WuFlu and Wifi?

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What follows is not exactly a reader question but I think it’s very worth publishing and responding to. So here it is:

Paul writes: Thanks for your always insightful articles on cars and other matters. At the risk of being both vain and presumptuous, I have attached the following which I am sending (and probably in vain for those more concerned with re-election and their approval ratings than they are with showing some backbone and non-herd leadership). As you know, we hear little about the flu now; few are saying anything about the 5G effect, which the coronavirus is intended to cover and which creates many of the same symptoms and problems of the coronavirus; the MSM ignores the fact that deaths are greatest (Washington State and NY) where the 5G technology is most present; and some are actually believing that Gates in interested in “helping” with vaccine development that will “benefit” us and that he has good motives.

Anyone who believes that Gates, WHO (which helped to design the Chinese lab in Wuhan), the NIH, the CDC (who advertised for quarantine workers in advance for this PLANNEDDEMIC), John Hopkins University, the U. of North Carolina, the Pirbright Institute of England (which can remotely control all 5G technology in the world and which has been involved in disease and virus creation for about a century, which John Hopkins also does, but not necessarily for good reasons either), the controlled MSM and others of this ilk is incredibly naïve and is probably a part of the Bought Off, Blackmailed, Or Otherwise Controlled (BOBMOOCs) group that moves with the wind and the money.

It’s not hard to ask who benefits from all of this and to come up with the answers – Big Pharma, the CDC, WHO, universities who engage in this research, the Pirbright Institute, Gates and the ruling elite and their puppets in our three branches of government who fall all over themselves going after the cheese, not perceiving their ends at the hands of those whose favors they seek and whose money they crave and accept without a tinge of conscience. I could go on, but you know the picture.

For the “What It’s Worth Department,” I’ve attached links to material  (here and here) that I have sent to the governor of my state and our two senators (writing to them as a former yankee). The last article is separate and is about the BOBMOOCs, which John Whitehead published on his site a while back.

My reply: I have no particular knowledge of WiFi and 5G other than what most people know; i.e., that it is “faster” wireless. Instinctively, I do not like the idea of being bathed in artificial waves everywhere I go. And I know that 5G is capable of being used for very nefarious purposes, such as real-time monitoring and control of practically everything. That alone is reason to be leery of it.

But I am much more leery of the fear being used to terrorize the populace into accepting the unacceptable. The cattle are alarmed and clamoring to be led, stampede-style, to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety. 

Which is far more dangerous than the virus – this one or any one known that didn’t actually kill off half the population. This one will merely enslave the entire population, if we let them do that to us.



  1. I’m generally suspicious of anything gub’mint and its synonym “Big Business” conspire to do, but claiming that 5G waves themselves damage health just isn’t so. Unless physics have changed non-ionizing radiation doesn’t do much of anything to living tissue. Close enough to a powerful emitting source could expose you to heat, but that’s about it. Einstein proved it in 1905 and numerous studies since then have verified it. I’ve had to address this since I put up my first Amateur Radio antenna way back in the day, and I’m amazed that it persists. Not trying to pick a fight here, but our energies are better spent on real threats.

    A danger to privacy and liberty, yes. To health, no.

    • Bill B, you are entirely wrong. It’s not just 5G but any microwave. The problem with 5G is it’s so strong over a short distance so towers are very close together. Check out the About Phone in your cellphone. It’s been known since 1970 that microwave is dangerous.

      In NYC, there is a large elementary school that is close to a lot of 5G towers, The cancer rate is 4-5 times as much for those children than children not exposed to 5G. Explain how it’s NOT dangerous.

      A study before that took place in Israel with 5G and it showed the same 4-5 the rates of cancer for children exposed to it.

      Why do you think even the phone companies tell you not to put your phone to your ear to use it? 3 and4 G are less dangerous but they’re dangerous just the same. One again, dig into your phone and it’s full of warnings to cover their ass since they can say ‘Everything you needed to know about the dangers of microwave is right there in your phone’.

      For decades many businesses have had a separate room for their microwave. Einstein didn’t have the ability to measure microwave nor the ability to check what happened to various age people when exposed to it.

