AGW Throwdown

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Here’s cell phone – and news – coverage of a brutal “takedown” by an AGW who objected – violently – to his Hut! Hut! Hutting! being filmed.

A car was stopped for various pedantic “offenses” – not against any actual person but “the government” – meaning, the busybodies and control freaks who have titles, badges and guns.

Apparently a license plate/ear tag was “expired.”

The stop occurred not far from where family members of those stopped lived and these came to see what the trouble was.

The AGW – a large man, in the biological sense – proceeds to pick up and throw the woman (half or less size) onto the ground, WWF-style, to establish his Authority.

There is no dispute that the woman was unarmed and not a physical “threat” to the “safety” of the AGW. She was Hut! Hut! Hutted! for what amounts to Improper Deference.

AGWs are “trained” to respond like crazed Dobermans to the slightest sign of reluctance to immediately obey their orders – whether those orders are legal or not. It is legal to film anyone in public.

This includes AGWs.

But AGWs do not like being filmed, and often respond, as here, with a Hut! Hut! Hutting!

And the legal system almost never holds these Hut! Hut! Hutting! AGWs criminally responsible for their actions. As would happen without question if any of us were to violently throw an AGW to the ground – or even poke a finger in its body-armored chest.

This double standard will only make it unavoidable that the victims of AGW Hut! Hut Hutting! take action themselves, since they are left without any other other recourse.

The Germans have a saying: Der tag kommt. The day will come.

Unfortunately. For the AGWs as much as for us.

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  1. Another good example of why “peace officers”- as contrasted with unconstitutional standing-army “law enforcement goons”- neither of which should EVER be armed. Sound radical ? When necessary, they should be backed up by armed citizens, but they should never be trusted with weapons themselves.

  2. These guys are all pussies. Schoolyard bullies. The way they act tells me they know what they are doing is wrong and evil, and they cannot face their shame, and they are too addicted to the outrageous pay of being an enforcer for the state to man up and quit.

    • That would probably be my end, one way or the other. Since I never know what rig I’ll be driving, I carry my tire bumper with me. Since I have to reach into small areas on such as drop decks and covered lowboys, I need something more than 18″ long and very heavy but small. I’ve been using 3/4″ rebar for many years now. I have one of those useless truck stop tire bumpers but it doesn’t have the feedback of something hard and heavy. On tires I’m familiar with I can tell pretty close to what the actual pressure of a tire and not that it simply isn’t flat.

      I’ve never had a DOT ossifer mention it since it stays right between the seat and the door. Of course these guys are used to working with professionals and they’ll be the last person out there to use force. I had never thought about the lethality of rebar till I was studying the FBI crime statistics to set the record straight about crime, weapons involved and the deaths that occurred with each. I was surprised they pointed out specifically, 3/4″ rebar and it’s unusual effectiveness in causing great trauma. That wasn’t the reason I began carrying it but it’s enough reason to continue. It also works well to tighten straps with trailer winches.


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