Geriatric AGW Gets Aggressive

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Here’s a video taken by a man taking a walk who gets accosted by an ancient AGW who does the usual pre-Hut! Hut! Hut! of demanding ID even though he admits openly that he “doesn’t suspect (the man) of anything.”

Which means he has no legal basis for the stalking which ensues. When the man politely asks the body-armored (and probably Depends-wearing) AGW whether he is being detained – a question which the AGW is legally obliged to answer, so that the man knows whether he is free to go – the geriatric Authoritarian remains silent, thus placing the man under duress, because even though the AGW looks as though he’d have a heart attack if he attempted a physical Hut! Hut! Hutting! he does have a gun and that is threat enough to coerce and cow most people.

The man then tries to walk away, but another AGW appears and interposes herself between him and his liberty – once again forcing him to interrupt his travels without legal justification while she and the oldster AGW chew the fat a little.

It is just amazing what a gun and a government costume will do to turn people into  condescending, authoritarian dicks.

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