Making the 85 MPH Speedometer Seem Fast

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Some will remember when the federal government tried to make drivers “slow down” for “safety” by requiring the car companies to not install speedometers in the vehicles they made that read higher than 85 MPH. The thinking being that drivers would then not try to drive any faster than that.

What’s coming next – via California – is something a bit more controlling.

And it’s already here. Everywhere.

This latter is a fact unnoticed by news coverage of the proposed law put forward by a San Francisco Leftist (they are not “liberals” . . . Thomas Jefferson was a liberal) named Scott Wiener to electronically limit the top speed of all new cars to 80 MPH, which is 10 MPH more than the maximum legal speed limit in CA.  The Speeding and Fatality Emergency Reduction (or SAFER, of course) act would impose this requirement on all new cars made beginning with the 2027 model year.

Now, the punchline is it’s not just California drivers whose 2027 model year cars – including their “ludicrous speed” Teslas – that will be throttled to Yugo Speed if this Leftist’s proposal becomes law. It will be everyone who drives a car made during the past three years or so,  anywhere in the country.

Because Speed Limit Assistance Technology is already a fait accompli – as the French say.

This technology will be used to control rather than assist you, whether Wiener gets his way or not. Many vehicles made since circa 2019 or so came equipped with it as part of the suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies that just kind of sprouted up, like electronic kudzu and seemingly (dubiously) organically.

This technology – which practically every 2024 model vehicle now comes standard with – has the capability to do exactly  what Leftists such as Wiener itch to do. That being to control not just how fast you are allowed to go but how you are allowed to go, period.

The technology – which is marketed as innocuous, just a helpful tool to help you avoid inadvertently driving over the speed limit by alerting you to the fact that you are driving faster than the speed limit (an icon illuminates, a tone sounds) as if you didn’t know that  . . . can and will be used to make sure you don’t drive faster than speed limit.

This is easily done in an electronically controlled car, which is all new cars; no need to wait for 2027.

You may think you have control over how the car goes because it’s your foot that pushes down on the accelerator (and it’s your hands on the wheel) but these are merely input devices in an electronically controlled new car, similar to the toggles on a Playstation set.

You don’t control whether the car moves – let alone “speeds.” The car’s electronic controls – its computer – does. When your foot pushes down on the accelerator pedal, a signal is sent to the computer which interprets the data and speeds up the engine, which makes the car go.

It – the computer – has absolute control over this.

You have the illusion of control.

The car – its computer – also knows what the speed limit is on the road you happen to be driving on, thanks to GPS technology and connected technology. And it knows how fast the car is moving in relation to the speed limit. If it is moving faster than the speed limit, it assists you by illuminating that icon and sounding the warning tone.

But it could and will – as Leftists intend – be used to make sure you don’t drive faster than the speed limit.

The computer will be programmed (probably via an update sent via the connected technology most new cars already have) to not allow it – and there’s essentially nothing you can do about it, other than not buy a car made since roughly 2019 or so and probably at least ten years older than that, just to be safe.

These creepy facts are omitted from coverage of what’s percolating in California, such as this piece in The Drive by a car journalist named Nico Demattia, who either does not know much about cars or is shy about telling you the truth about what’s going on, perhaps because he’s owned by corporate interests (as all journalists who work for a corporate check are owned).

He describes what Weiner proposes as if it were not already fact. Merely not yet entirely activated. And he begins by agreeing with the Leftist. The first sentence of his piece pleadingly reads, “everyone wants safer roads.”

As if that had anything to do with this.

He writes:

“You’d figure Porsche might have a harder time selling 911 Turbos electronically restricted to 80 mph, as that doesn’t really get the blood pumping. Hopefully the GPS would know to switch the finger-wagging off at a designated racetrack.”

Notice the obsequious – the oily – agreeing with Wiener’s premise that driving faster than the speed limit is something to be allowed only at a “designated racetrack.”

