Serial Hut! Hut! Hutting!

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An investigation into the actions of a Texas AGW named James Palermo has found multiple incidents of Hut! Hut! Hutting! – most of them captured for posterity by the AGW’s own camera. Including one especially appalling incident depicting Palermo – who is a large man – gratuitously body slamming a young woman who is very small – face first onto the pavement.

After reviewing 176 cases, it was found that Palermo “like(s) to file resisting arrest” charges…

Post Hut! Hut! Hut! of course.

“… and we find that a lot of these people get hurt,” noted the lead investigator.

Who goes on to question why this “13 year veteran” does not understand the laws he is supposed to enforce nor that he has no lawful authority to make up and enforce laws on his own – “James Palermo’s penal code,” in the words of the investigator.

Palermo sits quietly – his Inner Bully tamped down in the presence of Authoritah exercised over himself.

The AGW was actually charged with a criminal offense – “aggravated assault by a public servant” – but only in one of the scores of Hut! Hut! Huts! caught on camera. The case involving the slightly built woman hurled face-first onto the pavement, which could easily have resulted in massive/permanent injuries – possibly even her death.

But Palermo was subsequently let off the hook on the sole charge.

He was given probation – no jail time. For brutally abusing a slightly built woman half his size who – watch the video – did absolutely nothing to menace this costumed thug but apparently didn’t display enough submission, soon enough.

And it was done under color of law – with a government badge and a government gun.

Had that slightly built woman slapped the AGW, she would have spent time in jail.

One standard for them… a lesser one. Another for us… a far more stringent one.

Worse, this currently ex-AGW is not precluded from resuming his “work” as an AGW, which he is very likely to do since his “skills” have no market value. He will do the secular equivalent of the Pederast Priest Shuffle.

He will move to another county or city or state – where new victims await who have no idea what just arrived in their midst.

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  1. he works for fed ex in San Antonio with things being what they are today this guy should be called out for police brutality even the police dept of san marcos should be called out for employing someone like this and letting him get away with this kind of stuff.even though he’s no longer a cop fedex should be made aware of him and that they hired someone that was using excessive force against young females and everyone else when he was a police officer

    • Good stuff, Anon!

      There ought to be a registry for such AGWs, who are, after all, predators. People have a right to know who they’re dealing with.

  2. this guy is a piece of shit taking that young gal to the ground like he did slamming her face first into the concrete breaking several of her teeth i wonder if his current employer knows of his past?maybe they should

    • Got to love it, this guy obtained is ‘DRE’ certification:

      Police Officer
      City of San Marcos, Texas
      January 2000 – May 2013 13 years 5 months
      San Marcos, TX

      In this position, I investigated violations of Federal, State and Local laws for the City of San Marcos, TX. Primarily focusing on Intoxicated Driving offenses and also attained my Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Certification. This certification allowed me to properly document and test persons under the influence of substances, other than alcohol. Additionally, I was part of the Crash Investigation Team (CIT) which investigated fatality traffic collisions within the city. During all of these investigations, I would complete associated investigative reports and testified in court proceedings.

  3. 1: All police must be subject to yearly psych exams. No exceptions. Failure equals removal and blacklisting.
    2: All police must be subject to unannounced drug testing for steroids, opioids or any other including amphetamines. Failure requires removal from duty without pay and drug counseling . Continued drug testing failures will result in ultimate firing. No pension.
    3: The practice of sending cops to Israhell for training must stop immediately. The practice of treating Americans the way the IDF treats the Palestinians needs to stop immediately.
    4: More aggressive background checks. Those with records of complaints against them should be disqualified.
    5: Disarming them of weapons is a must. keep them in the trunk but traffic cops have no business carrying weapons.
    6: End the warrior mentality that is being perpetrated within police departments. The only time they should be allowed to wear body armor is in extreme situations. Dressing up in more armor than a Marine in Afghanistan and outfitted with every form of aggressive weaponry is not conducive to good relations within a community.
    7: You are NOT soldiers no matter how you think of yourselves. The people who pay taxes that pays your wages are your bosses. Not plebes. Start acting like a servant of the people, not some warrior cop who thinks he is god.
    8: The crimes committed by cops should be treated as such, no different than any other individual. Wearing a badge does not give you license to rape, rob and assault people with impuniy.
    9: End qualified immunity.
    10: Impeach and remove every one on the Supreme Court.
    11: Shut down the FBI, DHS, TSA, DEA, NSA, and most importantly the CIA.
    12 . Return America to the ideals of liberty, freedom and prosperity by removing the machines of tyranny.

