Woman Given Permanent Keepsake of Her Hut! Hut Hutting!

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Here’s news coverage from Austin, TX of a woman’s Hut! Hut Hutting! by ultraviolent AGWs. She received a massive gash in her head after being thrown into the back of an AGW mobile  . . .with her hands cuffed behind her back. This prevented her from breaking her fall – and avoiding being gashed by a seatbelt buckle.

The wound required 60 stitches  to close – and will leave a mark.

The woman was Hut! Hut! Hutted! because she allegedly consumed arbitrarily illegal “drugs” (caffeine and alcohol being legal ones) and someone sicced the AGWs on her.

Not because she had harmed anyone else – the standard which would apply in a free country, which this one isn’t.

She “resisted” being hassled by AGWs, so one tackled her to the floor; the rest followed inevitably.

Of course, the AGWs – who have been accused of excessive force on several occasions – have been “exonerated” of any wrongdoing. The news coverage goes on to report about “bargaining the badge” – a reference to the common practice of not filing charges against badged psychopaths who agree to give up their badge.

If they are even asked to.

Usually, they’re  . . . exonerated. And free to continue Hut! Hut! Hutting! 

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  1. Hi Mike,

    In 2018 144 officers died “in the line of duty”. Of those, 52 were firearms related, 50 were traffic related and 42 were classified as “other”. “Other” includes cancer, heart attacks, 9/11 related illness, etc… It is difficult to find the number of police actually killed by a civilian, as they don’t seem to break that down. Also, the idea that there may be justifiable killings a police officer is completely unthinkable and not tracked. So, it is almost impossible to determine how many cops were intentionally killed by a civilian. But, it is likely to be significantly less than half of the 144 dead.


    In 2018 police reportedly killed 1,166 people.


    However, the actual figure may be higher because, despite a requirement that police departments track and report such killings, most do not. Civilian death figures are largely based on news reports.


  2. IF I were the father of that young woman, I’d risk prison by finding out that cop, tracking him down to whatever bar he drinks at, and challenge him to a fight, and beat him within a fucking inch of his miserable life for marking up my “little goil”. It’s going to take acts of defiance like that to send a message to these cowardly, bullying PIGS that these CRIMES on our citizens, especially the more HELPLESS ones, WILL be punished, even if their fellow cops and the courts lack the courage and integrity to do what’s right (i.e, bounce ’em off the force and clap ’em in irons).

  3. 60 stitches is A LOT of stitches. i’ve had fingertips reattached with less than 10 and head gash closed with 3-4. that gal was opened like a watermelon on the 4th…she must have needed pints at the hospital

  4. Eric, it’s coming soon, I was in a Napa Store and an old lady was giving a cop some kind of grief and three of us standing close, all armed where waiting for the cop to arrest her and commit battery, we are tired of cops being abusive and we were going to do something about it. The cop looked at all of us with fire in our eyes and I guess discretion was better part of his valor.

    • I don’t know when either, but it IS coming. As I have said before, unrestricted warfare against the citizens will someday go both ways. It already is in some parts of the inner cities.where it is ginned up by race hustlers. But what I am talking about is when the average Joe feels unsafe when pulled over by a refugee from a war crimes trial and pulls his rod first.

    • Psychopaths are normally smart. He could have been simply a sociopath or another word for “clover”.

      Psychopaths won’t get into a fight they can lose. He knew he could get his ass whooped or killed. They do have exceptional self-preservation though. Please, don’t take my word for this. Do your own research.

      • When I joined the Army as an MP, I wanted to be a cop when I got out. Having to deal with civilian cops was an eye opened and this was in 1975. I became a nurse instead. What a bunch of corrupt, conniving cowards that lot of them.

        • Part of running an empire is to have troops from A occupy C and those from C occupy B and those from B occupy A. It gets around that hesitation to shoot one’s neighbor.

    • Because they have low self-esteem. Someone that thinks little of themselves actually gets “cream in their jeans” over a bully asserting his “Authoritai”. It’s the very dynamics of why in the hell do all too many women, even those ostensibly good-looking and intelligent, get hooked up with some asshole that abuses, berates, and STRIKES them, REPEATEDLY? Even sub-consciously, they want to be dominated, because they lack their own inner strength, either to fight back or even tell the abusive lout to hit the road! Much the same psychology is in effect over those that ‘worship’ cops, rather than simply respect their role as PEACE officers. You see a show like “COPS” and as many times as I’ve seen it, and shouted, “WTF?” over the obvious rights violations of some of those pigs, they’re OBLIVIOUS.