This is the epitaph of modern car journalism.

And the technology, ironically, will be the epitaph of something else as well.

Tesla and purveyors of similar high-performance battery powered devices favored (and pushed) by Leftists will have an even harder time selling them when they can no longer tout the speed that was the one thing they could tout as an appealing thing. Could there be anything more ridiculous than a “ludicrous speed” EV that is leashed to a speed that an ’85 Yugo GV could (eventually) achieve?

And the Yugo, for all the abuse heaped upon it, was a more practical car than a battery powered car and it cost less than a fourth of what the least expensive battery powered device does, today.

. . .

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  1. Weiner is an unscrupulous politician and deviate, demanding everyone join him in a conga line, taking it up the backside one way or another. Only a few Californians are like him, the rest resent his insistence on giving us all a bad name.

  2. One unintended consequence is that states will lose money handing out speeding tickets, because no one will be allowed to do so. Whoops…

  3. Why are some of the biggest scumbag politicians out there always named “Weiner?”. We had Anthony Weiner, congressman from New York and left-wing radical nutjob, who was caught exposing his weiner to underage girls. He resigned in disgrace. Now we have this ‘guy’, Scott Weiner, apparently a homo extraordinare (in viewing the pic, I think he might be attending the SF Folsom Street Fair, which is a event celebrating debauchery and depravity that even leftist sympathizers would say is too much), saying vehicles should be equipped with speed limiters. Hopefully he and his moronic ideas will be voted out soon and he will keep his holes closed (all of them). And, please America, do not put any more Weiners in positions of power! (no pun intended)

  4. “You’d figure Porsche might have a harder time selling 911 Turbos electronically restricted to 80 mph, as that doesn’t really get the blood pumping.

    The new high performance super cars are very boring under 100 mph….then you go to jail…lol….if they are electronically speed limited, why would anyone buy one?

    Maybe it would help the sales of Super 7’s….they are lots of fun at even 30 mph……

    • Super 7’s……no driver’s aids or safety crap…..pure analog…you have to drive it…..requires 100% attention….like driving a motorbike……

  5. Wiener needs a new brain.

    Well, he has never had one, so any kind of brain is needed badly for Mr. Wiener. In other words, he has shit for brains.

    No brains, no headaches. Just another pain in the arse.

    A bum’s rush does work.

    Wiener has every right to speak his mind, it’s a free country, for Wiener, that’s the problem. Now, get lost and don’t come back.

  6. How do people like this Wiener get elected!? Look at it. Looks alone tells an alert actual blood circulating soul there’s something wrong,,, very, very wrong. If that’s his wifey behind him you KNOW she turns the lights off before night olympics.

    • He doesnt, he’s installed like a toilet.

      He got chosen or made enough noise to get noticed, then the DS ensures he wins and pushes their agenda, and they got blackmail to ensure he doesnt go off the reservation

      Thats why we got these career politicians who’ve been serving longer than Ive been alive

        • That’s exactly it, every pol they provide their kink and fetish, black mail ’em and have them by the balls.

          As you and Anon say, check his PC. Without the machines, illegals, ballot harvesting and mail in ballots, a lot of this country would be blood red with blue pin pricks here and there.

    • Ken, he is in pride parade. I can assure you she is totally safe with him from a consensual relations standpoint. He will tell you that himself.

    • Wiener is a JEW. That’s how “it” got elected…
      Ever wonder where the jewish promoted LGBTQXYZ mental illness comes from?
      It’s in their talmud…
      The outright promotion of the LGBTQXYZ “lifestyles” and the demand jews make on “the rest of us” for not only tolerance but acceptance of perverse and vile behavior has its roots in jewish talmudic rabbinical teachings.
      The talmud contains in fact no less than eight gender designations including: 
      1. Zachar, male.
      2. Nekevah, female.
      3. Androgynos, having both male and female characteristics.
      4. Tumtum, lacking sexual characteristics.
      5. Aylonit hamah, identified female at birth but later naturally developing male characteristics.
      6. Aylonit adam, identified female at birth but later developing male characteristics through human intervention.
      7. Saris hamah, identified male at birth but later naturally developing female characteristics.
      8. Saris adam, identified male at birth and later developing female characteristics through human intervention.
      This is the source for today’s perversion of the genders…

