop just lights my frickin’ fuse. Stellantis is now paying protection money to the Veloz mafia, for the privilege to stock and sell cars without interference.

          ‘Nice dealership you got here … what a shame if something were to happen to it.’ — Veloz enforcer

  9. I want both. I want to be able to set the autopilot to get me to work safely while I s***post my rants here, but also have the option of taking manual control when desired (or required if the autopilot is overwhelmed or confused).

    Problem is, such a setup would require FAA style certification, and that’s expensive, even when spread out among thousands of units. Software must be written in high reliability languages like Ada and HAL/S, and require highly disciplined programmers who are going to lose sleep over bugs. That gets really expensive. And to get to bug-free software running on highly reliable operating systems takes a long time, which requires managers and stakeholders to be patient.

    And once that code is determined to be bug free and reliable, it MUST be frozen in place. No adding fun new features, no upgrading hardware… that’s it. Airbus’ glass cockpit still runs an old version of Windows NT.

    No way that’s a viable business model. What we’re going to get will be a EULA and lawyered up mess that the marketing department hypes up as “intelligent driving” but will give up in anything less than perfect driving conditions.

  10. If you live in Colombia, Peru or Brazil, chances are you will ride a motorcycle or walk like the natives do. You cross the Amazon with a boat, if you want to get to the other side.

    There are also three-wheeled motorcycle taxis with a canvas roof.

    If you are driving a car in the US, you have an advantage, you are inside the car.

    Hold on, you will drive how we tell you to drive from now on.

    Mighty cold weather for this time of year. The record high was set in 1939 at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Overnight low was 15 degrees F this morning is 58 degrees lower than the record high. In other words, every year since March 24th it has been colder. 75 years of temps lower than March 24th 1939 is kind of important for weather trends.

    It is doubtful there is global warming. How so?

    31 US states have record high temps set in the 1930’s. Hottest years ever.

    That’s gotta be a cooling trend.

    There is a global warming hoax.

  11. It seems there is still a general lack of awareness about all of this quasi “self driving” crap they’ve been adding to cars in recent years. I would not have known anything about it had I not been reading this site. I rented a Toyota Forerunner a month or so ago while my car was in the shop. It didn’t have any of that stuff on it (not sure of the year, but as most rental places only keep cars for 2 or 3 years it couldn’t have been too old) luckily. The only annoying thing it had was automated high beams which went on and off ever few seconds as if a person with severe ADHD was operating them. I turned that feature off immediately. It did a lousy job trying to guess what was an oncoming car and differentiating that from bright street lamps, and lighting around homes.

    That said, I’d imagine a lot of people will end up with a rude awakening upon trading in or scrapping a 10 or 15 year old vehicle and buying a new one. I could not imagine driving a car that would try to fight me for control when breaking, swerving, etc. Even that Toyota was trying to blind other drivers and was driving me nuts! But at least I could actually steer it and stop it as I wished.

    And I could also imagine that a lot of people (like me and my husband, I know he wouldn’t put up with that kind of backseat driver) will find a way to reject cars that have those “features”. By either holding onto the old ride, or buying another older vehicle that’s in better shape then the one they are planning to ditch. Finally, those who are determined to buy new I predict will find ways to disable and remove these “features”.
    It wouldn’t take my husband long to find out how to do that, plus he has a friend who is a computer programmer….
    But for now we are sticking with our old car and truck, a ’14 Honda CRV and an 11′ Dodge Ram (with the Hemi you can no longer get, unless you get one from a junk yard).

    • When I bought the new vehicle I am driving now (going on 3 years old), I kept and still have my older vehicle, which is eighteen years old. I think I need to repair an A/C hose on it. Otherwise, for the mileage, it runs good. I have taken care of it over the years, and just replaced the original clutch at 219K (a record, from what I was told). It does not have the safety crap in it, no bells and whistles to shill at me, no tire nanny, and it is refreshing to drive, after being in my newer one. Yes, like you, I suspect that mechanically inclined folks will find away to disable such crap on these vehicles, so that they can drive them the way they want, and to hell with Big Brother telling us otherwise. I will continue drive, just to spite the crap out of them, because I know they would rather I (and the rest of us) not.

