Headed Our Way?

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You might consider it a clue that almost literally every “crisis” of the past 30 years – and the “solutions” tendered by those who insist there is a “crisis” – further consolidates the power of the government-corporate nexus and corrodes whatever nominal “freedom” still remains to us. Most of which amounts to – per George Carlin – being “free” to choose Pepsi rather than Coke.

We are no longer free to travel. On the road, we may be stopped arbitrarily – for literally no reason at all, beyond a generic assertion that there might be a “drunk” about. Not you, specifically – nor anyone else, specifically. Just a kind of archetype of “drunk” – who could be anyone. Thus, everyone must be presumed a “drunk” until each one proves they are not.

This regime was imposed because of an asserted “crisis” of “drunk” driving.

It is true there were some “drunk” drivers. It is just as true today, notwithstanding  all the laws forbidding it – and the “checkpoints” searching for it. The difference now is we are all “drunks,” even if we’ve had nothing to drink. Our former freedom to be presumed sober – and left in peace to go about our business – crumpled up and thrown in the trash like a  used Kleenex.  Instead of having to worry about the slight chance of our being run into by a drunk, we must worry about the much greater chance of running into armed government workers, who have been relieved of their former obligation to adduce probable cause before they have any lawful reason to stop us, examine us and interrogate us.

We are no longer free to travel – by air.

Having successfully established the principle that there is no right to travel by car unmolested, even in the absence of probable cause to suspect some offense has been committed, it was easy enough to expand the principle to encompass travel by air, where being “drunk” is immaterial as you are not flying the plane.

But you might be a “terrorist.”

Anyone might be. Ergo, everyone must get used to being treated as a presumptive terrorist – obliged to submit to pat-downs (hands-on or using a scanner) as well as the humiliating and offensive rummaging-through of their personal effects, interrogations and the like. It does not matter that actual terrorists could, if they wished charter an airplane and avoid such theater. What matters is the theater. The getting-used-to-it.

And so the American people have.

It is not surprising, then, that they hardly objected – most of them – to being told they must accept being treated as presumptively sick. That anyone might be sick. Accordingly, everyone must be assumed sick, a carrier and spreader.

Using this new pretext for the same thing, the populace was gulled into accepting orders forbidding them even to leave their homes – or to enter stores. Terms formerly not heard outside of prisons – such as “lockdowns” – came into general usage. They were obliged to perform more degrading rituals, which they’d already grown accustomed to performing in the other contexts detailed earlier (e.g., standing on one foot and counting backwards from ten to prove soberness; standing with legs apart and hands in the air at the airport). Having already been degraded, it was not difficult to degrade them further.

They are probably ready to say “yes, sir” – or yes, master.

The current “crisis” is the “climate crisis.” It has been manufactured for the same reason as the other crisis and it rip-tides things along in the same direction. The people are relentlessly hectored by the extremely affluent and privileged that their material well-being, such things as owning a car and being free to drive it wherever they like, whenever they wish, the eating of meat, owning a single family home, hot baths – even hot food – are “contributing” to a “changing” “climate,” a general ominousness never specifically defined but always just around the corner unless something is done to prevent it.

That “something” being just a further elaboration of the same things: Less freedom to choose, more control over us. We are told we must accept our diminishment as a moral matter. That we are morally defective if we oppose “taking the necessary steps” to forestall the putative “change” of the “climate” that those who demand our diminishment insist is just around the corner.

They are not obliged to prove it is, in fact, just around the corner – just as they succeeded in getting us to accept that it is not necessary to prove that anyone specifically is in fact drunk – or a terrorist – before treating them as such.

This is what comes of allowing them to put the cart ahead of the horse. Of allowing ourselves to be browbeaten into submission over things we’ve not done, on the basis of assertions made that we might do them. It has etiolated to the terminal stage – we are there now – of accepting what will be our total enserfment for the sake of staving off a “climate crisis” that lacks even the sliver of truth used to get us to accept being treated as “drunks” and “terrorists” in that there were (and are) drunks – and terrorists.

Not many, but some.

As opposed to no “crisis” – when it comes to the “climate.”

None that has anything to do with the 0.04 percent of the air that is carbon dioxide, to which our supposed machinations might add a fraction of a fraction of a percent. The idea that the latter is “changing” the “climate” in any measurably meaningful way – one that amounts to a “crisis” – is an absurdity only a populace demoralized by 30-plus years of being harangued about crisis after crisis could accept, having already accepted the “necessity” of “taking action” to forestall all those prior crisis.