    • I was just going to say the same thing, there is something genetically “off” with this doofus. We have the same example up here in WA, the AG Bob Ferguson. Similar looks, and same tweaked intellect. Known by his nicknames “sideshow Bob” and “Bobbie Sue” the latter since that’s all he does, lawsuits like clockwork keeps him on the evening news sound bites. Our POS AG will be the next governor as well.

    • Wiener is a perfect fit for the nobility slave owner control group….they are queers and satanists…..he also has to be a freemason to be allowed to be elected/selected…..

      • the nobility slave owner control group, control everything through corporate law…including the slaves…..they own/control all the big corporations through Blackrock, State street and Vanguard….

        slaves should not support any of their corporations….starve the beast…..

      • Has the inbred look…..a sign of the nobility bloodlines…..they are also satanist, sodomite, pedophiles…..the slave owner, control group, running prison planet…..

  7. What’s to stop these Stalinist tyrants from completely stopping your car?

    “Oh, there’s a pandemic of the sniffles. We’re quarantining your city. Sorry, we’ve deactivated your car and every other one in the city. You are stuck. Good day.” If they can limit your speed, they can definitely put an electronic boot on your car.

    And what if you have a medical emergency? A few years ago, my son had a seizure and I drove at 150 mph to get him to the nearest hospital, normally an hour or so away, in 30 minutes. My wife called 911 and the sheriffs actually cleared a path for us and gave us an escort to the hospital and helped get him out of the car and into the emergency room. He was OK.

    If I had one of those godawful God governors, I would’ve been screwed and so would my son. But too bad, our betters would say.

    I’ve always said the worst impulse in humanity is that “we have to do something.” Then you do “something,” and there are unforeseen problems that arise from “something,” so you do “something” else, and that creates more problems ad infinitum. If these meddlers would leave us alone and allow us to live our lives without interference, there’d be no problems to solve.

    It all goes back to their desire to build a utopia, a perfect place on Earth that can and never will be.

  8. Eric, there is an ad under this guy’s photo, on your page, for teenage girl underwear, entitled “Complete Your Collection”. I shit you not, it looks like an ad for kiddie porn! Is this a sick coincidence or what? I guarantee the guy is a child molester; this is enough to make me hurl my breakfast.

  9. Was there ever a human incel that looked more like a toilet brush, than this guy? This is the little Commiefornicating ButtPlug that is proposing to have minor children given COVID-19 injections without parental knowledge or consent. What a model of Sickness this person is is hard to put into words.

      • I agree. People like this make me almost embarrassed to admit that I’m a Californian.

        I’m a boomer who grew up in California during the sixties. California is no longer even close to the state that I remember. California back then to me was the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, beaches, surfing, and fun cars. Little Old Lady from Pasadena, Little Deuce Coupe, 409, Surfing USA, etc. Back then, I thought of California as the freeist state, a relatively libertarian enclave free from the traditions and stuffiness of the east coast.

        How California has turned into this shithole, full of homelessness, drug addicts, and criminals, and ruled by disgusting tyrants, is a truly sad and pathetic thing.

        Corrupt governments can turn the most naturally beautiful place into a living hell. Trudeau has done the same thing in Canada. Canada is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Trudeau has turned it into an almost totalitarian police state from which Canadians are fleeing.

        • Indeed, Martin –

          The draw of CA was – once – that it was a freer place than most of the rest of the country. It was the place where people could do their own thing. This, naturally, attracted hippies – among other things. The problem is the hippies were also Leftists. They believed in doing their own thing. But not in you doing yours. These hippies – these Leftists – gradually took over the “institutions,”per Gramsci.

