Not Sequestered

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Libertarians are often accused of “selfishness.” We only care about our own interests – and to Hell with everyone else. This from people who have no compunction about pointing guns at everyone else to make them do their bidding –  as well as serve as milch cows to finance their “plans” for everyone.

Well, one thing I’m doing is not “sequestering” – cringing under the sofa at home, hiding from the phantom menace, aka the Corona virus.

Which, if others would do the same, might prevent other people from going out of business – which seems to me a pretty charitable thing to do for them.

I will not stop going to the coffee shop where I have been a regular for the past five years – because I like their coffee and don’t want them to go out of business. Which has become a very real menace, thanks to the media’s fear tsunami about a virus that has caused the death of exactly one person in a state the size of Germany, almost. I will continue to do business with the coffee shop until there is sound reason not to – and one death (more than one hundred miles away) isn’t.

For the same reason, I will continue to hit the weights at the gym where I work out – and where several people work, full-time. I do not want them to lose their jobs because if they do then I will no longer be able to hit the weights.

Yes, I have selfish reasons for not wanting my town to descend into BarterTown – where only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage stand a chance of surviving.

Civilization is important. Don’t give up on it because of a bug that probably won’t do more than make you feel crappy for a week, if you even get sick at all.

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  1. Living the dream here in “non-essential is shut down” southern Nevada. Was actually out on St. Paddy’s day (AKA the night the decree came down). We were kicked out…yes, kicked out…of our local’s bar/casino at 8pm, even though the decree didn’t go into effect until midnight. Sensing things were going to get weird quickly, Ms. VV and I headed out to stock up: liquor store, smoke shop, then grocery store. Hey…priorities, man. Liquor store was pretty well stocked still, but there were some blank shelves re: the staples (Jack, some of the vodkas, and beer selection was getting thin). Grocery store was ransacked. We ended up with a few useful items, but it was definitely slim pickings.
    The next morning, I found myself feeling a bit ashamed as I fell in to the panic a bit, but I came to the realization that in my 50 years, I’ve never been in a situation where one man decreed that everyone’s life has officially been turned upside down…because he says so (for saaaaafeteee). Yeah, I’m well aware that we’re all constantly nudged and poked at by the asshats in DC, as well as whichever state capitol, and on down the line to the freaking HOA. But compared to all the constant nudging and poking, this was a Mike Tyson punch right in the nose. I now fully understand that I was bullsh*tting myself by hanging on to the sliver of belief that I had some element of control over my own life. Freedom in America died long ago and it’s never going to return.

    And this isn’t as bad as what’s going on in SF…at least I have been *allowed* the *priviledge* to roam around outside of my home, go to work, and look at all the places I used to be *allowed* to go.

  2. There are two ways to make it through this world.

    1. Live life.
    2. Avoid death.

    The first is achievable. The second is a fools errand because, as Tyler has on the Zero Hedge masthead, “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone is zero.”

    Or, as Jocelyn Elders, Bill Clinton’s much maligned Surgeon General, once said< Ev'rbody's gonna die of sumpthin'."

  3. I go out for a walk every day, since exercise, fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D) are great for your immune system. I’m 72 so supposedly “at risk” for this but the media fanned hysteria is encouraging all the lemmings to cower in their basements. As others have noted the number of people killed by the regular flu is way beyond the deaths from CV19; we’re all going to die one day so I intend to live my life while I have it. Unfortunately I can’t support my local cafes/restaurants because the “authorities” here have ordered them all to close, and just who gave them the power to do that- their self proclaimed “emergency”. Think I’ll declare an emergency and tell Uncle to give back all the money he’s stolen from me over the course of my life, could live out the rest of my days in luxury that way 😆

  4. Getting the headlights on my Truck done soon (, and I see where it’s done, there’s a DunkMyNutz as well.

    Why waste $$ getting a ride somewhere else when I can sit there, “Practice” Social Distancing as I write and wait, keep them busy with refills and then get my Truck and go wherever

    Jersey might have a Curfew, but the AGW doesn’t need to know my story

  5. It has become quite evident to me that the cure is going to be orders of magnitude worse than the disease, and kill far more people. Which is perhaps the intent. Who knows what the intent of the Sociopaths In Charge may be. They are after all insane.

  6. This situation has devolved to the point where every state and local dictator has cum in their pants at this golden opportunity to hurt people. They’re doing everything wrong; I don’t believe that is an accident.