This isn’t how liberty dies – as per the Star Wars saga.

It is how neo-feudalism is born.

. . .

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  1. Eric, you may be interested in this website
    http://www.infinite-energy.com/index.html by ex editor of MIT tech mag who quit after he discovered they lied about the pons flieschman experiments excess heat results!

    Also i dont know if you are aware of the patents secrecy rules which will not allow solar energy panels to exceed 20% efficiency.

    If You Think Invention Secrecy Is A “Conspiracy Theory” You’ve Just Been

    Proven Wrong… Arjun WaliaAugust 7, 2017/ question, why do my posts show up with space between every line?

    • Hi Billy,

      Thanks for the link; I’d heard of some of this It does not surprise me. It is of a piece. Once you look at all what’s going on from the point of view of a single goal – of malicious people – it all becomes very clear.

  2. yes this is headed our way

    The goal is restoration of feudal conditions, where a handful of landlords

    and their mercenary wing enforced bondage over the mass of serfs. But perhaps

    a way station may be the restoration of indentured servitude. Consider this

    account of the Virginia Company’s labor practices in the 17th century (from

    Gangs of America by Ted Nace, available free online).

    To its backers, prospects that investing in the Virginia Company would pay

    off seemed greatly enhanced by the availability of a virtually unlimited

    conscript workforceBritain’s dispossessed rural tenants, imprisoned beggars,

    and petty criminals. Thousands of English people were transported to

    Jamestown, most against their will. They worked under harsh conditions of

    forced labor, with poor food and shelter, and brutal punishment. Only one out

    of five people sent to the colony survived to see the end of their seven-year

    period of servitude. Among transported children, the survival rate was only

    one in ten.

    The Virginia Company’s aggressive and careless use of indentured servants had

    its roots in the conditions of severe stress that characterized English

    society at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Under feudalism, the

    nobility had made their earnings on the backs of the peasantry. But in the

    1400s and 1500s, many nobles concluded that they could do even better by

    getting rid of the peasants. The ongoing practice of “enclosure” converted

    peasant subsistence lands into sheep pastures, driving countless people from

    the countryside into rural vagabondage or urban destitution. The scope of

    enclosure was vast: aerial photographs and archeological excavations have

    revealed more than a thousand deserted settlements, lending support to

    estimates that nearly a quarter of the land in England was affected by

    enclosure. Meanwhile, the English conquest of Ireland, and the banishment of

    Gypsies and Africans, created further waves of social disruption.

    To lose one’s land was to become by definition a criminal. Under Henry VIII

    (15091547), vagabonds were whipped, had their ears cut off, or were hanged.

    During the reign of Edward VI (15471553) they were branded on the chest with

    the letter V. The Beggar Act of 1598 required first-time offenders to be

    whipped until bloody; second-time offenders were banished to work the oars of

    galleys or to serve time in the poorhouse.

    The organizers of the Virginia Company presented their idea of converting the

    excess population of England into a new colonial workforce as a neat solution

    to two problems: gaining a foothold in the New World, while at the same time

    ridding the England of its unwanted people. Perhaps even more immediate on

    the minds of British leaders was fear of rebellion. During the Midlands

    Revolt, a large-scale uprising that took place in 1607, the same year that

    the James River settlement was founded, a group of peasants called Levellers

    took action to fill in (i.e. level) the ditches used to enclose and drain

    peasant fields…

    So where are we slated to end up, if the criminal class has its way?

    Here’s what’s coming:

    There will be permanent mass unemployment. That’s already factored into every

    policy assumption. That’s why they’ve propagated the term and concept

    “jobless recovery”, wanting to drill the new norm into everyone’s heads, to

    normalize it and therefore pseudo-legitimize it by rendering it acceptable to

    a critical mass among the more servile elements of the populace. That’s why

    they clearly have no intention whatsoever of enacting a jobs program, and why

    they’re increasingly resisting the politics of having to extend jobless

    benefits. Permanent mass unemployment is their intent. The only tricky part

    is getting the sheep to accept it as the norm, the way they’ve accepted

    everything else so far.

