Reader Question: The Future of Batteries (and IC)

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Here’s  the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Joseph asks: I have been reading your articles since you began writing them on Lew Rockwell. Do you think Lithium Batteries will continue to be used in Tesla type passenger vehicles or will fuel cells (hydrogen) become the standard? Do you suspect that gasoline powered cars will remain the norm for another 30+ years?

My reply: I doubt hydrogen fuel cells will be in mass production any time soon – chiefly because of their cost, which is even higher than the cost of lithium-ion (or NiMH) electric car batteries… which brings up the issue of IC engines’ future.

I think that IC engines will be around for a long time to come – unless fatwa’d out of existence by the government, on the basis of specious “greenhouse gas emissions” (i.e., carbon dioxide). Which effort is currently well under way. Because it is necessary – on account of all the dire predictions of “peak oil” and imminent shortages/high prices of fuel having been proved specious. Gas is cheaper today in real terms than in 1965 – despite much higher motor fuels taxes and refining costs (due, again, to regulations). This strongly suggests that the world is awash in oil; that the supply is vast – and was grossly under-estimated.

This, of course, drives those who want to drive us out of our cars batty – which is why they are hard-selling electric cars. Because EVs represent the best way to get most people out of cars. Because most people cannot afford an EV.

The whole thing is a con.

If EVs made any economic sense, they’d be designed and built without mandates or subsidies.  The fact that they cannot exist without mandates and subsidies as other than toys for the affluent virtue signalers tells us much about the economics and sensibility of EVs.

And gives us a hint as to the real reasons why they are being pushed on us so forcefully.

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