Reader Question: Real ID?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom asks: I may have asked this before, but can you do a piece on the REAL ID and how it will be the USSA’s Internal Passport, like the USSR had years ago, where we will have to ask permission from the government to go anywhere?

My reply: I did an article recently on this subject (see here). The so-called REAL ID is an internal passport – because it limits where you’re allowed to go . . .  if you haven’t got one. It is still possible to “opt out” – but if you choose to not get the REAL ID, you will (apparently) be prohibited from entering “secure” government buildings and boarding commercial aircraft.

In effect, rendered a second-class citizen.

It’s another outrage that grows out of the doctrine – widely accepted by most people and enshrined by the law – that people who’ve done nothing to violate any law are subject to being treated as presumptively guilty of unspecified crimes.

The first example – which set the precedent for the rest – was the legitimization of random checkpoints to (supposedly) suss out “drunk” drivers. In fact, all drivers accosted at these checkpoints are compelled to establish to the satisfaction of an armed government worker (AGW) that they are not “drunks” – as well as a number of other things.

This vile concept – guilty until proved innocent – has of course been expanded to having to prove we aren’t “terrorists” when we fly – or attend a fuuuuhhhhhhhhhtttttball game. It follows we must now prove we are not up to whatever the latest excuse for enserfing us happens to be – by applying for and having to carry around the REAL ID.

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  1. With Real ID coming online, if one doesn’t have a compliant license (i.e. a Real ID driver license), then one will need a passport or passport card to board a domestic flight! Is it me, or is this the beginnings of an INTERNAL passport to travel within the US?


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