      Fittingly, supposedly even Palpatine’s “First Galactic Empire” (established for a “Safe and SECURE Society!”) rolls like that:


      • I was referring more to how ‘conservatives’ lionize LE, but I get your point. I used to respect them. I used to think that the cops were our friends, and they were there to help us. Needless to say, I no longer think this. Now, when I see a cop, I think ENEMY…

        • Hi Mark,

          I believe a shift occurred when cops became law enforcement. Language is important; it defines ideas and ideas manifest in action. A law enforcer enforces laws. What could be more authoritarian? Thus, the law enforcer is exactly that. A cop, in contrast, was just a guy who ran radar traps sometimes but generally was understood to be a keeper of the peace who saw the difference between a bad guy and a not-bad guy. Law enforcers only see “violators” – bad and good no longer have meaning.

          Which is an exceptionally dangerous perspective; it is the same perspective which existed among the thugs of the NKVD and the Gestapo.

          And now, here in the “homeland,” too.

          • Hi Eric,

            Here is a small excerpt from the introduction to “Less than Words Can Say”.

            “Words never fail. We hear them, we read them; they enter into the mind and become part of us for as long as we shall live. Who speaks reason to his fellow men bestows it upon them. Who mouths inanity disorders thought for all who listen. There must be some minimum allowable dose of inanity beyond which the mind cannot remain reasonable. Irrationality, like buried chemical waste, sooner or later must seep into all the tissues of thought.”



          • Hi Eric,
            Re: Language is important. I agree, and I have been learning a lot about the origins of some words by listening to Mark Passio’s podcasts:
            Government: From the Latin verb gubernare: “to control,” and the Latin noun mens, mentis: “mind.”
            Jurisdiction: From the Latin noun jus, juris: “law” and the Latin verb dictere “to speak, to say”
            Sovereign: From the Latin adverb super:”above”and the Latin noun regnum “rulership; control” One who is above the rulership or control of another. One who is not a subject or a slave to another.
            Religion: From the Latin verb religare: “to tie back; to hold back; to thwart from forward progress; to bind fast” A system of Control based in unchallenged dogmatic Belief which holds back the progress of Consciousnesness.
            Conscience. Look at the word more closely: Con science. From the Latin prefix con: “together,” and the Latin verb sciere: “to know” Conscience literally means: “To Know Together.” Common Sense.
            Solipsism: From the Latin adjective solus: “alone” and the Latin pronoun ipse: “self.” The ideology that only one’s mind is surely to exist. Solipsists contend that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure, hence there is no objective reality and nothing about the external world and it’s workings can truly be known.
            Occult: From the Latin verb “Occultare,” meaning “to hide,” “to conceal,” to keep secret.” Hidden.
            Absolute: Ab (prefix) away from , Solute: a substance that must be dissolved in a solvent in order to create a solution.
            Solvent: From Latin, Solve: release, unbind, untie, free; open. Solution.
            Justification: From Latin jus: right, law facere: to make; to create. To “Create” Right.
            Respect: From Latin, Re: Again , Spectare: To look at.
            Look at the construction of these words (Mark insists that this was done intentionally by the occult):
            Off I Cer
            Off Eye Seer
            Sol dier
            Sole dier
            Soul Dier
            And this word I learned from Max Igan: Kakistocracy: Greek kákisto(s), superlative of kakós bad + -cracy. Government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

        • Not necessarily an enemy, but a dangerous animal to be avoided. Less predictable than a rattlesnake, potentially more aggressive than a grizzly bear. Something to avoid and be prepared to eliminate.

    • Hi Joe,

      Except, they’re not. Despite the self serving bleating of AGW’s, the “war on cops” is a myth.


      • They consider the hairless chimpanzees running amok in America’s cities as CAPABLE of waging “War” on ANYONE, let alone the cops. Sure, it’s a misnomer to call the “Ghetto” as a “jungle”…do chimps in the Niger, gorillas in the Congo, or orangutans in Borneo carry GUNS? Still, these primates are ill-disciplined and way too fractionalized to poses anything more than a random threat. A simple deployment exercise of even a National Guard unit is more than enough to quell those violent simians.

        But in the rest of America, where largely HUMANS reside, more often it’s the cops that are a threat to the citizenry, not the other way around…

        • Doug,

          Whatever pathologies that exist in certain black communities are probably largely due to the ministrations of white people. Prior to the creation of the welfare state, the escalation of minimum wage laws and the war on drugs, blacks were advancing economically at a faster rate than whites. Two of these programs, minimum wage laws and the war on drugs, were created explicitly to harm those deemed “undesirable”. The third has the same effect, whether intentional or not.