  12. ‘What do you suppose Advanced Driver Assistance Technology is?” — eric

    Something like this, I reckon:

    ‘One of Vermont’s historic covered bridges has fallen under threat from modern technology.

    ‘Box truck drivers relying on GPS continually crash through Lyndon’s 140-year-old Miller’s Run bridge despite signs, including a flashing one, to deter vehicles that are too tall or too heavy from crossing. Drivers can face a fine of $5,000 from the town, plus state penalties.

    ‘Still, the bridge keeps getting whacked.

    “GPS is the most general excuse that is given by drivers that do hit the bridge,” said Justin Smith, Lyndon’s municipal administrator. He says the real problem is lack of common sense.

    I swear, we could take that bridge out and not replace it and people would go in the river. It’s very frustrating to think that we are that set to what something tells us to do.


    GPS-guided human lemmings: if only Thelma and Louise had had that excuse.

  13. This sets up a great excuse to scrap all the old nonconforming older cars…they will just say they are too dangerous…are driven by outlaws…ban them…scrap them….for the greater safety of everyone…

    One step closer to slaves confined to their 15 min city/prison camp….ending all the slave’s mobility…agenda 2030…

    Better get the timing right to get rid of your old unconnected ice vehicle…..before you take a total loss….it will be illegal, unfixable, undrivable, unsaleable, the end…..

    The only upside?….you will have stronger legs….

  14. I was a bad bad girl yesterday. I am famous for ignoring stupid laws, yes, even to the point of being arrested. The older I get the bolder I become…it may have something to do about being a middle aged woman and just no longer giving a foo fah.

    Anyone who knows me is aware that I carry three things with me at all times…a hundred dollars in cash, my Amex card, and Betsy. With the way the world is I don’t expect anyone to come to my rescue. Well apparently, more and more places are becoming places where my “wireless communication device” is no longer welcomed to the point we have brought in dogs that sniff for that sort of thing. Unfortunately, Rin Tin Tin and I came about four feet from each other. Either Rin Tin Tin assumed I wasn’t a threat or his master was too busy hauling away her shoplifter to be worried about some old lady with her family.

    The technology it takes to track people is very expensive. Yes, it out there, but it isn’t something that is going to be installed anywhere and everywhere especially someplace as large as America. I am also starting to believe (maybe foolishly) that the extent of the technology that they have isn’t as capable as they would say it is.

    • Morning, RG!

      I carry the same – and definitely don’t give a flip what they think about it anymore, either. It is long past time for people with balls (of both sexes) to stop giving in to these people, especially for the (cue barfing sounds) sake of “not wanting any trouble here,” like Ned Beatty. Screw that. Screw them, too.

      • Hi Eric,

        What I can’t comprehend is why would a business advertise that they are a sitting duck? Basically, it is an announcement of “hey, come get us.” You are keeping the good people from protecting themselves and others while knowing full well the bad people (or those of us that choose to flounce certain rules) are going to ignore it.

        Honestly, I have second thoughts about walking into these establishments because my safety is at risk. Criminals disregard rules so should potential victims.

        • Hi RG,

          “What I can’t comprehend is why would a business advertise that they are a sitting duck?”

          Why did many of these same joints insist on “mask” wearing?

          It’s about ideology, not common sense. These people are not rational. They have decided that reality doesn’t matter. And that makes them insane.

          We, therefore, must assert our sanity. And – at least in VA – we still have the legal right to carry. “Store policy” doesn’t trump this. And how are they going to know whether you’re carrying, anyhow? The dog? Just stand your ground. They have no right to search you because a dog “alerts.” The worst they can do is confront you – at which point, confront them back. Tell them to get away from you. Don’t answer their questions. Tell them to FO.

          They can, of course, tell you to leave the store. But that’s all they can do. Just the same as with the “masks.”

          I actually want some dweezil to mess with me over this.

          • RE: “They have no right to search you because a dog “alerts.””

