Live Report From the Land of the Not-Dead

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Here’s a look at “things on the ground” in SW Virginia, home of your Libertarian Car Guy. I saw no bodies stacked up in the gutter; no people retching blood, either. The only real problem appears to be the government – and Corona Cringing.

Better saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe than sorry, they say.

I’ll risk sorry – for the sake of living.

. . .

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  1. For how many times government and its minions have been wrong about just about everything, you would think they would have no credibility left. But here we are with this overblown nonsense. Why do people believe EVERYTHING the government says?

    I am going to be pissed if this is still going in June and messes with my summer.

  2. How many people are going to die from “Corona”? Zero! The average all cause death rate in the US is 9 per 1000 per year. The average death rate from supposed “confirmed” corona cases is also 9 per 1000. In other words, “corona” is not deadly. I use quotations marks because every thing about this epi/pandemic is imaginary. The “virus” has NOT been isolated and therefore can not be said to be the cause of anything. BTW, that implies that the tests are completely bogus. Science has been abandoned in lieu of the political. All the troubles caused by government and media are real, but the disease is not. All of the deaths would have occurred anyways due to the usual everyday causes.

  3. I’m only half joking when I say that I worry about you being in public. In addition to Covid-19, there’s a raging epidemic of statism going around and too many people are eager to “infect” you, for your own good. Thanks for braving the disapproval of the safety cult.

      • Just got back from my morning walk, got coffee at my local Dunkies (to go only though, seats inside all removed), and encountered many others doing likewise. Encouraging that even here in Nannychusetts people aren’t willing to lock themselves up on Uncle’s say so. Hardly any traffic in the streets though, guess because since most any place you might want to go to is closed. One thing that stands out is the number of cop cars just hanging out or driving around, probably just salivating to get the orders to “hut-hut” anyone with the temerity to call BS on this manufactured “crisis”.
        Great analysis on that cruise ship link, shows how out of whack the math is on the actual danger to your health; people die by the thousands every day but the MSM doesn’t keep a running tally headline of each cause. A story did sneak into one of the local newscasts – an interview with a thirtysomething woman who had gotten CV and has recovered. She said it was like the worst cold ever but just stayed in bed, drank fluids, etc. and now feels fine.
        I’m 72 and will take my chances with any disease over curling into a fetal position and begging Uncle for saaaaaaaafety. How did this country get to be such a bunch of pussies?

    • Hi Bryan,

      Luckily, most of “us” had an experience that fundamentally changed our worldview. Once experienced, it can’t be unexperienced. This renders us immune from Statism. It could have been a conversation, a book, an essay, documentary, etc… For me, the light bulb moment was a simple question posed by Auberon Herbert, “by what right does one man rule over another”. I was still a “minarchist” at the time and actually tried to seriously answer this question, which should be the starting point of all political philosophy. Eventually, it dawned on me that the only consistent and logical answer was force. Because I reject force as a morally legitimate organizing principle, I came to see government as illegitimate and understand that all political philosophy, save anarchism, assumes what should be in question, the right to rule.

      Minarchists who insist that government is legitimate are not immune from Statism, they are still infected, perhaps with a less virulent strain. Minarchists who see government as inevitable, but illegitimate, perhaps best described as pragmatic philosophical anarchists, are immune from Statism.


      • Interesting. I think of myself as maybe a minarchist, not sure, though. I was about 10 when I first sensed something was wrong with AGWs. On our way up to VT to take a short ski trip, my dad was pulled over for traveling 72 in a 55 mph zone. The cop asked for his license as usual and came back with a warning for doing 60 in a 55 zone. I was extremely angry that if the cop was going to write a warning for 60 in a 55, why did he pull my dad over in the first place? My parents were happy that he didn’t get a ticket and I was mad that the cop wrote the warning especially since I had the idea that the speed limit was higher a year ago. That was phase 1. It began a 21 year crusade to end the 55 mph speed limit.

        Phase 2 came much later. In 1992, I attended a property rights group meeting where the talked about all sorts of environmental issues such as land use to debunking recycling myths and other issues. I remember an older gentleman and I discussing that and other things. He then talked about the federal reserve and how their debt money system was created and how it worked. The big land grabs of the 1990’s continuing to today are to enhance the balance sheet. I learned about the Council on Foreign Relations and how they want to create a one world government. It all made sense. I began to see cracks in the constitution, although correctly interpreted, its the best we got.

        Over the years, have evolved to believe that government is only legitimate based on the consent of the governed. Our sham election system and our sham government does not even come close to being derived from consent.

        • Hi Swamp,

          “Over the years, have evolved to believe that government is only legitimate based on the consent of the governed”.

          Which renders all governments illegitimate as they claim the right to rule over everyone in their “jurisdiction”, not just those who gave consent. Moreover, one cannot grant consent if one cannot withhold it, nor can one grant the consent of others; consent has no meaning in relation to government. It, like the “common good”, the “will of the people”, etc… are abstract, undefinable fictions, meant to create the illusion of legitimacy.



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