An Almost Hut! Hut! Hut!

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A couple of guys trying to sell their truck are surrounded by three badged bullies . . . because “someone called” and their truck is “suspicious,” according to one of the armed government workers.

One buzzcut bullethead demands ID – your papers, but without the please.  The truck’s owner declines to provide it, on the basis of his not having committed any crime. He asks the AGW what he is “suspected” of? The AGW can’t come up with anything so he comes up with a “parking” violation. But the truck is parked on private property – and thus the AGWs have no Authoritah to ticket.

By this time, the truck is surrounded by AGWs. The truck’s owner stands his ground about the “papers” (sans the please) while his friend also videos the goings-on, which the AGWs do not like at all.

After a few minutes of this, the AGWs allow the guys to leave – but follow them menacingly out of the parking lot. Miraculously, they were not pulled over – and Hut! Hut! Hutted! – once on “public” (i.e., government) property and subject to the Authoritah of AGWs.

Note the amount of manpower and time and resources devoted to all of this. Three badged, body-armored bullies… over two guys in a truck with a “for sale” sign on it, not causing trouble much less harming anyone.

Your (extorted) tax dollars at not-work!

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  1. In light of there being so many large liability judgments against various PD’s, I’ve come to think that cops should have to purchase their own liability insurance. Like medical professionals. Get the cash payout monkey of the taxpayers backs. If a cop finds his rates going up, oh well, should have dialed it down some.

  2. As state and local governments become more financially strapped because of irresponsible spending, more and more of their “collectors” (AGW’s) are sent out to increase shake downs on the citizenry. Not much different than the mobs and their protection rackets.

  3. Yeah: It’s absolutely amazing that those guys didn’t get pulled over as soon as they were on the street. You really have to record everything yourself these days. It’s the only way you can protect yourself…

    • It was that they recorded the first encounter on private property that spared them being pulled over for “swerving” or other BS charges; the cops were smart enough to understand that these guys weren’t “easy pickings” and finally gave up.

      In so many ways the police in this country have degraded into what they are in most third world countries…privileged bullies, whom do the bidding of the ruling classes, harassing and “mulcting”, as Eric puts it, the citizenry at large.


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