            Our overlords disagree:

            ‘Police Dogs Have Abolished Constitutional Due Process’

            … “Outside of law enforcement agencies, Supreme Court Justices have been the biggest fans of drug-sniffing dogs. The Supremes repeatedly splattered judicial holy water on “search warrants on a leash”—especially by pretending that canine searches are not really searches so why would non–drug dealers object anyhow?”…


          • >The dog? Just stand your ground
            You might remind them that if the dog bites you, the dog goes to rabies quarantine for two weeks (at least where I live it does).
            (I once was bitten by an out of control dog. “Animal Services and Enforcement,” f.k.a. “Animal Control,” detained the dog for 2 weeks “for questioning,” so to speak.)

            Is a vicious dog a threat to your safety? You damn betcha it is.
            And, by the way, the *RIGHT* of self defense is one of those “certain INALIENABLE RIGHTS” with which ALL MEN (& WOMEN) are ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR. As such, it predates and supersedes any human law.

            2A is commentary on the above, not a grant of privilege. Da gummint is NOT your CREATOR. Warbling about “militia” is merely a preamble, a rhetorical device intended to focus your attention prior to delivery of the actual message.

            And that’s a fact, Jack.

            • “the *RIGHT* of self defense is one of those “certain INALIENABLE RIGHTS”

              There is only one law…Do no harm….unless….. they are trying to harm you…..

            • The 2nd Amendment is black letter law, an integral part of the US Constitution, which according to the US Supreme Court is the highest law of the land.

              Every instance of “gun control” is a well documented instance of making war on the rightful armed forces and law enforcers of this land and as such is a well documented instance of high treason within the explicit wording of the US Constitution.

        • Kunstler has nailed it:
          [The two traditional political divisions, liberal and conservative died with (fake) Covid. Now there are simply the sane versus the insane.
          The sane have had enough of being pushed around by the insane.
          The insane don’t register much of what reality tries to tell them. They have a body of insane ideas to comfort and protect them from the reality’s rigors. To call that body of ideas an “ideology” is way too polite.] *fake* added by me.

          Pretty well explains it all since nineeleven. Problem is,,, many more insane than sane. Second problem, hard to recognize them. The hardcore insane mask up. The rest are incognito. They look and act normal but will jump on any new insane idea the left floats.

      • Meanwhile, comes Li’l Marco to proclaim:
        “What happened in Moscow could happen in US”

        Well, no, Marco, actually it couldn’t, except possibly in places like Noo Yawk Seedy or Shitcago, which prohibit self defense by “law abiding” citizens.
        >The venue, which has an estimated capacity of 7,500, was almost full. The terrorists killed the unarmed guards, opened fire on visitors,

        Unarmed “guards?” YGBSM.
        7500 “visitors” and no firearms?
        Not here, sport.

        • Hi Adi,

          The freaks who did this thing – who survived and got caught by the FSB – are now regretting it. $5,000 isn’t worth what they’re going to suffer at the hands of the FSB. And they deserve every bit of it.

    • Actually the surveillance technology is far worse then you think……and they are going to combine it with AI….automate it……which will make it 100X worse….that is the reason AI is being developed…it isn’t to help you….

      Job one during the lockdowns…one of the reasons for it…. was installing 5G….which is a big part of this system….Musk is launching hundreds of satellites….the purpose?….to have 5G coverage of every square inch of the planet…..

    • Raider Girl wrote “The technology it takes to track people is very expensive.

      Actually facial recognition is extremely cheap. A company called Espressif Systems makes a small ARM processor module called ESP32. It contains several chip-to-chip interfaces, WiFi and Bluetooth. The modules themselves are available in quantity on Alibaba (retail) for as little as $0.10 in quality. The company also makes a board that includes a small camera for <$2.00. The quality isn't great, but good enough for facial recognition and basic security purposes. When you're not interested in 4K UHD video or uploading to TikTok/OnlyFans, older generation hardware is just fine.

      Thanks to the Chinese Social Credit system, open source facial recognition software is readily available, able to run on commodity hardware and Linux OS. There's still some "secret sauce" required to build a proper database, and of course wide area network connections for sharing and comparing, but that's already in place anyway. With a setup like this, you might have trouble convincing a jury on photographic evidence alone, but you'll have no trouble convincing LEOs or other government entities to keep tabs on "persons of interest."