          I find your blanket condemnation of “simians” to be ignorant and counter productive. Please read some Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell on this issue, you may be surprised.


          • Jeremy,

            Bigotry of the type demonstrated is as you correctly observe the product of ignorance, with a good measure of hatred of “those other, different people” thrown in. With bigots it’s never the fault of their own – it’s the Negroes, it’s the Jews, it’s the Masons, it’s the Catholics, it’s the Irish, it’s whoever – anyone except their own, who are considered pure as the driven snow. This is despite even the most cursory examination revealing that they share the same negative characteristics as those who are hated and blamed. This frequently results in absurd, demonstrably false statements made that are taken as gospel.

            In the instant case, a big reason that so many blacks are immersed in a destructive culture is due to the welfare state, where fatherless black families and the expectation of handouts have been encouraged. Prior to this, even during the worst of the Jim Crow days, the kind of rampant crime and broken families that are all too common today were practically unknown.

            • Hi Jason,

              Yes! Minimum wage laws do exactly what they were originally designed to do; limit employment for “undesirables” and protect racists from the economic consequences of discrimination. The effect of these laws is not changed one whit by the fact that their modern proponents, for the most part, do not share the racist goals.

              Welfare policies punish intact low income families. Coupled with minimum wage laws that hinder access to entry level employment (which has a life-long negative impact), this has a devastating effect on black families.

              Finally, add in the drug war, which creates an illegal and artificially inflated market, without barriers to entry for “undesirables”, and you have a perfect recipe for the “pathological” black underclass that many use to justify their ignorant assertions.

              “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do, and that is to destroy the black family.” – Walter Williams

              “Sometimes I sarcastically, perhaps cynically, say that I’m glad that I received virtually all of my education before it became fashionable for white people to like black people…” – Walter Williams


              • Amen, Jeremy!

                Something related: Kids don’t appear to work for cash doing odd jobs such as lawn mowing, shoveling snow, painting barns and such – as kids did when I was one. I began earning money doing odd jobs for neighbors when I was around 12-13. It enabled me to save money to buy my first car at 16. I wasn’t alone, either. Many of my friends did the same.

                Does anyone do this sort of thing anymore?

            • Morning, Jason!

              My mom is a roiling cauldron of resentment and entitlement – perhaps you see where I am headed here – who blames everything and everyone else for all the things she lacks and feels she ought to have had. I have tried – lord, how I have tried – to explain to her that no one owes anyone anything and that it is up to us to overcome life’s vicissitudes and make our own way. That blaming others – even when justified – accomplishes nothing as far as improving your own situation. We make our fate.

              Most people once grokked this. But a systematic effort over the course of several generations now has Sovietized the populace, which believes it is helpless – and thus needs the “help” of government.

              Not just blacks; the condition has become almost ubiquitous. People don’t see the viciousness – the degradation – of it.

              And that is a tragedy.

              • Eric, you are certainly correct. When I’m around other old people all they want to talk about is “their” Social Security and Medicare. (It’s universal because everyone gets old unless they die young!) They live out their remaining lives around what can be plundered at gunpoint from their neighbors. It’s disgusting.

                You should see the jaws drop when I state that I do not take part in either program because I’m not interested in welfare or accepting stolen goods, and believe that all federal entitlement programs need to end. After astonishment passes they frequently get angry, even apoplectic at the perceived “threat” to the gunvermin scams they’ve latched onto.

          • Speaking of the “undesirables” various laws including those against child labor came about through the support eugenicists. The idea was to limit the number of children they could have by making them cost more.

            Something happened with the building of the welfare state though. That’s a major loose end for me to figure out. Why was typical eugenics set aside for that or was it? It seems that frustrated and unable to show their premise with real data they purposely set out to make things conform to their belief system.

            • Hey Brent,

              That’s an interesting question.

              Well, after the Nazis implemented the progressive eugenics agenda a little too vigorously, it became unfashionable to openly espouse such views. Of course, they never gave up on their promotion of abortion among the “undesirable” groups, nor the curious over representation of abortion clinics in “undesirable” communities.

              So, were welfare policies actually intended to help these “undesirables”, or to create a fractured, pathological and dependent class that scares the crap out of the “desirable” class? Whatever the intentions, the results are interesting.

              Kind Regards,

              • Not sure if it’s not a blessing. I mean, you too often see those baby mama’s that have a dozen or more, as close as inhumanly possible and there’s a pool of possible dad’s that’s 4 times the number of kids.