    Those who have jobs will suffer low wages, zero bargaining power, few or no

    benefits, nasty work conditions, and the constant threat of being fired as

    the penalty for any kind of dissent. This ideological enforcement is already


    What’s left of the safety net will continue to be shredded, until it’s almost

    all gone. Public pensions starting with Social Security will be both

    austeritized away and privatized. Other public services like administration,

    police, fire, and all utilities will undergo the same process of gutting and

    selling off. All public property from parks to highways to courthouses will

    be privatized. Even if the judge himself is still nominally a public

    employee, he’ll be a tenant in a private building staffed by private

    mercenaries, from the court reporters to the bailiffs and marshals, and the

    prosecutors will also be private thugs.

    There will be few non-privatized physical spaces left. You will literally not

    be able to physically move without “trespassing” except to the extent you’re

    an “owner” yourself.

    excerpted from Volatility Part 4: The Full Fury of the New Feudal War, The

    Intended End State July 5, 2010 (https://attempter.wordpress.com/)

    when they succeed u will pray for communism/ socailism !
    Communism NOT! America and the West are *not* becoming the Soviet Union, as the Soviets had universal healthcare, guaranteed housing, free higher education, and other social welfare benefits for its citizens. These are all things that citizens of the “Land of the Free” at least do NOT have. And never will . You will own nothing and b Happy!

  3. Eric,

    If a terrorist group is well heeled or has well heeled backers, then they don’t even need to charter a plane; they can BUY a used one! Used airliners are plentiful if you know where to look. Since it’ll only be used once (for a 9/11 style attack), who cares if it’s a well used aircraft? Can it make one more flight? That’s all you need. Here’s a used B757 for $14,500,000-chump change to a group with or backed by billions: https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/220884591/1991-boeing-757-236-jet-aircraft

    • Indeed, Mark –

      Observe the correlative fatuity: Only small businesses were closed to “stop the spread.” Only those who fly commercial must submit to being pawed (and all the rest) by low-rent government geeks. If there really had been a deadly plague afoot, all the stores would have been closed. If “terrorists” want to fly an airplane into a building, frisking us into going to stop them.

  4. The fact that since 9/11, Americans hav-like sheep-bent over and willing submitted to being sexually abused (aka, felt up, hands in the pants, etc.), had naked pictures taken of them, all in the name of saaaaafety, for the “privilege” of flying goes to show that not a damned one of them will ever take arms and fight back against the very people (the Feds) who manufactured 9/11 in the first place (the gov’t) when the Feds get even more draconian. The last three years of lock downs also show just how far Americans can be pushed without being provoked. I have no hopes for this country, sadly, and wish I could have a better mind set and positive attitude.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      The Democrat Party, the media, and the DC Swamp have already made it clear they’re AFRAID of RFK Jr.
      There was even a poll indicating that Kennedy is getting support from 14% of Democrat voters who voted for Joe Biden in 2020. Heck, the aforementioned entities might even be more afraid of Bobby Kennedy than they are of Donald Trump. The media is already running hit pieces against Robert, calling him an ANTI-VAXXER, and there was even a media outlet that ran a piece titled “RFK Jr wants to Make America Unvaccinated Again” (No joke).

      • Hi John/BaDnOn,
        Every mention I’ve seen of RFK Jr starts out “anti-vaxxer RFK Jr” as though it’s a part of his name. The Demonrats are indeed afraid of him, will be interesting to see what they throw at him to be sure we won’t ever get a chance to vote for him. I worry that if his message gains traction he’ll meet the fate of his father and uncle, there’s no evil our overlords won’t resort to in order to stay in power.

        • Mike,

          If RFK Jr gets the level of Democrat voter support Bernie Sanders did in 2016, the Democrat Party could rig their own primaries again to make sure Joe Biden (or someone else who’ll do the bidding of the SWAMP & Democrat Establishment) becomes the “D” nominee. In case people have forgotten, that’s what the Democrat Party did in 2016 to MAKE SURE Hillary Clinton got the “D” nomination instead of Bernie Sanders. In 2020, Sanders ran again, but quit so Biden could become the “D” nominee.

          • John and Mike,

            Yes, I remember what happened in 2016. Sanders would’ve won that primary, but the Democrat leadership wouldn’t have anyone other than Hitlery. I remember the people attending the convention actually defaced their “I’m with Her” Hillary signs and had written over it “Vote for Jill Stein” once it was clear that Bernie was out.