  15. What are the odds that the Biden Thing will seek to make it MANDATORY for people to give up an automobile that isn’t equipped with all this Nanny State technology that has become “standard” equipment in automobiles made over the past few years or so, citing “National Security”, “Cliiiiiiiiimate Emergency”, or some other excuse?

  16. I do have some hope that pushback will scuttle these plans, just as, at least in my opinion, the EV pushing regs were backed off.

    To my mind, the government – corporate complex is pushing too far, and there will be increased resistance.

    Not that the elites will notice or care at first.

    • The only ones that really care are old boomers with their classic, collectible cars, like Leno…they love cars….

      A lot of the young people hate cars….they have been brain washed about climate change….they can’t drive, can’t afford cars, are more interested in their tracking device…their cell phone….they walk or ride bikes, so are in direct conflict with cars, car drivers, they will be running everything soon….for the slave owners….programmed bots…

      the old people…the car lovers, will be gone soon anyways…they tried to speed it up the last 4 years….and for the disgruntled…there is MAID….

      • Leno has done virtually nothing but sell car wax and show himself driving his old cars down the street at 45 mph. He has the loot to help average people out by setting up some Political Action Comittee, instead he chooses to do absolutely nothing. He’s useless.

          • As do the majority of Americans that “just don’t want to deal with it”.

            Learned that when American ‘men’ allowed government sicko’s to fondle their wives and young children after nineeleven. They couldn’t forgo air travel the couple three weeks it would have required. Even the Airlines have jumped that ball. They are mean and nasty to their customers that are now considered ‘consumers’. There is a difference!

            • If the US gov and military can support Russia to invade Ukraine, then the US gov can support Israel with munitions and billions of dollars. The US’s inadvertent support of Russia is obvious.

              You have to support Israel and the IDF, even if it is immoral and self-destructive.

              Think of the Children

              Doesn’t matter if you are doing the right thing or not, just as long as you support Israel, the IDF, and Atilla the Bibi. Or is it King Herod’s evil incarnation?

              Hey, you can’t speak-ill of the Jews but you can the Russians.

              What’s up with that? Over in Russia, Putin is on poster board with a Hitler hair-style and a toothbrush mustache. Not everybody in Russia likes Putin, par for the course.

              The Jews are being shitheads just by telling you that you can’t be anti-Semite. Jews can kill Palestinians and you have to endorse wholeheartedly their efforts.

              I’m not some dumb anti-semite, I don’t want anybody to be victims of Jewish deadly wrath.

              We get to kill you just because we say we can said some damn dumb Jew. Sorry to be so brutally frank, you can read it and weep.

              You begin to suspect you are being lured into a trap.

              I can attest to the fact that I did hear a person of the Jewish faith actually say words of that nature. Don’t tell me what you might do to me and then ask for some money. Feckless is the word of the day, if feckless is the description of some money-grubbing Jew, so be it. Did it to himself.

              I glared at the wretched fool as I left the church. Don’t have to return all that soon, and I am suspicious of all religions.

              The Marvel Mystery Oil did the trick, the oil was as black as a Black Hole. Had to change the oil to new oil after a winter of driving. Thanks for the reminder about Marvel Mystery Oil.

              An oil change is top priority this time of year.

        • Leno is liberal twat. Saw a video the other day -I clicked on it because it was about one of his cars that seemed interesting- and in that video, he said that he thought that Creepy Joe “Was doing a good job”, and that he supports him!!!!

          And what does Leno care about our ability to drive and to have what ever cars we want? HE can (and does) have any and every car his heart desires, and can drive them on a track/private property, no matter what, without regard to those of us who must live in the real world.

          There is a reason that these twats, with all their money, who could live anywhere they want, choose to live in communist California. Clicking on that video was the only time I ever watched a Leno car video, and I will never do so again. Used to like him when he was just a stand-up comic decades ago, but now I can’t stand him.

          • Yes….he is right in there with the leftist’s…..and worse… he is pro EV….thinks they are great…..