                The old great society is just an excuse. I know black women who know who their kids dad’s are. I know countless hispanics who can narrow it down……and don’t really give a shit. They Pope said Go forth and multiply….Didn’t he? If he didn’t, he just forgot to say that cause that’s what he meant. More Catholics mean more money. He doesn’t give a shit if that woman is so poor she can eat properly or feed her kids as long as she puts something in the donation plate. If she made 2 pesos that week, she’s a ” better” Catholic if she puts both those into the plate. She’s not worried, God will provide for her.

          • Jeremy, I suggest read some on HBD and evolutionary psychology. Subjects that Mr Sowell and Williams are silent on. Mean IQ 85, poor impulse control, lack of future time orientation combined with generations of welfare and leniency have given us about 100,000 black on white murders and around 1 million black on white rapes since the beginning of Johnson’s great society. I’d like to see how forgiving and excusing you are after a few years in a racially mixed neighborhood where you’re continuously harassed (when you’re not being hunted for sport), by blacks who don’t give a shit about how understanding you are.

            • Kman,

              I suggest you read “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell. Neither Williams nor Sowell are silent on IQ differences, they discuss it openly and honestly. Those who believe that blacks are inherently pathological have to ignore the great strides blacks were making before the advent of liberal policies designed to “help” them. Well into the ’40s the black family was more intact than the white family, black unemployment, including male teenagers, was similar, and sometimes lower, than white unemployment. Also, blacks were advancing economically at a faster rate than whites which suggests that if “we” had left them alone, they would have arrived at near parity with whites.

              Neither racism nor inherent pathology adequately explain the rise of the pathological black underclass we see in many areas today. Nor do they explain the cessation of gains made by blacks in previous generations. On a personal note, my best friend is black and grew up in an upper middle class area in Detroit. This neighborhood was almost exclusively black and was as nice as similar white neighborhoods and much nicer than poor white neighborhoods.


              • Hey Tuan,

                I didn’t grow up in the city proper but as a teenager into my early twenties, I spent a lot of time there. Some of my friends moved to the city after high school. There were a handful of blacks in the punk scene, but we hung out with plenty of “regular” blacks as well. The only people who ever hassled us were white cops.


            • Kman,

              “I’d like to see how forgiving and excusing you are after a few years in a racially mixed neighborhood where you’re continuously harassed (when you’re not being hunted for sport), by blacks who don’t give a shit about how understanding you are”

              Kman-Are you really saying that to Jeremy?

              He is from Detroit, city proper.

              Every white boy south of 8 mile road has dealt with that every day they left their house.

              And much to your surprise Kman, we all pretty much end up getting along.

              Black guys I grew up with (being the only white boy for half a mile either way on my street) weren’t out hunting anyone. What we were doing then as kids, and now as old adults, is trying not to become prey for the hunters. The Detroit Police Department.

      • True, Jeremy, every time I see a news item lamenting the few cops killed “in the line of duty” I wonder how many hundreds more of us mundanes were murdered by AGW’s.

          • Hi Myles,

            That’s the Dear Leader/North Korean Funeral treatment. It baffles and depresses me that people don’t laugh – or retch. Or both. Instead, they queue up and respectfully observe the passing-by of the”fallen hero.”

            • Exactly. They’re treated as Übermenschen, instead of the government employees that they are. I’ve also seen the expressway (I-93 in Boston) closed for a procession of Sports Heroes. Again, during rush hour. Sad stuff.

            • Morning eric. I went for a little 850 mile trip yesterday. Hung around for over 3 hours, just standing there watching my best friend comatose and speaking to a priest. I was surprised that wasn’t enough to get him up and putting on his clothes.

              After he died I went to his home some ungodly “time” away, not necessarily miles. I found the cops or someone had stolen everything of worth in his house. A couple of his nephews were there and some skag that had befriended him since his wife passed.

              He had thousands of rounds off ammo and $6k into just two AR’s and lots of other guns. Not even a round to be found and the Luger dating from WW1 was gone as well(sure, collectors item).

              I looked around and the place had been really trashed, by the cops if I’m to believe the “other woman”. I’m sure when the cops kicked her out they were drooling.

              But going down there I got into a 30 mile traffic jam on I 10. I began to wonder if I’d make it, horrible drivers there, no signals needed for their cars and trucks.

              I finally got out about 7:45 and thought about everything and suddenly felt I could drive around the world to get out of that mass of humanity and non-humanity(god of cops of all sorts).