  4. If that would had been my daughter that was assaulted by that psycho, legal action or the lack there of would not had been the end of it. This AGW thug would have had been followed to where he lives at and after some time when at dark and along, been greeted by a surprise “bash”. Several friends and relatives with Louisville sluggers would give him the punishment he’d never forget. This sort of event happened to one over aggressive AGW in a town near me. He had a whole family (the men) catch him out off duty and they gave him a “good workout”. He resigned afterwards and got out of dodge for the benefit of his health.


    And the Blue Mafia will show up suggest you take it down. Then harass you until you do. Or just shoot you at a traffic stop.

    No matter what the cretin did, he is still one of the brotherhood, you aren’t. It’s why the entire department should be terminated when one of their rank is (ever so fucking rarely) convicted of a major injustice with a trail of similar behavior. Everyone in his office knew long ago and stayed silent or actively covered for him. This shit does not happen without the other officers knowledge and support.

    • The same paradigm was explained by a Soviet-era attorney who dubbed the erstwhile USSR the “Corruption” society. Everyone had their own little scam going, and realistically, you couldn’t make it off the measly wages that one’s state-allocated J-O-B paid, so it was either submit to grinding poverty or become a nominal “criminal”. But IF you paid the bribes or did favors as needed, you weren’t in any real danger of becoming a “zek”…someone found guilty of “crimes against the State” and sent off to a labor camp, usually in Siberia. It was only someone who either pissed off the wrong people or were way too out of line or outright incompetent whom this attorney “defended”, often in futility, from either a stretch in the Gulag or getting a bullet in the back of the skull, with the family billed for the cost!

      In any bureaucracy, one has to “go along to get along”, doesn’t matter what ostensible form of “Gubmint” you’re under.

  6. The more arrogant a government gets the more sociopaths / psychopaths are attracted. Soon they infiltrate the “Human Resources’ department and actually start looking for more of their kind. They can actually recognize each other. Soon the Department is full of them. Same thing happens at the political level. When you have a sociopath as Mayor what type of individual do you think he will he hire as a Police Commissioner? Pretty straight forward stuff.

    Then you have the media types. Same thing where the hiring is concerned. There are sociopath, power hungry media owners that only hire individuals that are lazy and will report only what they are told to. They rarely report on bad behavior and if they do there is little followup.

    Part of the Triad,,. Politician / Judges, Media and Law Enforcement. All three entities support each other against what they perceive as the ‘enemy’. The Pols pass tyrannical law (Gun control,,, Asset forfeiture),,, the judges claim it’s constitutional, the media either doesn’t report it or reports it in a good way and the Law Enforcement uses it to abuse the public that has been indoctrinated from Day Care through University that Law Enforcement are the good guys. It’s members are portrayed as honorable in the most dangerous occupation of all occupations,,, even though they don’t even rate in the top ten.

    Since they want to be depicted as hero’s the media and Hollywood hype them as good guy’s with shows like CHIPS, NICS, or even Elliot Ness.

    Once in place, there is no way to expel them. They have your money and constantly take more and weapons you’re not allowed to ‘legally’ own. They’re allowed obviously unconstitutional no knock warrants and all they have to do is whine “I feared for my life” or they were ‘following procedure’ to get them pardoned for criminal conduct.

    You have to live with it as history shows there is only one way of temporarily eliminating tyranny. Note, I said temporary,,, They always return…..

  7. Didn’t this pig have to relinquish his peace officer license in order to get probation? If so, would that not preclude him from working @ another PD?

    • That’s only his certification in TEXAS. What’s to stop this cretin from moving to another state, taking the exam(s) needed, and working again as a cop? How do you think the ‘gypsy’ cop is even made possible?

  8. In a more civilized age, such an animal as this AGW would have been accosted by the men of the town, tarred, feathered, and left out in the desert to his fate. Sadly, we are too “civilised” for such nowadays. “Civilised” or neutered…

    If hearing of this behaviour on the part of AGW’s does not make your blood boil, nothing will wake you from your slumbers.

    We need Judge Dredd for such cases.

  9. I won’t watch the video. I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I do.

    Where is the Equalizer when we need him? Someone close to that girl who cares for her needs to step up and BECOME the Equalizer when things like this happen to create a disincentive for this type of behavior. Right now, today, there are no negative consequences when government parasites get out of line. Only posturing and spouting on about isolated incidents and bad apples. Never EVER utterance of the word SYSTEMIC.

    If that was my daughter, I would stop at nothing to put this cretin in his place.

    • One thing that could be done is, if one were to own some kind of business, such as a restaurant, coffee shop, gas station, garage, etc, whatever, find a picture of the cretin, print it up with the caption, “NOT WELCOME IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT” and pinned it on the front door. What would also be a good ideal is to take a still from the offending video and print that up to put next to the assholes face.


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