Irritable AGW

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Here’s video of an AGW irritated by a prospective victim’s disinclination to play patty-cake with him.

The AGW stops and accosts the man, tells him he is being “detained” but can’t come up with a legally valid reason. The man being hassled points this out, the AGW says he is “trying to figure it out.” In other words, he has no legally valid reason but is sure as Hell going to try to find one – and expects his prospective victim to “cooperate.”

“What’s your name and address,” the AGW demands.

“I’m not telling you,” the man replies. He explains that he’s not obligated to provide the answers because he hasn’t committed any crimes and the AGW has not even suggested he may have.

This makes no impression on the AGW, who seems puzzled by the man’s disinclination to be interrogated and pestered by an AGW who has no legal basis for doing either thing.

“We’re just trying to figure it out,” he says again. Not the emphasis on “we,” as if the man is party to this quest.

The back-and-forth continues for a little while, until the man asks (again) whether he is being detained or is free to go.

“I suppose,” the AGW reluctantly says.

Now, imagine if a “citizen” accosted an AGW in the same manner; used threats of violence to corral him and attempted to browbeat information out of him. Do you suppose the “citizen” would be free to go, without repercussions?

So why are AGWs allowed to abuse the law on camera without repercussions?

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  1. IIRC, when I’ve watched other videos on dealing with the cops (e.g. Jay Ramey or Flex Your Rights), I was under the impression that we have to give the cops our names if asked. We didn’t have to answer any other questions, but I was under the impression we had to give cops our name if asked.

    Jay Ramey’s big three things to remember are: 1) I do NOT consent to searches; 2) I do not answer questions and want to speak to an attorney; and 3) repeatedly ask if you’re being detained or are free to go. Ramey, a criminal defense lawyer, says that 95% of his clients screw up these big three things; as a result, they hurt their case. I just took another look at that video so I can remember what to do the next time an AGW hassles me… 🙂

    • Hi Mark,

      In fact, you are not obliged (legally) to give your name to an AGW unless the AGW has accused you of having violated a law and can substantiate that. His mere order is insufficient.

      The exception is if you are operating a motor vehicle, in which case the AGW can demand ID after having stopped you for some other reason – including “safety” and “DUI” checkpoints.


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