            I think it’s quite clear that they don’t want RFK Jr. out there spilling truth. People might actually realize he’s right.

            • BaDnOn,

              I have a sister who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 but voted for Jill Stein after Hillary Clinton became the “D” nominee, as there was no way she was going to vote for Hillary.

              I voted for Trump in 2016 & 2020, but considering that there’s people out there who just hate Trump no matter what, plus his age (he’s almost as old as Joe Biden), baggage from his 4 years as President, and continued advocating of what he once called the “Miracle COVID vaccines”, AND the COVID tyranny of the past few years, I prefer someone else. RFK Jr is one of the few DEMOCRATS speaking out against what the US government has been doing and continues to do, which I’m sure really pisses off the Democrat Party and the Swamp. If he becomes the “D” nominee next year, he might be the first Democrat presidential candidate I vote for, depending on who becomes the “R” nominee (at this point it appears it will be Trump).

        • Mike & BaDnOn,

          The media will likely also be running hit pieces about a new voting bloc they call “Anti-vaxxers”. Vanity Fair even ran a piece not too long ago about Ron DeSantis and how he plans to “Ride Anti-vaxxism to the White House”, so the media could be afraid of DeSantis and “Antivaxxers” as well.

  5. Sorry, cannot contribute right now. I find myself occupied in finding the charisma in that video. However, if that title was somehow “tongue in cheek” or an attempt at cleverness perhaps we are not suited for each other. I like things to be direct and straight on the chin, like your writing. The video from Star Wars leaves me cold since I have not had any interest in the genre since my son and I went to see the first installment. We both grew up and now he’s 50. So maybe it’s just me. Oddly I wouldn’t even be writing if you hadn’t included the video. I found the article, my introduction to your site, accurate and on point but the inclusion of the video left me puzzled.

    • Hi KA,

      The “charisma in the video”? It was embedded to accentuate the point of the article – that being how every putative “crisis” of the past 30 years seems to have the same object. I’m not sure why you appear to take such umbrage over the video, which is peripheral to the article.

      Especially since you say you liked the article!

      • Hey Eric,

        He’s referencing the title someone gave that clip. He’s right that the Emperor isn’t terribly charismatic, haha.

        Also, I’m just going to vent here…

        My Chevy’s 350 started burning oil and it’s made me quite sad. 🙁 Hopefully the ring aren’t gone.

  6. The only thing required for tyranny and evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.
    It is long past time for good men to do something to restrict central government and the corrupt businesses that support it.
    The most effective peaceful action is to stop doing business with the enemies of your liberty.
    Go on strike and stop consuming the products of our enemies.
    As for DC, NIFO.

  7. Speaking of tyranny as it pertains to driving and ‘sickness’…..

    I’ve been doing some updating of my research pertaining to obtaining a driver’s license in various countries for future expat plans. It’s become apparent that over just the last few years, the noose has been tightened yet more, even in places where things were very loose even just a few years ago. When looking at such things, one becomes aware of how even the most dinky out-of-the-way third-world countries are conforming to a common standard to fall in-line with world governance.

    One common aspect that keeps popping up, is that in many countries, in order to get a DL, they require you to submit to a medical exam. Not just a vision test….but a full-fledged medical exam, which in many places require a blood draw, to determine one’s blood type, AND a drug test! (Talk about presumptive guilt!), and quite a few countries require a psychological evaluation. Some test for color blindness, hearing, reaction time, coordination…..

    Forcing people to submit to the medical apparatchik to drive, and to use many/any form of “public” transportation (The infrastructure of which we have been witnessing being recently given a dry run via such machinations as the requirement to wear a muzzle and or be injected/have proof of being injected, etc. via the recent COVID psy-op…on a world-wide basis) can only portend the coming ‘Mark Of The Beast’- which, due to the above requirements already being established/tried-out in most places, is undeniably being loosely established before our eyes, and has already largely relieved us of our remaining liberties and autonomy and self-ownership- as if the already extant tyrannies of licenses, registrations, fees, taxes, mandatory insurance, etc. weren’t enough of an assault of and squelching of our liberties already.

    The good news is: In some places, like Indonesia, one can thwart the process…ironically by going to the police and giving them a suitable cash ‘gift’…for which they will simply procure a license for you….or where half the population drives sans any official paperwork outside of the major cities….