          CA also attracted a lot of Leftist intellectual types, including some kicked out of Europe. The so-called Frankfurt School.

          A weakness of the Western liberal (old school meaning) society is it does not perceive and even coddles the threat to its own existence.

          • Like everywhere, but to me seemingly even more so in CA, there are tons of government employees. Lifeguards or hose heroes making $200k. That kind of thing. These folks form the bedrock of socialism in the West, not doctrinaire Leftists or former hippies. Their own self interest makes it self sustaining. Socialism becomes freedom to them. Watching Argentina today, one can see what would happen here if anything meaningful was done to try to right to course and pry these folks away from their government jobs.

  10. Scott Wiener also had a bill in California that would have allowed teens in the state as young as 12 (later changed to 15) to get vaccinated (including for COVID) WITHOUT their parents’ knowledge or consent until he withdrew it due to pushback, claiming he withdrew it because of “Misinformation from Anti-vaxxers” . He also advocated making it MANDATORY for people to show proof of vaxx to go to public places such as grocery stores and restaurants, using “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety from a deadly virus” as justification for his proposals.

    What is it with DEMOCRAT politicians at the state & federal level who once advocated MANDATORY COVID JABS FOR ALL after the Biden Thing got into office? And we’re to believe that REPUBLICAN politicians are the authoritarians.

    • Hi John,

      I am not surprised. And from the looks of this guy, I would bet he’s gay and so at high risk of getting and transmitting AIDs. I think he ought to be required to wear a condom at all times – and be required to have a tracking app on his phone, so as to “stop the spread,” etc.

      • He is for every bad idea you can imagine, such as overriding local zoning laws so that high density housing with no parking can be built next to single family residences. He has to be a 15-minute city guy, a marxist. There are other things I want to say, but for all of our sakes I will not comment. Yes, there are pictures of him with the rainbow flag. The likes of him are why we want the state to be split, to escape the craziness and tyranny of SF and Sacramento from the rest of us. Total nightmare scenario.

      • Hi Eric,

        IIRC, Scott Wiener is gay, and he also advocated monkey pox vaccinations. I’m not sure if he was also behind efforts in California to require high school students in the state to get an HPV vaccine, though it wouldn’t surprise me if he was, as there was once a bill advocating that until it was withdrawn thanks to pushback from parents. There’s another state politician in California named Richard Pan who’s been pushing similar child vaccination bills for years.

          • IIRC, there was a pandemic exercise involving Monkey pox, which our “betters” wanted to use to scare the masses like they did with the ‘Rona, but then it turned out it was primarily spread through gay men engaging in sexual activity.

            • Hi John, I remember that too, flogging the covid vax was getting old so they came up with monkey pox. It didn’t get much traction, possibly because people mocked the name or thought it was racist 😆.

  11. Barlow and Tinny-Peete arrived at the concrete highway where the psychist’s car was parked in a safety bay.
    “What-a-boat!” Gasped the man from the past.
    “Boat? No, that’s may car.”
    Barlow surveyed it with awe. Swept-back lines, deep drawn compound curves, kilograms of chrome. He ran his hands futilely over the door-or was it the door?- in a futile search for a handle, and asked respectfully, “How fast does it go?”
    The psychist game him a keen look and said slowly, “Two hundred and fifty. You can tell by the speedometer.”
    “Wow! My old Chevy could hit a hundred on a straightaway, but you’re out of my class, mister!”
    Tinny-Peete somehow got a huge, low door open and Barlow descended three steps into the immense cushions, floundering over to the right. He was too fascinated to pay serious attention to his flayed dermis. The dashboard was a lovely wilderness of dials, plugs, indicators, lights, scales and switches.
    The psychist climbed down into the driver’s seat and did something with his feet. The motor started like lighting a blowtorch as big as a silo. Wallowing around in the cushions, Barlow saw through a rear-view mirror a tremendous exhaust filled with brilliant white sparkles.
    “Do you like it?” yelled the psychist.
    “It’s terrific!” Barrlow yelled back. “It’s-”

    He was shut up as the car pulled out from the bay into the road with
    a great _voo-ooo-ooom_! A gale roared past Barlow’s head, though the
    windows seemed to be closed; the impression of speed was terrific. He
    located the speedometer on the dashboard and saw it climb past 90, 100,
    150, 200.

