Reader Question: The Real Reason . . .?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Robert asks: I’m going to add to the end of your recent article about electric cars. You stated that the electric car push is to reduce cars to just the elite. I believe it is also to reduce mobility so as to increase control. Aka, agenda 21/30. The goal of any totalitarian government is ultimately control. Coral is all into cities so we’re easier to control. Restrict our movement. Part of the United States economic success has been its mobility.

My reply: Of course! And it becomes obvious when you ask a straightforward question: Why are electric cars being pushed so hard given all their many disadvantages? The market isn’t clamoring for electric cars; electric cars are being foisted on the market. Why?

Gas is cheap – and abundant.

Exhaust emissions have been reduced to near nil (and in the aggregate, are no worse than those produced by electric cars).

So… why?

It makes no sense – unless the purpose is exactly what you’ve described: To get mobility under control so as to more effectively control the population.

Once you see and understand this, everything else about the bizarre rush-rush-rush toward The Electric Car Future makes perfect sense.

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  1. eric, as you often say, I don’t care how many electrics they make as long as I don’t have to pay for them. I guess we’ll never find out how many will pay for themselves since it hasn’t happened yet.

    Why do I want to buy ANY new car when part of the cost goes to financing a very expensive electric car for those who would make fun of me for driving old pickups…..and preferring it. Oh, he’s just old and stupid. Probably so, just not stupid enough to support any of this I can get of.

    Now if I could just find a way to not contribute to political bs of all sorts, like in Texas where city councils on the take convince stupid sheeple to support a new, electric train to nowhere. Some of that crap has failed miserably and the people on the inside who bough land they thought they’d get rich on have come up with other shenanigans. It’s a never-ending payola in the big cities, one reason I refuse to even get near one. The last time in was in the Dallas- Ft. Worth metroplex was on the way to Seagoville, a farming community(soon to be urbania, think I’ll coin that word)SE of Dallas and hauled round bales, 34 of them to be exact each load(yes, had to go there twice). The people who drive there are verily insane and will play games(the deadlier the better)with their little fourwheelers and big rigs. I found stopping 50 miles before getting to the point of no return, having a small meal and a couple beers is by far the best way to get through. Otherwise it’s like being a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs not knowing which was to move out of danger(there is none).

    • Morning, Eight!

      This has been on my mind a lot lately: The real-world/practical ways to get the SOBs out of my wallet, I mean.

      One way is to not pay the annual registration “fee” demanded – which I have just begun not doing. I bolted Farm Use tags to my truck. It’s legit, for me, because I do have land and am plausibly a “farmer” as defined by the code That’s $60 less in their pockets – and almost three tanks of gas for me.

      I am seriously considering cancelling my mandatory insurance, too. That would save me several hundred a year. I despise insurance as it’s basically just another tax and just another means of keeping people poor. If I “get away” with not paying the mandatory vehicle insurance, that plus not paying the registration “fee” covers my electric/food/gas bill for two months out of the 12. See where I am headed with this?

      If I could avoid the tax on my property – the “rent” I am forced to pay to live on the land and in the house I have “owned” free and clear for more than 15 years – I would suddenly have my electric/food/gas bills covered for half the year.

      It’s amazing how little money one really needs to pay one’s own bills. But when you’re forced to pay other people’s bills – which is what all this forced insurance garbage is for someone who hasn’t caused harm to anyone else or their property – you have to earn twice as much to live.

      It’s tiring.

      • Just don’t get MARRIED again. Sad for a somewhat active Mormon to say, but it’s a fact…you’ve everything to LOSE, and what, pray tell, do you GAIN? The potential risk to your sanity, peace of mind, PROPERTY, and very FREEDOM makes most females an untenable proposition beyond a few “flings”.

        Even if no children are involved, it’s still a royal headache when things don’t work out, because now SHE has the power of the Almighty State to get into your previously happy home and to reach into your wallet and bank account. In spite of what was once termed “Women’s Lib”, most females still see their man as a cash machine for their every whims, indeed, friction starts the moment you say “no” or “we can’t AFFORD it”…

        • Feminists are now seeking to have telling a woman no regarding buying something as ‘financial abuse’. They want to make it a crime for a man not to pay for whatever a woman wants.

      • eric, I use farm tags too. But they set up this system in Texas where you buy insurance, take it to the inspection, and then take both to registration. Otherwise you’re just twisting in the wind. Once they get you, you have 3 charges that only Hispanics seem to avoid.

        And you could NOT pay taxes on property and then have a losing battle, and I mean battle with violence so they can take that property. Well, no worry when you’re dead. They just move in and take what they like. They did to my best friend, them or his “girlfriend” and probably both.

  2. It’s as I always say. Hopefully, the tides will turn, though I won’t hold my breath over it, especially with how much Orange Man is being fought by Uncle


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