Reader Question: The Future of IC Cars?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Stephen asks: I heard you talking on Infowars this morning (here) about the future of cars. Do you really think combustion cars must go, as is the plan in some countries in the near future, or they will stay? In my view, some cold countries just cannot ban them as the electric cars simply not up for those climate conditions in winter, unless we’re gonna revert back to the days of horse drawn carts when passengers had to dress up well. What are your thought on that?

My reply: If you apply economic or other common sense metrics to this EV business, it makes no sense.

It begins to make sense when you realize that the object of the exercise is  to dramatically limit and control mobility.

As I talked about on the show, none of this organic – the market clamoring for $40,000-plus EVs that go a third or less as far as an IC car and which take a minimum of 30-45 minutes to recover a partial charge. This is why the government is forcing them on the market – and working to eliminate the market for $20,000 IC cars that can go 300-400 miles on a tank and take 5 minutes to refuel to full.

There are a few people – affluent city people mostly – for whom an EV can make an interesting toy. But to speak of it in terms of saving money or being more convenient is a species of idiocy that almost causes the teeth to drop out of my mouth.

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