    “Fast enough for me,” yelled the psychist, noting that Barlow’s face
    fell in response. “Radio?”

    (later, Barlow began to notice something odd)

    “Coming into Chicago!” bawled Tinny-Peete.

    Other cars were showing up, all of them dreamboats.

    Watching them, Barlow began to wonder if he knew what a kilometer
    was, exactly. They seemed to be traveling so slowly, if you ignored
    the roaring air past your ears and didn’t let the speedy lines of the
    dreamboats fool you. He would have sworn they were really crawling
    along at twenty-five, with occasional spurts up to thirty. How much
    was a kilometer, anyway?

    – The Marching Morons,

    The new Charger EV will have a virtual tailpipe with a socially acceptable roar that will grab the attention of the boys over at cars and coffee. The Mustang Mach-E and IIRC some of the BMW EVs do as well. Is it so much of a stretch to make believe the car is also traveling at highway speed? Would it be all that difficult to re-introduce the metric system into the transportation network, this time for sure (after all, most industry and all the military has been metric for a very long time, and all the “English” measures are derived from metric sources). A KM is much shorter than a mile, a liter is much smaller than a gallon. Will you be able to feel 120 KMH the same way you feel 75 MPH?


  12. A male Karen out here in CA. I doubt anyone in this state is gonna like a car that wont exceed 80! 80 is pretty much the standard highway speed with 85 plus needed to pass!

    • Hi RS,

      These people are relentless in their pursuit of control, part of which entails the killing of fun in any form. Just look at that guy. Does he look like much fun to you?

  13. Another ‘car journalist’ wannabe — actually a Hahhhhvid eclownomist who used to work for the smirking chimp — wakes up and smells the coffee:

    ‘In the early 1990s, every self-respecting American yuppie and retired suburban couple bought an electric bread maker, with sales hitting 4 million units. But the fad soon faded as these amateur bakers discovered that stuffing a precise quantity and ratio of flour, eggs, butter, yeast and salt into a metal box takes time and costs much more than strolling to the corner bakery.

    ‘Are plug-in electric vehicles the bread makers of our day?

    ‘Despite billions of dollars in U.S. government subsidies to support EVs, it appears that consumers still prefer to drive to a gas station for a five-minute fill-up than to retrofit their garage and suffer the range anxiety that comes from hunting for a charging station in the parking lot of an abandoned shopping mall.

    ‘California still pours $7,000 into each new EV (on top of the maximum $7,500 federal credit). New Jersey sends a $4,000 check to EV buyers. How long can these states keep the money spigot open?

    ‘EV doubters like Toyota — which instead bet on hybrids — now look prescient.

    ‘The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that between 2013 and 2021, the average duration of a blackout doubled, from 3.5 hours to more than seven hours, while their frequency jumped by nearly 20%. No wonder people are reluctant to tie their mobility to a wall plug.’

    When you’ve lost Hahhhhvid — the intellectual capital of big government socialism — it’s ovahhhhh!

    Stick a fork in that wall plug.

        • Hi Ken,

          I read that. These WEF types are also claiming that humans are destroying the planet merely by BREATHING. What next, will they also claim that people who refuse the latest mRNA “vaccines” or refuse to eat frankenfood are destroying the planet? How about getting married and having kids? Or claiming that having PETS destroys the planet? Oh wait, they’ve already made such a claim.