  8. ‘It is how neo-feudalism is born.’ — eric

    What changed when the Industrial Revolution arrived? Mechanical power — on a larger scale than the limited human and animal power of past millennia — sent living standards soaring.

    Now, by making combustion power scarce and costly, the climate death cult will roll back living standards and populations. Life expectancy already is plunging, thanks to their deadly ‘vaccines.’

    In the short term, phasing out ICE vehicles will put a floor under the price of those remaining, until their fuel supply is shut off. This phenomenon began in 2021 and continues today.

    Phasing out combustion power plants, as “Biden” proposed last week, will double or triple the price of electric power, while imposing frequent Third World-style blackouts as generation capacity is maliciously throttled back.

    Not every country will submit to the climate death cult, as compliant, conformist Americans do. China, for one, has to keep the wheels of development turning to stave off a revolt against its undemocratic communist regime. By the mid 21st century, China will leave methodically vandalized, gender dysphoric America in the dust.

    Quite possibly, though, other pinpoints of freedom may appear around the periphery of the Eurasian land mass, in places outside the clammy grip of the US/NATO/OECD climate death cult. As Chairman Mao learned in his Great Leap Forward [sic], destroying living standards and imposing famine is quite unpopular with the masses.

    • p.s. As an exercise, revise the Declaration of Independence to address today’s climate death cult, rather than the depredations of King George.

      What would Tom Jefferson do today? Prolly load ammo into his V8 pickup till his frickin’ hands bled. And buy some rope to deal with a senile scarecrow who’s impersonating the C-in-C.

  9. The security and safety theatre is just a jobs program. All those PATRIOT act police hires need something to do, so why not pretend there’s an epidemic of drunk drivers? And of course they can pull accident statstics out of their ass to prove that drunks are accident prone, even if you’re probably just as likely to have an accident on allergy medicine or jet lagged from the DST time change.

    Speaking of the TSA…


    “The lack of details in the press release suggests that the technology is at a very early stage,” says Daniel Mittleman, a professor of engineering at Brown University. “So it’s difficult to know what its new capabilities might be, although they could be significant. Numerous groups around the world are working on similar technologies, so we can expect them to have a big impact.”

    Compare that statement from the article to any battery tech advancement, no matter how implausible. Right away in the second paragraph downplay the whole concept. The TSA doesn’t want to make travel easier, and they certainly have no interest at all in speeding up the lines or reducing headcount. They like having a bunch of low productivity Democratic Party voters standing around pretending to work, and at high wages too. And don’t forget the TSA is there to protect Washington DC, not us. Bonus that it helps aerophobic Karens justify their anxiety (and probably amps it up a little more too) just before getting in a crowded and cramped narrowbody Jet Blue flight to Perth Amboy.

      • I admire the way the people of France are saying NO! to Macron by basically shutting down the country. In spite of that the little weasel has managed to ram his agenda through via various loopholes and other “extraordinary measures”. Time to bring back the guillotine and get rid of these scum bags, starting with Klaus Schwab and his WEF minions.

        • the french rock….they did us a favour and burnt some of this globalist/satanist control group….

          on friday the 13th of october 1307 the french king philip the fair had the templars in france arrested…most escaped…about 400 were captured…. 50 were burnt to death…the swiss and the templars still hate france today…

          The pharaohs had their feudal king with slaves system from 3150 BC to 30 BC when they were defeated by ther Romans…the pharoahs then moved to the Roman empire…when Rome was defeated they moved to France around 1000 AD…..they were pushed out of france and founded switzerland as their home in 1291…..they built the castles and became kings in europe, the european royalty….

          The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….

          switzerland is the base of the pharoahs, the nazis, the templars…..the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291.

          The Swiss Beast – Home of the…. NWO Templars:

          @ 6:36 in video …..on friday the 13th of october 1307 the french king philip the fair had the templars in france arrested…most escaped…about 400 captured…. 50 were burnt to death…the swiss and the templars still hate france today…

          @ 33:00 there is no european white kings in europe….. they are all direct descendants of the pharaohs

          @ 53:00 the aristocratic coat of arms has lions on it…europe never had lions…a sign of a foreign power in control…europe has wolves and bears…the lion the sign of the nobility ….just lies in the sun and does nothing…just like the elite nobility…

          @ 1:00:58 is king charles the 3rd english first or an aristocrat?