    Think about this: they’ve taken away travel, sports, movies, restaurants, bars, work, school, church, visits to family members in nursing homes or the hospital (leaving some people to literally die alone), playgrounds, liquor stores, and just about everything else that makes people human. They are literally locking cities down. There is no apparent end in sight, and don’t be naive to think this is going to go away in two weeks – if anything it will be worse by then.

    How long can that be sustained before this pent up anxiety and angst explodes? Is that what they want?

  7. Colorado has gone full on nutty and shut down the state. Good for business, with everyone at home they’re better able to appreciate their Internet service.

    But one thing that seems to be constantly missed by everyone is that charity would still exist in a libertarian universe. But instead of charity being extracted at gunpoint (by a third or fourth party), one would freely give to those who most deserve it. Or vetted organizations that operate with proper low overhead. And when the crisis is past, and the recipient is back on their feet, they remember the assistance and return the favor.

    And prices would be far more flexible and open to negotiation. If you really, REALLY want that coffee, you’ll pay for it. Maybe it might cost you $20 due to finding someone willing to run the store with potential for getting sick. Shop owner won’t open for you? Well everyone has a price they’ll accept. And that calculation would be based on plenty of factors, such as if you’re a regular, if the shop owner is concerned that you might be infected (3rd party lab testing and certification would be useful for you, verifying you aren’t infected), and maybe you strike a deal where you offer to run a few to-go orders for him. Sure, things might cost more money in the short term, but with the extra 30-50% not taken from you in taxes I’ll bet you’d come out ahead. For sure you could save a few dollars for a rainy day and not watch their purchasing power dwindle as the pigs line up at the printing press trough.

    • Good stuff, RK!

      Well, bad stuff – as regards the doings in CO. It is not that bad – yet – here in VA. But this sort of thing tends to wax before it wanes. Until I see lots of previously healthy, not-old people dying from this I am not buying this. I have good reason for having zero confidence in the veracity or good intentions of the government – of the creatures who are “the government.” So I want to know, per the old lady, where’s the beef?

      • You won’t. As I said in other posts, we’re not Chinese. Or Italian for that matter. We’ve been practicing “social distancing” since before any of us were born. The Chinese are forced to live in tiny concrete block housing that compares to “the projects” of the 1970s. Poorly built, not maintained and falling to pieces after a decade or less. They smoke incredible amounts of cigarettes, live in unbreathable air and prefer “traditional Chinese medicine” (astrology and woo) over western science. Americans have their problems, but lung disease is pretty low on the list these days.

        The Italians are known for kissing hello and a lot of touchy-feely activity. They too, usually live in small tight spaces and spend a lot of their time in public gathering spots. They too smoke at a much higher per capita than the US. We like to think of northern Italy as farmland and vineyards (with proper estate sized mansions), but in reality it is a lot of manufacturing and mega cities …and refugees.

        • Northern Italy is a manufacturing suburb of Wuhan. “Made in Italy” (by cheap Chinese labor).

          And WHO could have guessed that ginseng and acupuncture wouldn’t cure the Bat Soup Flu ?????

          Painful, but locking down our nursing homes actually makes sense. Pizza Hut, not so much // rolleyes

  8. My mailman told me the rumor is no more mail after Friday. To keep them safe. I am in Michigan. Guess what that will do to Amazon. It is getting weird people.

  9. Washington state closed the gyms & restaurants. Cant visit the nursing home either.

    So going to have lots of service workers dying of poverty pretty soon. Ill do some jumping jacks & lift my water jugs go up & down the stairs, but many people going to sit in dispair. And old people shouldn’t be made afraid of this virus when organ failure or the literal flu is going to kill them.

    It would make more sense to take old people to church so they can learn about jesus and embrace the afterlife.

    Worrying about death really sucks, and locking people in the house away from friends & family increases worries.

    And the poor children who cant do anything or go anywhere cause they are dirty carriers of disease that will kill grandma. Thats gotta be a traumatic feeling.

    • “And the poor children who cant do anything or go anywhere cause they are dirty carriers of disease that will kill grandma. Thats gotta be a traumatic feeling.”

      Oh, don’t worry! They got smartphones and FakeBook to keep them busy.

      • So now all children will be autistic from even less social activities and more phone time than they would normally get.

        On the other hand if I were a child I Could have fun chasing old people & sneezing in their proximity.