          • Hi John,

            The WEF goons are barely even trying to hide their agenda anymore. Since breathing is the most essential activity of life, and we would die if we stopped breathing for more than five minutes, the fact that they are attacking breathing as being bad for the planet tells us everything we need to know. They want us all dead.

            • Hi Martin,

              The fact these WEF types want as many little people as possible dead has become painfully obvious. Why, even this demented push for NET ZERO that many governments have is tantamount to a suicide pact, though people who only watch establishment media think NET ZERO is a right wing conspiracy theory or just about “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet”.

      • When do we tell these people to kiss our ass? Seriously.

        I am not giving up firewood, natural gas, propane, coffee, my pets, my children, my cars, my diesel tractors, beef, chicken, pork, fish, chocolate, my spouse, traveling, my house, my land, my guns, my money, and whatever little bit of freedom I have left, etc. Just for spite…I am going to keep my plastic grocery bags, too.

        • Amen RG!
          We need to tell the control freaks to ef off and leave us alone. I re-use the plastic grocery bags as wastebasket liners, which is more “sustainable” than having to buy them.

        • ‘I am going to keep my plastic grocery bags, too.’ — Raider Girl

          Why you … you … ecocidist!

          Just kidding. Read an article yesterday about how New Jersey’s plastic bag ban backfired big time. The heavier reusable ones take a LOT more plastic, and it’s not recyclable like the single-use ones.

          Whoa! Every drop that runs through the vein
          Always makes it’s way back to the heart again
          And by the way you look fantastic
          In your boots of Chinese plastic

          — The Pretenders, Boots of Chinese Plastic

  14. A trading of roles. So far, the computer makes suggestions, at times rather forcefully. If absolute control becomes established, you will be the party making “suggestions”.

  15. While that 80 mph maximum speed is a serious issue another more contentious issue is that the vehicle will I suspect be dependent on some sort of connection to the “cloud”. Will the vehicle even operate if it loses contact with the “cloud” for any reason whatsoever? Whether it be a cyber attack, broken module or even a good old fashioned nuke strike?

    Remember those Fords that got “bricked” after a failed update? Who pays for the repair on an out of warranty vehicle that updates itself without input from the owner? Who knows?

    I suspect some of us will be finding out sooner than we think?

  16. ‘this piece in The Drive by a car journalist named Nico Demattia’ — eric

    Nico Dementia is my nickname for this scribbler. In my style book, he is described as a ‘car journalist.’ [mandatory scare quotes added]

    Of equal interest in The Drive is an article titled ‘Tesla OTA Update is Breaking Autopilot Computer.’ Excerpt:

    ‘Brendan Yang was driving his Tesla Model Y when he noticed the car’s active safety and driving assists weren’t working, so he arranged with a Tesla service center to have his car updated. But when the vehicle tried to update itself to Build 30.8, Yang’s car got stuck downloading the update and wouldn’t shut off, repeatedly cycling through attempts that wouldn’t complete.

    ‘This occurred over a period of more than 72 hours, during which the car gradually drained its battery. Yang disabled Wi-Fi to break the cycle, but the car enabled an internal LTE antenna to continue trying (and failing) to update. After much back-and-forth with the service center, Yang was told his car needed a new Autopilot computer to fix the problem—though on pickup a week later, he was told a software script had fixed it after all.’ —

    All the horror of show-stopping, computer-crippling Windows updates … now in your vehicle! And with an internal LTE antenna (i.e. spyware channel) to sabotage you if you disable Wi-Fi.

    GROSSLY, PATENTLY unacceptable.

    • My old windows 8 computer reboots itself periodically, just cuz. I gave up trying to fix it long ago, because I just don’t care anymore. I let it do it’s thing and expect the computer to just give up at anytime. What I can’t imagine is driving a car and the car deciding to reboot at any time. Note to self – stay far away from teslas on the road.

    • Did any sales person inform you of a requirement for continuous web connection to operate vehicle ?

      Or is this topic some sorta turd rail ?


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