          @ 1:18:00 J.F. Kennedy made a speech on april 27th 1961 about the secret contol group on top…shortly after the templars eliminated him….

          @ 1:50:00 the templars always built their churches and temples in an octogon shape…


    • ‘mock them everywhere and always’ — Mister Liberty

      Artist William Banzai7 steps up to the plate, mocking horse-faced Alissa Heinerscheid of Bud Light tranny spokesperson fame:


      Ouch! She might want to expatriate herself for awhile.

  10. I might also add that you cannot buy a gun without the permission of the FBI because you “might” be a criminal. In all of the blue-state left-wing jurisdictions, you cannot buy a magazine over 10 rounds or a semi-automatic rifle because you “might” be a mass school shooter.

    It does not matter that 95% (or more) of the crime with guns is committed by a readily identifiable urban racial minority, many of who are predicate felons and legally banned from having guns but manage to get and carry and use them anyway. It does not matter that “mass shootings” in schools remain a statistically very rare event and most could easily be stopped by trained staff with arms. Or that cops in Parkland and Uvalde, armed with the semi-automatic rifles YOU are prohibited from having, will simply stand by and do nothing while unarmed people die.

    What matters is that we have a “crisis of gun violence” and Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are constantly demanding that we be prohibited from having the guns that their security details use 24-7-365.

    • Not bad X, but you may want to check your premises. We don’t need “trained staff with guns” to protect our young at school. Every parent, adult, and sentient youth has the right and Dufy to be armed. We got here by respecting illicit authority, we only get out when enough stop.

      • Spot on Ernie and X. Only way it happens if parents pack the school board meetings, forever, until it happens. But it has to be ‘staff’, not an additional or more ‘cops’, like most libs would want.
        I tried in our school system to simply say “we have 3-5 ex-military/police in our school right now” Let them conceal carry, if they want to, and our school will be the best protected it can be without additional resources” The ignorant/scared masses were scared that I even made the suggestion.
        This was in my ‘blue’ area. but in my ‘red’ area, they do it already.

  11. “They can’t use them right now because we discovered that one thing is supply. And the other thing is to have an educated population that believes the vaccines are doing well. You [need to] have doctors or nurses that will administer, to have the infrastructure and logistics [so] you can store it in every place in the country, and not only in the capital of the country. A lot of things are missing.” – Albert Bourla, WEForum

    Remove the word ‘educated’ and insert ‘indoctrinated’.

    All sorts of weasel words spoken, they don’t address the real issue, the pandemic was part of the agenda and was used to gain control of populations.

    If you read the full discussion, there is not one word as to what to do with the pathogen, just lots of stupid words on how to distribute vaccines to 1.2 billion hapless fools in 45 countries.

    It is perplexing to have any kind of thoughts as to why Klaus wants to use his puny brain to make an attempt to begin to rule, to have the audacity, something is wrong with Klaus’ cranium, not all there, prion-ed up or something.

    Bill Gates doesn’t dare look in a mirror, too frightening. Fauci, Wolensky, Biden, Pelosi, et al will be soon forgotten and never missed. There will be rivers of crocodile tears.

    All of them, just pure evil. They can all GF themselves.

    • If you read this, you will laugh at the imaginary climate crisis:


      selected quotes

      “Water vapor constitutes Earth’s most significant greenhouse gas, accounting for about 95% of Earth’s greenhouse effect”

      “Anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 contributions cause only about 0.117% of Earth’s greenhouse effect, (factoring in water vapor). ”

      “Water vapor is 99.999% of natural origin. ”

      “Putting it all together: total human greenhouse gas contributions add up to about 0.28% of the greenhouse effect.”

  12. Not only have these psychopaths been trying to scare the public about “Climate change”, they’ve also been screeching about “The next pandemic” and how we need to “prepare for it”, be it by giving unelected bureaucrats at the WHO MORE power through a global pandemic treaty or eliminating our right to informed consent and implementing MANDATORY VACCINATION with the next experimental mRNA jab the pharmaceutical/ biotech industry concocts. Why, even Bill Gates himself wrote a book on how to prevent the next pandemic. I haven’t read it myself, but I imagine it calls for digital health (vaccine) passports, developing MORE vaccines, implementing digital ID, giving TOTAL power to the WHO and/ or psychopaths such as himself, etc.