            A real car enthusiast would be dead against EV’s….would use every opportunity to educate people how dangerous, expensive, environmentally destructive, control group controlled and useless they are….

            • Well, Anon, thats over the top. I am most certainly a real car enthusiast, and I also like electric vehicles. Would love to have a Tesla as its an interesting supercar toy, but I didnt become a multimillionaire by spending too much money on toys. Even with the fire hazard, the range limitations, the battery planned obsolescence, all of it- similar complaints can be made about Ferraris. They just aren’t practical. So what?

              • Real car enthusiasts…the purists…like the older cars….some of the best were built in the 1950’s or 1960’s….they were purely analog, none of this computer crap…and you could get a light weight sports car….

                These new cars…including Porsche’s and Ferrari’s are all computer filled, over weight abortions…turned into big luxury GT’s

                the EV’s are far worse, because they have no sound, smell, emotion, or feeling…they are just dead….great for dead people….lol

                There is at least one new car for enthusiasts still available…the Donkervoort…it weighs 1600 lb, proving new cars don’t have to be over weight whales….it is also the quickest car sold in Europe right now….


          • I remember the late night wars… Leno vs Letterman. Leno was the “safe choice,” doing 52 weeks of corporate gigs and Indian casinos… while Letterman was actually good at the job.

            Letterman is also a car guy, but he doesn’t make a bunch of noise about it. It was said that the cops patrolling the Merritt Parkway were on his Christmas Card list because he was pulled over so often. He bought his V8 powered Volvo because Paul Newman (another real car guy) was having one built and thought Dave would like one too.

            I remember staying up late to watch Letterman, and how disappointed I was when Leno got the Tonight Show. It became unwatchable pablum that catered to the guest list and the new corporate Hollywood. CBS let Dave be Dave for a time, but then he sold out too, only to get beaten by John Stewart and reruns (or a good night’s sleep). At least we still had our DVRs set to record Conan and Craig Ferguson.

            Today’s horrible unwatchable late night television is a legacy of Leno’s corporate safe space Tonight Show.

          • Amen, Arthur!

            Leno is a cuck. One of those guys who makes a buck (lots of them, in his case) by avoiding “controversy.” As you say, he’s so rich he doesn’t have to fear what the Left he sucks up to does. Or at least, so he thinks. The day may come when all his toys become State Property. I’ll not shed a tear for him.

  17. I’m pretty sure the war machine / lawrrrenforthment / “first responders” won’t be impacted professionally or personally. No doubt the special among us will be exempted.

  18. Johnny Cab gave up driving not long after the incident on Mars.

    He sold meat for a while but ultimately went to medical school and joined Starfleet.

  19. Two things modern “technology” enables:
    1. The ability to measure a vehicle’s acceleration, dv/dt, not just its speed, v.
    All vehicles can be fitted with accelerometers, as well as speedometers.
    2. The ability to tattle on the driver, in real time.

    But, wait, there’s more!
    3. The ability to control a vehicle remotely, thus transforming automobiles into drones.

    In the future, “police patrols” will sit in front of screens in air conditioned “command (and control) centers,” where they will monitor the telemetry feeds from thousands of vehicles, poised to activate the onboard “tractor beam” which “guides” the vehicle into custody in case “traffic laws” have been violated. Yes, folks, the *vehicle* will itself be taken into custody, i.e. arrested, both physically and legally.

    Eventually, the “tractor beams” will be automated, and human “patrol officers” will no longer be required, although they may continue to exist because of “featherbedding” by the local police labor union, which is typically the largest single contributor to local political campaigns. He who pays piper, calls tune.

    • Once all of the surface streets are tolled, the systems and communication infrastructure will be in place to automate the tractor beams.

      The plans are already moving forward to toll all of the streets south of Central Park in Manhattan. The Port Authority has the bridge and tunnel tolls automated now.

    • If they are putting accelerometers in cars they should figure out a way to detect when the car is going over a pothole. They could send the information to the local DPW.

      • I agree with Ken, they don’t give a rat’s ass if you get a bent rim from smacking into a pothole, probably sends business to their buddy who owns the tire shop.

