Aggressive VA AGW

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Here’s video taken of an angry AGW who took affront when a man filmed his taxpayer-funded SUV left idling on a sidewalk. The AGW objected to being filmed – which he has every right to object to, but no legal basis for doing anything in retaliation for, as the vehicle (and the AGW) were both out in public and so fair game to be recorded.

But the AGW doesn’t care much about legalities – including those pertaining to demanding ID, declaring whether a person is being detained or free to go – and those prohibiting physical assault:

The man asks: Have I done anything illegal?

The AGW: You’re not gonna give me ID?

The man asks: What’s the difference between a Nazi demanding ID and an American cop demanding ID for no reason?

The AGW: What’s your name??

The man: Are you detaining me?

The AGW: Give me a minute (refuses to answer the direct question).

The Man: I’m going to ahead and walk unless you tell me I’m detained.

The AGW: You’re not gonna give me your ID, right? (Then slaps the camera out of the man’s hand).

The AGW – a “Lieutenant” (who commissioned this cretin?) is of course not arrested has not been charged wth any crime, despite having committed several – all caught on video.

The Thick Blue Double Standard, again.

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