Atlanta AGW “Takes Down” Old Man

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Here’s video out of Atlanta of an armed government worker “taking down” an old man who dared to question the AGW’s handling of the arrest of a juvenile female over reported shoplifting.

According to news coverage, the man was shopping at Wal Mart when he came upon the AGW roughly handling the juvenile, so he intervened – which prompted the AGW to roughly handle him.

A four-star uber-AGW defends the lower-grade AGW’s actions. You decide. Was this escalation necessary? And who is ultimately to blame? The AGW for roughly handling a juvenile and then becoming all Hut Hut! Hutty! when a citizen questioned his actions? or did the man deserve to be “taken down,” as the Gruppenfuhrer says?

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  1. Sounds like the news crew and everyone else missed it but I’m pretty sure the guy effectively made clear his point about the AGW’s predisposition to use of excessive force on folks weaker than him. And instead of acknowledging what’s right in front of them, they, the ever responsible human beings they fancy themselves to be, of course spin it to make him out to be the criminal.

    Hope the locals start coming up with more clever ways to call bullshit instead of just cowering and leaving it to an old fella to get attacked for speaking up.


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