Reader Question: WuFlu Fightin’ . . . Fast as Lightnin’?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Graham writes: You are among the very few that understand that something is wrong in the U.S. Terminally wrong? In the long term, yes.

As I read 1957, U.S. population 170 Million, (H2N2 I think) and CDC reports 116,000 dead. On today’s numbers that is 230,000 dead. Back then it was just what viruses did. WuFlu is the first political Virus. Politicians have to be seen doing “Anything” before, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, talking heads, destroy their (2020) careers.

Try this for an Empiric History. The US enters WW1 so late it is just a mop-up and they win. Then on 17 January 1920 (After two socially destructive lesser attempts in Rochester and South Dakota) they declare war on alcohol. Loser. WW2 Russia sacrifices 40,000 aircraft, 70,000 tanks and millions of men and the Americans win? Circa 53 they declare war on Korea and it is still going. Then McCarthy declares war on communism – Loser – and 70 years later it still has to be fought everyday, lest communism wins.

Then the classic, the US declares war in Vietnam. Loser, again. They have to win something so they try a War on Drugs. Loser, again. Well maybe a war on Terrorism will be OK. Another loser. Iraq is nor yet decided.

Well. Afghanistan against a bunch of Ragheads  will be a walk over- Loser. Now they have finally bitten off the Big One. The Gollum has declared war on the WuFlu Virus. Were I a betting man I know where my bet would go. I am sure they will find a “vaccine, in bat-shit” and make it compulsory, and certain industries will make billions. This may be the 6th Great extinction on the planet.

My reply: I agree with you that if they succeed in making vaccines mandatory, it will be the end, not merely of liberty, but of humanity. Or at least, the changing of humanity into something else. Because the vaccines will not be merely vaccines. They are designed to alter us at the cellular/DNA level. This alteration will not be benevolent. People also ought to remember that forcing human beings to submit to unwanted medical procedures was considered a war crime and SS doctors were hanged for this following judgment at

The Reichsmarschall wasn’t a hypocrite.



Of course, the Reichsmarschall knew the score. The judgments were political and purely vindictive. They were never meant to be applied to the victors.

Thanks for the kind words!

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