Reader Question: C02, DI and PFI?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bill asks: Thought you would appreciate this in re “climate change” – in case you haven’t seen it. Also, thanks for answering my question regarding direct injection – it led me to wonder what your thoughts were on the Toyota direct and port injection engines ( I am kinda leaning towards a Tacoma).

My reply: Hystericized/grossly exaggerated “climate change” scenarios are being used to get the general public to accept what has to date not sold well: Global control by a global elite, who will control almost every aspect of everyone’s life . . . in the name of the “environment” rather than the proletariat. Of course, the global controllers will not be subject to energy austerity and collectivized “solutions.” Those are reserved for us!

On your DI/PFI question:

I’d personally avoid DI – even when paired with a PFI circuit (as many car companies are doing, to address the carbon fouling issue presented by DI) because of the needless complexity. You now have two fuel delivery systems –  which inherently increases the odds of a failure at some point over the course of the life of the vehicle. Given the potential expense of such a failure vs. the value of the vehicle by that time, it can amount to a “throw it away” situation. I don’t like that.

To me, new vehicles only make sense if you can reasonably expect to drive one for the next 12-15 years without having to shell out for a major repair. If the vehicle requires a major repair before then, it is a money pit – up front as well as down the road.

Given the average price paid for a new car is more than $35,000 now,  that’s one heck of a money pit, too!

But I’m am old-school cheapskate who dislikes debt and having to work like a coolie to keep up with it!

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