              I took 46 back to Boerne and even it was under construction for 6 miles but I was lucky even though it didn’t feel like it.

              Got up on i 10 at Boerne and the east bound lanes were stopped as far as I could see. The end of the line that was stacking up fast was 4 miles west of Boerne.

              It was solid big rigs and I thought about how there used to be mom and pop bars back in the day you could pull into and drink out some of the jam.

              Since I had been in “construction” at low speeds after traveling only about 130 miles going down I chose a different route home. They had a bunch of their major highways marked “70” which was surprising since I hadn’t seen that in a long while.

              Of course every little burg had police and sheriff cars out beyond them trying to stuff the coffers.

              I ended up fairly much running out of that clusterfuck after Eden but I’d already been driving 80 and I didn’t slow down for the next few hundred miles to the house. Had to stop in Sweetwater for fuel, glad it was there. Finally got a small order of fries(hadn’t eaten and been up since 2:30 the morning before) which prompted me breaking out a cold one and I did the next 35 miles sipping on that same beer but god, was it ever good.

              It was great to get here, behind a locked gate. I spent the next half hour feeding the cats outside(not a kibble)and inside(same thing) and no water inside.

              At least CJ was really happy to see me and so were the cats. I was mobbed(at least somebody loves me)after feeding and watering, then got a shower and laid down feeling like I had taken a black molly sometime that afternoon.

              Like Mac Davis said, back to west Tx. in my rearview it was a sigh of real relief. I wouldn’t like in a shithole like San Antonio for anything. Don’t know how people can live that way and SA now reached well beyond New Braunfels, almost to Austin which now reaches to Lampasas.

              I formulated a plan to redistrict the US. Use about 5 degrees or so to draw lines straight across the US. I didn’t go too far into it. That might not work well. Those huge cities might not have enough flyover country to offset them. That’s the reason I belong to the Tenth Amendment Center which is trying to have Texas secede. I’d just soon have west Texas Secede separately from the rest of it.

              Probably everyone in it would go for building the Great Wall of West Texas that would go to the southern border as well as along it and NM too.

              We could probably stand to have Ok. not walled out according to whether the brown masses decided to do an end run. Oh well, I haven’t lost anything in Ok. except maybe that big old gun store you can stop and get whatever you need.

              Now you know why I won’t go back on the road unless it is confined to(and some companies offer this) everywhere but the big cities.

              End of rant. BTW, XM/Sirius was offering a renewal of service for $5 a month right now. I guess it’s tough all over.

              Almost the entire trip of 23 hours I thought about all those cops that shouldn’t exist.

              • Sorry to hear about your friend 8. What excuse did the coproaches have to perform an armed robbery? Is anyone taking action?

                • Brian, my lifelong friend died of cardiac arrest resulting from Hep C. Nothing unexpected and I did pretty good running hard in the dark across a few hundred miles.

                  It was easy to want to get back on the road. I know I can talk your ear off but I’d just as soon do it over a CB radio or phone.

                  I like running alone at night and always have. Just wished it was for a better reason and a lot bigger rig. I have become paranoid of driving the new cars. I can’t see out of them. Last time I got in one I had just gotten out of a 379 Pete and I really was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

                  My next to last pickup had spot mirrors via me installed. If the mirrors had been taller I’d have had one top and bottom. Screw fuel mileage. What are you gonna get out of a one ton anyway? I don’t care, just wish it had a couple more OD’s.

                  Middle of the night in nowhere I finally caught a big rig I had seen for 30 minutes. It was a bull hauler all lit up like a circus and I had to chuckle. He stayed in the hammer lane and I passed on the right and slowed down just a bit to hear what sounded like a very large Cat howling in a 389 Pete as he was pulling a pretty good grade. I was tempted to pull him over, ditch the pickup and just go where he was going.

                  I work with a guy who worked for a cattle hauler. They had a new 389 Pete that would do 100 mph that just sat in the yard. Nobody wanted to drive it because it was too slow.

                  I’ve been accused of taking speed to stay awake which is funny to me since I can only stand 2 cups of coffee….don’t Pour Me Another Cup of Coffee. I was born speeding. If I had a triple digit truck I’d post a video here. Some people take offense to real fast trucks. Well, you know what I have that they can kiss but they’ll need to grow a pair to catch me.

        • Hi Mike,

          It’s thousands more – literally. AGW’s terminate more than 1,000 people each year – as opposed to about 150 of them killed “in the line of duty.” It’d be comical were it not so tragic. Their hysteria about “threats” to their “safety,” I mean.


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