    The psychopaths’ puppets in governments, along with corrupt media, have also been trying to scare the public about guns and manipulating them into BEGGING government to “Doooooooooooo something now!” after each mass shooting that was committed by people who were either hopped up on pharma drugs or mentally unstable. These politicians are clearly hell bent on DISARMING law abiding Americans who own guns because they wish to do something truly sinister to us. Just look at Australia, Canada, China, or New Zealand the past few years when their governments went DRUNK with power and did all sorts of evil things to their own citizens who had no guns.

  13. In a word… cowards. Oh sure, we’ll fight each other to the death but we have been intimidated by the Rottweilers with badges and guns,,, legal for them of course.

    They know we are “catching on” to the CO2 scam so lately the boogeyman has been farm animals methane and fertilizer nitrogen. Soon the whole biosphere will be blamed.

    We are allowing their mad scientists to mess with the biosphere in the name of ‘the science’.
    They are frightening us with their fake viruses and fake vaccines in the name of ‘the science’.
    They are taking our remaining property and travel rights (passports) which started back in the early 1900s. They say it is to protect our nation by knowing who is here… I’ll say two words: Southern Border.
    Now they’re pushing Vaccine Passports and they’ll get it just as easy as it was for them to lock us down like the prisoners we are.

    They laugh at us when we make the slightest whimper about any of it.
    They pad elections, we whimper,,, they throw us in prison,,, we whimper.
    31 trillion dollars of debt,,, they pretend to debate it like the dozens of times in the past,,, we whimper!
    They offshore our production and decent jobs,,, we whimper,,, then fight each other for shelf stocking yobs.
    They push us into wars. Has anyone noticed there has been zero media on the Ukraine Nazis the last several weeks? No news is NOT good news where these parasites are concerned.

    No where is there any organized opposition. Soon they’ll have our guns which we will gladly turn in. We’ll be living in 15 minute cities. We’ll own nothing and they’ll be happy and own it all.

      • I have noticed it, Jim. It tells me that things are likely going horribly for Zelensky. I certainly hope so. It would make my day to see his corpse swinging from a lamp post in downtown Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

        • Eric,

          It seems that many politicians have moved on from Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev to wanting to go to war with Chyna (to use Trump’s pronunciation) over Taiwan. However, last I checked, the Biden Thing pledged to send even MORE MONEY & WEAPONS to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev while trying to impoverish and disarm his own citizens.

      • the purpose of the war……the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men

        @ 3:50:30 eliminating the men that can push back against the control group…LBGQT etc. is working with the control group….the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men….Russia and Ukraine are not very LBGQT so the war there feeds their fighting capable….non LBGQT men into the meat grinder….then the control group can finish their agenda 2030…no fighting men left to resist…

        @ 1:18:29 the white man has been in slavery longer then any other race…..

        @ 2:20:43 man is a bred race….the control group is breeding out the warriors…

        @ 2:24:30 getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….all men are being demonized….the straight whites the most targeted….straight whites being blown up daily in the current war….the real agenda there…

        @ 3:00:00 destroy the patriarchy….the men…

        @ 3:50:30 eliminating the men that can push back against the control group…LBGQT etc. is working with the control group….the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men….Russia and Ukraine are not very LBGQT so the war there feeds their fighting capable….non LBGQT men into the meat grinder….then the control group can finish their agenda 2030…no fighting men left to resist…

        putin is part of the globalist control group….


  14. We are free to do as we’re told.

    If you find a freedom that doesn’t fit into that category, that’s an accident they will soon correct.

  15. It’s 29 degrees here this morning. These late April freezes have become an annual thing. Over the last 5 years, I’ve lost more fruit tree production from freeze damage than in the previous 25 years combined. This ain’t “warming”, and I suspect Bill Gates’ effort to screen us from the Sun might be to blame. Otherwise, it’s just bad weather, not climate. The Sahara turning from savannah to desert is climate. The end of the ice age is climate. No person alive now will live long enough to experience definitive climate change. Of course it would help the credibility of the “climate” alarmists over the last 50 years if even one of their dire predictions had come true. None have.
    Tyrants need a demon, and they produce them where none existed. Terrorists, drunk drivers, gun owners, Russians, climate change, etc. all fall into that category. Their primary quality is they are invisible. So you must have the Psychopaths In Charge to warn you about them, and abuse you to protect you from them. The big question being, who warns us and protects us from those Psychopaths In Charge, who are most definitely NOT invisible?


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