Insight into the Mind of an AGW

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Here’s some video of armed government workers watching video of their beat-downs and enjoying it. A man is shown being tackled and then pummeled by AGWs, who repeatedly hit him in the head while he’s laying on the ground and no longer a “threat” to their “safety.”

The AGWs then pay a menacing visit – in full Tacticool kit – to a tire shop where a “civilian”  takes issue with their sadistic actions and gloating over it.

“You think it’s funny,” the man says to one of several AGWs who saunter into the shop. This one looks like some kind of sonderkommando – and likely imagines himself to be one.

“So that’s the rules?  You can punch a guy three times while he’s on the ground with people on his back?”

The SS Sturmbahnfuhrer – or whatever he is – gets all puffed up at this insolence. He assumes various threatening poses and babbles on about the rightness of his Hut! Hut! Hutting techniques

The man – clearly sickened – tells the AGWs to leave his shop, which they eventually do.

Probably, they’ll be back.

The frightening thing is these goons seem to really not get why “civilians” generally despise them.



  1. Somehow I doubt shows like the Dukes of Hazard – Smokey and the bandit – the Blues Brothers – Animal house – that show cops and authority figures as the bumbling fools they are could get made today due to PC and media cop / military worship. Now you have drivel like chicago PD which actually shows cops as competent and smart. I live in Chicago and thats a total joke. Dont expect LaQueesha to save your ass anytime soon.

  2. Notice none wanted to physically get into it with this guy. He looked like he could take all comers. And the cops always travel in packs and are cowards. I’ve watched coyotes work all my life. If it’s a big house cat, they’ll surround him and then one will try to bite him on his back and when he fights back another will do the same thing. They’ll stay as long as it takes to bring him done by none of the fight the cat one on one. Another reason I dislike coyotes and cops.

    Stopped on the side of the road, dead in the water so to speak in a big rig 1 am or so, I was trying to figure out the problem but didn’t have a good enough flashlight to see the problem. I’m about 2 miles from town and this cop sees me. He comes up and asked what the problem was. I said I didn’t know, it just quit and I needed to call someone for help.

    I didn’t relish the thought of that walk since it was a hard and cold north wind and well below freezing. The cop offered me a ride to town but added “I’ll have to put you in the back”. I was mad already. I told him to go fuck himself and was ready to go. He KNEW I was ready to go and rightly assumed he was going to get his ass handed to him. Then he got nice and said “Naw man, I’m just kiddin, get in and I’ll take you to town. He did and asked me a lot of questions to which I responded very little.

    The next day when my uncle and a mechanic and I all showed up, no cop ever stopped. My uncle was really easy going, like myself, but he had a point he could go off on someone. The mechanic would have loved to kiss a cop’s ass. They’d drive by but not stop. We were too busy to answer questions we didn’t have the answer to at the moment. FEFEFH’s.

    • Hi X,

      Yup. Saw this. And came close to experiencing this. A True Story:

      Back in the ’90s, my dad – a retired MD, then in his late 60s – was driving home to Virginia from Pa, where he’d gone to deal with some things relating to his father’s estate. He got pulled over for “speeding.” He wasn’t a fast driver and had an otherwise clean record. Dressed well – and, remember, a retired doctor. Not that this should matter – but my point is, he fit no stereotype and gave the thugs no cause to suspect him of being anything other than an older guy driving 9 MPH faster than the speed limit. My dad was not an argumentative guy; I am certain he was calm and polite and cooperated.

      The cop subjected him to a search – my dad foolishly agreed – of his vehicle that last almost an hour. The thugs brought a dog who scratched the car’s paint with its claws and then the thugs rooted through the car while my baffled dad – who never touched any “drugs” other than an occasional beer in his life – stood and watched.

      Thank god, the thugs didn’t plant anything in the car. But they could have and I’m surprised they didn’t given how aggressively and without any cause they dealt with my dad.

      That was the moment this saxon began to hate.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Police departments recruit and screen for these sadistic sociopaths and they are trained to treat “us” like enemy combatants. Have you seen any of Radly Balko’s talks on the subject? He often does a Cop or Soldier bit? The reveal is that all off the photos are of cops.

    Here’s one,

    The photos, along with commentary, begins at 24:30.


  4. A guy profiled a lot on Lew Rockwell: John Whitehead, says that essentially USA is under martial law using the façade of law-and-order. This video clearly shows that. Over the top violence, and the way they are dressed! They look and act like soldiers in Iraq. It’s that simple. And we are being treated like Iraqi’s.


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