      Why do you think that people are being warned now to not use “nanny cams” in their childrens rooms? It’s because of proven danger to it and 5 G is much more dangerous, not just to children but to everyone. I’m fine with 4G(well, I don’t really know that to be true since I have had terrible headaches since we have had high speed wifi. And now, those in the know are encouraging everyone to keep their wifi at distance and use wired internet. This is not being said by those selling wire for internet. It’s being said by the groups that have done research and believe the numbers. Are you going to say the experiments that show those high numbers from being exposed to 5 G are simply wanting to deny you high speed internet?

      The first microwave oven was created because being near the first microwave transmitters noticed walking hear them. So they decided to run an experiment and damned if something surrounded by microwave didn’t heat up. The higher the frequency, the more it heated. And that is how we came to have microwave ovens but even the makers knew they needed to block the wave from getting out of the oven. Take everything off your microwave oven that blocks the microwave and see how that works out for you.

      • While I appreciate the passion and understand the skepticism, Eight, I’m not wrong. Unless physics as it’s generally understood is wrong. Again, I’m not looking for a fight, but this is something I’ve encountered for many decades in different guises and it’s always the same thing, which is to say unsubstantiated anecdotal claims vs established and tested science.

        5G does barely touch the low end of “microwave” radiation, that’s true. It’s in the lower to upper 30 GHz range whereas microwave runs to upper 300 GHz. (Sunlight is somewhere around 450 to 750 THz if I remember correctly). The issue with each is heat, more or less, because the radiation emitted isn’t energetic enough to damage cellular DNA, the threshold for ionizing radiation. That’s what causes damage.

        It really is simple physics. Once can certainly convince oneself that any radiation is harmful (or gluten or lactose or peanuts or trace amounts of carbon dioxide or whatever) in a subjective way, but that just doesn’t make it so.

        • Bill, if you want to call some of the most intensive studies done on 5G, then call it anecdotal. I consider a school where the kids get cancer at 4-5 times the rate of kids not near 5G in more than one study to be anything but anecdotal. And microwave doesn’t heat anything either. It’s so good for you that every cell phone has a disclaimer in it and every manufacturer recommends for you to keep it from contacting your skin, esp. your face.

          And to say it doesn’t damage cellular DNA could hardly be true when it causes so much cancer, esp. in children.

          And it’s a far cry from claiming “any” radiation is harmful since the sun would be the death knell for us all. And you know nobody gets skin cancer from the sun don’t you? I mean I regularly go get it removed as do all my friends my age because we live in west Texas where old Sol eats the paint off your car. Naw, that’s gotta be a lie too. It must be since some car manufacturers purposely make the paint for southwestern vehicles with a little orange peel since it holds up better. More anecdotal evidence that has no basis in fact. I must remember to tell my dermatologist the sun can’t hurt a person.

          • Well, I had to come back to read your response of course. I suggest we just disagree amicably and leave any other readers to do their own research and decide for themselves. I honestly mean without sarcasm or animus that I enjoy and agree with much you write here on Eric’s fine site, but not this. I suppose it’s possible you’re correct. I very much hope you’re not, for obvious reasons.

            Best to you, Eight, and I do mean that.

  2. About a month ago, I brought up a map of C-virus eruption and compared it to a map of 5G installation. Nearly identical. Now I cannot find a map that details what particular regions of nations are hardest hit by C-virus, only maps of nations. This whole fiasco is falling far to neatly into a paradigm that benefits the Sociopaths In Charge to the highest degree. Absolute control, submitted to voluntarily, and absolute monitor of every act defying such control. I applaud those crowds of indifferent young folks flipping off their masters and partying hardy. If nothing else, they will expose the tyrants when they are forcefully controlled en mass at gun point.

    • JWK, I saw that same map. I saw it on a YT channel but it did show they overlapped. It took about 6 months after getting high speed wifi before I began to get headaches. I noticed when I was busy and staying away from home I felt better. Since I have been out of work, it’s gotten worse. If I don’t get some relief soon you may not see me back here…..or anywhere else on the net. We’re in the sticks and have no way to get wired internet. My neighbor is the same. For some reason his entire family has had problems of their glands in their necks hurting and swelling. He’s not saying it’s not because of his wireless internet. I don’t know if he gets less but I suspect that antenna he’s using that lets the entire family run computers and smart tv’s, just like we do, is just as strong as my mifi unit.

      I have tried to find something I could transfer the mifi into wired internet. I haven’t found it yet but surely it could be done.


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