      • For a real service, use cameras to smarten up traffic lights. Think how much fuel could be saved/emissions cut if cars simply went through those signals when there was no reason to stop for them? I won’t hold my breath.

    • “In the future, “police patrols” will sit in front of screens in air conditioned “command (and control) centers,” where they will monitor the telemetry feeds from thousands of vehicles,”

      They will have AI running it…far cheaper and far more efficient….a slave makes one little error….off to the camp for re education or worse….

      Enforcer street patrols?…armed bots..robo cop…. powered by AI…try arguing with one of those…..

      all this high tech crap was a curse…

      The white tribes in Europe were living happily…had zero government….. until the nobility control group came along, genocided them and took control…but….they had no cell phones back then….and they were better off…..

    • Oh, they’ll keep a cop or 2 around, just to commit perjury. They do it now with their Red Light Nazicams- the automatically generated ones have to be signed off by a porker- at least that was my experience of the one in Sioux Falls SD. I hear they’re still waiting for my payment…

  20. Due to physical incapacity, I no longer drive, except in emergency. So it’s no longer directly any skin off my nose. However, when I could drive, I was an avid fan of doing so. I remember the thrill, pleasure, and satisfaction of doing so, and so I avidly defend our right to do so, without AI looking over our shoulder. It’s nonsense, and the only real safety it delivers is the safety of the Psychopaths In Charge in their attempt to control EVERYTHING we do.

  21. If you think the insurance industry cartel will let you off the hook when you become a “rider” instead of driver, you are sorely mistaken. You don’t own the car, you don’t drive the car, but you are riding in it, thus you will need the rider insurance rider. This is perfect, since the insurance cartel can now charge even kids and babies for riding in cars. Kaching!

    • It reminds me of the line in Stevie Ray Vaughn’s version of “The Taxman”, when he sings, “…if you try to walk, I’ll tax your feet”. With the way things are going, that is where we are headed.

  22. ‘It just hasn’t been fully enabled – yet.’ — eric

    And with Congress Clowns having scuttled away for a two-week vacation, it won’t be enabled at least till next month.

    Speaking of which, how quickly we forget our noble Ukie comrades, hung out to dry with Clowngress gridlocked over aiding America’s growing claque of grasping foreign mendicants, with their ever-escalating demands.

    Hark, if you will, to this heartfelt plea from an impassioned mercenary (11 sec clip):


    Meanwhile, where is the poison dwarf Zelensky? Headed to exile in Florida on a one-way ticket, pockets stuffed with looted US aid?

      • Petèt. [‘Maybe,’ in Haitian Creole.] Meanwhile, back in ‘Old Keeeev,’ peripatetic journo Pepe Escobar asserts:

        Exhibit 2: Friday afternoon, a few hours after Peskov. Confirmed by a serious European – not Russian – source. The first counter-signal.

        ‘Regular troops from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkassy, south of Kiev. A substantial force. No numbers leaked. They are being housed in schools. For all practical purposes, this is a NATO force.

        ‘That signals, “Let the games begin”. From a Russian point of view, Mr. Khinzal’s business cards are set to be in great demand.’


        Time for ‘Biden’ to get on the horn to François Mitterrand, Helmut Kohl and Lech Wałęsa, and demand explanations!

        • Hi Jim,

          Dirty – dangerous – business. Also this business of the Keeeeevian proxies (probably) who shot up the theater in Russia. This will not end well. And on purpose.

        • Macronapoleon thinks he will go down in history as a great leader who saved Europe from the Russian hordes.
          I think at this point many Europeans would love for Russia to come in and help clean up their mess.

    • It MIGHT have been enabled in the recently passed 1,000+ page omnibus spending bill! Remember the kill switches coming for MY 2026? That was buried in the “Infrastructure Bill” 2-3 years ago…

        • The problem we have is the tyrants type up thousands of pages of rules,,, then have some demented thing called a president sign it and then we are expected to bow and obey cuz they say we were represented.

          No borders == no nation. So who and what are these clowns in the District of Criminals?
          Not even the Mafia would mistreat its paying customers.


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