  10. I’m still going out and about myself. I’ve been going to the same local restaurants I always go to. I don’t know if that’ll be an option now, because our governor told “non-essential” businesses to close. Many restaurants are only offering takeout and delivery only. That’s all well and good, but many foods don’t travel well; they’re either cold and/or soggy once you get home. And what about those of us with newer vehicles who don’t WANT food in the passenger cabin, so it doesn’t stink? This Corona hysteria is being used as a battering ram to smash whatever is left of our rights!

    • Eating in the car can be gross & dangerous. No place to wash your hands, bits & pieces dropping & its not easy to clean. I keep some supplements in my console so that if there’s a traffic jam or a snowpoke I can digest some algae & fish oil.

  11. I am a moderately high risk person (>60) so I’m doing what I always do: staying home on the range as much as possible – LOL It’s a good excuse for me not to talk to people.

    But the younger folks: why should they suffer ????? It makes no sense to destroy businesses and bankrupt workers just to “protect” a minority of us. THAT my friends is a “libertarian” viewpoint. I’m responsible for my own health and well being.

    Now get off my lawn! 😉

  12. Applaud your efforts! In my area, those with authoritah have even taken away that choice, by requiring such establishments to close. Never mind the effects on the servers, busboys, dishwashers, baristas. Let them eat cake, I guess.

    Incredibly, they’ve gone a step further to have closed and declined access to all public playgrounds and ball fields. I assume, such edicts – as always – are to be enforced at gun point. So give up that which makes you human – or else! Imagine, being threatened at gun point for taking your four year old to an outdoor playground. And the proles cheer, indeed, they demanded this.

    This won’t end well.

    • Agreed, BAC –

      They are going to pathologize disobedience as a “threat to public saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.” And will kill you for daring to question “the rules.”

      • It’s worse than that, my friend. They’ll kill you, then they’ll smear you and your good name. You will be a pariah, sacrificed to assuage irrational fears. And no one will come to your defense. It’s just beyond my comprehension.

        • “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,” a U.S. major said Wednesday.

          As reported by Peter Arnett Feb 7, 1968

    • Cant have dirty children spreading Coronavirus. We all have to make sacrafices cause of the narritives. And if they dont get it you have to explain how dirty they are that they will literally kill people with this Coronavirus that they might or might not carry. But after the narritives shift they can spread other more deadly germs and its ok for some reason.

  13. Hear, hear. I’m headed to my favorite restaurants this week. Screw the Corona Virus. I think that the whole thing is an overblown sham. Yes, it’s contageous. Yes, the death rate might be higher than normal than the flu, but I bet that no more than 50,000 will die from it, which is what flu death or car accidents total every year. Every year, 400,000 die from cancer, 100,000 from alcohol related disease, etc etc. We don’t get bent out of shape. People’s selfishness and stupidity are really showing. I hope they are happy eating their toilet paper because they won’t be able to go out for a while. Bunch of sheep.

    • Only deadly in certain areas. Wuhan had off the charts pollution back in December through mid febuary. They burn dead bodies & medical waste to kill the germs but that puts literal death into already polluted air.

      They outlawed driving So some sick old man had to walk several kilometers in thick pollution in the cold winter to buy food or visit the hospital which was full and then use every bit of strength to walk to another hospital breathing pollution deep into his already weak lungs.

      The doctors worked 12+ hour shifts in hazmat suits with no water or restroom break every day for over a month. A few died of heat exhaustion & dehydration. Gotta stay hydrated and gotta take a piss every few hours.

      Some psychos set locked buildings on fire causing even more pollution and also burning the occupants to death.

      Italy has a population of 90 year old smokers and migrants with teberculosis.

      This Coronavirus is present in some severely ill people, but its also present in completely healthy people. so I think its literally harmless, and people be sick or dying of other things.

      Its a scapegoat. China likes the narritive of a novel Coronavirus comming from bats & the government swooped in and oppressed people till they were safe from it.

      China asked other countries to go along with deadly virus narritives and to oppress their people so that chinese people wouldn’t get suspicious about this virus being limited to the most polluted cities in china. Trump kept calling it corona flu or just a hoax but china made reasons for trump to go along with the plan. But people get sick & die already so they just have to blame enough sickness & death on this virus so people demand oppression and then say oppression saved everyone. Not sure where it goes from there


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